12 signs you’ve found your soulmate (don’t let them go!)

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Did you recently go on a date with someone you had an instant connection with? Someone who makes you feel like you’ve found your soulmate? 

I bet you did. If you’re reading this, it must be for a reason:

To confirm that you have indeed found that special person!

I mean, what was it about that connection you had with them? And why did it feel like you were meant to meet them? 

Read on for the 12 signs that you’ve found your soulmate (so you know not to let them go)!

1) You feel like it’s the right time

Picture this.

You’re newly single, and trying to put yourself out there once again.

It’s tough.

Swiping away on dating apps often leaves you frustrated. But then, you happen to click with this person you didn’t expect to match with!

Here’s the thing:

We often encounter the people we’re meant to be with when we least expect it. And soulmates can show up in our lives at just the right time!

Maybe you’ve finally had a clearer idea of the type of person you want to be with.

Or, you may have gotten around some of your hang-ups about being in a relationship.

That’s why the universe has put this person in front of you. To let you know you’re ready for this special connection!

2) You dream of a future with them

Not only will your soulmate feel like the person you’re meant to meet right now, they will also feel like the person you’re meant to be with for life!

This is a sign that you’ve found your soulmate: you dream of a future with them.

The future is an uncertain place to be, but this person makes you want to commit. And no matter what you guys are doing, you feel like time spent is not enough.

You want MORE.

That’s how you know: 

You two will have lots to discuss about the future!

3) You complement each other perfectly

You know what they say.

Opposites attract!

But with soulmates, it’s a bit different. And it’s not just the sense that you’re meant to be together!

You’ll feel like your soulmate complements you perfectly, and you share similar core personality traits that make being together effortless.

Here’s an example:

You’re both introverts who love cozying up to a good book. But while you prefer reading novels, your partner gravitates to self-help books.

That said, you never fail to visit the library together!

With your soulmate, the differences are so slight they don’t matter…

4) You finish each other’s sentences

Being with your soulmate means you’ll have a lot to talk about, as I’ve said.

You’ll find that you can finish each other’s sentences, making you surprised that there’s someone out there who thinks similarly to you.

Well, that’s what it means to have a soulmate!

When you spend enough time with them, you’ll start to pick up some of their ways of thinking.

And you’ll soon discover that you’ve almost become like the same person!

That’s the thing with soulmates: you’re able to predict what the other person is going to say.

5) You feel comfortable around them

Since you become accustomed to each other quickly, being with this person makes you feel comfortable. You almost want to lean in for a hug or a kiss at all times!

With soulmates, you also want things to get serious NOW.

And that’s because…

It feels like you’ve known this person forever.

That’s where that comfort comes from. It’s a sense of familiarity, of meeting someone from your soul family who you feel destined to be with in this life.

Whenever you’re with your soulmate, there’s an unmistakable feeling that you’re home…

6) You trust them immediately 

As I’ve mentioned, there’s no question about being close, whether physically or emotionally! That means it’s easy to feel a sense of trust with your soulmate.

Why is that?

Having a soulmate means you’re energetically connected.

Let me explain.

You feel that being vulnerable with them is not an issue, because your soulmate can already see you for who you are! 

As such, you have no reservations about sharing your true self with them; even the secrets you thought you would take to the grave!

That’s because it’s a big part of how you bond, and you know this isn’t just a typical relationship…

7) You want to tell them everything

Speaking of trusting them immediately leads me to this next point…

You want to tell this person everything, whether it was your boring day at work or a visit to your family’s. 

That’s because you know they’d listen and enjoy every minute!

Being your soulmate, they find you endlessly interesting. In fact, soulmates are like best friends where you’re always thinking about what to say to them the next time you meet!

So don’t be shy: let out your inner nerd or goofball!

Your soulmate will love it. And you’ll love them for being who they are as well!

8) They know exactly how you’re feeling

Because of their energetic connection, soulmates instinctively know how the other person’s feeling.

They know how not to offend them, or how to cheer them up!

In short…

They just “get” it.

Sounds familiar?

You don’t have to work too hard to understand each other!

When you’re with your soulmate, it’s almost like you don’t have to say anything for them to know what mood you’re in.

That’s because your souls are connected, allowing you to communicate with just a look or a touch!

9) You understand they’re not perfect

Being in a relationship comes with its challenges. And sometimes our partner can do things that trigger us to behave badly.

But if you’ve met your soulmate, you love them enough to want to make the relationship work, no matter what their flaws are.

That’s because of the deep spiritual connection that you both share!

You’ll find you love the things about them that would otherwise turn you off in another person, because it just makes them who THEY are.

And even when you do have a point of difference, you constantly feel inspired to communicate your feelings and make sure no one goes to bed mad!

No one’s perfect, we know…

But with your soulmate, you know you would always choose them.

10) They’re always at the back of your mind

If this person is your soulmate, well, you’re almost always thinking about them.

And how could you not?

While you may wonder if it’s healthy to think about your partner so much, it’s because of your deep connection that makes you two feel inseparable.

Imagine finally meeting someone who’s on the same page as you about most things. It’ll feel like you no longer need to wait to find love, because it’s right in front of you.

For many people, it will feel magical.

Meeting your soulmate means you’ll probably always be in awe that you’ve had this experience. 

That’s why you’re always thinking about them, to let it sink in that they’re yours!

11) The chemistry is unbelievable

Not only will you have a strong emotional connection with your soulmate, but you’ll also experience a strong physical attraction to them.

In short, you just can’t keep your hands off each other!

Think about it.

Go back to the moment you first met them.

Did you find yourself smiling for no reason, and not just because you found them attractive?

That’s a sign that your chemistry is off the charts!

With soulmates, it’s not just infatuation. Though it can certainly feel that way at first.

After all, you want to be together all the time and hate to be apart.

Doesn’t that sound a bit like puppy love?

The truth is that this comes from the spiritual nature of your relationship. You’re inexplicably attracted to each other because you are serving a higher purpose together on Earth…

12) You feel supported to achieve your goals

Knowing that you and your soulmate will always be together must be the best feeling in the world! 

That said, what else could make you feel more supported to achieve your goals?

With soulmates, you know that they would do anything for you. Whether it’s being your personal cheerleader or making sacrifices to see you happy, nothing is off-limits. 

And it doesn’t just stop there.

They’d do it all over again because they love you.

And you, them.

There’s no question about it!


So you think you’ve found your soulmate?

If you haven’t had much luck in the love department, maybe that new guy or gal you just met is everything you’ve been dreaming of.

So make sure to remind yourself every day just how much of a good thing you’ve got!

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