17 definite signs your ex is waiting for you to come back (Complete list)

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Have you been feeling that your ex is waiting for you to come back? 

Apparently, they haven’t moved on and are holding onto the chance of reconciliation. If it is still true that they love you, they will be doing many things to get your attention, win you back, and keep you in their life.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of asking them if they still love you because if they do, it will be obvious. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you 17 definite signs that your ex is waiting for you to come back that you may have been missing. If your ex is doing more than one of these things, then it’s almost certain that they want you back.

Here we go.

1) Your ex still wants to talk to you and often reaches out

To begin with, the fact that your ex still wants to talk to you and reaches out to you is a good sign that they still care about you and maybe want to work things out.

Although it is not very likely that they are going to apologize and ask you to take them back right away, they may still want you back in their life.

By talking to you, your ex could be showing you how much they miss you, how much they want to get back together with you, and how they feel that they can’t live without you.

When and if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend reaches out to you, it may also mean that they are in pain for not having you in his/her life anymore or that they need closure.

2) Your ex didn’t return your stuff and didn’t pick up theirs either

Sign number 2 is a very clear one. If your ex didn’t return or collect their belongings, it is a sure sign that they are waiting for you to come back.

Typically, when two people break up, they don’t want to have anything to do with each other anymore. Well… not immediately, anyway. They usually take their stuff and get out as quickly as they can.

So, if your ex hasn’t returned your stuff, it may be a sign that you still have an impact on him/her in some way and could be affecting his/her life on a very deep level.

They may not want to accept the breakup and picking up their stuff might be too much for them to deal with. 

So, if they haven’t done this, then it is a good sign that they are not over you and still want you back.

3) Your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend says they want to be just friends

Let’s face it: Friendships between exes are possible, but they are not very healthy ones.

As much as they may want to be friends, if they still have feelings for you and want you back, it may just be an excuse to hang out with you and spend quality time together.

If they say they don’t want anything serious and are just looking for a really good friend, beware! It could be a trap.

There is a possibility that they are not telling you the truth and are just being nice to you, trying to get your guard down. They may be doing this so they can get close to you again and gain your trust.

If they are doing this, they may want to get into a serious relationship with you again.

4) They are trying to make you jealous without a doubt

Hear me out: In case your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is trying to make you jealous, this means they are a little desperate. 

They could be waiting for you to come back, but in the meanwhile, they are doing whatever they can to get your attention.

They may be trying to make you jealous by hanging out with other people, flirting with them, or just trying to get you to notice them by complimenting other guys/girls in front of you or posting pictures on social media.

This is a huge sign that they want you back and don’t want to move on from you.

So what can you do to turn their move in your favor? Send this “No Communication” text

– “It’s best that we don’t talk right now, but I would like to be friends eventually.” –

This one needs to be sent to your ex at the right time for it to be truly effective.

But why I like it is that you’re communicating to them that you don’t really need to talk anymore. In essence, you’re saying that you don’t really need them to play any role in your life anymore.

Why is this so good?

It is good because you induce a “fear of loss” in your ex, which will trigger their attraction to you again. In fact, their attraction to you will be even more powerful.

The result? They stop trying to make you jealous and realize that it’s pointless. They start getting serious about getting you back.

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5) They want to spend time with you and often ask you out

If you were once the love of their life and broke up, but still want to hang out with you, it may be a sign that your ex is waiting for you to come back.

Almost every time you hang out, they ask you to spend more and more time with them.

The truth is that if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend wants you back, even though it will be hard for them to admit, they will try to spend as much time with you as they can.

By simply hanging out with you, your ex is also showing you that they are missing you and aren’t over you.

So, saying this is for sure: Your ex is waiting for you to come back!

6) Your ex tells you they’ve been thinking of you a lot

Another definite sign that your ex is waiting for you to come back is when they tell you that they have been thinking about you.

They may say something like: “I’m glad I ran into you today,” or “I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately.” It’s a little bit strange and may make you feel uncomfortable, but if your ex is waiting for you to come back, they will say stuff like this.

