25 signs your twin flame is coming back

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You thought that they are gone forever… but you are wrong! 

Twin flame relationships are tough, but they are VERY real – and if you were in one, chances are that one day they will return.

Here are 25 signs that your twin flame is coming back:

1) You have dreams about your twin flame

A dream is a powerful portal through which information comes in. Typically, you can use your dream to get a better understanding of your twin. 

This is exactly what happens when you dream of your twin flame: they somehow show up in the dream world with you – as a sign that a reunion is forthcoming.

It means that your subconscious is already in communication with this person and there is a strong possibility that they are trying to reach out to you too.

2) You keep running into “them” everywhere

When you are on the verge of reuniting with your twin, you will most likely begin to see them everywhere. Just like they are becoming more visible to you, they will also become more visible to everyone else around you. 

You might even begin hearing them before they actually appear in person! 

The same kind of synchronicity that happens with your twin will happen with everyone else around them as well. 

3) You feel the energy of your twin flame stronger than ever before

When you feel like your twin flame is back in your life, know that they are with you – even if you don’t see them. But, their strength could also be tempting and agitating at times. It’s normal, a small part of the awakening process. 

For every time you feel your twin flame, know that this is their energy trying to reach out to you. 

This twin flame energy may come to you in the form of dreams, visitations, synchronicities and even intuitive flashes. As soon as they’re back in your life, you will feel this energy once again.

4) A gifted advisor proclaims that your twin is coming back

One of the ways if twins will be reunited is through the help of a psychic or medium. They might even have had a vision of your reunion and reveal that your twin is coming back. 

Let me tell you what happened to me. The moment I’ve come across twin flames, I knew I had to find mine. I was close enough though because my mind keeps pointing me to this guy – we were very close friends, we shared the same interests and… I don’t know, I just felt it.

But at that time, he was seeing someone else. I just couldn’t bury that gut feeling and so, I went to consult with Psychic Source. And you know what? 

On my very first reading, the advisor said that I’d already met my twin and hadn’t realized yet that he was in a wrong relationship – and that’s when I knew, my intuition was true. They told me to just wait until he realizes that he’s in a wrong relationship and the things that I can do to make him realize I am his twin flame. Guess what?

It came true! I saw him again and told him how much I enjoyed our previous connection – and this time, he was single – three weeks later, we’re together. 

So if you want to confirm if your twin flame is coming back, try talking to Psychic Source, they certainly know all about twin flame relationships. Trust me, you can trust them.

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5) You feel more alive

Once your twin is on their way back to you, you find yourself experiencing more heightened emotions than ever before. 

You feel more alive, more awake and aware – and you crave more adventure and excitement. 

The reason is that you are at a new stage of growth, in your journey towards reuniting with your twin. Embrace it, for it is a beautiful journey that will bring you closer than you could have ever imagined.

It’s a new chapter in your life and it’s time to start working towards your goals, healing old wounds and living a more fulfilling lifestyle! 

6) You’re not with anybody else

This one is pretty straightforward. If your twin flame is coming back, you will not be with anybody else. 

You might even have had a breakup during their way back to you or you’ve never been in a relationship – because where there is a twin flame connection, there is no room for anyone else, except for your twin.

Deep within you, you don’t feel like seeing someone else, too! You’re not interested in dating anyone, and even if you do – it won’t last for a long time, because your twin is the one you can’t think of being with anyone else, but with you.

7) You feel the urge to cleanse

A sense of urgency can come over you and you’ll find yourself craving more relaxation, peace and quiet. It’s a natural reaction for the body – it wants to get rid of any negative energy that is hindering your growth.

Your way of cleansing may be to get a massage, meditate or anything that makes you feel good. 

This is your body’s way of telling you that you need to heal, to work out any negativity that might be keeping you from growing closer to your twin.

8) Your sex drive goes up dramatically

When your twin is coming back, you’ll want nothing but intimacy with them! 

