17 tell-tale signs your ex will eventually come back

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Some exes…well, they’ve earned that place. And, there is nothing more to say, or do. 

But what to think of those who abruptly left the relationship when everything seemed okay? Or, the ones we had such a wonderful time with, yet we separated over minor inconvenience?

In case you recognize yourself here, check out these 17 signs your ex will eventually come back!

1) Ex oversharing on social media

If you have a social media account, you can find a lot of clues there. For example, what kind of posts is your ex sharing with the audience?

Do you sense nostalgia? Is he sharing something that only you would understand?

Another very important aspect of social media presence is activity:

  • Are they as a private person suddenly acting more open, sharing specific parts of their life to trigger a reaction in you? 
  • Or, they are acting more privately since the two of you broke up?

Going in the opposite extreme is speaking volumes, and sends a clear message – they are looking for attention.

2) Ex watching your stories

Next, is he consistently watching your stories, or liking your posts? Does he try to start a conversation with you? 

Take a closer look at which way he interacts with the content you publish as this may unveil his intentions and possible future actions.

Moreover, if he is commenting on a post you are tagged on with your friends, he’s probably trying to initiate a private conversation with you. This way he is trying to let you know he thinks of you and would like to be a bigger part of your life.

Overlooking these subtle signs will cost you time, especially if you are 100% sure you would get back with this person to start a happier chapter of your relationship.

3) You’ve ended on good terms

Your breakup was full of mutual understanding, respect, and compassion. You both claimed you still have deep loving feelings for each other, yet something came between the two of you?

This kind of breakup is not rare. Sometimes, life throws challenges at us that we can’t handle right on. That can happen in a relationship.

No matter how deeply we love and admire our partner, life can surprise us both. If we are not emotionally mature enough, these challenges can shake up our entire being. That is how these kinds of breakups happen.

People who are not emotionally mature enough to handle challenges on their own are even less capable of teaming up with someone to resolve them.

If you know that the breakup happened as a byproduct of temporary weakness, and not because it was time to move on…you can expect a new shot.

Some love stories have a more bumpy road than the others. 

However, please, keep in mind that toxic and abusive relationships can’t be taken into this category.

Even though it was noted in the beginning of this paragraph that this is related to loving and respectful relationships, please, keep in mind that abuse, disrespect, lying, manipulation, etc. are not a part of this category.

Stay safe and contact a licensed medical professional for qualified advice.

4) Your belongings are still missing

Your favorite T-Shirt is somehow still at his place? 

Well, the good news is it means he still wants to have you in any shape or form by his side. The bad news is, you still don’t have your T-Shirt.

Jokes aside, we keep material things from our loved ones because they have a strong emotional value

And, when someone is not willing to let go of an object, that means they are not ready to put an end to the love story you shared

5) Late night calls/texts

These really hit home. 

Late-night calls or texts carry something so deep and intimate. They typically come from the most vulnerable place.

If your ex is sharing his feelings this way, that signifies that you still hold an important place in his heart

However, keep in mind, unless these texts turn into daytime ones, the chances are the person is getting over you. Or, even worse, just playing games.

So, if this behavior lasts for too long and it starts hurting your feelings, tell the person to stop reaching out to you this way. If they continue, you can always block them.

Put your own well-being first. Don’t allow someone to manipulate your feelings and hurt you. Create healthy boundaries and show that you deserve the utmost respect.

6) Asking around

Is your ex still asking your friends about you? 

If he’s still curious about what is going on in your life, that is another sign that things are not completely done.

By asking for you, he is signaling that he cares for your well-being, that he wants to stay updated.

Moreover, that is a way of showing that he is not intending to erase you from his life. Instead, he wants to make sure that you know he is thinking of you.

7) Bumping into each other frequently

It’s normal to bump into your ex from time to time. However, to bump into them frequently is a pretty good sign

What’s happening is, they’re probably intentionally visiting you at your favorite hangout places, your routine shopping trips, and at parties, they’ve found out you’d be going to. Yet, they naively claim it’s a pure coincidence. 

They’re ensuring they see you often because they want to be close to you and eventually ask for reconciliation. And honestly, if you want your ex back in your life, there’s no better sign than this. 

People don’t accidentally appear everywhere. Your ex is in fact making special efforts to slowly win you over.

8) Speaking highly of you

Has your ex been showering you with compliments regarding your career, achievements, fashion choices, and personality, among others? 

If you’re smiling and nodding, then be sure they want you, and the entire world to know how much they appreciate you. The love and admiration they publicly showcase have the purpose of bringing you closer.

And, why not, get you back together.

