11 signs you’ve finally found your soulmate (and you didn’t even know it)

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A soulmate is someone who speaks to your soul in a calm, gentle way. When you find your soulmate, you will feel an immense sense of connection and peace.

But how do you get to that point?

What signs can you look out for to know that you’re already found your soulmate?

If you want to know, then keep reading, because I’ll give you 11 of the surest signs to know your soulmate is someone you’ve already met.

1) You don’t have a problem being in each other’s shoes

Empathy is a very human trait. And yet so many people have a hard time practicing it.

But not you and your soulmate!

This is actually the first thing that becomes apparent between the two of you.

When you’re around each other, listening to each other, or watching them cry, it’s not hard for either of you to be in each other’s shoes.

So it’s easy for you to know when their smile is fake. The moment they step into a room, you’ll definitely know whether they will share good or bad news with you.

It’s just that easy!

And that’s because your souls are connected, and have been connected even before you were both born.

2) You communicate differences with no friction

Once you meet your soulmate, you will feel as if you are understood on a very deep level.

Your line of communication is so clear that you’re finishing each other’s sentences!

What most people know about soulmates is this– the way both their thoughts align.

But the real measure of finding your soulmate is not just this.

In fact, if you want to know whether you and your partner or friend really are soulmates, try looking at the way you communicate differences.

Because the truth is: The ease of communication should not only apply to things you both already agree on. That can go as well for other people.

But with actual soulmates, you will notice that even the parts of each other that should cause conflict… don’t.

Instead, there is a constant and unwavering understanding that is shared between the two of you.

3) You see them as your best friend

People can have multiple best friends. In fact, a lot of people these days call so many people their “besties” or “best friend” when what they really have is something superficial.

But not with your soulmate.

The two of you will have a level of support that cannot easily be found with anyone.

Friendships are tested by nuances of morality. The slightest shifts in your moral compass is enough for a friend to cut you off.

But with your soulmate, their support for you will be encompassing.

They would even help you bury a body!

While that is an exaggeration, you get the point.

A soulmate will be the friend that understands your dilemmas. They are the person who brings out the best in you but also understands your worst.

They literally are your best friend.

4) Their presence is home

Home is such a difficult idea to discuss. Not a lot of people have a semblance of what home is.

But your soulmate will help you understand that. Being around them will make you realize what comfort and peace really mean.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, soulmates do not need to constantly be around each other.

Because of their deep, spiritual connection, their relationship survives distance and time.

But when the two of you meet again, you will start feeling your walls coming down. Every barbed wire you put up will melt.

And still you will feel safe, because their presence nurtures you.

5) You share the same goals in life

Having the same goals as your partner, friend, or relative is kind of common.

You may share the same passion for art, or a desire to get a house, or get promoted at work. You may both want to get rich, or live in a quaint little house on a farm.

So what’s different about sharing goals with a soulmate?

Well, when you and your soulmate have the same goal, these goals are less about society and how the physical world turns.

Instead, it’s more about the goals you have for your spiritual life.

Maybe you’ve both been deeply traumatized at childhood. And still, you both have the desire to return to the place you both grew up in.

Maybe both of you are chasing a feeling or an idea. For example, you both share the goal of creating the image of a perfect household that is unique to the two of you.

These goals appeal more to your souls. They are spiritual milestones, goals that will make you both feel that you have lived a full life.

6) You are very secure in your relationship

Security is hard (but not impossible) to come by. And for most people, security can only be achieved by demanding it.

This is different for soulmates.

Because when you find your soulmate, this level of security is going to be automatic.

You won’t have to ask them for it. You won’t have to beg.

And that’s because they already know the very thing you need in order to feel secure.

Because deep in their souls, they want you to feel confident enough to be your best self.

Without being aware, they show you that confidence only comes from constant security.

7) Being with them brings out the most authentic version of you

Your soulmate will bring out the best in you. And not because you are forced to do so in order to keep them.

When you’re around each other, you will feel as if you’re more complete.

Not that you were broken to begin with. It’s that you will have this sense of clarity, which will make you think, “So this is what has been missing.”

This is because you and your soulmate are parts of the same soul.

We can have different soulmates in our lifetime, each one connected to a specialized part of us.

And whenever we meet these people, we will realize something about ourselves we didn’t know before.

It’s like two or more puzzle pieces fitting together to form a beautiful image.

8) You understand each other’s emotional languages

Emotional languages cannot be easily translated. But they can be learned.

Knowing our emotional or “love” language can help us and our partner know how best to make us feel valued.

When we meet someone new, it has become normal for us to introduce our love language along with our likes and dislikes.

But when you meet your soulmate, you won’t even have to do this.

From the moment you meet each other, you’ll just know. There will be no trial and error when you start expressing affection to each other.

And when you finally talk about it, you’ll find out that you either have the same love language, or something that complements each other very well.

9) You get along with their family and friends

It’s a common trope that in-laws hate each other. So do a girl’s boyfriend and her best friend.

But if you’ve found your soulmate, you’ll notice that they will get along with anyone close to you. Even the ones who should hate them.

Why, you ask?

Because these people around you (your parents, relatives, friends) have been beside you through the bad times.

Your close circle getting along with your soulmate only means one thing: They can see that this person is providing a positive influence in your life.

And the same goes the other way.

When you finally meet their best friend, their dad, or their siblings, these people will accept you with open arms.

There will be no awkwardness, no stares from head to toe, no dead air.

You’ll feel as if you’ve already been part of your soulmate’s group for a very long time.

10) You never get tired of their antics

A person’s quirks and antics make them unique. And when we first meet them, these things will appear cute.

But as we spend more and more time with them, sometimes we’ll notice that these antics can start to annoy us.

Not for soulmates, though.

This is because their quirks and antics complement your own.

So that when the two of you let out your weirder sides, it will always feel like a jolly good time.

Same goes when you start living with them.

You won’t mind that they hate doing the dishes because this chore calms you down. And they won’t get mad that you sing while you work, because it serves as white noise against their loud thoughts.

These things may go unnoticed, until you try spending time with someone else and realize they annoy you… unlike your soulmate.

11) You get love flashbacks

Last, but not the least, when you find your soulmate, you’ll notice that you often feel love flashbacks.

These are swelling feelings of affection and value for your partner, even though they’re not really doing anything.

These feelings are flashbacks from a time when you and your soulmate have been part of the same soul.

And now that you’ve come together, your souls are once again connected. And it activates emotional memories from time immemorial.

In turn, you get a feeling that you’ve loved your soulmate for longer than you’ve known each other.

Final words

These signs are not comprehensive, but they are the ones we often don’t notice.

Soulmate connections are one of the most peaceful and fulfilling relationships we can have in any of our lifetimes.

Finding satisfaction and a steady sense of joy with a person is not something people chance upon everyday.

So when you think you’ve found your soulmate, do your best to keep them happy.

Because the relationship you have cannot be replicated.

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