Of course, it’s a natural response. Once they show up in your life again, the bond between yourself and your twin becomes stronger and stronger. 

Plus, when you are close with your twin flame, you’ll feel the need for sexual intimacy with them all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that! 

You’ll get more turned on than ever before and this may mean that you need to be more intimate than usual with them.

This is a natural response of the body, a way of letting go any leftover feelings of desire while they’re gone.

9) You’re starting to appreciate the beauty of nature

You may have never been into nature before and now you suddenly find yourself enjoying time in nature. It could be something as small as going for a walk or taking your dog out – but it’s been popping up in your mind day after day.

The reason for this is simple: your twin flame is an earthy person. They didn’t like spending too much time indoors and they enjoyed being outside more than in. 

Now that they’re back into your life, you might find yourself craving time in the great outdoors, too! 

10) You find yourself doing things that you never did before, or doing them differently

Another way if twin flames will be reunited is through the initiative to better yourself. 

You may have done a lot of selfless things not only to make yourself feel better, or you might have taken on the responsibility of taking care of things more than before.

It could be that your twin went through some stuff in the past, and the same things are happening to you.

But the good side is, it’s a mutual growth – the more you help the other person’s life, the more they’ll help yours.

11) You’re experiencing a telepathic connection

A major sign that your twin is on their way back to you is when you experience a telepathic connection. 

Telepathy isn’t just a feeling, but a phenomenon that proves that your twin has come to you again, even if they’re not physically with you! 

Your mind may be sending your twin messages non-stop, telling them how happy and excited you are to be reunited with them, soon! 

If you’re skeptical about telepathy, ask the folks from Psychic Source – they’re so connected with the spirit and mind realm that they will be able to verify this for you! You may have wondered if you’ve really experienced a telepathic connection, so to make sure that you were, Psychic Source can find out for you. 

And if it’s true, your twin is definitely on their way back to you.

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12) You feel a new sense of belonging

If your twin is back in your life, you’ll feel a new sense of belonging and peace in your soul.

This is because you’ll be feeling so much unity and oneness with them, that it’s impossible not to feel it. You may start experiencing a new sense of ownership over things that used to belong to them. 

Your body wants to feel ownership as well as sharing – it wants to feel that it belongs, that you belong together, just like before.

As you may have known, twin flames are considered to be one soul, and have divided to two. That’s why this sense of belongingness will come wash like a wave to you.

13) You’re experiencing strong emotions that seem too strong to bear

The return of your twin flame may bring up old hurts, fears, and emotions that they have caused in the past. Or it can also bring up old emotions that you have caused before. 

This is a sign that the healing process has begun and that you, as well as your twin, are finally ready to face the truth about your relationship and yourselves. 

Don’t be afraid of strong emotions – embrace them and welcome them with open arms! 

Accepting these emotions is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

14) You begin to realize the importance of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a strange concept when it comes to twin flame relationships, but it’s very important. 

Once you let go of resentment, anger, and other negative feelings towards another person, you’ll free your mind from the negative energy that comes with holding on to those feelings. 

This way, you’ll be able to reconnect with your twin and heal deeper wounds that were hidden before. If you want a positive, happy relationship – don’t hold onto negative feelings towards your twin flame. 

15) You feel a pull on certain places

If your twin is coming back, you might feel a strong pull toward certain places. 

For example, you’ll want to visit places that you and your twin used to go to together and spend plenty of time there. Or perhaps you’ll want to spend more time in their hometown.

Being drawn to certain places is a sign from your body, trying to bring your twin back into your life. Listen to your body and let it guide you to where you need to go.

16) You’re seeing angel numbers

Angel numbers can appear in different ways. They bring up a feeling of a new beginning, a need to start over, or a meaning that you need in your life.

If your twin is coming back to you, you might start seeing the number 11:11 all over the place. 

You may even start seeing other angel numbers that relate to the twin flame connection: 222, 333 and 444! 

