17 undeniable signs your soulmate is thinking of you

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Thinking about the person we love is often a very beautiful moment. It’s like thousands of fireflies start to fly around. Until…

Until you start to feel anxious and wonder if they’re thinking about you too. I know the feeling. Especially when you meet your soulmate, all of the feelings become 1000 times more intense…

I’d like to help you calm down and confirm that they’re thinking about you, too (because they do!). Here are the 17 undeniable signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

17 signs your soulmate is thinking about you

1) They’re in your mind all the time

Of course, when you’re in love, thinking about the person night and day is a normal reaction. 

Even so, you might find yourself thinking about your soulmate in the most random moments and without any reason to do so. 

Did it ever happen to you when you’re doing something like walking the street or waiting for your coffee, and then a random thought about them appears in your mind?

If this happens a lot, then it’s a sign: your soulmate is thinking about you. 

When I started my current relationship, we used to text each other at the same time, and it turned out we were thinking about one another without realizing that the other person was doing it too!

2) You see angel numbers everywhere

Angel numbers is a way for our spirit guides, or angels, to leave us messages and remind us of their presence in our lives. 

If you see numbers like 1111 and 777, you’re getting messages from the universe that will guide you through every circumstance in life. Every sequence has a different meaning. 

Remember to look up the meaning when you notice a particular sequence in different places in, say, the same week. 

Just now, I stopped a timer at exactly 33:33 minutes without even meaning to. I also spent that amount of money yesterday at the supermarket. 

And when I first met my soulmate, the number 2222 was literally everywhere. At the time, I didn’t even know how to take it, but now I realize: it was a sign from my angel guides. 

3) Constantly sneezing without reason

This is an Asian tradition that my friends and I have experienced. If you’re not near anything that will cause that reaction and you’re constantly sneezing, someone is thinking about you. 

Of course, you have to be healthy for it to count as a sign or an omen of your future. Otherwise, it just means you have to see a doctor for a cold or allergy medication. 

4) You see their face in everyone

We see thousands of faces every day, scrolling through social media, on the street, at our jobs… 

But what if you see your soulmate wherever you look?

Seeing them in other people’s faces means something more for your connection… but how do you know that they’re your soulmate for sure? Nobody wants to waste their life with the wrong person. 

I think I know a great solution for this particular problem: a professional psychic! And believe me, I was super skeptical of the entire thing at first. A professional psychic can help you understand if you’ve actually met your soulmate by drawing their portrait.

I tried it out, and… the image I got was exactly the person I thought it would be. Instant recognition! 

If you’re ready to find out what your soulmate looks like, get your sketch drawn here.

5) Your heart chakra feels different

Paying attention to the place in our body where we feel things are super important. 

Oftentimes, those areas are around one of the seven chakras. 

You won’t notice anything strange when you’re thinking about people on a regular, day-to-day basis. However, if someone’s your soulmate, the wave of feeling might be too much to handle. 

Once that intensity slows down, pay attention: where is that emotion stored in your body?

Is it in the chest area, around the heart? If that’s the case, then you’ve found your soulmate… and they’re also thinking about you. 

6) Starting to get hiccups 

If you go to any website dedicated to medicine and health, you’ll see hiccupping can mean lots of different things. 

If you’ve had too much water, then you might get hiccups. The same thing happens when you’ve eaten too much or exercised too suddenly. 

But getting hiccups without a normal medical reason? It may mean your soulmate is thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about them. 

Have you been getting hiccups a lot these past few days?

7) Love is everywhere… and you’re aware of it

Did you start to feel like a character in a romantic movie all of a sudden? Do you see couples in love wherever you go?

It’s a weird feeling, and it can get you down pretty quickly if you let it. Everyone wants to be in love, but not everyone has the right person to fall in love with. 

Have hope!

Your soulmate may be actively trying to find you because they feel the same way as you do. 

Being aware of love also means that it will get easier to recognize it when your opportunity comes. 

So yeah, you might feel lonelier than usual, but it won’t be for long! 

8) You’ve dealt with your past in healthy ways

Everything, even the most painful things, happens for a reason. 

You wouldn’t be who you are today if it weren’t for the past, with all the good and bad things that happened to you. 

That ex that left you via text message and that you cried for weeks about? You’re over them now. 

All the failed relationships, the loneliness, and the heartbreak happened, so you learned to be comfortable in your skin. You’re stronger than you know! 

Life has a funny way of preparing us for something good. There may be tough lessons along the way, but we’re not broken. We learned, and we’re ready to face everything now. 

Most importantly, we trust ourselves. That’s the greatest gift from the universe. 

Your soulmate might be on the same path as you, feeling the same way. This is why, eventually, you will find each other. 

9) You start improving your life and yourself

It doesn’t matter if you’ve met your soulmate yet or not. You can still think about them, and the same applies to them. 

