15 no bullsh*t signs you have an incredibly strong spirit

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Strong-willed, decisive, confident, and brave. You don’t beat around the bush, and once you’re done, you’re done and are unlikely to change your mind. 

If this opening line has piqued your interest, you’re in for a treat. This article takes a detailed look at the traits that make you the courageous and determined individual you are.

Are you a person who has a strong spirit? Well, to help you figure it out, here are 15 no bullsh@*t signs that you have an incredibly strong spirit.

Let’s dive in!

1) You’re a people’s person and dislike drama

Good looks, ambition, and a good sense of humor – you have the entire package! These are just some of the qualities of a strong-spirited person.

You’re well-liked and popular, and your schedule is chock o block with social events. You’re the life of the party, and everybody wants a piece of you!

You attract people like a magnet, and your presence makes an impact on those around you.

People enjoy your company and feel comfortable and at ease around you. Whether a water cooler exchange or grocery store banter with the person in front of you –this is a tell-tale sign that you have a strong spirit.

You’re not one to entertain drama and you don’t lend your ear to gossip. Strong people don’t put others down or talk badly about them. You are an optimist and see the good in everyone. When you find yourself in a situation where the above is likely to occur, you flee as if you’re running from a tsunami.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. So, if you feel that you are on the weaker side, make a point of spending time with those you consider strong-spirited role models. They’re bound to rub off on you, and you will manage to evolve by following their example.

Positive role models inspire us to find our true potential and overcome our weaknesses. 

2) You question everything

You live by the mantra that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Your never-ending quest for the truth is a major driving force in your life, and you’re not satisfied with a simple “because that’s how it is.”

Asking loads of questions and being naturally curious is a sure-fire sign that you have a strong spirit.

At the core of your being lies cat-like curiosity. You see the world through the eyes of a child, and your response to most questions starts with “but why.”

You’re the type to stick it to the man, question the status quo, and are not afraid to voice unpopular opinions.

You need to know the how, why, what, and when to understand truly. You want the back story and the facts so that you can make up your mind.

To question is to consider, and consideration leads to understanding.

3) You are decisive and exude confidence

As a strong-spirited individual, you are likely emphatic and don’t find decision-making a complicated process.

You apply your mind before making your choice, and once it’s made up, you’re not likely to be swayed. Again, this is because you consider yourself to be an independent thinker.

You trust in your ability to make good decisions without needing advice from others but are also smart enough to know when a second opinion is necessary.

With decisiveness comes confidence – another trait exhibited by strong-spirited people.

You have 100% faith in your abilities and can execute whatever it is you set your mind to.

Those weaker-spirited tend to lack this confidence. Although, of course, it’s not the end of the world though, you will be able to build your self-confidence with some positive affirmations and practice.

4) You’re responsible and are accountable

As a  kid, you were always referred to as “the responsible one,” Mom would often ask you to watch your younger sibling while she went down to the corner shop or in school; your teachers appointed you as a hallway monitor.

This didn’t happen because you were considered a nerd or a brown noser.

Others place you in leadership roles due to your trustworthy and dependable nature. They have faith in you because you do what you say you will.

You are level-headed and can cope in situations of high pressure. You do not fear the consequences of your choices and stick by your decision regardless of the outcome.

You’re a realist and understand that it’s impossible to get it right all the time, and when mistakes do crop up, you jump right in. 

As a solutions-orientated person, you don’t pass the buck when you make a mistake. Blame shifting and throwing others under the bus is not in your nature, nor do you dwell on past mistakes and self-loathe; instead, you take responsibility for your actions, fix the problem, and move on.

Being strong-spirited means that you learn from your mistakes and understand that they are lessons learned, helping you grow and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

5) You’re adaptable and flexible

You can adapt to any curveballs that life might throw your way. 

You understand that life isn’t all smooth sailing and that facing challenges and adversity is necessary to help you become the best version of yourself. Difficulties are merely things that happen in life; you understand and fully accept this.

When times are tough, the strong and weak-spirited can be spotted a mile away. 

Weak-spirited individuals adopt victim mentality; they blame others and shirk away from responsibility.

Strong-spirited people do not take this stance. 

They have a deep understanding that bad things happen. They just do.

They embrace life (both the ups and the downs) head-on to see the positivity in every failure. Life is not happening TO them but FOR them, for their benefit.

Life’s difficulties teach us valuable lessons. We wouldn’t be able to grow and evolve without making mistakes. Strong-spirited people embrace their past failures and mistakes, recognizing that they have shaped them.