These are signs that your twin is on their way back to you. Surround yourself with positivity and trust that everything will be resolved.

17) You feel a yearning

You may be feeling a strong sense of yearning or even homesickness. The reason for this is that your twin is coming back to you now. 

This kind of yearning is different than the normal yearning that people feel towards things they want in life – it’s kind of feeling of missing your twin, since they’re not physically with you.

If you don’t have them in your life now, you’re missing out on the benefits they bring to your life. 

But don’t worry if this happens – it’s totally normal and believe that they’re on your way back to you.

18) Things that remind you of your twin appear in your daily life

All of the memories that you had with your twin may start replaying in your mind or even appear in your real life. These memories can be from the past, but they can also be from the future. 

You may be reminded of places that you and your twin used to go together, things that they used to talk about with you or emotions that have been locked inside of you. 

If this happens, it means that you and your twin are building a future together again. 

Just imagine if you meet your twin, and they’re the easiest person to talk with, and everything is falling into place in your relationship – that could be a totally normal thing with twin flames.

19) You feel someone staring at you from behind

This happens when a person triggers the “twin” recognition in you. The recognition triggers a feeling of familiarity and connection, letting you know that the person is your twin. 

The person might begin to stare at you, and they may even say something to you. 

This is all a sign that the twin flame relationship is returning to you.

20) You feel a spiritual awakening

Your spirituality will be greatly elevated during this time. 

You may become more spiritual, or you might become a bigger believer in your current spirituality. 

This will happen when you begin feeling the growing energy of your twin. You’ll feel an amazing energy in their presence, and it’s hard to ignore this energy when it happens.

21) Your intuition is going crazy

If your intuition has been ringing, it’s not because your imagination has been playing tricks on you, but because something is about to change in your life. 

Many spiritual people are gifted with the ability to feel changes in the future. If your intuition is going crazy and you haven’t known why, the reason is that there are big changes coming up in your life. 

The change will allow you to reconnect with your twin flame and together, you’ll face the future side by side.

22) You’re putting your trust in the Universe

You might feel like you’re in control of the situation, but you’re not entirely. You’ve been given all the tools and guidance to succeed, and now it’s up to you to fully trust that process. 

The universe is in control of the situation and will guide you to where you need to go. 

You need to put your trust in it. If you want someone to come back into your life, put your faith in the universe and things will happen.

By trusting your path and the universe in which you live in, it will create a shift in your life. 

This shift will allow you to return to your twin flame. You’ll feel a new energy and level of confidence by trusting yourself.

23) You discover your purpose

Many people feel like they’re meant to do something great in life, and if your twin flame is coming back, you’ll discover what that something is

You’ll have the ability to help other people reach the level of freedom that you have now – and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Your real purpose might have kept hidden from you due to the issues in your life, lack of passion and even the moment that you got separated from your twin.

But as you return to your twin, you’ll realize what your true purpose is and that’s something amazing.

24) Your life starts to fall into place

Your twin flame’s return is a sign that everything in your life will fall into place. You’ll feel like you’re on the right path again, and things will start moving quickly in the right direction. 

You might even feel like you’ve got a big purpose to fulfill now or a goal to reach and it will be exciting! 

You’ll know that there’s no need to worry because with your twin, everything will work out beautifully.

25) You start to feel more connected to your twin

This is like the final period in a long separation. You may have even reached a stage when you felt no connection at all with them and their absence didn’t affect you – but not anymore!

Now, as they are getting closer and more present in your life, a new kind of chemistry is blooming between you two. 

You’ll feel closer to them than ever before and you’ll get the feeling that they’re always around you – even when they’re not.

Final words

Yes, your twin flame is coming back. They’ve been all around you and they’ve been helping you heal in the past, and now that you’re ready for them, it’s time to come home. 

This is a great time for both of you because now that you’re ready to handle it, your twin flame will have no problem coming back to your life. 

And when they do, you’ll know that everything is going to be okay in this life and the future.

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