12 undeniable signs you will be in a relationship soon

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It’s been a while since your last relationship, hasn’t it?

It feels like it’s been forever since you last held hands with the man or woman you love, gone on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

And it’s not like you haven’t been trying; you just can’t seem to find another person you “click” with, no matter how much you swipe and date.

But things are starting to turn a corner, even though you can’t exactly understand why.

You can smell the hint of love in the air, and you seem to be feeling better about your relationship prospects.

So how can you tell exactly if life is about to throw you headfirst into your next relationship?

Here are 11 subtle signs that you’re going to find yourself in a relationship soon:

1) Everything Is Starting To Feel Right

The first and most important sign that you’ll find yourself in a relationship soon is the most intuitive: it just feels right.

You can feel that love is coming your way, even if you can’t really pinpoint why you have that feeling.

You feel joy when you wake up, excited for the new day even when there’s nothing specific to be excited about you.

You find yourself looking forward to your usual activities as if your soul somehow expects something different or new to happen.

Your happiness begins even before the relationship begins because your soul understands that you’re steadily approaching a significant (and positive) milestone.

2) You Start Seeing Angel Numbers Everywhere

Angel numbers are certain number sequences, such as 1111 or 222, 456, or anything that feels like it was ordered specifically to catch your attention.

This is one way the universe speaks to us, letting us know that something is about to happen in our lives.

These angel numbers can appear on clocks, signs, receipts; anywhere where you might see numbers.

As you start seeing angel numbers more frequently, you can expect that something is about to happen in your life and that you’re on the right path.

This is the universe saying: expect something. Open yourself to possibilities.

Look around you and take notice of the people and events.

Ready yourself for something new.

3) You Feel Better Than You’ve Felt in a Long Time

You’ve had your share of struggles and hardships.

Maybe you recently got over a particularly difficult period in your life, one that, for a time, felt like it might never end, and you would be stuck in a pit of negativity for the rest of your life.

But you climbed out of it slowly but surely and now you find yourself feeling happier and better than you’ve felt in a long time.

This could be the end of a long, long path towards the beginning of something new: a deep, meaningful, and perhaps lifelong relationship.

The universe doesn’t present what you want until you are ready, and for all the time that you were grieving and working on yourself, you were still getting to the point of being ready for your new relationship.

And now that you are, you can expect it to be just around the corner.

4) You’re Seeing Love Everywhere

Everywhere you look, you see love.

Social media bombards you with pictures of couples on dates, getting engaged, proposing their love for one another.

And even the little things remind you of love: the flowers in the park are in full bloom, attractive single people enter your life regularly, romantic movies keep popping up on your suggested section on Netflix.

Love is all around you, and it’s putting you in the mood to find the love of your life as well.

But is it all just a coincidence?

If you believe in the universe, then it’s not.

As you become ready for your next relationship, you also become more sensitive to the signs of love around you.

These signs were always there; you just didn’t start noticing them until you reached your current point.

5) You Finally Know Where You’ve Gone Wrong in the Past

Your next relationship isn’t your first time around the block.

You’ve done this whole thing before — meeting someone amazing, falling in love with them, trying to make it work, and then watching it crash and burn before your very eyes.

At the time it might have felt like it just fell apart on its own, or that your ex messed up (significantly more than you did).

But in all the time that’s passed since, you’ve realized everything you did wrong; all your mistakes, insecurities, issues.

You understand now what made you an inadequate and incompatible partner, and you fully accept the flaws you once had.

Because only by accepting those flaws can you possess the awareness to be better with your next relationship.

6) A real psychic confirms it 

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of whether you will be in a relationship soon.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

But how can you find a psychic you trust? In this day and age, it’s so important to stay away from fake ones.

I recently tried Kasamba after going through a bad break up. They provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I was meant to be with.

I was actually blown away by how caring, compassionate and knowledgeable they were.

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Not only will a gifted advisor tell you if you will be in a relationship soon, but they can reveal all your love possibilities.

7) You Can’t Stop Having Romantic Dreams

We mentioned earlier that one way the universe speaks to us is by showing us angel numbers.

Another way the universe communicates is through our dreams. And lately, your dreams just can’t get enough of the romance.

You might be dreaming about a certain person you’re crushing on, or you might just be dreaming about the reality of being in a loving relationship and building a ilfe with another person.

Or your dreams might not even have anything physical at all; it could just be an intense feeling of love and romance.

What does this all mean?

Your heart and mind are finally there, ready for and expecting your next relationship.

And the universe is more than happy to give you a peek at their cards.

8) You’re Giving Your Trust to the Universe

It’s been a long road getting here, but you’re finally ready to say yes to everything the universe has to offer you.

For a long time, you resisted and fought back, believing that your own desires and beliefs took precedence over what life was clearly trying to put in your way.

You didn’t accept the flow as it was and tried to shape the universe around your own wants and needs.

But the simple truth?

The sooner you accept that you have a destiny and the universe is simply trying to push you along that path, the sooner you will find the right things in life; the things that were meant to be yours, including the most amazing relationship of your life.

9) You Know Exactly What You Want This Time

You’ve gone through the heartaches and the breakups.

You’ve had the silly fights over the tiniest issues, with partners you thought were your soulmates, but ended up fitting you worse than a square piece in a triangle hole.

You’ve dated all types of men and women: funny, adventurous, serious, carefree, because you thought you could find good sides to all of them.

But these days, you’re not looking for just anyone. You know exactly who you want for your next (and lifelong) partner.

You know what you want the relationship to be like, how you want each partner to treat the other, and the plans you’d like to set down moving forward.

You aren’t just playing the field anymore.

You have your ideal partner in your mind, making it easier than ever to find them.

10) You’ve Learned to Love Yourself

You know the age old saying:

You can’t love anyone else if you don’t even love yourself. It might be cliche at this point, but few truer words have ever been spoken.

To give love, you must be in a healthy, positive place where you can produce love.

But being able to radiate and distribute love to others requires loving the person you have to live with every moment of every day: you.

In the past you might’ve had countless issues that stopped you from loving yourself as much as you could.

But these days, all that past is behind you. You’ve worked on yourself; you’ve put in the hours.

You looked at the ugliest sides of yourself, and you’ve forgiven yourself for them.

Now more than ever, you’re ready for the person you will soon call your home.

11) You Want To Say Yes To Everything

Someone asks you out? Yes.

Old friends invite you to a camping trip? Yes.

Family reunion on the other side of the world? Sure, why not!

A new job or promotion that moves you across the country? Go for it.

Saying “yes” has never been easier for you. It just feels natural, normal to be so positive and receptive to unexpected things.

You realize now that life is worth living to its fullest, and the best way to do that is to continuously open yourself to the new and unknown.

Relationships come much more easily as you become a person more willing to throw yourself out there.

Even if your focus has nothing to do with dating, people will meet you and feel that energy in you, and you’re bound to attract them without trying.

12) You’ve Met Someone

You’ve met someone.

They’re perfect (or close to it), and you can’t believe what you have in front of you.

This alongside everything else on this list is the easiest way to say: you’re about to be in a relationship.

That is, of course, as long as you don’t blow your shot!

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