20 undeniable signs your boss wants to sleep with you (complete list)

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Do you sometimes get mixed signals from your boss and are not sure whether they like you as a professional or want to get in your pants?

Well, then this list is perfect for you, we’ll explore the 20 undeniable signs your boss wants to sleep with you!

1) They are very interested in your personal life

If your boss is asking you about your personal life, it could be a sign that they are interested in the person, not just the professional.

They want to know how you’re feeling and how your life is going, ask you about your weekend plans, and are overly invested in your private life.

This is a huge sign that your boss does not see you as just another employee, but actually wants to sleep with you!

The thing is, bosses are usually quite busy and have a lot on their minds, so the last thing they need is random information about an employee’s personal life.

If they keep inquiring about your personal life (and you know they don’t do that with anyone else at the company), that’s a big sign they really want to sleep with you.

They want to have sex with you, which is why they’re so concerned with your personal life – because they want to be a part of it.

If you have a boss that really wants to sleep with you, they will do all they can to make sure you are having fun and enjoying life.

This is not only an act of kindness but a sign that they really want to do anything to have sex with you.

2) They’ve scheduled a private meeting just to hear your thoughts

If your boss has scheduled a private meeting to hear your thoughts, this is an early indicator that they want more.

Perhaps they find you clever, witty, and insightful and they want to get to know you better. Or maybe they just like what you have to say and want to get a better understanding of your perspectives.

Either way, if your boss wants a private meeting with you then it’s probably because they’re interested in you as a person.

They enjoy having conversations with you, they want to get to know you better.

Simply put, they want to sleep with you.

Think about it: why else would your boss keep calling you into private meetings?

This is their opportunity to flirt with you and have some one-on-one time!

3) They treat you differently than your coworkers

If your boss talks to you differently than they talk to other employees, it could be because they want to sleep with you.

This could mean that they’re more flirty and friendly towards you, or that they include you in conversations more often.

They make sure your ideas are heard and want to know what’s going on with you outside of work.

But it doesn’t end there. Sometimes the special treatment is blatantly obvious, like when you come into work late for the third time this week and they don’t yell at you like they do at other coworkers.

You see, this is nice and all, but you should be a bit careful.

Special treatment can be exciting, but your coworkers are probably not very amused.

And how could they be? They get paid the same money to do the same job and you are getting treated special because the boss wants to get in your pants?

Nobody would love that, so try to not take advantage of this too much!

But this can also be dangerous because it might make you feel like you’re being used.

You see, there’s a fine line between being special and feeling like a tool.

At least you know one thing, though: if your boss is giving you special treatment and your coworkers aren’t, it’s a sign that they want to sleep with you.

4) They flirt with you

This one is blatantly obvious: If your boss is constantly flirting with you, then there’s a good chance they want to sleep with you.

They will start by complimenting your appearance and eventually get more direct with their words.

Trust me, you will know when they flirt with you, they smile, their body language changes and their behavior gives it away.

This also influences their tone of voice when they speak to you.

You see, at first, you might only notice this when you are alone with them, but as time goes by, they might get more and more blunt, even flirting with you in front of other people!

5) You catch them checking you out

Another sign that your boss wants to sleep with you is when you keep catching them checking you out.

They may stare at you or walk behind you or catch a glimpse at you working at your desk.

They’re just admiring your beauty. And this can be really confusing because they are your boss, after all!

This means that they want to have sex with you and that they think of you as a desirable person. This is a very good thing, but it can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle it.

You see, there’s a fine line between being beautiful and being used and exploited by people who are in power over you.

If you feel uncomfortable with their constant stares, you should talk to somebody about it.

Usually, HR is in charge of this kind of thing, but if you don’t feel comfortable talking to HR, try talking to friends about it, first.

6) They’ve invited you to dinner

The most common sign your boss wants to get in your pants is if they’ve invited you out for dinner.

They want to spend time with you outside of work hours and this is a clear sign of their interest. Perhaps they are disguising it as a business meeting, but you both know it’s not.

It’s rare that your boss invites anyone out to dinner and when they do, it’s likely because they want something more than just friendship.

This is especially true when you know for a fact that your boss has not done that with any other coworker.

