15 signs you’re a man magnet (and men LOVE being around you)

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Wondering if you’re a man magnet?

Well, if you find guys going weak in their knees whenever you’re in the room, then you’re potentially one!

A man magnet is a woman who draws men to them effortlessly. 

It’s an ability that is only possessed by the most elusive and intriguing women.

And no, we’re not talking about things like wearing little red apples on your hair or pointing shoes on your toes. 

Or even how much skin you show when you go out on Friday nights. 

There’s a very specific set of qualities that most men find extremely attractive in women – and if you’re reading this, it means you’re probably one of them. 

Here are 15 signs you’re a man magnet and men love being around you.

1) Guys stare at you when you walk by

Your presence is something guys can’t ignore. 

Just like when a celebrity walks on the street and everyone turns their heads, you have that power too. 

Whether it’s the sound of your voice, your walk, or just the way you carry yourself – you hold their attention without even trying. 

Yes, it can feel like a little bit of an invasion of privacy for those who are on the receiving end of it.

So what should you do when someone is constantly staring at you and how to take advantage of it?

You simply have to smile and walk on. 

Turning your head and walking away is a great way to make them chase after you

You don’t have to be mean about it, but you don’t even have to acknowledge them either. 

Just like with anything in life, some guys are going to want more than you’re willing to give.

2) Guys always offer to give you their number and want your number back

When you’re a man magnet, your phone must have an endless stream of random numbers and requests. 

They know they can talk to you and get to know you better – so they’re just asking because it’s always on their mind. 

You’re someone they want to spend more time with and that’s why they’re easy going about getting your socials.

It also gives them that extra boost of confidence to approach a woman and ask for her number instead of waiting for her to ask them first.

Some might think that it’s a lot of work to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be. 

You don’t have to be mean or rude about it, but instead simply smile and say no thank you.

You’ll find yourself getting asked out on more dates than ever before! (Read my next point)

3) You always get asked out on dates or plans by guys

It’s funny, you know? 

When a guy likes you, they’ll do everything they can to get to know you better. 

They want to be closer to you and they’ll ask you on dates or plans every time. 

However, it’s not always about you – it’s more about them. 

It’s about getting to know you better and what types of things you’d like to do. 

They ‘ll ask what kind of date you’d love to go on, then plan it for their pleasure (and yours). 

That way, they’ll know what to do to impress you in order to win you.

They’ll plan something special.

And it definitely won’t be a boring, ordinary date.

4) Guys are intimidated by you at first…then want to be your best friend

Being a man magnet can also come with the side effect of being intimidating for the opposite sex. 

You have all the qualities that men find attractive and it makes them shocked or intimidated in some way.

At least in the beginning.

But whether they’re intimidated or not, they often end up falling in love with you anyways. 


Because you’re an awesome woman to be around – so it’s only natural that they would want to spend more time with you. 

As a man magnet, you know how to draw people to you and that’s a great skill to have yourself. 

It can come in handy when it comes to getting the guy that everyone is falling for.

5) You can command men’s attention effortlessly

You don’t put on a show – it’s just your natural charisma that naturally draws men to you. 

Your natural feminine energy and grace is just enough for you to command men’s attention. 

That’s your power.

You’re someone who knows how to get the attention of men without having to do anything too drastic. 

Just be yourself and let your natural magnetism do the work. 

You don’t have to try or put on a fake charm – it’s just who you are.

You can also take advantage of this.

Having their attention means they would go to any lengths to help you, as I’ll discuss in more detail in my next point.

6) Guys are always willing to help you out, simply because they want your attention

The guys want to be around you and help you out, just to get your attention.

Men are naturally chivalrous and generous, which means it’s just easier for them to be around you because they like you already. 

They’ll do the smallest things for you, whether it’s take your groceries from the car or fix something in your home. 

And even though it might seem like a small thing, it’ll have a big impact on how attached they feel to you.

It’s easy to be a good friend to a nice person – and not so hard being a good friend to a beautiful woman!

7) A lot of guys like to talk to you

Does this sound like you?

Your voice and laughter is like a magnet – it attracts people to you and they want to get closer.

Even the biggest heartthrob in the world can’t help but talk to you. 

The best part about guys liking you, is that they’re so approachable and willing to talk to you. 

Whether it’s over coffee or over a meal – it’s constantly one-sided conversations with them. 

