15 spiritual meanings of dreams about your ex

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Have you ever had a dream about your ex?  

Maybe it was a nightmare, or maybe it was just strange and you couldn’t quite understand the meaning. Either way, you’re not alone! 

There are many spiritual meanings to dreams about your ex. Keep reading to learn the meaning of your dream and see what it could mean for you!

1) You feel guilty

I know, there are reasons behind every breakup, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

It may be that you feel guilty that you let this person go in the first place. I don’t think anyone wants to hurt someone that they care so much about.

Before you go back to your ex, try reflecting on your last relationship and how things ended. Chances are good that your guilt is coming from a good place inside of yourself and is trying to communicate to you what could be a problem with starting up a new relationship. 

It’s normal for us to want everything to be perfect all the time and when we mess things up, we feel guilty about it.

It’s important for us as humans to learn from our experiences so we can grow and not make the same mistake again in another relationship or life situation. 

Maybe you should spend time thinking about what happened in your last relationship and then determine if it was something that can be fixed or if there really was no hope for a future together.

  • What did they say in the dream
  • Were they upset with you, or were they being nice? 
  • How did they look at you? 
  • Were they scared, mad, embarrassed, or happy? Were they disappointed? 

These are all signs of guilt! 

So try to remember what your ex looked like in your dream. This can help you determine if there are still unresolved issues between you two or if this person was just a memory. 

You may have even tried to run up and hug them, only to have them float away from you. 

When someone in a dream floats away from us, it is a symbol of guilt because we feel like we will never be good enough for the person. We are self-conscious about something and feel that we are letting the person down by being ourselves!

2) You still have strong feelings for this person

Another spiritual meaning why you dream of your ex is to do with your emotions.

Remember, dreams are symbols and symbols are trying to tell you something. In this case, the dream could be telling you that you have strong feelings for this ex and that it would be a good idea to start up a new relationship or at least try again. 

If you still feel strongly about someone, then chances are good that there are still feelings there. You need closure from this person and decided if it is possible for the both of you to reconcile. 

Maybe now is the time for you two to start over again, but remember as long as feelings remain unresolved, there will always be guilt in your life because things were left unsaid or undone! 

Sometimes going back to someone or starting up a new relationship can help us get closure so these feelings can go away!

It may also mean that you need more time alone because even though the breakup may have been too soon, maybe the relationship was all wrong for each other. 

Go out and find yourself first so when you do go back to them (if they want) then it will be better because they will already know what they are getting into. 

3) You’re secretly hoping that your ex will contact you

According to psychologists, your subconscious mind will help you achieve what you want from your dream if you just let it. 

If you are thinking of your ex and hoping they’ll contact you, then chances are that they will do just that!

Dreaming of an ex is a good way of getting the ball rolling in a new relationship. If the relationship ended badly, then it is time to let go and move on before you end up alone or caught up in heartbreak. 

If the relationship didn’t end badly, then this dream could be showing you that no matter how long it has been or how far apart you are on this earth, they still have a place in your heart and there is room for them back in your life! 


Dreams represent our deepest desires and wishes so if we want something to happen in our dreams, then chances are good that it will happen in real life too! 

4) What would a gifted advisor say?

The points in this article will give you an insight into dreaming about your ex.

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5) You feel overwhelmed by emotional pain

The truth is: 

All dreams are important, but some dreams are more important than others. When something has a profound effect on us, is traumatic, or life-changing then it will most likely be relayed to you by your subconscious mind. 

This can’t always be good for you since you may be dreaming about something that is causing you emotional pain.

If this is the case, then this dream could be relaying to you some of these emotions so that they can come out in the dream state and cease to bother you in your waking hours. 

Dreams of exes can be emotionally trying because it may feel like an old wound has been reopened or brought back into the open. 

You may even still have feelings for this person which means that whatever was done during the relationship is still questionable! 

Be sure that your feelings are valid before jumping right into another relationship because if they aren’t then it will just lead to more pain! 

Keep in mind: 

Only go after someone if their feelings and yours match up perfectly! 

6) There is unfinished business with this person

As I’ve mentioned above, dreams of exes are usually O.K if you see your ex in a positive light, but there are times when it is hard to have such a dream. Perhaps the relationship ended on bad terms or maybe you still have unresolved issues with them.

These issues could be:

  • Something you did wrong in the relationship that could be resolved
  • An apology that is needed but not given
  • Something or someone needs to be let go of and it is going to take some help from your ex to get over this person/relationship completely.

I’m sure most of us have been through this before when a relationship ends and we still have unresolved issues with our partners due to things that happened during the time we were together. 

