10 big signs your ex is trying to forget you (but can’t help but still love you!)

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If you’ve recently broken up with your ex, chances are they’re still on your mind. 

Even though they may have moved on, it’s possible that they haven’t fully processed everything that went wrong in the relationship, and could be doing things to forget about you instead of moving forward. 

In fact, there are many signs that indicate an ex is struggling to let go. It’s not easy to forget about someone once you’ve invested time and energy into a relationship. 

These indicators might help clarify whether or not your ex is trying to forget you, but can’t help but still love you. 

Here are 10 big signs:

1) They start seeing new people

Your ex is trying to forget about you if they start seeing new people. 

If you’re still on your ex’s mind, they might be interested in dating others as a distraction or to fill the void. 

Your ex might try to block you out by meeting new people on Tinder or even trying to pick someone up at a bar. 

The reason why they are doing this is that they are in denial. Their goal is to prove to themselves that they can move on without you. 

What’s more, they want to feel like they have control over their lives and have the option to date someone new. 

What does this mean? They might not be ready to let go of you yet. 

On top of that, even if your ex starts dating someone new, it doesn’t mean that he/she is over you. It could only mean that they’re trying to cope with their emotions in a new way.

So, it’s important to not draw conclusions too early. Otherwise, you might be interpreting these signs incorrectly or misinterpreting their actions.

2) Your ex uses social media excessively 

The second big sign that your ex is trying to forget about you is that they’re using social media excessively.  

Especially if they unfriended you or stopped following you, this is a pretty clear sign that they’re trying to forget you because they don’t want to see anything that reminds them of you. 

Instead, they may start posting more pictures with new people in an effort to show the online community – and themselves – that they’ve moved on and are happy. 

They might start posting videos and making status updates with new people on Instagram and Snapchat. Also, they may post too many pictures of new places, new events, and new activities. 

The idea is that your ex wants to pretend that they’re over you and that they’re happy. 

It’s likely that your ex is thinking about you when posting these pictures and videos. They may wonder what you think and how you feel. 

But, even if they are trying to forget about you, chances are they still remember the good times with you when scrolling through social media. 

Maybe, your ex is trying to forget about the relationship but can’t help but still love you!

3) Your ex is angry with you

If your ex is angry with you, it could be a sign that they can’t help but still love you!

Anger is one of the most common emotions after a breakup. Your ex may be angry with you for lots of reasons. 

They could be angry because you broke up with them over something they did, or because you broke up with them and started dating someone new. 

Although they’re trying to forget you, it’s very possible that they’re still thinking about you and feeling the same emotions you did, even if they don’t want to admit it.

If your ex is angry with you, it could mean that they’re still hurt

They might not want to admit this to themselves, or even admit it to you, but are just trying to move forward by pushing these feelings aside. 

It might hurt that they’re angry with you, but it’s possible that your ex is still in love with you. 

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5) They avoid activities you did together

If your ex avoids activities that you did together, such as going to the park or going on adventures, it could mean that they’re trying to forget you and are avoiding anything that reminds them of you.  

The reason why they might be doing this is that it reminds them of something positive in the relationship

It might make them miss you more and realize how much they still care about you and want to be with you. 

Another reason why they may be avoiding this is that they don’t want you around. They might want to move on and forget about you as soon as possible.

But, nothing can be forgotten immediately. Your ex might realize that even though they’re trying to forget you, they can’t help but still love you!

6) They engage in excessive grooming habits

The next big sign that your ex is trying to forget about you is that they are engaging in excessive grooming habits. 

If your ex was always meticulous about their appearance, but now they’re going above and beyond to look their best, it could be a sign that they’re not ready to move on from the relationship. 

Excessive grooming after a breakup can be a way to distract your ex from their emotions. 

They may be using grooming as a coping mechanism to push away thoughts about the relationship. 

Why is that? Well, the more your ex focuses on looking good, the less they have to focus on their emotions. 

If your ex starts trying out a new hairstyle, going to the gym more often, shopping more often, or buying new clothes and makeup, it could mean that they’re trying to forget about you and move on. 

But it might also mean that they don’t want to let go of you. 

It’s important not to jump to conclusions because your ex’s actions might not mean what you think.

7) Your ex acts like they’re trying to make you jealous 

Another sign that your ex might still love you is that they’re acting like they’re trying to make you jealous. 

