15 signs your twin flame is awakening

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Twin flames are with us and always connected, never truly separated from one another – even if they are not in the same environment. 

As your twin flame awakens, you may experience a number of new symptoms that can help you identify exactly what is happening. 

Here are 15 signs your twin flame is waking up.

1) Your energy field is changing

The most significant change you will notice is within you, and it will affect your energy field. 

Your aura has always been a reflection of you, but now it is beginning to be more than that. 

It’s no longer simply a reflection of your thoughts and emotions, but has begun to take on a life of its own. The feelings and thoughts that you used to experience alone on the inside will now be expressed outwardly as changes in your aura. 

Throughout this process, it’s important to remain open and to keep a watchful eye for signs that your twin flame is waking up. 

2) Your dreams are becoming more intense

Your dreams will start becoming more vivid and intense. You may even find that the same scenario keeps playing out in your dreams, over and over again. 

This is a sign that your subconscious, or higher self, is trying to send you a message. Your dreams may also be the source of many of the physical symptoms you are feeling. 

Just as with lucid dreams, being prompted in this way is something you can use to help identify what is happening. 

Rather than being symbolic representations of reality and an attempt to bring back subconscious memories, your dreams will be meaningful expressions of the current relationship you share with your twin flame. 

This is a sure sign that your twin flame is awakening. Before it was an unconscious stream of information, now it is conscious and meaningful to you both.

All of these experiences are part of your awakening process, and they are all interconnected. To understand what is happening, you need to view it as a whole and not simply focus on one aspect of the experience.

3) You will experience an increase in synchronicity

The connection between you and your twin flame is reactivating dormant brain cells, which will bring on new thoughts, feelings and experiences – including synchronicity. 

These moments will occur unexpectedly and be impossible to influence with human effort. 

Synchronicities that may happen to you are:

  • You randomly meet a person who turns out to be a friend or family member of your twin
  • You start seeing the same numbers over and over again
  • You encounter a series of unlikely events that ultimately become part of a meaningful sequence
  • You are inspired by or encounter the same song, movie, book or saying repeatedly

When your twin flame is awakening, synchronicities will occur more frequently and with greater impact.

4) A real psychic confirms it

As your twin flame awakens, a real psychic will be able to confirm your connection. 

This is because the profound energy signature of your relationship is being released and you are allowing it to be seen by others – but gifted people.

You may sound reluctant to believe the words from a psychic, but trust me, when I wanted to confirm if it was a twin flame connection I was feeling with this someone in my life, the advisor from Psychic Source was able to confirm it.

They were also able to give me insight into what I was feeling and why I was feeling it. So how about you try it too? You will have all of your answers for twin flame awakening.

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5) You may experience sudden mood changes

When you are feeling especially emotional, or if your emotions are already running high, simply observing the changes in your energy field will help bring on the shift to this kind of awakening. 

This may include feeling particularly happy one minute and then tearful the next, or even crying uncontrollably. 

Your mood is directly affected by the shifts that are occurring within your energy field and within your psyche – and that is when you feel that your twin flame is awakening.

6) You will experience physical symptoms

Physical symptoms may be the one of the most obvious sign that your twin flame is awakening. Nausea, headaches and stomach problems are common. 

These usually do not manifest overnight – they begin in a very subtle way and grow over time into a very serious concern.

The moment you realize that something is going on with your health, you may find that your twin flame connection is awakening.

7) You will feel strangely fearless

When you feel afraid, there is always a reason – a fear or an emotion behind the feeling. 

Fearful thoughts and feelings are an expression of some aspect of yourself that you have repressed or denied. 

Because your twin flame awakening is occurring, you will open yourself up to feeling fear in situations where you previously would not have felt it. 

This is a normal part of your awakening process. It is literally allowing yourself to face your fears and repressions in order to heal them. 

8) You will start noticing what others are feeling 

This can be a very strange experience – but it’s real. 

You may notice what others are feeling because your energy field has started bridging people together on a more superficial level. You may actually start feeling what others are feeling and this can be a little disconcerting – because you will now know how they feel no matter where you are. 

