27 signs you’re an attractive woman (more than you think)

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Women have a lot to gain by learning how to properly present themselves. Some women might be blessed with natural beauty, but for most of us, we will have to work hard for an attractive appearance. 

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the 27 most attractive qualities a woman can have. So, whether you’re looking to transform your look or just want to know-how, make sure you read through.

I’m ready, are you?

1) You are emotionally stable

Your emotions are in check. Even when you’re going through tough times, it’s easy for you to bounce back from a bout of negative emotions. You have a positive attitude and a healthy perspective on life.

You know that life’s problems are temporary and that they will solve themselves with time (given you apply good problem-solving strategies). 

You understand that negative emotions are not necessarily the root of a problem, but instead, they can be caused by something else entirely. Therefore, you don’t concern yourself with them and instead, you spend your time in a positive, forward-thinking way.

You’re secure enough not to fall victim to destructive thoughts and behaviors. Instead, you quickly bring yourself back to a happy place.

2) You are honest and ethical

You do what’s right even when no one’s watching. You avoid the temptation to be dishonest and sneaky even when there’s an easy shortcut available (because you know it’s wrong). 

You see being honest as a way to always keep your integrity, which is an attractive quality. And people will respect you for it.

But you know what else?

There’s never a question that you can’t be trusted. And people admire how honest and ethical you are.

3) You aren’t afraid to be alone

You like your own company and are perfectly fine spending time on your own. You don’t need a man or woman in your life to be happy, because you believe that the key to happiness is within yourself (and not someone else). 

You know that you can always make yourself happy, so you don’t look to anyone else to do it for you. You’re at peace with your own company and enjoy spending time alone.

This gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, without any strings attached.  

When you’re not afraid to be alone, this means you have full trust in yourself – which others still have a hard time doing.

4) You are not easily offended.

Get this: you can handle the truth. You take everything in stride and don’t get defensive when people offer constructive criticism on your flaws.

Because of this, people feel comfortable around you and they trust you with their deepest secrets and fears.

People feel safe with you because they know that you will give them an honest opinion without being judgmental. 

Since you’re not easily offended by constructive criticism, you’re more willing to receive feedback from others without taking it personally. And this is just one of the reasons why people love being around you.

5) You have a great sense of self-worth

You are proud of yourself and genuinely believe that you deserve the best in life. You’re confident in your abilities, so you definitely push yourself to be the best version of yourself. 

In a way, it’s easy to see that you have high self-esteem and most people would say that’s a good thing.

You have a good sense of what you want out of life and know in your bones that the things you are striving for will make you happy. 

6) You have a wicked sense of humor

Always take time to make someone laugh by cracking jokes. You don’t take things too seriously and are always able to find the funny side of life (even if it’s ridiculous or awkward). 

You can make someone laugh in the most awkward of places and that’s why people love to be around you. It makes everyone around you feel better when they’re around you and enjoys each day they spend with you because that’s exactly the kind of person you are. 

You’re like a breath of fresh air, aren’t you?

7) You are faithful

You know how to commit and are always faithful to the people you love. People know that they can rely on you for anything, even if it’s just advice or support.

You’re a good friend who is there for them when they need it most and you always have their back no matter what happens in life. 

Your loved one knows that you will be there for them through thick and thin because you mean what you say and are true to your word.

8) You are respectful

You treat people with kindness and consideration. You’re polite and you’re always willing to lend a helping hand.

In other words, you spread joy to those around you because they can count on you and there’s always an air of calmness around you.

Everyone loves being around a respectful person like yourself because your respectfulness spreads outwards and awakens those around you.

9) You know how to dress well

You’re super stylish and dress to impress. You take pride in your appearance and know how to balance your clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup. 

When you go out, people notice how your entire look matches perfectly with your personality. Your look is most definitely one of the attractive qualities that make you stand out from the rest. 

10) You have amazing self-esteem

You feel confident and proud of who you are. You know that you’re beautiful and sexy and no man or woman can ever take that away from you.

Since your self-esteem is high, it’s easy for you to build confidence in others, by giving them the benefit of the doubt and trusting their thoughts on the world around them. 

