16 undeniable signs you’re manifesting your ex back

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So you’re trying to manifest your ex back into your life. But how do you know if you’re on the right track?

You’ve done everything possible to find faint hope that the universe has heard you. Yet, you are almost ready to give up, as nothing has seemed to work.

I get it. I’ve been there. I know how painful it might be.

What if I tell you that there are 16 undeniable signs you’re manifesting your ex back? Let’s break down each of these prominent signs to check if your efforts are paying off.

16 undeniable signs you’re manifesting your ex back

1) You receive signs from the universe

When we are thinking about something all the time, we will often see it happen, whether in a dream or reality.

You might be seeing strange thighs. Or, you might be experiencing odd feelings about certain places or locations. This can happen either consciously or unconsciously, but this is a clear indication that you are on the right track.

You can also ask the universe to send you a very clear signal to understand whether you are getting close to your goals.

For instance, you can ask the universe to show you a rainbow in the next 24 or 48 hours as proof that you’re manifesting your ex back.

2) Your guardian angels are talking to you

One of the undeniable signs of manifesting your ex back are messages from your guardian angels. How so?

These signals often come in the form of number sequences, also called angel numbers.

When I mentioned number sequences, you had a strange feeling, right? That’s because you’ve been seeing certain number sequences all the time. And, believe me, it is not a mere conscience!

A simple Google search is enough to understand what a specific angel number may stand for. Here, I will help you to decode the meaning of several angel numbers that can indicate whether you’re manifesting your ex back or not:

  • If you are seeing 777 everywhere you go, then be sure that your angels are trying to tell you that your manifestation will soon come true.
  • Angel number 808 might also be an indication that your patience will soon be rewarded and you and your ex will be reunited.
  • Angel number 411 is yet another powerful number that signals your ex’s return. If you keep noticing 411 everywhere you look, it means to let go of the past so that you and your ex can start on a clean slate.

3) Your gifted advisor confirms it

The signs above and below will give you a good overview of the signs that you’re manifesting your ex back. 

But before we go any further, you should consider speaking with a gifted advisor to avoid misinterpretations and know for sure. 

I know, the problem is finding someone you can trust. 

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I am meant to be with.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate, and helpful network of gifted advisors out there.

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Not only will a genuine advisor tell you whether you’re successfully manifesting your ex back into your life, but they can reveal whether your relationship will work once reunited.

4) You start dreaming about your ex

If you begin dreaming about getting back with an ex it’s a tell-tale sign that you are manifesting them back into your life.

I can tell you from my personal experience that dreams are powerful signs: 

I had a dream that I met my ex-boyfriend on Christmas Eve. In my dream, we spend evenings talking, laughing, and remembering sweet memories and valuable moments.

I woke up with a strange feeling. That feeling lasted for days. Then, the most surprising thing happened.

My ex called me and said that he does not want to spend any more time without me. We got back and have been happy together since then.

So hear your dreams out – there you may as well find what you’re looking for – a definite sign that you’re manifesting your ex back

5) You feel powerful and self-confident

After breakups, people usually feel sad, broken, and disappointed. It is a natural reaction, as when two people separate, their souls get damaged in a way.

That’s why it feels like you’re picking up the pieces of yourself day by day after a tough breakup

But what if you’ve been feeling happy and confident in yourself lately? 

If that’s the case, this means that you’re finally manifesting your ex back into your life. Your soul is becoming whole again and it shows in your mental energy. 

In the end, we create our own experiences in this world. When you feel powerful, your manifestations are about to come to life.

6) Your couple song is everywhere

Picture this:

You shuffle your playlist and for some reason, that special song that connects to your ex is always the one that’s selected. 

Or, you drive home and as you switch the random channel on the radio, the same song comes on without fail. 

You try to ignore it, but it keeps happening.

Guess what? It is not a mere coincidence. 

Hearing your “couple” song everywhere you go is an undeniable sign you’re manifesting your ex back.

7) You keep hearing their name

You hear your ex’s name over and over again. You try not to pay too much attention to it, but it never stops. His name is everywhere – on television, on the internet, or when you’re out shopping or partying…

This, my friend, is one of the tell-tale signs that you are slowly but surely manifesting your ex back.

And, if the manifestation is strong enough, there is a chance that your ex-boyfriend is experiencing the same.

8) You can sense when they are around

You’re walking and see a familiar face in a crowd. You close your eyes and the moment you open them, the face is gone. Or, you sense a familiar perfume aroma but have no idea where it comes from.

If these things happen, don’t freak out. You somehow sense your ex’s presence because you channel the powerful vibrations to him.

