25 signs your boss fancies you

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Are you getting this feeling that your boss might fancy you? That they’re giving you these come-hither glances, or making some comments about how great you are that could be interpreted as flirty? 

Well, it might be more than just the boss’s personality that’s at play. You don’t want to assume, but it’s a possibility that your boss feels differently towards you.

Here’s a list of 25 signs that your boss fancies you:

1) Your boss keeps calling you into their office

This is a very common sign that your boss fancies you. They’re using the office not only to work, but also to get away with flirting!

You may notice that whenever you are in the room, your boss is making sure that you stay for as long as possible. They may offer you some coffee, or ask for help on something minor when you have other work to do.

Your boss will try to cover this up by telling you that you’re doing a great job and are so helpful, but it’s only a facade. They’re taking every opportunity that they can get to interact with you. 

2) Your boss compliments you, a lot!

Nothing says ‘I fancy you’ like a good compliment!

If your boss keeps giving out compliments – and only to you – they could be really attracted to you. They’re looking to impress, or they could just really like hearing you talk!

Your boss may tell you how great you look, or just give a simple ‘thank you’ when they need your help. The compliments are small, but they seem to be genuine. 

Of course, you’ve been doing your best to finish the tasks at hand enough to be complimented by any boss or senior you have, but your boss is particularly interested. And if you’ve made a mistake, your boss is not afraid to say so!

But they’ll do it in a way that will not be offensive or make you feel uncomfortable. They’ll praise you, instead of berating you.

3) They are always around when you’re nearby

It could be that your boss just wants to make sure everything is alright but, it might also mean that there’s something else on their mind.

This is evident especially if your boss keeps popping up to check up on you or ask if you need anything. They might even be asking you questions like, “How was your weekend?”

This is one of the most obvious signs that your boss got their eyes on you.

If your boss seems to be making a point of being around when you are, it could definitely be one of his means of flirtation.

4) Your sense of humor is on point

Your boss loves your sense of humor, and they really enjoy being around you. They want to get to know you better, and the best way for them to do that is to laugh with you!

Try to remember the funny stories you’ve told each other and the ones that have been shared with your boss to be able to relate to them. This will keep them from getting bored around you, and they might even fall in love with your humor.

They make an effort to create an inside joke with you as well.

Your bosses might laugh at some of your comments, or even just pretend, that they are laughing. When all this is taking place, your boss will be looking at you differently than before. 

They’ll be paying more attention to what you say and how you interact with others in the office.

5) Your boss makes a joke about flirting

How would you feel if your boss made a joke about flirting? Would it be uncomfortable for you or would you feel flattered? 

Some bosses may make a joke about flirting or even just be plain blunt and admit that they’re attracted to you, but it’s totally okay because they are not going to pursue anything.

They still flirt, but don’t become aggressive about it. This means that your boss doesn’t have immediate thoughts of more than friendship. They are just enjoying the moment.

If your boss is interested in you, then it’s safe to say that they have a better chance of making the first move! They’ll let the message sink in, even if they are not sure whether they will get rejected.

Your boss might be joking when they tell you to hurry or that it’s good that you’re getting some of your work done at their desk since they’re in a bit of a hurry. But, the real meaning behind these jokes is “I’m flirting with you”. It’s not just a casual conversation – there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

6) They try to learn more about you than what is required at work

They want to find out more about what makes you tick.

They might ask you about your life outside of work and ask questions about your interests in your free time. If they’re not getting a lot of information in the office, then they might take it upon themselves to get more information.

Your boss is just doing his or her job, and as a good employee, you should be happy that your boss is taking an interest in you.

This also gives you an opportunity to get to know your boss better too. 

Your boss will try to make it feel like it’s just another day at work, but when they question you or want to learn more about you, they might be interested in something a little more than friendship.

7) Your boss has started wearing light cologne or perfume

Smells have long been associated with attraction.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that your boss does wear it for you – they might just like the smell or go for the light cologne because it makes them feel good.

Your boss is making sure that you will get a whiff of their cologne or perfume whenever they walk by.

It’s a sign that your boss is flirting with you, and they want you to know it.

They want to smell great for you so that when you walk into their office, even for a quick visit, you’ll get an aroma of cologne or perfume that will make you want to stay longer.

8) You noticed that the boss suddenly started dressing better around you

You might have noticed that your boss started putting on more makeup (for a boss woman, of course) or even talking about buying a new outfit. 

A good way for them to show interest in you is by paying attention to their appearance and the way they dress when they are around you.