People respect this about you because they know that you won’t let someone’s judgment affect their opinion about themselves.

11) You smell good all the time

Your favorite perfume smells amazing on you and it makes others want to be around you (because it’s addictively pleasant). 

You also know how to use deodorant and shave your underarms, which makes you a keeper in a man’s world. Your scent is unforgettable, so you’re one of the best smelling women in the world.

12) You have lots of friends

You know how to keep your friends even when you drift apart. You’re a social butterfly and naturally make friends with those around you, whether it’s in the workplace, at the bar, or even on Facebook. 

Your social nature makes it easy for you to be around people and this is one of the attractive qualities that push others away from their computer screens and towards you. 

13) You’re healthy

You eat right, so your body and mind are always in top shape. You don’t let the pressures of society dictate what to eat and when to exercise, because you know that food is a gift from God (and not man’s best friend). 

Your diet consists of:

  • fresh fruits,
  • vegetables, 
  • lean protein, 
  • good fats, and 
  • whole grains (which makes you strong and healthy). 

Your body is always in peak condition because you’re careful about what you put in it. Although you track what you eat, you have days wherein you eat whatever you want and know that you can lose the extra pounds, if need be.

You exercise frequently and are always in great shape. You don’t try to lose too much weight, because you’ve realized the importance of a healthy body mass index (and not just worrying about your weight). 

14) You clean up well.

You can look presentable no matter how rushed out of the house you are. People are always impressed with how much of a difference clothing makes on you because you look stunning in or out of your sweats and a messy bun. 

You’re not lazy to fix yourself up and this is one of the attractive qualities that make men want to marry you, trust me on this. 

You love yourself just the way you are, regardless of how people judge you for your physical flaws or imperfections.

Despite what people say, you know that you’re beautiful and sexy because that’s exactly how God made you (with all your perfect imperfections).

15) You have an upbeat personality

You’re optimistic and know how to keep a positive attitude (even when life gets you down). You’re always smiling and laughing, because you know that life is there to enjoy.

You’re a glass is always half full kind of person who sees the good in everyone.

The trick is?

Your positive outlook towards life makes everyone around you smile and they can’t help but be uplifted by your presence. Your presence is like a happy pill that everyone needs in their life to feel less stressed and happier.

You know how to keep your cool even when the unexpected happens because you don’t let things get to you. You have a tendency of looking at things through a positive lens and that’s exactly the type of person you are.

16) You are extremely intelligent

Your mind works at lightning speed and you continually challenge yourself with new things in your life. But how? You never stop learning and improving your life, because you know how to take the good with the bad. 

You can hold your own and can beat anyone in any game because you have a strong will and determination.

You love to be creative and are always thinking up new things to try (that makes people want to be around you). You always feel like something exciting is going to happen around the corner and you never know when it’s going to happen.

17) You are a generous giver

You have a sincere heart and you always see the good in others, even if it’s hard to see that at first glance. 

You try to make each person feel welcome and special when they’re around you (and invite them out for dinner). You have a good eye for what people need and try to make sure it reaches them, whether it’s through a donation to an organization, or through random acts of kindness

You don’t hesitate to make someone smile and that’s what everyone loves about you. You’re a giver through and through and one of the attractive qualities that make you stand out in this world.

18) You’re stylish and original

Your style is one of your attractive qualities that makes you stand out from the rest while you’re out with friends, on a date, or at the office.

You take pride in wearing different types of clothing with unique accessories and glam up your look without needing to match other people’s styles. 

You’re not afraid to make a fashion statement and while people may not always agree with your choice, they can’t fault you for it because it’s pure beauty.

19) You are successful

You make progress in life. You know how to use your mind to make things happen, whether it’s by networking with successful people or learning from those who have succeeded before you. 

You’re always improving yourself and will one day reach success in your career (no matter what kind of career path you choose). You are always moving in life. You’re always pursuing progress, goals, and dreams and you know how to make things happen.

20) You have an inspiring personality. 