Now the question is, do you want to go to dinner with them?

Even though they are your boss, you should never feel pressured to spend time with them outside of work!

If you feel uncomfortable going out with them, you should probably not go.

It’s your choice and it’s your life, and if you don’t like spending time with them outside of work, don’t go!

7) They “accidentally” touch you

If you find your boss touching you more than they would any other employee, they might be trying to flirt with you.

This could also include accidental touching from leaning on your shoulder or brushing their hand against yours.

If you want a neon sign that screams “I want to have sex with you!”, this is it.

This is a clear sign that your boss wants to sleep with you and that you’re not just a coworker to them.

They’re also likely to make comments about how beautiful you are or how good-looking they think you are.

These kinds of comments can be flattering, but if they seem like they’re coming from a place of pressuring you into sleeping with them, then it’s time to step back.

You should feel comfortable and safe enough in the workplace that you don’t need any more pressure from your boss.

It’s not uncommon for people to use their authority over others to try and flirt with others, but you don’t need to put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

If you are not feeling it, it is more than okay to tell your boss politely to cut it out.

8) They want to hang out outside of work

Another huge sign that your boss wants to sleep with you is that they want to hang out outside of work.

Maybe they are asking you to get drinks after work, or they invite you to a concert they want to see.

Unless you know for a fact that this relationship is purely platonic, this is most probably a way for them to get closer to you.

You see, if a boss does something like this, it’s either because they are a good friend, or because they do it with all their employees.

What do you notice, do they usually treat all your coworkers the same?

If not, you have to decide what you want to do. Do you like your boss in that way?

Of course, there’s nothing speaking against sleeping with your boss as long as it’s consensual (and declared to HR).

9) They hold eye contact with you

When someone wants to have sex with you, they will maintain eye contact with you for longer than is necessary.

If your boss does this, then it’s a great sign that they have feelings for you.

Think about it: why else would your boss be holding eye contact with you for so long?

Prolonged eye contact is a sign of sexual interest, so if you’re not sure how your boss feels, this is a great sign.

If this happens often enough and doesn’t seem like a fluke, then it might be time to approach them about it.

When you look into someone’s eyes for a long time, it can feel very intimate. This is how a lot of people “shoot their shot”.

If your boss is doing this to you, then it’s a sign that they want to sleep with you.

10) They interact with you on social media

If your boss likes, follows or interacts with you on social media it’s a good sign they like you as more than just a colleague.

You see, some bosses follow all of their employees on social media and try to build up some kind of friendship outside of work.

In that case, don’t worry too much about this sign.

However, if your boss only interacts with you and seems to be liking all your pictures and viewing all your stories, they might be interested in you.

This becomes especially apparent when they also comment something like “You look amazing.”

In that case, it’s a hallmark sign they’re interested in you.

11) They give you compliments

One of the most obvious signs your boss wants to sleep with you is that they give you compliments.

When someone gives you a compliment, it’s a sign that they like what they see and want more of it.

Your boss may be giving you compliments to try to get closer to you or to flirt with you.

If they’re not married and also happen to be single, then there’s really nothing stopping them from pursuing you.

In fact, he or she might even be trying to get some kind of emotional response out of you without actually coming right out and saying what they want!

Now the question is: what do you want?

You see, if you’re not super into the whole idea of sleeping with your boss, you should make that very clear.

Excessive compliments can be very uncomfortable, especially when you don’t reciprocate your bosses’ desires.

There is nothing wrong with politely asking them to stop complimenting you so much!

12) They talk about their personal life

Another huge sign that your boss wants to sleep with you is when they talk about their personal life.

This can be anything from how they’re planning on buying a house to even little things like what movie they saw last weekend.

The main thing to remember is that if your boss talks about their personal life, it can be a sign that they want to have sex with you.

Be careful, though, if they generally chat with everyone about their personal life, this sign doesn’t say a lot about their feelings.

This only applies if you are the only employee they talk to about personal matters.

The reason?

Well, maybe they want you to start seeing them more as a person and less as just your boss.

Or they are trying to strike a chord and find a similarity between you two.

Either way, this can be a sign that they want to sleep with you.

13) They give you a gift or a raise

Okay, how much more obvious do they want to make it?