They may try to convey the message that “I’m old, but I want to look good” or “I probably won’t be around much longer so I might as well enjoy it while I still can”, and you’ll know that they’re interested in finding out what you think about their change of looks or styles.

9) The way your boss keeps winking at you

One way to tell that they fancy you is through the way they look at you and then wink – they might even make a joke about having a crush on you. They don’t want to hide how interested they are from you and might try to see what your reaction is if they say something.

If your boss is winking at you or acting in a way that seems flirtatious, it’s directly telling you that they’re interested in you.

Winking to a crush is a pretty bold move, and it’s bound to make the heart race, especially if you know that your boss is in control of your employment.

It’s unlikely that they will act this way if they are aware that their actions could ruin their reputation, but since your boss has the guts to wink at you, it’s a huge indication that they fancy you.

10) Your boss asks about your relationship status, personal life and family

If your boss is asking about your family and friends, it’s because they want to understand you better. 

They might also be trying to get information out of you that will help them get a better understanding of your character. It’s hard to know whether they are genuinely interested in getting to know you or if they are just trying to get more information out of you.

In a way, the more information that you share with your boss, the better chance they have of getting closer to you and establishing a relationship.

Have you ever noticed any of these signs? Do they mean anything to you?

11) Your boss talks openly about their personal life

Being in a workplace already connotes talking about anything related to the things that need to be done, but if your boss is open about their personal life, it’s just an indication that they are showing interest in you.

They’ll also tell you the truth about their relationship status and any sort of drama that may be going on with their family, and they’ll probably ask you about some advice for a personal issue.

They might even share things about themselves that you don’t really need to know. If this is the case, it may be best if you just don’t ask them because they will most likely give them more information than you need to know.

From little things like bragging a bit about what they did on the weekend to bigger things like sharing their personal problems, your boss is trying to get you into their life.

12) Your boss talks about their exes

If ever that your boss is still single, they’ll be having the same conversations with you. They might want to know why you aren’t dating anyone and what your problem is and why it took so long for you to get a boyfriend or girlfriend.

They might even try to get a bit of inside information about you when it comes to relationships, like if there’s some drama in your personal life that’s causing you to not be able to find a mate (if you’re single).

Your boss might suddenly make comments about their exes to compare a situation that you’re in. They might even tell you that they’re a hopeless romantic for thinking that their ex was the one for them, to gain your sympathy indirectly.

They may say things like “I know they’re not right for me, but I just can’t get over him/her!” 

13) They offer to help you out in any situation

Whenever a difficult situation arises at work, your boss might say something like “I’m so sorry to hear that, I’ll do anything that I can to help you out”. The more difficult the situation is, the more they want to make you feel better.

You might just be having a bad day, but your boss might think that it isn’t just a bad day – they might think that there’s more at hand. 

That might mean that your boss thinks something’s going on in your personal life and they want to help you as much as possible.

14) They want to spend more time with you

If your boss asks you to do something that is out of their comfort zone, such as having lunch with them or going for a walk outside the building, it’s a sign that they are interested in getting to know you better.

They might think that spending time with you will give them a chance to open up and talk about what’s on their mind. They might want to tell you something and may think that the sooner they can share their feelings with you, the better.

But it’s more likely that they won’t say anything about their feelings to you, they just want to make you feel special. It’s an indirect way of showing how much they like you without having to say it.

15) They seem touchy to you

Your boss may be touchy with you, or just accidentally touch you. Either way, they might even try to touch you a few times in order to get your attention.

They could even have a crush on you and have been trying to hide it until the right time comes for them to reveal their true intentions about the two of you becoming intimate. If your boss touches you and it seems as if they are enjoying it, it’s their way of flirting with you.

Your boss may either approach you or look for an opportunity to touch you and try to get a reaction out of you that shows that he/she is getting to your inner core. 

16) They steal glances at you

When you’re talking to your boss, don’t be surprised if they steal glances at you from time to time. 

Stealing glances is one of the most subtle ways that your boss shows interest. They won’t just look at you for a second, they’ll stare for a few seconds and quickly go back to the papers that you are presenting them with or the thing that you’ve asked them to sign.

They might also ask you a question that has something to do with what you’re talking about, so they can look back at you as they talk and make eye contact in order to show their interest.

When your boss makes sure that they look at you and then looks away, it may look like they are avoiding eye contact with you.

This can be positive as they are curious about you. It could also mean that they want to see what’s going on with you or that they want to look at how attractive you are.

Get this, they are checking you out.