It’s not just guys either. 

It’s all kinds of people, usually people you meet randomly who want to get in touch with you.

For some reason, everyone likes talking to you and wants to be around you. 

8) Guys always compliment you on how beautiful you are

No matter what guy you see, they’ll always say “wow – you are so pretty”, or “you’re so gorgeous”.

Whether it’s over coffee, in person, or on a social media account. 

They love to see your smile and hear your laugh whenever they get the chance to talk or hang out with you.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going – no one can resist the temptation to compliment you!

9) You get special treatment from guys

It’s like you’re at the top of the chain when it comes to getting special treatment from guys. 

You have the power and have that ‘it’ factor that gives you that advantage. 

Whether it’s something small and insignificant, or the biggest of things, you get special treatment from guys. 

They want to know what makes you different from all the other girls in order to win your heart over.

They’ll open doors for you, they’ll offer to pay for your meals and drink, they’ll do everything in their power to impress you.

10) You don’t have to dress like an Instagram model to be noticed by men…but it helps!

You know how to be sexy and classy at the same time. 

It’s not something men can easily find in women and they love that. 

You look great in anything you wear, whether it’s a bodycon dress or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. 

Even if you’re just wearing sweatpants, guys will still turn to look at you.

You don’t need to wear plunging necklines to get their attention…but must admit, they do help you stand out naturally.

It’s your natural charm, style, and confidence that draws men to you – not the clothes you’re wearing. 

But, we’re not saying you should get rid of your high heels and short skirts just yet. 

It doesn’t hurt to look good for the guys, right?

11) You get more likes on dating apps than days in a year

The guys can’t help but notice you and it’s rare that they don’t message you on an app. 

You get a ton of likes and messages on dating apps or social media. 

Even from the hottest men on there!

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Tinder, men can’t help but notice you.

They’ll do anything in their power to get your attention, even though they’re not actually looking for a relationship in the first place. 

It’s almost like they’re on a mission and want to win your heart. 

12) Guys always message you although they know you’re taken

When you’re a man magnet, you have a lot of guys that won’t take no for an answer!

Although you’re taken, they’ll still message or ask you out, regardless. 

You know how men think, so it’s not weird for you to see that a guy likes you and wants to get to know you better.

You’d be surprised at how many men try to get in touch with you even though they know that you have a boyfriend.

They want your attention and they’ll do anything to get it, even though they know it’s not going to turn into anything more. 

They just want to see if there’s something more than a Facebook friendship between the two of you.

Interesting, isn’t it?

13) You always get free drinks from guys when you’re out

You barely have to spend any money on night outs.

It happens all the time, one minute you’ll be without a drink and then you raise your hand to get the bartender’s attention – and next thing you know, you have a free drink in your hand. 

Easy life!

You have that special something that makes people want to buy you things. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as smiling at them to get them to be excited and ready to buy you a drink.

It could also be someone who knows you’re dating someone else, but they still offer their drink because they want you to like them. 

14) You’re the girl all the other girls want to hang out with…and so do the guys!

Being a man magnet doesn’t only mean you attract guys, but girls too.

You have a way of making everyone love you – whether they’re friends or family. 

It’s a special power that not many women have and people absolutely love it. 

You’re someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and you’re just generally a great person to be around. 

It’s not the fact that you’re popular – but it is the fact that you don’t have an ego about yourself. 

You don’t care about being popular because you’re a confident, positive person. 

And those qualities are things that everyone loves. 

15) Your girlfriends always seek for guy advice from you

As a man magnet, you’re someone who knows how men think and often keeps it real with your friends.

It’s not an ego thing, but a power thing.

You have the power and the knowledge to help your friends land their dream guys. 

Ask any of your girlfriends and they’ll tell you that you’re the best person to go to for relationship advice. 

They want what you have, which is why they come to you for help with yours every time. 

You know how men think, how they feel, what makes them happy – it’s almost like living in their shoes sometimes.

Whether it’s a boyfriend, an ex, or even someone they just met on a hookup app – they want your perspective. 

In a nutshell…

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if they like you or not. 

Because as long as you have their attention, you’re in great shape.

All you have to do is be yourself and let your natural magnetic qualities draw them in. 

You can also take advantage of this and make them fall in love with you by using their own words against them. 

The more you use the power of your positive attributes, the more they will try to impress you – making them more likely to fall in love with you. 

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