10 signs your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise

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When you meet your twin flame, it feels like love at first sight. It’s an intense and magical experience that feels like a fairy tale coming to life. 

But if you are naïve or inexperienced in love, you may not recognize the red flags early on and see them as quirks instead of warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. 

Narcissists know how to manipulate their victims by appearing vulnerable and putting on a performance of fake interest to gain trust, confidence, and affection. They crave attention, praise, and admiration from others but give nothing in return. 

Here are 10 signs your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise.

1) You’ll find yourself constantly giving

Twin flame relationships are intense and overwhelming from the start. You feel like you’ve finally found the love of your life, and you are willing to give anything to make it work.

But what if your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise? 

Narcissists are experts at playing the victim and manipulating your emotions. They may tell you that they’ve been hurt in the past and that you are their last hope for true love.

If you find yourself constantly giving to a twin flame who doesn’t give back, it might be time to question the relationship.

2) They constantly seek reassurance

Have you ever met someone who was so insecure that they constantly needed reassurance from you?

If you have, then you might be dealing with a narcissist. Twin flames can be insecure in relationships, but they should also be secure.

A narcissist is constantly looking for reassurance that you love them and will never leave them. They may even threaten to self-harm if you don’t give in to their demands for attention and affection.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a twin flame can feel what you feel, so you already know how they feel without asking them. That’s also a way to find out if your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise.

3) They only want to talk about themselves

Another sign that your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise is that they refuse to listen to you.

They only want to talk about themselves and their life, but they won’t listen to you or ask about your life. This is because they don’t care about anyone else but themselves.

For example, if your twin flame is telling you about their new job, they will most likely talk about the benefits of the job and how much money they make. They don’t care about how you feel about their new job, or if you have a similar job.

I know the feeling of talking to someone who only wants to talk about themselves because I’ve been there before. I have a twin flame, and he is the most narcissistic person I know. When he talks, he doesn’t care about what other people are saying. He will just interrupt them and continue talking about himself.

This is where I questioned myself “Why are twin flame relationships so intense but can’t help with the pain they inflict on you?”

Then I found speaking to a gifted psychic, who really helped me understand that the twin flame relationship is a test for us. It is meant to help us heal ourselves and grow as individuals.

This advisor from Psychic Source helped me understand that there are three things we need to do to get through a twin flame relationship.

  1. We have to learn how to love ourselves
  2. We have to let go of the past
  3. We have to stop letting them take advantage of us

I know it sounds easier said than done, but it really is possible. We just need to be willing to take the time and effort to do what we need to do. Also, they show up in our lives for a reason, and they won’t leave until we have learned what we need to learn.

I would like to share with you how to heal from a twin flame experience and get over your twin flame.

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4) Their behavior is inconsistent

Not only is their behavior inconsistent, but they are also very moody. They can be calm one minute and then they will explode in anger the next.

This is because they are not in control of their emotions, so their emotions can change at any moment. Also, they don’t know how to deal with negative emotions, so they will suppress them until it becomes too much for them to handle.

That’s why you may notice that your twin flame is very emotional sometimes and other times they don’t show any emotion at all. 

This is because they are suppressing their emotions until it comes out in a sudden outburst of anger or self-pity.

They also try to refrain from showing emotions around other people, but it’s very hard for them to fake these emotions, so they will come out in a sudden outburst of anger or self-pity.

Another way to spot a narcissist in disguise is by observing the way they feel when they are not around their twin flame.

5) They think of themselves as perfect

Let’s face it:

Your twin flame may show you what they want you to see, but there is always an underlining side to them that they don’t want you to see.

Twin flames are not perfect and neither are you. They might be in denial about their issues and try to hide them from you, but eventually, the truth will come out.

Twin flames can have moments of self-doubt just like anyone else, but they never admit it or seek help because they don’t think they need it.

It gets worse if they are narcissists because their ego can only take so much.

In a twin flame relationship, it is normal to feel that your partner has “it.” They have the ability to make you feel loved and special when you are not feeling it yourself. They are able to give you the confidence that is lacking in your own life.