By telling you that they have been thinking of you, they are also showing how much they miss you. 

In this regard, I think you agree with me when I say that your ex is not over you. Otherwise, they should be doing fine without you and not thinking about you.

7) Your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend gets nostalgic when you talk or go out together

Oh, nostalgia can be a beautiful thing. Sometimes, it can also be painful, as it is hard to forget about the past.

When talking about the past, your ex may get nostalgic and ask stuff like, “Remember when we made that really fun trip together?”, or “Do you remember our first date?”

If your ex asks you things like this, it may be a sign that he/she is still thinking about the past and is waiting for you to come back.

How do I know? Because your ex is still thinking about the past and remembering it, it means you’re still special to them. 

However, in case you have broken up for good and moved on, your ex shouldn’t be thinking about your trip together or asking you about the first time you met each other. Or, at least they shouldn’t tell you about it. 

So if they do, it means they don’t see your breakup as final and haven’t moved on.

8) He/she is open to you about the things that have happened in their life since the breakup

When your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend opens up to you, they may be showing you that they miss you and are still waiting for you to come back.

They have no problem sharing whatever happened since the breakup. In fact, they don’t even wait for you to ask them.

However, it’s not like they’re bragging about the things they did. No! They are honestly sharing the stuff they went through.

Let’s face it:

If your ex is still waiting for you to come back, they will definitely open up about their life since the breakup. They will never be ashamed of what happened or be afraid to tell you about it.

They may even do this on a regular basis in order to show you that they miss you and don’t want you to forget them.

9) A professional relationship coach can tell you more about your ex’s intentions

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10) They admit that they are to blame for the issues you had in your relationship

Was your ex really to blame for the breakup? Regardless of your answer, if they tend to take all the blame for what has happened, it could mean that they still love you.

Your ex could have said something like: “I know I haven’t been a good boyfriend/girlfriend to you and wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. I accept that it was my fault that we broke up.”

If your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend admits to being to blame for the problems in the relationship, it could mean that they miss you and want you back.

Should I take it as a sign that he/she is waiting for me to come back?

Of course, this is something only you can tell. You will really have to watch out for a lot of things in order to confirm that your ex is waiting for you.

11) As far as you know, your ex is not dating anyone (and hasn’t since the breakup)

Want to know another definite sign your ex is waiting for you to come back?

They didn’t choose the easy way out by getting into a rebound relationship. They didn’t start dating anyone since you two broke up.

As far as you know, they have never dated anyone else since your breakup.

So, I think it’s safe to say that by taking the hard way out and staying single, your ex is definitely waiting for you to come back. That’s why they haven’t started dating anyone else since you broke up.

While this makes a lot of sense, the truth here is that we are not always the ones who control our relationships.

We don’t always make the right choices when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, we have to work with what we have and make the best out of it. 

No matter what, there are a lot of signs that your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is still waiting for you to come back.

12) Your ex seems to be flirting with you almost every chance they get

Flirting is catching someone’s attention and making them feel attracted to you. So, when your ex flirts with you, it is a strong sign that they are waiting for you to come back.

However, if you’re unsure of whether they are truly flirting with you or it’s all in your head, and you kind of want them back, too, there is a solution that you could try.

This relates back to what Brad Browning taught me – there are simple ways to get your ex back.

I mentioned Brad earlier; he’s an expert at helping couples work through their issues and rebuild their relationships.

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13) Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is making up excuses to see you

Is your ex still waiting for you to come back? If so, they will make up excuses to see you. 

They may ask if they can get a ride from you because their car isn’t working, or if they can borrow something from you. 

There are many examples of excuses they could use. Whatever excuses they come up with, just know that they will definitely be there to see you as much as possible.

You might not pick up on this sign right from the beginning. However, if you pay attention and notice that they are doing this on a regular basis, you can be pretty sure that they are waiting for you to come back.