These dreams can occur for many years after a breakup until you deal with them in real life. But the good news is that once you’ve dealt with them in the dream state then it will help you to deal with them in real life too! 

You’ll realize that it was part of your past and not your future! 

So make sure you analyze your dreams to see if this is a possibility for them. It’s important to know that dreams are very descriptive and specific. 

Whether it be a physical description of the person in your dream or even the sound of their voice, there are usually little details like these that can help you to decipher the meaning behind a dream.

7) You cling to the past

Think about this for a moment: 

If you have a dream of your ex, how long ago was the breakup?  

If it has been weeks or months then this may not be such a big deal. You can separate the person from the dream.

But if it has been years since your ex left your life and you’re just now dreaming about them, then there is something that needs to be dealt with!

Emotional attachments to people from the past are very difficult to get over, so this is something you need to work on by yourself. Don’t let these dreams continue to bother you and make sure you are living in the present instead of living in the past! 

But wait, there’s more!

To make matters worse, you may also be experiencing dreams about someone that resembles your ex!  

This happens when you’ve recently met up with your ex and you’d left them in the past. 

So it’s important to remember that it’s perfectly normal to have dreams about people from your past relationships. 

But it is important to realize that they are a projection of your present versus the person they resemble. They represent a different person than yourself and the people around you. 

In other words, these people do not truly exist in reality until they are somehow manifested in this dream state! It’s just a fantasy or illusion of what seemed real at one point in time but is no longer such a thing as far as you’re concerned now!  

So take heed when having these types of dreams because they don’t exactly refer to who these characters are or what they look like. Keep an eye out for whether you notice any similarities with people from your past.

8) Your ex is manipulating you

You may be having dreams about your ex that are directly related to things that you have been going through lately.  

Perhaps it’s the ex part of you who is making you think about them, or maybe you’re having dreams about the way they used to treat you.  

In any case, it can feel like your ex is back in your life and they are messing with your head.  This is something you need to deal with on a regular basis. It’s not healthy and it can be very upsetting. 

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9) Your subconscious is trying to warn you of a past or coming event and this person appears in it

Your ex is in your dream, this means you are trying to warn yourself of an impending event. Your subconscious gave you the idea of that person as a warning.

Wait, what? Well, it’s true! 

The term “hindsight bias” is used to describe our tendency to see events that happened after the fact in a way that makes us feel better about them or is more pleasant than they actually were.  

In other words, we tend to have more favorable interpretations of things that occurred years later than whatever it was at the time.  

To give you an example, if someone was cheating on their partner then they would have freerunning visions of this person in their dreams and this would be because they were trying to warn themselves about future cheating. 

How do you explain your ex appearing in your dreams if this person has left you? In reality, there are two possible reasons for this situation: 

1) They are trying to tell you how truly miserable their life is without you.

2) You were really bad at monogamy (alternatively known as ‘mono disappointment’). 

It’s hard not to have some sort of connection with someone when you’ve been sharing the same thoughts and beliefs for almost one year. 

But once there are priorities shifting and opinions changing, it becomes difficult not to notice the difference between yourselves (who has just become someone else) which can cause distress and a great amount of pain. 

The best advice I could give anyone who’s going through this is to come out on top. You feel like you’re losing yourself when they’re gone, but you end up finding yourself again when they return (or at least I did). And that’s what your subconscious is trying to tell you.  

10) You want to be re-engaged or reconciled with your ex

One of the meanings of dreams is that they can serve as a guide to spiritual transformation, giving us insight into our inner selves and the things we may be doing wrong. 

Dreams are often a means of healing ourselves rather than looking for ways to escape our problems or fix them.

Basically, if you are having the same dream over and over again in different variations, then it can be interpreted that you want to get back with your ex.

It gets worse if you have a recurring dream about some day (usually the last day in your relationship). The mind is looking for ways to heal and overcome, and if you end up with the same dream over and over again, something bigger is being hinted at.

But even if you’re seeing the same dream over and over again, it can still be just a vision of how things were before they ended your relationship.

When this happens, don’t feel guilty or like you’re trying to bring them back or re-start your relationship in some way. To separate yourself from that would be unnecessary.  

So just a word of advice, if you’re seeing the same dream over and over again, just think about what you would do or say in your dreams if you wanted to re-start or get back together with that person. 

It’s often a good way to give yourself some direction when you don’t know what to do.  

11) This person is your twin flame or soulmate

Twin flame and soulmate are some of the most common and beloved terms in today’s world. People connect to each other at a deep level and can’t help but feel like they’re meant to be together.