If you’re suddenly on track and feeling unstoppable, if you have the time and strength to work on yourself, this might be coming from them. 

Perhaps it’s the middle of July, but you feel like a new year has started. 

I used to joke with a friend that it felt like a new season for a TV show: new characters, new plot turns, and even an improved script. 

We now realize that we were about to meet our soulmates– and we didn’t even know it at the time!

10) You want to be close to them 

This is true for everyone who’s in love, whether they’re soulmates or not. 

But if the connection feels pure, different from the others, then perhaps your souls are connected, and they’re also yearning for you. 

In any case, it’s normal to feel this way. Take the time to build intimacy and trust and deepen that connection you already share. 

If you desire to be with a partner you haven’t met, then maybe they wish for you to be with them! 

11) You find white feathers everywhere you go

Do you feel like white feathers always find their way to you? This can be a really powerful sign that your soulmate is thinking about you constantly. 

Many people think white feathers and spirit guides are associated, which is why they have a series of different meanings. 

Worry not!

All these meanings are completely beneficial and positive to you. 

  • It could be a message from your guardian angels or spirit guides to let your know that you’re on the right path in life;
  • White feathers might mean your soulmate is on their way to you;
  • It can also signify a positive change in your love life. 

Keep up the good work because the universe acknowledges all your efforts. The reward will come! 

12) You feel their touch

Now yes, this can edge on the creepier side of things, but it’s nothing to worry about, really. 

If you and your soulmate are both very sensitive to energies, you might feel each other’s touch on a distance. It can happen especially during meditation or when you’re very relaxed. 

At first, it can be scary. The key here is to recognize how you feel about it. If your inner peace and serenity amplify, it signifies your soulmate connecting with you. 

13) You experience positive feelings randomly

If you’ve ever experienced a sudden warmth that spreads from your chest to the rest of your body, then you know what I’m talking about here. 

This is a very strong sign that your soulmate is nearby, and keeps you in their thoughts, even if you haven’t met them yet. Remember that your connection is soul-deep. 

Your souls recognize each other before your consciousness!

So, if you’re suddenly happy and even overjoyed, embrace it for the good omen that it is. 

14) You suddenly know the next steps in your life

Perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut for a long time, and then, out of nowhere, you gain clarity. You realize that we have to make the most of life, even through hardships, and you can’t wait to start living with your best energy. 

However, I have something more to offer you when it comes to overcoming the feeling of being stuck. There’s more than just willpower to harness here. 

The highly successful life coach Jeanette Brown, who is also a teacher, taught me this incredible lesson that I take advantage of every day. 

Willpower can only get you so far, but the true key to living your best life is discipline, a mindful shift toward the positive, and intelligent goals. 

Don’t get discouraged! 

We’re all learning from each other. Thanks to Jeannette’s guidance and advice, I could turn my own life around. I hope the same happens to you! 

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Now, if you’re wondering why you should listen to me or even to Jeannette, what with the infinite amount of coaches out there… 

I have only one thing to say!

Jeanette doesn’t care about being your life coach. What she wants is very simple: her goal is to empower you, so you can fulfill all your dreams and more. 

Now, if you’re tired of dreams and want to see changes, don’t hesitate!

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15) Lots of people want to help you along

If you’re like me and you’ve been single for a long time (now I finally met my long-term partner), you’re used to dealing with your issues on your own. It’s not a sad fact; I think it takes an incredible amount of strength. 

But if, for the first time, you’re meeting lots of helpful people, pay attention. 

This is the universe sending you a key message: it’s time to learn how to lean on someone else and accept love and support. 

After all, a powerful quote states: “we accept the love we think we deserve”. Your soulmate is here to elevate you. 

16) Your past relationships are suddenly a lot clearer

I’ve lived through a lot of toxic relationships in my life. Before I met my soulmate, I didn’t even know what to do with most of the lessons those relationships left me. 

I used to ask myself why I was unhappy with the people I fell in love with? 

Why? This was the question I most asked myself and my spirit guides. 

Then… I met my soulmate. And I gained a lot of clarity on why I had gone through all the bad stuff. 

17) You start daydreaming about a future with your soulmate 

If you’ve never been prone to daydreaming, this can be disconcerting. 

I used to avoid daydreaming about a future with anyone just because it had never turned out right before. 

After I met my soulmate, it was impossible to stop myself from dreaming about a future with them, even at work! 

When it became clear that our connection was more than skin-deep, I started enjoying the thought of a future with the person most attuned to my soul.

How can you know when your soulmate is thinking of you? 

If you’re into spirituality, you know that our souls have karma and negative stuff to solve from past lives. 

However, it’s now time to highlight the positive things a soulmate can bring to this plane of existence. Those are the people who love you and who bring you joy.

Siblings, best friends, and love connections are perhaps people we’ve shared great things with in other lifetimes, and they’re here to continue creating positive experiences.  