17) They make a push or a pull

When your boss is interested in you, they will probably be trying to either push you into giving them something that they want, or pull you out of it. They might try to avoid trouble with other people if possible because they know that talking about it could end up badly for them.

They may want to give you more responsibilities so that you’ll be near their office, but they also know that if anything were to happen between the two of you then it would make it harder for them.

They want to make you think that they want you to do something, but they can’t make the decision for you. They want to make it seem as if they are trying to control you, but they don’t want to take advantage of something that may be going on between the two of you.

18) They want to get close to you in some way, but have a hard time doing it

They are interested in getting close to you, but don’t know how to. They might try to ask you about your personal life and what your goals for the future are. 

They want to get to know you and see if there’s anything that they can do to help you out. 

They might be happy about it, but think about it for a second before saying anything because if they don’t tell you something, that might be making them nervous about getting close to you. 

19) You receive gifts from a secret admirer

Your boss might put it on your table secretly, or they might present it to you personally. This could be a sign that they want to express their feelings towards you in a subtle way. If they are the kind of person that could do this, it’s possible that they want to be with you.

Your boss might think that you’d be interested in them if they gave you a gift that’s not your typical birthday or holiday gift. 

It could be something like a pen, a card or maybe even a new cologne. And when you find out that the gift is from them, they will try to downplay it by saying that they were just being nice or other employees got it too.

20) They start to make you feel uncomfortable

Your boss may be trying to show that he or she is interested in you to the point where it’s making you feel uncomfortable. They could be talking about something personal, touching you and maybe even becoming physical. 

They are doing it to show you that they are interested in you and may not realize that the way they are showing themselves is the reason why you’re uncomfortable. 

If this is the case, you may have to tell them where you stand on the subject. If they look worried about this, it could mean that they feel guilty about what’s going on between you two and are expecting a reaction from you.

21) They look you in the eye

Eye contact is one way that your boss may be trying to show you that they are interested in you. They look at you when they’re talking to you, and keep their eyes on yours. 

They might be looking at you just because it’s a common thing for people to do, but if they are then that means that they want to try and get something from you.

When your boss looks you in the eye, they are definitely trying to tell you something. They want to get close to you and are most likely trying to figure out if there’s something about them that you like. 

22) Their mood changes

There’s a big possibility that an office romance is prohibited, and that’s something that your boss knows ahead of time. 

Your boss might have a sudden mood change from cheerful to nervous or just completely out of it. 

They are most likely trying to figure out if they should tell you how they feel, or wait for the right time to come along. They may also start to behave differently around you and try to avoid seeing you or being near you as much as possible.

When your boss suddenly goes from being happy to sad, they are probably trying to hide their feelings – but the fact stays that they want to get closer to you yet they feel guilty about wanting this and may try to hide it.

23) They ask you if you’re interested in anything

If your boss asks you if you’re interested in anything, it’s a good sign that he or she is trying to figure out if there is something about them that interests you. They may have tried to gather information about what kind of things interest you. 

They may have learned about your personality through one of your coworkers and are trying to find out if your personality will mesh well with the kind of environment in which they work. 

They might be testing you to see if they are compatible with each other. 

24) They start taking an interest in you outside of work

If your boss starts taking an interest in you outside of the workplace, they are trying to figure out what kind of person you are.

It could be that your boss is just trying to be nice, or it could mean that they’re trying to build something more with you. 

If they aren’t thinking about work, they are likely thinking about you and what great things there are to discover about you. If they feel that you are special, maybe they’ll show it by doing things for you.

If your boss does nice things for you, it’s a good sign that they are trying to get closer to you, but remember that it could just be something nice for them as well – so if you prefer to not date your boss too much, it might be best if you don’t take advantage of this. 

25) Your boss calls you names

You may be called a lot of things, but if you notice that your boss calls you a name that’s just for you, and wants to be known for it, it might mean that they want to get closer to you

Doing this will show them that they want something exclusive between the two of you.

If your boss is calling you names, they are trying to get a rise out of you. 

They might be calling you things like “hun” or “pretty.” These kinds of words are just a way to let their feelings show toward someone. 

Giving you pet names can be a way for your boss to let you know that you have a special place in their attention. 

Final thoughts

No matter how your boss feels about you, the important thing here is how you feel about him or her. 

You’re at the workplace, and your job is to be professional. You may have mutual feelings for your boss, but you’ll need to see them in a different light if you want to continue working with them.

If you start dating your boss, it could affect your career or theirs depending on what kind of position they hold. 

It’s in your hands to decide if you want to get involved with your boss or not.

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