9) Openly saying they regret breaking up

Maybe they are not initiating the reconciliation right off the bat. However, if they are openly sharing that the breakup was a mistake, that is enough to understand their intentions towards you.

If you hear something like, ‘I wish we did not have to break up’ or ‘Why did we have to split up?’ He is opening the doors for a conversation regarding your current status. 

He wants to know your opinion about this topic, to make you rethink the decisions and embrace the new beginning with your arms wide open.

10) They’re in a rebound relationship

Let’s say it like it is – your ex still has feelings for you

However, they chose an immature way to deal with the situation. The intention behind this rebound relationship is to test if you are still into them, so they’ll do anything to make you jealous.

Here’s how to recognize this:

  • They’ll post their happy photos with cheesy captions everywhere
  • They’ll overshare how happy they are with your friends
  • They’ll do anything to ensure you find out how good they’re doing
  • They’ll probably take their rebound partner to places you two once went to

If someone constantly shares how happy he or she is in a new relationship, then something is probably wrong. Healthy relationships are not based on constant online promotion. So, if you notice this behavior, be sure this person is far from moving on.

11) They’re not dating anyone

They might be too sad to go out anywhere. 

As they are probably still focused on the past, they are not in the mood to mingle and meet people. 

Typically, they still hope for reconciliation which prevents them from taking action and moving on.

Therefore, if you’ve heard they’ve turned on the hermit mode, the chances are, while you’re wondering how to get your ex back, they are probably doing the same thing.

12) Planning future with you

There is an upcoming event only two of you would enjoy going to? 

If your ex-partner is not hesitating to remind you of it and ask you about it, maybe even asking you to join them there, this is an awesome sign your ex will eventually come back.

How so? Well, the truth is, they can’t think of anyone else with whom they would like to go to that certain event.

Therefore, if you two are equally fans of an alternative band, chances are they will want to experience it only with you because you still complement each other perfectly.

13) Feeling sad after break-up

Instead of putting on a happy face, going out in the world, and trying their luck somewhere else, your ex is openly speaking about how sad he is after a break-up

They tell your friends that they have hard times dealing with this new situation because they are secretly hoping you will find out.

If this is something your ex is doing, be sure this will not end with words. Sooner or later they will reach out to you with something more tangible.

After all, reconciliation is a gradual process. 

14) Break-up over a long-distance

For most people, long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. The lack of physical contact, closeness, and intimacy can result in tension and lack of interest in a relationship itself.

The chances to misunderstand each other are higher, and it takes more conscious effort to keep the spark and emotional bond.

With all this being said, breaking up a long-distance relationship is not a definite sign that a relationship was bad. Typically, there was a miscommunication or lack of conscious effort that set people apart.

Luckily, that can be easily fixed in the future.

Of course, for this to happen, both you and your ex have to embrace changes and learn how to compromise. 

NOTE: if neither of you is ready to make some crucial changes in your life, the relationship is doomed to end.

15) Ex texts randomly

Do you get those regular random texts from your ex? Those where they ask how your day was, or some internal joke only two of you know?

Well, you should know that this is a sign your ex misses talking to you, being near you and that he will eventually get back to you.

Furthermore, they could be reaching out to you to spark up a conversation that may lead to them trying to win you back. Moreover, they will probably use more compliments than ever before and they may even ask you out on a date.

16) They ask for advice

If you are still in contact with your ex, and each conversation contains super-specific details regarding his private life, and they ask you for advice, then be sure this is not a coincidence.

This is your ex’s way of telling you that they’ve already imagined spending their future with you, and now it’s only a matter of time before it becomes reality.

And, let’s get real, when the thing is over, it is over. You don’t ask for the other person’s opinion or approval regarding your life moves if you don’t count them in.

Finally, if your ex is not planning a future with you, why would he bother asking for your opinion?

17) Ex remembers your birthday

It doesn’t have to be your birthday…it can be an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, some date that is important for your relationship. Anything meaningful.

Or, it can be all from the above. Either way, these messages showcase that your ex is not intending to move on without you.

In fact, this is a cute signal to show you how important you still are, that you are on their mind, and that they will potentially try to rekindle the bond with you.


If most of these signs resonate with you, and your gut feeling is telling you that reconciliation is around the corner then – congrats!

Enjoy the next phase of your relationship with your loved one.

However, if none of this resonates with you, and somehow by magic you are still reading this, please don’t worry. Some people are in your life for a reason, some for a season, and those rare ones are here for a lifetime.

Appreciate the moments you two had together, try to heal and grow from this experience. If you feel like you need help throughout the process, you can always consult a professional from the field of psychology.

Breaking up is never easy, so asking for guidance in times of healing can help you immensely.

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