If your boss gives you a gift or a raise out of the blue, that’s a huge giveaway that they just want to have sex with you.

The truth is, most bosses will never do this.

They’ll give you a gift or a raise when they are trying to let you know that they think you’re a good employee and want to reward you for it because you’ve done something extraordinary for the company.

If your boss does this out of the blue, it’s a sign that they want to be with you, not just as an employee.

In case the reward in question is a gift, that can also say a lot about their intentions.

Did they get you flowers? Chocolate? Champagne? Tickets to a show?

All these things have a very romantic feel to them, so if that’s the case, your boss definitely wants to sleep with you.

14) They show signs of jealousy

Have you ever noticed your boss show signs of jealousy when you mention a date you went on or someone you’re seeing?

Well, they can’t make it any more obvious: they really want you badly!

You see, if someone sees you as an employee or even a friend, they won’t get jealous, would they?

If your boss does this, it’s a clear sign that they’re trying to make you see them as more than just your boss.

This can be a sign that they want to sleep with you, especially if they can’t handle the fact that you have other people in your love life.

What are some signs of jealousy?

  • your boss starts making snide remarks about the people you date
  • they try to tell you reasons why this person is not a good idea
  • they shut down
  • they seem mad, but won’t tell you why
  • they immediately try to mention someone they are dating

15) They change their appearance

Next up, another sign that your boss wants to be with you is when they change their appearance.

If you’ve ever seen your boss try to change their hairstyle or clothing style, that’s a huge sign that they’re trying to make you see them as more than just your boss.

They are trying to say “Hey look at me! I’m hot!”

This is especially true if they are suddenly wearing something you casually mentioned you find attractive once.

For example, maybe you said “I think men in black suits are hot”, and suddenly your boss switches his blue suit for a black one?

That’s not a coincidence!

When your boss tries to change their appearance to appeal to you, they really want you!

16) They make inappropriate jokes

Another sign that your boss wants to sleep with you is when they won’t stop making inappropriate jokes.

When it comes to inappropriate jokes, there is a fine line between being funny and crossing the line.

Maybe they are trying to show you that they are funny or they want to get you thinking about dirty things.

Either way, when your boss makes an inappropriate joke and you don’t find it funny or even slightly offensive, you should say something.

You should never feel uncomfortable at work!

17) Your work schedules are always in sync

Have you noticed that you coincidentally always work the same shifts as your boss?

Let me tell you, that’s not a coincidence! In fact, that’s the next sign your boss wants to sleep with you!

You see, by synching up your work schedules, you are automatically spending more time together.

That’s more time to chat and especially more time to flirt!

Trust me, when it’s apparent that your shifts are always aligned, your boss wants something more from you!

18) They find you a little too funny

Hey now, I’m not saying you’re not funny, believe me!

But when a boss laughs even at the jokes you know were not really funny, there is a really good chance he wants to sleep with you!

You see, some people think that if they pretend that they find us funny, we’ll be more attracted to them.

Again, if you make a really funny joke and everybody, including your boss, laughs, that’s not immediately a sign he wants to have sex with you, don’t worry!

However, I think you’ll be able to tell when their laugh is genuine and when it’s just an attempt to get closer to you!

19) You can just tell

Sometimes, there are no signs necessary to be able to know that your boss wants to sleep with you.

Your intuition is still the number one teller when it comes to these things.

Simply put, if you feel like you can just tell your boss wants to have sex with you, that’s probably true.

Now it’s up to you to decide what you want to do!

20) They blackmail you

Last but not least, we have a sign that is very apparent but not very nice. Unfortunately, some bosses use their authority to get sex.

They will promise you that you will get a raise or a promotion if you sleep with them.

If this happens to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to HR or even the police!

You see, this is both sexual harassment and blackmail.

Nobody should abuse their power like that, and if your boss ever tells you this, you should take action!

Trust me, they will be the ones in trouble, not you!

It all comes down to you!

In the end, it really depends on you and what you want to do.

Do you want to sleep with your boss?

There’s nothing wrong with it, but you’ll have to take the necessary steps to declare your relationship with HR.

However, if you don’t want to and this whole situation is making you uncomfortable, you should talk to your boss or HR about it.

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