Is it possible to feel a soulmate bond?

This is a question for the ages. 

While some people dismiss this idea as too crazy, others think it’s possible to feel a soulmate connection. 

After all, it is a bond that has been with us for probably, more than one lifetime. 

However, some people think soulmates are just two people who share a special bond, a deep emotional connection, and perhaps even a few positive memories. 

Even then, for some, this connection means that they can “talk without speaking”, and feel each other’s emotions. This can happen before meeting each other, and it can increase afterward. 

There’s, ultimately, a matter of personal belief and spirituality. If you’ve experienced it, you will confirm it for yourself, but it’s not been possible to prove that it exists from a scientific point of view. 

If you take into consideration all the most popular beliefs around this phenomenon, these are some of the signs you might expect if your soulmate is thinking of you: 

  • There’s a strong chemistry that you’ve never experienced before or that is rare enough in your life to be worthy of admiration;
  • Your intuition about this person is right all the time; 
  • You have dreams and feelings you can’t explain around the person, especially if you’ve met them very recently. 

Remember that most people manifest what they think about, whether or not this is something they do consciously. 

To sum it up, a soulmate connection is about:

  • The mutual exchange of energies;
  • The frequency of vibrations of your souls, 
  • The synchronicities that brought you together in the first place;
  • The harmony in your communication;
  • The connection you share about important topics;
  • The healthy attachment you feel for each other. 

Pay attention to all these things to determine whether or not someone is a romantic or a platonic soulmate. 

Your intuition has the right answer, but you must be silent and relaxed to hear its voice more clearly. 

How can you tell the difference between a regular connection and the one with a soulmate?

To answer this, it’s just easier to speak about what a soulmate connection is NOT first. 

I have been guilty of mixing these up myself. It’s important to meet people with an open mindset, detached from the outcome of what might happen to them.

Do you want to be able to tell when a connection is more than just friendship or even love?

Let’s dive in together!  

Your checklist isn’t complete

A lot of us have requirements when it comes to love. I had a lot of them, for sure! 

And while standards are necessary, they’re not the same as having a checklist. 

Your checklist can include things like a preferred height, income, or career. 

A soulmate is a surprise, something unexpected that we still feel deeply connected to. 

It’s not only physical attraction

Of course, most things start with attraction, with something that catches our attention. 

Oftentimes this initial reaction can fizzle down to nothing, or it can become lust. Lust is a superficial and temporary emotion, however strong can feel. 

I’ve been completely head over heels for terrible people, so I can confirm this from personal experience!

A romantic soulmate connection is better than lust and feels stronger than just a regular friendship. 

It’s not painful or anxiety-inducing

All relationships might bring pain since we’re human and we tend to hurt each other. However, there’s a difference between a toxic relationship and a soulmate. 

You’re not constantly criticized or belittled when the connection goes soul deep, and it’s a positive one. A romantic soulmate is here to help you live a better and happier life and not to teach you a lesson in hardship. 

So, you can say embarrassing or downright silly things, and they will celebrate you. 

You can be your most authentic self around them. 

So, how do you confirm that it’s your soulmate? 

It comes down to three main things. A soulmate makes you feel: 

  • Loved;
  • Safe;
  • Completely understood. 

There’s a true feeling of passion, of chemistry, coupled with an unimaginable companionship that you probably weren’t expecting. 

There will be up and downs, like in any relationship, but it will overall be easier. 

Three signs that you’ve met your soulmate

I’m only going to give you the three main signs because there might be a lot of other emotions and signs around your particular person. You have to love and nurture soulmate connections, like everything else. 

Relationships aren’t kept in a vacuum, they take work and care, but soulmates are here to teach us the value of that. 

Without further ado, here are the signs! 

  • You feel calm; perhaps the one feeling you must pay the most attention to is serenity. I’ve been in love with people who triggered the worst anxiety attacks, and they were not soulmates. This isn’t to say everything is easy. As I said before, every relationship requires work. 
  • You feel each other’s emotions: if they’re in pain, you feel it as if it’s your own. This level of connection also applies to positive emotions, by the way! 
  • You’re cut from the same cloth: sometimes, you might feel as if you don’t know where you end and where they begin. Even if the connection is here temporarily, the feeling remains true. 

Finally, if you still haven’t met your soulmate, don’t despair! The universe knows exactly when it’s our time to shine in love and friendship. 

In a nutshell

You have an amazing opportunity when you meet your soulmate. That is the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. 

The chance to leave your comfort zone and build your happiness is too precious to let go. With a soulmate, you feel like some piece of yourself has finally found a home in the other person. 

It can even take a bit of work, especially if one of you isn’t prepared to experience the connection at its full potential, but you’ll get there. You will feel the click, and things will fall into place. 

After all, your soul knows where it belongs! 

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