They can obviously perform this function of making you feel good when they have great life experiences as well. But, as you will see below, twin flames are also narcissists in disguise.

6) They are extremely possessive

A narcissist in disguise can be hard to recognize because they are very good actors.

They get others to feed off of them, so they don’t have to feel the pain themselves. Whenever you talk with your twin flame, you should be able to feel their love for you.

They will be very attentive to what you’re talking about and interested in every detail of your life. They will also try to create fun memories with you and treat you like a king or queen.

But, if they are narcissists, they will try to control every aspect of your life, including what you can and cannot do. They will overcompensate for their insecurities by trying to control everything around them.

The key here is that they will do it in a subtle way, for example, by asking you where you were and who you were with. They will also want to know why you didn’t answer their text message or phone call.

This is a way for them to show that they care about you, but it’s just another way for them to control your life without directly telling you that they are controlling it. They will convince themselves that they are doing it because they care when in reality, they are trying to control your life.

7) They have an inflated sense of entitlement

Here’s the truth:

Even if your twin flame is the most attractive person in the world, they can be narcissists.

They have an inflated sense of self and feel as though they deserve to get away with things other people don’t. They feel as if they are special just because they are more attractive than the average person.

They also feel that other people owe them something, which is another sign that they think they are more special than most people. This is a symptom of entitlement, which is a trait shared by narcissists in disguise.

8) They have unattainable standards

How do you know if someone is a narcissist?

It can be hard to figure out because they try to hide their narcissistic traits in every way they can.

They try to control their emotions so that they will not be exposed to their true self. Also, they may even act nice in front of other people so that the people around them will have a positive view of them.

There’s no doubt that you can have a twin flame who is also a narcissist in disguise, but it is not your fault if you don’t see it in them.

One of the signs that show your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise is that they will have unattainable standards for you. They will try to get you to fit their perfect ideal, which is impossible.

They might start off being very nice and even flattery, but then they will turn into a spoiled child whenever you try to show your true self instead of being what they want you to be.

They will not appreciate your efforts and will always find something wrong with them. Gradually, you will start to feel as if you are never good enough for them no matter how hard you try.

9) You never get to know the real them

You might think that you have found the perfect man or woman for you, but there is more to your twin flame than what you see.

They will hide their insecurities from you so that you will not notice that something is wrong with them. They do it so that they can feel as if they are perfect in your eyes and others’ eyes.

You will probably notice a lot of inconsistencies in their behavior: 

They will be very controlling one moment, then the next moment they will be over-sharing about themselves.

Because they are so self-absorbed, they will not share their true selves with you. They will only share parts of them because they do not want you to see what’s really going on in their minds.

10) They have a poor track record with relationships

This is a big one.

If you are in a twin flame relationship and the narcissist in disguise is your twin flame, you might notice that they have been through a lot of relationships.

They will talk to you about their past relationships as if they were something to be ashamed of. They will try to hide the fact that they are lying or that they cheat on their partner by blaming it on someone else.

They will tell you that their past partners are the reason their relationship did not work out, but you will soon realize that this is not the truth.

They might have had a long string of relationships, but only because they were broken up by their partners before the relationship ended.

Those narcissistic traits are what made them called narcissists in disguise. They do whatever they can to make others dependent on them and when they feel like it’s not happening, they will break up with them or just completely ignore them.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, with these 10 signs your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise, you will know what to look out for before you end up with a narcissist.

If you have been dating someone for a while and you are starting to get that sour feeling, it is time to see if your twin flame is a narcissist in disguise.

In the end, it does not matter whether your twin flame is a narcissist or not. If your relationship isn’t working anymore, then it is time to move on and find someone else who deserves your love.

Remember three things we need to do to get through a twin flame relationship that I’ve mentioned above?

These things have helped me so much during the time of my twin flame relationship. 

I encourage you to read them again (especially the last one), and if you can’t find a way to move on, then getting help from the gifted advisors from Psychic Source can help you to find emotional and spiritual peace, which will lead to the end of your twin flame relationship or to a complete transformation if you are meant for each other.

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