The reason why they might be doing this is that they want to make you jealous and most of all, to get a reaction. They might be trying to get a reaction from you to see how you feel. 

They might want to see if they can get you back, or at least have their feelings reciprocated. 

If you notice your ex doing this, it could mean that they’re trying to forget about you but are probably still interested in the relationship and still care about you.

While this may sound bad and like they want to hurt you, it’s also possible that they’re just confused and trying to figure out where they stand with you. 

They might not know how they feel yet, but this is a sign that they’re thinking about you and still care! 

8) Your ex is afraid of losing you for good

Another major sign your ex is trying to forget you but can’t help but love you is that they’re scared of losing you for good. 

Your ex might be scared of losing you without realizing it. They may not be ready to let go because they can’t imagine life without you.

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9) They act like they are happy

If your ex is acting like they are happy when they are really not, they could be trying to forget about you. 

Some people cope with their emotions by pretending they’re fine when they aren’t. They may just be blocking out their emotions. 

Another reason why they might act like they’re happy when they aren’t is because of what others are saying about them. 

They might be scared that people think something bad about them, and so try to pretend to be happy. 

However, if they act like your breakup doesn’t affect them, it could mean that they are not over you. 

They might be feeling something but trying to hide these feelings and pretend they’re not hurting. They want people to think they are okay and don’t care. 

It could also be that they’re trying to get their emotions out and can’t help but love you! The truth could be a mix of all of these reasons.

10) You receive mixed messages from your ex

If your ex is sending you mixed messages, it could mean that they’re trying to forget about you but still love you. 

It’s important you pay attention to the things they do and how they act. 

Your ex might do things like telling you they’re doing fine, even though they aren’t. 

Or, they might send you positive texts and messages, but then tell others they want to forget about you. 

It could be that they are sending mixed messages because they aren’t sure what to think or feel about the breakup. 

They might have one emotion in one moment, and a different emotion in the next. 

For example, they might be sad or angry one minute, but then be happy the next. 

They might also feel confused and not know what to feel. 

If you notice your ex doing this, it could mean that they still care about the relationship and are trying to figure out how they feel. 

It could also mean that they’ve moved on and don’t want to talk about the breakup anymore. They’re not ready yet.

How long does it take for an ex to forget about you?

There is no clear answer to this question. 

It could be days, weeks, months, or years before your ex stops thinking about you.

Some people need a lot of time to move on, while others get over things quickly. It all depends on the person and how they deal with breakups. 

You see, each person is different when it comes to grieving and moving on after the relationship ends. 

It’s important to remember that everyone’s breakups are different, and you can’t compare your relationships with someone else’s. 

While a lot of people figure out how they feel about their ex really quickly, others need months or years to figure things out. The important thing is to keep your head up and stay strong. 

How do you know when your ex is truly done with you?

It’s difficult to answer this question because your ex’s feelings about the breakup are different from your feelings about the breakup. 

Just because someone says they’re over you doesn’t mean that they are. 

Most people have a hard time saying that they are over someone, so asking them if they are is kind of hard to do. 

So what do you do if you’re not sure? You wait. 

Waiting for something may seem like a bad idea, but it can actually be really helpful. 

If your ex says that they aren’t over you, the breakup may not be over. 

They might still want to talk or get back together eventually. 

Plus, you can’t force someone to be done with you if they don’t want to be, and this is something that almost everyone goes through at some point in their relationships as well. 

So just because your ex says it’s over doesn’t mean it is for sure.

However, here’s a short list of signs your ex is truly done with you:

  • They go out with their friends more;
  • They don’t mention you and the breakup anymore;
  • They’re dating other people and have a new partner;
  • They don’t contact you at all anymore, or they are trying to avoid you. (Or they might tell you not to contact them);
  • They don’t care if you’re happy or not;
  • They don’t want to work things out, but might still be open to talking about it;
  • If they do contact you, it’s only to insult you or start a fight with you. (Or they might say really mean things about their break up and the relationship).

There is no one way or formula for when someone is truly over their ex. 

Moving on after a breakup is something that everyone goes through, including your ex.

In conclusion

By now, you should know which signs to look for when trying to figure out if your ex is trying to forget you but can’t help but love you.

Even though it can be really hard to read your ex’s feelings, these signs can help you know if they’re truly over you or not. 

There is no clear definition of when an ex loses interest in a relationship. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself to figure it out.

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