But if you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings. 

So instead of trying to solve all your love problems on your own, speak to an advisor who’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

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9) You see happy couples all the time

Yet another tell-tale sign that indicates that your manifestation is close to coming true is that you see happy couples literally everywhere.

But be cautious here. 

If you feel jealous, angry, or upset when this happens, it means that you are still searching for inner power. 

However, if you feel fulfilled, happy or joyful when you see couples, it is an indication that soon you will reunite with your ex.

Try to understand your emotions when happy couples are around you. If you don’t feel negative energy it means that your manifestations will soon transform into reality.

10) You have a strong belief in outcome

Suddenly, all doubts are gone. You feel calm and happy as if you and your ex-boyfriend are already back together.

It is a powerful feeling. But where did it come from?

It’s because you consciously or unconsciously know that you are a powerful person, who can create a desirable reality. That power gives you peace and harmony.

If you feel that way, be sure that your manifestation is about to transform into your reality. Finally, after so much time your ex will be with you and that’s where he belongs!

11) You experience strong sudden urges to contact him

Well, this one is tricky. You may want to contact your ex-boyfriend out of misery or pain. I know how tempting it is to make that little call; 

But, the urge to contact your ex-boyfriend might be the sign that you’ve been manifesting him to come back and it is finally happening.

In order to understand what is really going on, just think about your emotion in that same moment you experience the need to call him. If the urge is accompanied by negative emotions, such as misery, pain, anxiety, and sadness, most probably you are just missing him.

But, if you want to call him and at the same time you are calm and happy then it is a positive sign that your manifestation is about to come true.

12) You receive a vision of the person

When the universe reveals divine guidance to you, the vision of a person can happen.

Yet, visions can happen when you are awake. They can happen when you are daydreaming or meditating. If you see the same vision in your dreams, as you do when awake, it is certainly not a dream.

Then, what are they?

Visions are a divine message from the universe, telling you that you are strong enough to alter your own reality and align your thoughts with reality.

If you see visions of your ex-boyfriend, it means that your inner energy is trying to reach him. Encourage yourself to stay focused and your manifestation will come to life very soon.

13) You ask for the sign and it shows up

Losing a person who you love is heartbreaking. Manifesting your ex back requires a lot of effort and huge energy. It is not a surprise that sometimes you think about giving up.

When this happens, you just need a little sign from the universe.

The universe always tries to guide us. If you ask the universe to send you the sign as proof of your successful manifestation, it will. But only if your manifestation is leading you to the desired goal.

Pick the sign very carefully. It should be something that happens quite rarely. For instance, you can ask the universe to let you meet with his best friend in a bar, or in a street.

If you stumble on his best friend next evening, be sure that the universe is telling you that you are on the right path of manifesting your boyfriend back.

14) You keep striving for similar goals

Maybe the breakup happened because you felt your lives were going in opposite directions.

But after a breakup, you keep working on the same projects and pursue the same life goals as your ex does. You might be doing this consciously or subconsciously, but it does not really matter.

This is the universe telling you that you and your ex have the same path in life and you are both parts of one divine plan.

If you notice this happening, be sure that the universe is telling you that your reparation is ephemeral. Just keep working hard and believe in the power of manifestation.

15) You don’t force things

Good things come to those who wait.

You understand that the universe doesn’t let you have things that aren’t meant for you. 

Especially, if you choose to chase them instead of attracting them. You are powerful enough to wait for the divine decision.

You feel calm and direct all your energy towards manifestation. If you are powerful enough to stay focused and positive during difficult times, your manifestation will definitely come to life!

16) You practice self-love

When you are taking care of yourself, healing, and loving yourself, you’ll be too busy appreciating your own life to be wondering if you’re on the right track of manifesting your ex back. 

And, this is the only right way to prove to the universe that you are ready to re-embrace your love!

It’s amusing how the universe works, right?

That’s precisely what happened to me. For a long time, I was only focusing on my ex. I was scrolling his social media to find out whether he moved on. It became an obsession. I was dead inside and had no energy for anything at all!

One day I got fed up with feeling sad. I started living for me!

That’s when my boyfriend came back.

Loving yourself and flourishing in your life is one of the most precise signs that you are manifesting your ex back!

Final words

It’s essential to understand that no single one of these signs is enough to say for sure that your ex will return to your life. But the more of these are true, the higher your chances.

I really hope that these 16 signs will give you reassurance and the power to continue with your manifestation with more confidence.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor. 

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation. 

So if you’re tired of looking for signs that you’re manifesting your ex, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since. 

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