6) You are reliable

Another sign that you have a strong spirit is attributed to the fact that others place their trust in you and that you are dependable. In addition, you value integrity, and you keep your promises – doing what you said you would.

People place their confidence in you, and you’re likely the person they call when they’re stuck with a flat tire at 3 am.

In the fast-paced hamster wheel, we call life; it’s impossible to keep every single promise; however, strong-spirited people will usually let you know if they cannot keep a promise( although they seldom go back on their word and break a promise)

Honesty and trust play a huge role in this. When you are honest, the trust others have in you grows. 

You are not afraid to give others your honest opinion as you believe not doing so will be an injustice. Your integrity makes others admire you, and because you are so brutally honest with people, they have massive respect for you.

7) You love don’t cost a thing

Another huge sign that you have a strong spirit is knowing that love is never lost and you are never worse off for giving it freely.

You have an abundance of love, and you give it out freely. You’re not concerned about getting it back; you give because you want to. You do things not because you want a moment in the limelight or expect anything back in return. It’s part of your character, and it’s just what you do.

The love you radiate attracts people to you like a beacon, and in return, the universe rewards you abundantly.

Armed with the knowledge that love can never be lost also indicates confidence in your relationships with others. If you were to split up or fall out, you know that the bond you have remains. The love you have will always be there, and you can always access it.

With that said, strong-spirited people usually have healthier relationships because when love is unconditional, the fear of not being loved doesn’t form part of your relationship equation.

8) You love life

Strong-spirited people have a zest for life!

Despite the challenges they face each day, they embrace what comes their way and are grateful for everything they have.

Strong-spirited individuals aren’t put on this earth to merely survive.; instead, they thrive and keep going no matter the obstacles. They are happy and enthusiastic and lift others as they go.

Strong spirits are fully aware of the infinite opportunities life offers, which gives them great joy and excitement. Continuous improvement and learning are also telltale signs of the highly spirited. They are not afraid to push the limits of their potential and are not discouraged or put off by the challenges or obstacles they might face along the way.

Those weaker in spirit often look up to these people and are encouraged and inspired to pursue their dreams.

9) Body language and maintaining eye contact matter to you

A telltale sign of having a strong spirit is that you maintain eye contact and display positive body language when speaking with others.

Eye contact is a type of body language that is extremely important during communication and conversation –a characteristic evident in strong-spirited people.

Our eyes are the windows to our souls, and facial gestures and eye contact often can be more important than actual words when we’re trying to convey a message.

Keeping eye contact with the person you are talking to shows that you actively listen and pay attention. This lets the other person know that they have your undivided attention, and ultimately, it boils down to showing respect.

They also use physical touch and gestures while interacting with you. These gestures make people feel comfortable and cared for, whether it be a wink of the eye or a gentle pat on the shoulder. Strong-spirited people encourage others to lift themselves when they’re feeling low and can be highly inspirational.

Highly spirited people remain present with anything they do and with anyone they talk to. They are charismatic, and people enjoy connecting with them.

10) You are not afraid of change

If the thought of not knowing what tomorrow brings doesn’t bother you, then there’s a good chance that you have a strong spirit.

You understand that in life, nothing is constant – only change, and you are 100% OK with this.

You don’t worry about the future, nor do you dwell on past happenings. Instead, you understand that everything is happening the way it should and at its own pace.

Strong-spirited people do not want to control how their life unfolds because they know in reality, the only aspect of control they have is over their reaction. Life is happening all around them, and the best thing they can do is be happy and stay present. Go with the flow and just let it be.

With overthinking, fear, and anxiety about the future, it can be easy for you to get caught in a downward spiral, but a strong spirit allows you to take a deep breath, step back, and realize that you cannot control the future.

You can eliminate a great deal of fear and anxiety by adopting this approach.

Those who are strong realize they can’t control others, but they can control how it affects them.

Weaker spirits get consumed and overwhelmed by worry and anxiety. They worry about everything and anything and are often unable to cope with adversity. This makes life incredibly difficult and unpleasant for them.

 11) You have a stubborn, rebellious streak

Strong-spirited individuals tend to carry a rebellious streak within. They will stop at nothing to voice their opinion – no matter how unpopular it might be.  These individuals also have no problem with questioning authority. This can be construed as stubborn, but it’s just their way of displaying how passionate they can be.

They can’t let injustice take place, and they are vocal and will push the envelope as far as possible for a cause they feel strongly about.