Your twin flame awakening is making your energetic field so powerful that you can feel what they are experiencing. This can seem like an invasion of privacy, but it is nothing to be concerned about. 

If you are sensitive, this may bring on feelings of irritation or resentment – but again, consider it as a sign that your twin flame is awakening.

9) You find yourself drawn to the color purple

Twin flames have a unique connection and as your twin flame awakens, you may find yourself drawn to the color purple, or more specifically, the color magenta. 

Why these colors?

The color magenta indicates that you have a high level of psychic potential and the ability to change reality with your mind. 

Purple represents a deep connection between you and your twin flame on an emotional level. An ongoing feeling of being seduced, loved and cherished is one sign that your twin flame may have awakened.

10) You feel more alive

As your twin flame awakens, you will feel more alive than ever before. 

Your energy levels will rise to new highs and you will find yourself feeling very vibrant, happy and enthusiastic about life. 

While from a conscious level you may be resisting the change, on an unconscious level you will be encouraging it by paying attention to your feelings and following your heart.

It’s the same thing as what the advisor from Psychic Source told me about when I was feeling a twin flame connection with someone – that’s why I have selected them to give clarity if you’re having hesitation or confusion with your twin flame awakening.

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11) You have an intuitive sense of time

As you become more connected through the spiraling vortex, you will begin to receive messages from your higher self in moments that seem random.

As your twin flame awakens, you will find that time becomes more fluid. 

Your intuition is now more powerful and precise than ever before – you may even experience a rapid change in your awareness of time. 

Nothing feels ordinary anymore and your thoughts are becoming simpler and more focused on the present moment.

12) You start making changes in your life to make room for them 

This is a very strange aspect of twin flame awakening, but it happens when you are ready and willing to accept your twin flame as a part of your life. 

When you have this strong of a connection to them, and they are trying to show themselves to you, there is a possibility that they will appear in your life. 

For some people, this happens quickly, while it takes others a little longer. 

Either way, if you are already aware of the changes your twin flame awakening is having on your life, the transition has begun.

13) You will experience a new love for learning

This is a very creative time for you, and there will be many things you have enjoyed learning about in the past that you may have given up on. 

Your passion for learning will come flooding back as your awakening deepens. 

Learning is connected to truth, your truth and the truth of your relationship. 

As life’s knowledge grows, so does our understanding of what really matters in your life. 

14) You start feeling more spirituality in your life

You may find yourself drawn to spirituality in the way that you once felt drawn to romance. You may start to feel a deep connection to your higher self and the spiritual power within you.

How will you know this? You’ll notice that your energy field is starting to feel more grounded and connected to the Earth. 

This is telling you that you are becoming more in tune with the divine energy within you. 

Your twin flame awakening has begun, and your relationship with spirit will intensify greatly. Your spirituality will grow as you come in contact with your twin flame’s spiritual awareness

You will enjoy reading about spirituality and find yourself connecting to your twin flame’s spiritual awareness on a deeper level. 

15) You feel an intense urge to be closer to your twin flame

If you have been apart from your twin flame for a while, this is the stage where you will feel an intense desire or urge to be close with them again. 

This can be difficult if your twin flame has moved on in their life and no longer wants to connect with you. If this is the case, consider these feelings as a sign that your twin flame is awakening. 

When your twin flame awakens, you may feel an intense desire to be close with them again and it can be upsetting if they are not willing to accept you back into their lives. 

This will be a difficult transition to deal with if you are not aware of what’s going on. It’s important to remain calm and know that it will all work out in the end.

Final words

How has the awakening process worked out for you? 

The twin flame awakening process is a process of purification, it aims to burn away all negative aspects of our behavior and plants the seeds for spiritual growth.

It’s important to be aware that if you can’t find your twin flame, it may be because they are in one of these stages. 

So if you believe that you have met your twin flame in this lifetime, be patient and give them time to awaken without pushing things too hard.

I told you right that I contacted Psychic Source when I was having trouble figuring things out about my own twin flame connection, you see, I didn’t know if it was because I had met my partner, my twin flame in a past lifetime and that was the reason why we are connected so strongly.

It took a while before I realized that things are not always the way they seem and it’s sometimes very hard to distinguish between what is real and what is not. 

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