You’re always able to find the good in others, no matter how difficult a situation might be. You live by your beliefs and try your best to help other people when you can (and you show them a positive attitude about life). 

Despite all the bad things that happen in life, you can always find something to be happy about

You can talk to anyone and make them feel comfortable (no matter what they look like or how they act). You’re extremely friendly and everyone wants to be around you because you’re an amazing listener. 

You know how to make important people feel special because you value their opinion about the world around them. 

21) You like learning new things

You know that the world is full of infinite wisdom, so you always try to learn something new and useful. Whether it’s a new skill, a different way of thinking, or something you’ve never heard of before, you’re always trying to improve yourself in some way. 

You also share your knowledge with other people, by teaching them new things you’ve learned or how to use a certain skill. You choose to be a person who always wants to learn more and this is one of the attractive qualities that draws others to you.

You love being spontaneous and you have an adventurous streak in you (you’re a thrill-seeker). 

22) You work hard

You get things done when you need to and everyone knows that they can rely on you for help with anything. You know how to solve problems and make tough decisions when needed. 

You’re the person who people go to when they need help because you’ve proven that you can be depended on. In times of crisis, you come through and help others without hesitation. 

People know that you work hard to achieve success in life because you’re always trying to progress in your career. Whether it’s through hard work or skill, you know how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd and people recognize that about you. 

They can trust that your work is always done well and never compromised.

23) You are financially independent

You don’t need anyone’s help to provide for yourself. People know that you’re smart, capable, and responsible for your own actions, so they respect and value you for it. 

You know how to live within your means and find creative ways to make money (even when you have to do something unconventional). Whether with your career or business, everything you do is purposeful. 

You constantly look for ways to improve your life and make it work for you, especially when things aren’t going well with the world around you.

24) You are approachable

You’re not afraid to communicate with people and start new conversations, because you know that people respect the fact that you don’t hide behind walls. 

You take initiative and are always thinking of new ways to create connections because it’s the best way to build a strong bond with other people. When people meet you they can’t help but like you and want to get to know you.

You also show an interest in other people and make sure that they feel comfortable talking about personal things.

24) You don’t candy-coat things

You’re honest with yourself and others and say exactly what you mean. Life is short, so you avoid unnecessary drama that doesn’t make any sense. Instead of telling other people what to do, you try to direct them in the direction that makes the most sense for them personally. 

You’re not afraid to be blunt with people, because it only helps them in the long run. When you try to speak your mind, people respect you for being honest with them but also appreciate that you’re not being disrespectful.

For this, people know how to open up to you and trust you completely, because they know that they can always rely on you to listen and give advice when they need it. 

25) You are extremely compassionate

You have a big heart and are always willing to lend a helping hand when someone needs it. You believe that most people are doing the best they can and deserve love and support anyways.

And you’re in tune with other people’s emotions, so you know exactly when to give a warm hug or lend a sympathetic ear.

You have a tendency of looking for the best in people and your compassion is one of those attractive qualities that everyone loves about you.

26) You can forgive

You have a big heart, so you always try to make things work out for the best in the long run, even when it’s hard to see how things can turn outright. You’ve learned how to see the good in people and know that they are trying their best (even if they don’t always get it right). 

Because of this, you’re able to forgive them and move past any problems they might have caused. 

27) You’re self-assured

You have confidence in everything you do and know that people will respect you because of it. 

Even though you may not always be right, you don’t care, because your self-esteem is higher than anyone else’s (and this is your beauty).

You know how to accept yourself for who you are, no matter what others say about it. Life may not always be easy, but at least you’re able to move forward with your head held high.

You don’t take offense if people are being harsh with you and are able to accept their comments and suggestions without resentment or anger towards yourself, because you completely know who you are.


So there you have it, the 27 traits that define an attractive woman. The qualities that show her to be a woman are to be admired and respected. 

Right now, there are so many women in the world who are not happy and feel bad about themselves, but they don’t know how they can change their lives and make them better.

If you’re the type of person who wants to help women by giving them advice (or even just talk it out with them) then be sure that you have these 27 traits down pat.

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