A twin flame is where two people form a spiritual connection that cannot be separated. They are two halves of one whole, and they are meant to be together in every way. 

The connection between twins is so strong that it feels as if it was created just for them, which is why one can feel as if they were completed once they found their twin flame.

When two people meet and discover that they were created for each other, then the bond between them becomes so powerful that nothing can break it or separate them from each other. 

A soulmate is a word used to describe a person that is so close to you in every way that you have no choice but to feel like they’re your other half. They make you feel complete, and they are the one person that you are meant to spend your life with.

Some people refer to it as “true love” because it’s so powerful, unconditional, and authentic that it feels like the same thing. 

So if your ex is your twin flame or soulmate, don’t question it or try to talk yourself out of it. The more you try to deny it, the more you will resist it.

When you find someone who makes you feel that way, be grateful and let go of any pain or anger towards them. You were meant to be with them, so just be grateful that they made the effort to come back into your life and make things right with you.

12) Your ex is a metaphor for some obstacle you have yet to overcome in your life

Have you experienced anything that feels like they’re a reflection of some obstacle you’re trying to overcome in life? 

For example, if your ex was a metaphor for something that was holding you back in life, then try to see the situation the same way.

If something feels like it’s representing some obstacle in your life, that usually means that it’s an important lesson or lesson you need to learn. When something is hindering or blocking you from moving forward in life, then it really does have meaning and purpose in your life.

Try to understand why the situation is happening and what it represents for you. It’s important for us to learn from our mistakes so we can move forward better with our lives. It’s also worth noting that not everything is about us and what we want. 

Sometimes there are bigger forces at play here than just our own egos or drives – there are things beyond our understanding that we have no control over and cannot affect whatever happens on Earth. 

When we recognize our role in any situation, even if it seems awful, shameful, or wrong at times, then we can trust ourselves enough not to think negatively or judge ourselves too harshly as much as possible.  

13) Your ex is trying to help you heal 

You might think that your ex is trying to do things that are bad for you, but instead, this might actually be helping you. Because your ex represents some aspect of yourself, trying to hurt or destroy them will help you heal from those parts within you.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

If your ex is like a foot to use as a step, then you can consider yourself climbing back up. 

Your ex can be the metaphor for an obstacle that you’re trying to overcome in life. If your ex was a soulmate, then it’s important to understand why they left. 

This will help open up your understanding of how it really feels and what the experience is really about for you. 

Don’t be afraid of looking at things from different perspectives and finding what makes the most sense for you – this is all part of exploring who you are, learning more about yourself, and getting closer to your higher self.  

14) You feel the need to confront someone in your life 

You might feel like you need to confront someone in your life, but if you do then perhaps it’s not about them. It’s about something else that you need to learn about yourself and what is holding back your growth at the moment.

Your ex is not the enemy here – they are just an aspect of yourself that you need to deal with.

We receive the images and messages from our subconscious mind, which is why we see our ex in this way.

Sometimes these images can be expressed as a person we know or things that happen around us. 

When we mean to confront somebody, actually we’re confronting ourselves. 

We’re confronting a part of ourselves and it’s our subconscious mind trying to make things work out in a healthy way for us so that we can continue growing as a person because things aren’t working out right now for us.  

It’s important to understand what issues are holding us back from moving forward by getting closer with ourselves instead of attacking other people or trying to control them without understanding why they’re doing what they’re doing.  

15) You want some insight on how to move forward

The last reason that people give for being drawn to the messages in their life, is that they want some insight on how to move forward. They want some idea of what might be needed to help them move on and overcome whatever happened in their past.

Well, my best advice is to start with yourself and to follow your intuition. If you know that there is something holding you back from moving forward then follow your intuition, open up your heart, and let things unfold at their own pace.

If you’re not ready to do this yet then I would suggest spending time learning about spiritual transformation processes so that you can become more aware of what’s going on in your life and how it’s getting affected by the things around you. 

Remember – everything isn’t about your ex or another person – it’s about yourself and healing from all of the wounds that are stopping you from moving forward in life. 

Final thoughts

We’ve covered 15 spiritual meanings of dreams about your ex, and now you should have a better idea of what this could possibly mean for you.

If you are having any dreams repeatedly then it’s important to think about all of the different meanings that these dreams can represent so that you can seek the wisdom they have to offer. 

But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re kind and genuinely helpful.

So instead of leaving things up to chance, take control of this situation and clarify what’s in store for your future.

Speaking to one of their advisors was a turning point for me, and I think it could be for you too. Especially if you want to find out about your future, they can offer some valuable insight and advice on the most promising spiritual meanings of dreams about your ex.

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