11 signs your twin flame is thinking of you during separation

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Did you know that even when two lovers are separated they remain connected at a deeper level? It’s true. Twin flames stay connected even when they’re apart, and it can be a beautiful thing.

However, while it is not always easy to remain positive during times of separation, there are ways to cope with this difficult period and make it easier on yourself. 

In order to better understand what your twin flame is going through and how you can help them through this time of loneliness, here are 11 signs that your twin flame is thinking of you during separation.

1) You have vivid dreams of your twin flame

Twin flames connect at a deeper level, so even when you are apart you can still dream about one another. 

In these dreams, your twin flame may seem distant and you may feel a little lost and confused, but don’t let this keep you down. 


Dreams are the symbolic language of emotions and your dreams are trying to tell you something. Your dreams are reminding you that while distance separates your bodies, it will never separate your souls.

2) You experience synchronicity with your twin flame

Synchronicity often occurs when twin flames are apart and many people don’t recognize it. When you experience a synchronicity, no matter how small, take notice of it and give it some thought.

Although you may not always be able to understand why something happens the way it does, try to see if the two events are connected in some way. 

Sometimes we need a bit of help from the Universe in order to see things clearly and understand our purpose so pay attention and trust your gut instincts. 

For example, if you see a particular song, get a gift in the mail, or hear something that reminds you of your twin flame, pay attention. 

These small connections provide a great deal of comfort during times of separation and are very helpful on your journey towards reuniting.

3) Your intuition is heightened

Here’s an interesting fact:

Intuition is the body’s ability to know. 

It is a knowing or understanding that comes from somewhere deep in your soul and not from the logical mind. 

When you have heightened intuition, you may feel a deep inner knowing of your twin flame’s whereabouts or even intuitively know that they are doing well even though you have not heard from them in a long time.

This is also a sign that your twin flame may think about you during separation. Also, if you are having difficulty feeling your twin flame’s energy or aura, try meditating, journaling, or praying. These can be great ways to reconnect on an energetic level.

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5) You feel as though your twin flame is consistently around you

During this period, you may feel as though your twin flame is with you at all times. Even though they may not be physically present, you could feel their presence in many different ways. 

You may sense that they are with you through a dream or even when you are awake, you may want to check the mirror to see if they are standing behind or beside you.

You may also find yourself looking up or being drawn toward water because it is a powerful way of connecting with your twin flame on an energetic level. 

Keep in mind:

There are many reasons for the twin flame’s separation, but the ultimate reason for this is to teach you about love, loss, and sacrifice. 

This can be a very difficult lesson to learn, especially if you are connected with someone who is not ready or willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary in order to reunite. 

It is important to understand that your twin flame’s heart and soul are pure so they may come back into your life when they are ready.

6) You experience physical sensations of feeling lonely or being sick

I know this one sounds strange, but it is definitely a common experience for those who are going through a separation from their twin flame.

For example, you may physically feel sick or as though you are going through a period of depression. This is actually your body’s way of communicating to you that your twin flame is not by your side, but love is still there. 

It can also be a communication from your soul’s desire to reunite with their other half. If this is the case, then trust that the relationship is meant to be and stay open and receptive to their return into your life.

But wait, there’s more!

Since you connect deeply with your twin flame, you can feel what they feel and experience their emotions as if they are your own.

Take this as an opportunity to understand and empathize with the feelings that your twin flame is going through. 

This can help you both on an energetic level, and it may be a good time to reach out to them for some healing.

7) You receive random reminders of your twin flame

One of the signs that your twin flame is thinking of you during separation is that you may suddenly feel as though a part of you is missing.

You may have a dream, spot them in the mirror, or even hear their voice through a song playing on the radio.

Again, this is your soul’s way of communicating with you that they are missing the relationship and want to be with you again. This is also another way for them to know that they belong together and should be reunited.

You can also tell when they are thinking of you because they will send mixed signals during separation that seem to contradict each other. 

These mixed signals can make it difficult for them to decide if they want to reunite or not, so keep reading and understand what is going on within your twin flame’s mind during separation!

8) You have intense cravings

Trust me, this is one of the most intense signs that your twin flame is thinking of you, so don’t expect it to disappear overnight.

Things like candy, gum, or any other food item that your twin flame likes to eat may suddenly become an obsession to you. You may even find yourself craving it more and more during each separation.

It is not just food either. Any item that your twin flame uses that you enjoy could be a trigger for you to suddenly begin craving it.

For example, if your twin flame used sunscreen for their face when they were together, then you may find yourself suddenly craving sunscreen too during their absence. 

This can also happen with beauty products, like shampoos and conditioners. Some people have reported excessive cravings for things like perfume or deodorant as well.

Of course, this can be frustrating for both of you, but know that this is a sign from the universe showing us this is what we need and want us to reunite!

9) You have phantom scents and tastes

Have you ever noticed a strange scent or taste while out or in public? 

You may be experiencing phantom scents during separation and they are often similar to the things that your twin flame liked while they were together.

For example, during their time together, you might have smelled their perfume on them. When you go out in public with them again, you may suddenly notice that you have been smelling the same perfume. 

It can also happen with just about any other type of odor you might come across. If your twin flame used soap when they were together, then after the relationship ended, you might suddenly notice that this same soap is causing a bad odor on your hands. Again, this can happen with so many different types of smells and tastes too!

The same thing happens when eating food that your twin flame used during the relationship.

For example, if it is a certain type of food that is hard to find in stores for some reason, then there is a chance that it will trigger a craving for it as well when your twin flame reunites with you again!

10) You feel an unexplained urge to travel to a particular place

The truth is: 

During separation, our souls or higher selves have a certain instinctual urge to travel to the location where our twin flame lives and connect with them there again. 

This is a very powerful connection that brings us the most intense feelings of happiness, love, and joy. It is also likely that this urge has happened to you in the past while your twin flame was still living nearby, but you weren’t able to connect with them at that time.

If this sounds familiar, then try reaching out to your loved one again right away! 

You’ll be surprised by how quickly the two of you can get back in touch again and reconnect!

11) You feel disconnected from other people and life in general

As I’ve mentioned above, you can feel what your twin flame is thinking, so when they are not with you, you might experience a sudden feeling of being disconnected.

Because the spiritual journey is a very personal one, it can be hard for other people to understand what you’re going through and help you. 

If your twin flame is an extrovert, then their behaviors can seem erratic at times. During their separation period, they become less calm and upbeat, which may make them seem like a completely different person, which makes it even harder to relate to them during those times!

During separation, you may experience feelings of loneliness and feel disconnected from life. It may be hard to stay motivated or focused at times. A lot of people who are going through this have trouble being open with others and talking about their feelings and emotions.

Many people get so caught up in the stress and drama that they don’t realize that there is no need for all of this! 

Remember that everyone is going through something similar; we all just interpret our experiences differently.

Final thoughts

This separation can be a very difficult time for both of you, but know that the pain will eventually fade and disappear. Don’t give up!

It is important that you and your twin flame stay connected during these times because it is an important part of the soul’s journey of remembering their twin flame again. Just stay positive, focused, and loving towards them.

The more you do so, the faster you will reunite again! 

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