14) Your ex’s friends insist on telling you that your ex is actually waiting for you

Since you were in a relationship with this person, you knew their friends and vice versa. But now that you have broken up, you don’t see their friends anymore.

However, to your surprise, they reach out to you and insist on telling you that your ex is waiting for you. They may even swear that they haven’t seen him/her flirting with other people.

Of course, this can sound very fishy to you. But, believe me, it’s usually the truth! It doesn’t matter what their motives are because the truth is, they have probably seen your ex acting as though they are waiting for you to come back.

So what do you do? Be aware and listen to what they have to say. After all, it’s their opinion, not yours.

15) Your ex does something for you without expecting anything in return

When someone you used to be in a relationship with does something for you and they don’t expect anything in return, it’s a clear sign that they are waiting for you to come back.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to get back together with you right away. However, this definitely shows that there is still hope for the two of you and that things might not be as bad as they seem.

Knowing this, you can decide whether to accept his/her nice gesture or not. 

Tip: Your decision should be based on your feelings for them and whether or not you want to be together again.

16) They give you a lot of attention on social media

What do people typically do when they break up? They remove/unfollow each other on social media, right?

Well… Not necessarily. It really depends on what terms you two have ended things.

Are you still friends? Or maybe you don’t want to be friends, but decide to stay in touch with each other on social media.

Whatever the case, the attention they give you on social media could be a very strong sign that they are waiting for you to come back.

They may follow your every move and check out all your posts. They may also do things like liking your posts or interacting with you.

In addition, they may post about you in a way that shows that they are missing you.

17) Your ex’s friends and family are the only ones who know about your breakup

Since you and your ex have broken up, he/she has kept this a secret from almost everyone. The only people who know about it are the people who are close to them.

Why do they keep this quiet? It’s not just because they’re embarrassed, is it?

No, it’s probably because they want to make sure that things are really over between you two. They want to see if there is a chance for you guys to get back together before they share their new relationship status with everyone.

So, it’s clear that your ex is trying to act as if nothing had happened. This shows that they really do have the best of intentions when it comes to you two and that they are still hoping for the two of you to get back together.

Can couples get back together after months apart?

You might be asking yourself: Can couples get back together after months apart?

Well, the answer is yes! They definitely can.

If you are still in love with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and you don’t want your relationship to be over for good, there is a good chance that you can get back together.

But before you do anything, it is important to take some time to think about how things ended between the two of you and why.

It may sound simple, but it’s not! Most people often tend to forget the bad things that happened in a relationship and only focus on the good things that they had together (after a while apart).

After you take some time to think about how your relationship ended, you will be able to figure out why it has come to this. If the reason is something that you should really worry about, then just let them go.

Wait, like what? Like if your ex cheated on you, treated you badly, or even violently. In cases like these, the relationship is never going to work out, so you should let go of any hope of getting back together.

But in other cases, like if your ex is a nice person and their reason for breaking up with you is something that can be resolved, then you might have a chance of getting back together again.

When should you give up on an ex?

Studies show that almost 80% of couples who break up regret it because they realize they made the wrong decision.

So, if you really love your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, then you should fight for them. As most people know, giving up on the one that you love is the worst thing you can possibly do.

Giving up on an ex is something that you should never do quickly. Otherwise, you might end up regretting it later on.

However, there are times when you have to give up on your ex right away. As mentioned above, if the reason you broke up with them is something that cannot be resolved or forgiven, then there is no need to fight for them.

Moreover, in case the signs don’t point towards things getting better between you and your ex, then it’s just best to give up on them as soon as you feel ready.

Look at it this way: There’s really no point in pausing your love life for a person who is not waiting for you to go back to them.

Your ex is waiting for you to come back. Now what?

At the end of the day, you’ve got to be careful about reading the signs because it’s easy to confuse them. Depending on what you want, you can choose to take action or do nothing.

However, what if you really want your ex back for good?

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And the best part? 

With his practical advice and tips, you could be in close contact with your ex much sooner than you think. Are you ready to take the plunge and fight for the love you once shared together?

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