13 undeniable signs the kiss meant something to him (complete list)

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You kissed a guy (or he kissed you) and it felt really nice.

But now your mind is flooded with questions like:

Did the kiss mean something to him?

Or, was it just a peck on the lips before parting ways?

If you can’t stop wondering, here’s a list of 13 undeniable signs the kiss meant something to him.

Are you ready to find out? Let’s go!

1) He kissed you slowly like he was savoring it

First, take a moment and remember how he kissed you. How was it?

If he kissed you slowly like he was savoring it, chances are, the kiss meant something to him.

The explanation? 

Men who don’t care about a girl don’t take the time to savor a kiss with them. They just go in for the kill and get it over with.

On the other hand, guys who like you will think about how they want to make the kiss special before even going for it.

So, if he was taking it slow, that meant he wanted to make the kiss special.

However, if you kissed him and he responded in the same manner, then this also counts as a sign!

2) He touched your face and hair

Let me ask you this:

How did he express himself before the kiss, during the kiss, and after the kiss?

Choose one of these options:

  • He gently touched your face;
  • He carefully played with your hair;
  • He grabbed your waist;
  • He didn’t touch you at all;
  • He touched you in inappropriate places.

I’m asking you because guys who are interested in a girl will often seek physical contact with her before, during, and after the first kiss. 

For example, they will grab her waist, touch her hair, hold her hand, and so on.

This shows that they really like and care about her, otherwise they would be more standoffish.

How did it happen to you? Answer this honestly to discover the truth!

3) He made prolonged eye contact with you before the kiss

Want to know another undeniable sign that the kiss meant something to him?

Think back to how he looked at you before the kiss. 

If he was staring into your eyes, it should indicate that he really wanted to make the moment special for you.

If, on the other hand, he avoided looking at you, things are unclear. Maybe he was shy or maybe the kiss didn’t mean anything to him. Or maybe you just surprised him.

You have to use your own judgment on this one and take note of your unique situation.

4) He was not drunk or anything like that

Listen, if this guy didn’t have his judgment clouded when he kissed you, then chances are the kiss meant something to him.

However, if he was drunk or under the influence of other substances, then you might be reading too much into it.

What I mean is that the kiss might have meant nothing to him. Who knows, maybe he doesn’t even remember the kiss.

Watch out for that. Don’t get your heart broken because of some casual kiss from a guy who was inebriated.

Furthermore, the situation that you were in may have influenced the meaning of the kiss.

Maybe you were at a party or a club. Maybe you had been drinking too. Maybe there was no intimacy at all but just a casual peck on the lips or something like that.

Watch out for these things as well.

5) He didn’t kiss you in front of everybody

I’d like to know another detail about “the kiss”. Where were you when you kissed?

If you were in front of a lot of people, then maybe the kiss didn’t mean anything to him.

He may have just been trying to make you feel good so that you would want to go out with him. 

Or, he may have been trying to boost his image. 

Or worse, he may have been trying to impress his friends.

For all you know, he might not even like you that much. A kiss like that might be one way for him to get into your pants.

So, if there were other people present when you kissed him, then things are unclear.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, though!

6) You were not playing a game

Let’s get one thing straight: You didn’t kiss this guy as part of a game, didn’t you? If you did, then how would you know whether the kiss meant anything to him?

You wouldn’t be able to gauge his feelings, would you?

Therefore, if you kissed him because you were playing Truth or Dare or another similar game, then you can’t conclude anything.

In order to know whether the kiss meant something to him, you have to be honest with yourself – and with him!

Be direct and ask him if he liked it or not. If you can’t bear the answer, then prepare for some heartbreak. You may have been misreading his signs all along.

However, if it was not a game and it was an intimate kiss between two people who had real chemistry with each other, then maybe the kiss meant something. 

It’s possible! Give it time and observe him after the kiss.

7) He also shows signs of infatuation

Besides kissing you, this guy also shows signs of infatuation.

What does that mean?

When a guy is infatuated, he often compliments you, shows interest in what you like, and wants to spend time with you.

If this guy shows all of these signs, then it’s possible that the kiss meant something to him.

8) Things were a little awkward after

Would you like to know another good indicator that the kiss meant something to him?

If things were a little awkward after the kiss, then that’s a sign. 

He maybe didn’t know how to respond to your kiss.

He may have gotten all excited and didn’t know whether to pull back or move forward.

Right after kissing you, he may have frozen in place because of shock or excitement or something like that.

Is this what happened?

In case this didn’t happen, you might have dealt with a smooth talker; the kind of guy who can easily sweep you off your feet. 

This type of guy is a little trickier to read because he can talk his way into your pants without revealing his true feelings. So watch out!

9) He didn’t go completely silent after the kiss

Here’s another sign that the kiss meant something to him:

If he didn’t go completely silent after the kiss, it may mean that he really enjoyed it.

What happened the next day? Did he contact you? Did he send you a text? 

If he did, then there’s a good chance the kiss meant something to him. Why? Because he took an active step towards getting to know you better.

What did he say? 

If he said any of the above, it means he took some initiative in contacting you and showing he likes you, right? This is an important sign.

10) You feel it in your gut; the kiss meant something to him

What is your intuition telling you about this guy and the kiss? 

Did it feel right when it happened?

Do you doubt his motives?

Use your intuition to help you make a decision.

If your gut tells you that the kiss meant something to him, then explore this option! You might experience a wonderful romantic story with this guy.

However, if your gut tells you that the kiss meant nothing to him, then avoid getting too emotionally involved with this guy. He might be interested only in sex.

Why is listening to your intuition important in your situation?

Because your intuition is basically your inner GPS system, telling you exactly where to go next with a guy.

Besides that, your intuition is a great tool for eliminating unwanted mistakes and regrets.

11) He wants to talk to you about the kiss

Want to know a good sign that the kiss meant something to him?

He wants to talk about it! More specifically, he wants to talk about it so that you can explain why you kissed him or why you kissed him back.

If he is trying to figure out your intentions, then it may mean that the kiss meant something to him.

He might have felt confused or surprised when you kissed him. He might have thought, “What’s going on here? What’s this girl trying to do?”

Or, he might have thought, “This is my chance. I’m going to kiss her”. So, now he wants to know what went through your mind when he kissed you. 

Either way, he might like you and he will try to find out if you are interested in him.

12) You notice changes in his behavior

Does the guy really like you? 

Did the kiss mean anything to him?

If it did and if he likes you a lot, then you will probably notice changes in his behavior.

Changes? What changes?

  • He starts to treat you better – more politely and with more respect; 
  • He starts to talk to you more – about things he would usually avoid talking about; 
  • He becomes more interested in your life and shows interest in your hobbies; 
  • He wants to get closer to you.

If you feel like he changed after the kiss, then you may consider that the kiss meant something to him.

However… he might just be trying to impress you, or he might be putting on an act to hide his real intentions.

13) He smiles every time he sees you

Let’s say that you keep running into this guy. You see him at work, school, or even in the neighborhood.

You wave to each other and smile. He smiles back. Right?

What does that mean? 

Does it mean you are on the same page? 

Does it mean that he likes you and that the kiss meant something to him?

While I can’t tell you for sure what his behavior really means, I can tell you that it’s a good sign if he smiles every time he sees you. Why? Because this shows that he is interested in you.

What are his other possible reasons for smiling at you? 

It’s all a matter of perspective; it means different things to different people. 

But I think that most guys will smile when they see a pretty girl. 

That’s just a fact! Of course, there are exceptions…

The kiss meant something to him. What now?

In case the signs point to the fact that the kiss meant something to him, it shows that he’s already interested in you. 

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