Don’t confuse this rebellion with criminality. Strong-spirited individuals are law-abiding citizens; after all, rules and laws keep society in check. All it means is that these individuals don’t necessarily always conform and are not afraid of a challenge.

They stand up for what they believe in and stand up for those who cannot do so themselves. This characteristic makes them widely admired for their courage and passions. As a result, you’ll often find strong-spirited individuals taking part in rallies or marches to get their voices heard and to demonstrate their passion.

12) You trust yourself

Self-trust is a significant indicator of someone with a strong spirit. The confidence they exude reflects in everything they do.

Trusting oneself is an essential skill to have, and many have forgotten how important it is.

Without it, we feel like we aren’t good enough and depend on others to help us make our own decisions. A lack of self-trust also means that we follow the advice of others blindly and takes away our sense of self, and can lead to feelings of self-consciousness

When you trust yourself and are aware of your feelings and thoughts, you can express yourself honestly and openly. 

You are also more likely to stick to your values, have ethics, and know when to prioritize your own needs without the interference of outsiders.

Support from others makes you feel good, and you enjoy asking them for help, but know that you will be fine if they are not available.

13) You forgive others easily

Strong spirits tend to lean heavily towards forgiveness. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you accept and merely forget the wrongdoing; however, forgiveness means choosing peace over bitterness.

Forgiveness is essentially something intended to heal you and not necessarily aimed at the person who did you wrong. However, their actions reflect poorly on them, and first understanding makes it easier to get over what happened.

People with a strong spirit opt to embrace forgiveness and move forward instead of clinging to anger, resentment, and thoughts of revenge. Forgiveness is an integral part of healing, knowing that life is way better by doing so.

Weak-spirited people are inclined to hold onto anger and allow this negativity to permeate current experiences. Consumed by past feelings, they forget how to enjoy the present moment and sabotage their future happiness.

Forgiveness is often confused with weakness, and, in reality, it’s the complete opposite. Strong spirits embrace their emotions and are brave and wise enough to know when to pull the plug.

Those who are strong always choose forgiveness. But, don’t get me wrong, forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep in contact or keep them in your life at all. Often, the best form of forgiveness means letting these people go.

14) You don’t need things to make you happy

The fact that you don’t need material things to satisfy you signifies a strong spirit. Inner strength means understanding and identifying your purpose from within yourself.

Material things are nice to have and can make life more comfortable. Remember, though, that inanimate objects shouldn’t define who you are as a person, and you shouldn’t place too much value on these worldly things.

Strong-spirited people are happy now. They know that waiting on the world, their relationships, or their financial situation to improve will not make them happy. Happiness is now.

Contentment is a choice and not something that we can switch on or off based on outside influences. We can’t control the world around us, only how we react.

If you aren’t currently happy or satisfied with what you have, you will never be. Gratitude makes all the difference.

Spirit-filled people practice gratitude a lot because they know that being in the moment is the only real gift you can receive. But, of course, while they are grateful for what they have, they are always willing to improve, striving towards a brighter future.

15) You’re OK being on your own

Being strong of spirit usually means being able to cope with being alone. Some people even value their alone time more than anything else. 

Being with loved ones and friends is essential, but a strong spirit also understands how healthy it can be to spend time alone.

Researchers found that people who spend time alone are better at solving problems, and others found that brilliant individuals are happier alone than in groups of people.

Individuals with strong spirits realize that their worth is not dependent on others. Their alone time allows them to think, relax, and explore their creative side.

For them, being alone does not mean being lonely. Furthermore, they value quality over quantity. Consequently, they would prefer to focus on a few high-quality connections that run deep instead of a lot of meaningless encounters for the sake of having company.

Strong people have developed a personal relationship with themselves. Getting to know themselves and their values better means that they are living authentically.

People with strong spirits know that they can devote themselves to their passions without interference from others. As a result, their self-worth and confidence are strengthened as well, making them happier.

Final thoughts

If these 15 facts have resonated within you, congrats – You’re a strong-spirited warrior!

A person with a strong spirit is confident, disciplined, and optimistic. The strength of their mind, body, and soul is balanced.

Inner strength is not the same for everyone. While some people seem born with it, others struggle to comprehend even the basics of patience and empathy. 

If reading this has got you questioning yourself, don’t be alarmed. The good news is a strong spirit can be developed and trained. So, learn how to build resilience and work on boosting your confidence. Finally, do the things that you love, do them well, and treat others with respect.

These fundamentals will serve you well, and a positive mindset is often the best starting point. 

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