10 warning signs someone is trying to destroy your relationship (and how to respond)

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Do you have a feeling that someone is intentionally trying to destroy your relationship?

Maybe they try to keep your partner away from you or cause trouble in your communication style.

Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: if you notice the little red flags from someone that keep popping up in your relationship, you need to be careful and learn how to respond.

Are there any signs that suggest someone is intentionally trying to destroy your relationship? 

Read on for 10 warning signs and find out how to respond if it happens.

1) They tell you terrible stories about your partner

Do you ever notice that this one person tells you something about your partner that doesn’t sound good?

Maybe they tell you stories about your partner’s past relationships. Or maybe they tell you how bad your partner treats their parents.

And no matter what you say, they just keep telling you more and more stories. And it never ends!

If this happens, it’s time to pay attention. Because what they’re doing is they’re trying to plant a seed in your mind – a negative seed – about your partner.

They’re trying to make you think that something is wrong with them and that there’s something wrong in the relationship.

Let me explain why.

You know those conversations you have with your friends where they tell you all the terrible things they think your partner has done?

They might explain to you why they “had to break up with their last partner,” or “why you shouldn’t trust someone.”

The reason is that when someone is intentionally trying to break up your relationship, they might talk about your partner negatively.

You should be suspicious if they say or imply that your partner cheated on their last partner, lied or stole money, or is generally untrustworthy.

Let’s say a friend tells you that your partner is “crazy,” “nutty,” or has “issues.”

Or maybe someone says that your partner “isn’t normal” or “needs to go to therapy.”

These are all examples of friends who are intentionally trying to break up your relationship.

So how can you respond if someone says bad things about your partner?

Here are 3 steps:

  • Stop the conversation by saying, “I don’t want to hear anymore.”
  • Change the subject immediately by asking them about their own life or problems or something else unrelated to your partner or relationship.
  • Tell them, “I’m not comfortable with the things that you’re saying.”

And then avoid them from now on because now they know how much damage they’ve done and maybe even apologize for it!

2) They want to know everything about your relationship

Sometimes people just want to know everything about your relationship. They want to know what you do together, how you feel about each other, and what you talk about.

And guess what?

This is another red flag that someone is trying to break up your relationship.


Well, when someone is intentionally trying to break up your relationship, they might want to learn as much as they can about you and your partner.

For example, when a friend suddenly starts asking you tons of questions about your relationship and wants to know every little detail, it might be a red flag.

They’ll probably want to know who your partner is, what they do, how long you’ve been together, and where they grew up.

Still, they might ask you how often you guys talk, if you guys have ever broken up, and what you guys do together.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you should remember one thing: if a friend is intentionally trying to break up your relationship, they want as much information about you and your partner as possible.

So how do you respond?

You could ask them why they want to know so much. If they say something like, “I just want to know more about you,” you can say, “Ok, but I don’t want to talk about my relationship.”

That way, they know you’re not comfortable talking about it.

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4) They make rude comments about your relationship

This one is an obvious sign that they’re trying to break up your relationship.

They might say something like: “Your relationship is so boring.

Or they might ask: “Is your relationship going anywhere?” Or, “Are you still together?” And then they’ll say, “Oh, I thought you guys broke up.”

If they’re trying to break up your relationship, they’re going to try to make you feel bad about it.

Want to understand why?

Well, when someone is trying to break up your relationship, they might make rude comments about your relationship. They might make fun of the way you and your partner talk to each other or make mean comments about the things you do together.

But the real reason why they’re doing it is that your relationship seems perfect from the outside.

They don’t want you to be happy because they’re afraid that you’ll be happier than they are.

But here’s the thing: You’ve probably heard this before. And it really doesn’t mean anything. 

They’re probably being manipulative or trying to make you feel bad about yourself.  When someone says something like this, just ignore them and walk away. They don’t know what’s good for them anyway.  

So, stand up for yourself and don’t let them get under your skin!

5) They are overly critical of your partner – even when they’re not around

Did you notice that your friend or family member is very critical of your partner but they never say anything to their face?

Well, this is another sign that they’re trying to break up your relationship.

But why do they criticize your partner? What’s their motivation?

They’re trying to break up your relationship because they see how happy you are with your partner. And that’s something they don’t like.

They might be jealous of the fact that you’re happy with someone who loves you, supports you, and is there for you, even when things get tough. 

And they don’t want to lose their chance at being in a relationship like yours.

So, in order to get what they want, they’re going to try to make your relationship unsuccessful in any way that they can.

But you know what?

When someone is trying to break up your relationship, it doesn’t mean that they hate your partner or that they think he isn’t good enough for you.  

It just means that your friend or family member is jealous of the great life that you have with your partner! So, don’t take their comments personally!

Instead, try to ignore them and focus on the good qualities that your partner has.

And don’t forget: you’re probably not the only one in this situation.

6) They ask if they can meet or spend time with your partner

Has someone recently asked you if they could meet with your partner or spend time with them?

If so, chances are that you felt suspicious about the person’s intentions.

I mean, why would someone want to spend time with your partner, and even if they do, why would they get your permission for it?

Well, this is a very important question to ask yourself because you never know when someone might be trying to break up your relationship.

And the best way to find out is by asking them why they want to meet or spend time with your partner.

If they give a reasonable answer, then you don’t have much to worry about. But if they just try to avoid the question or come up with an excuse, then you should get a bit suspicious.

And you know what? You’re right to feel suspicious.  Because this is a very suspicious question!

If someone is trying to break up a relationship, they might ask if they can spend time with their partner or even meet them. 

They might say something like, “I’d love to hang out with both of you sometime!” 

Or maybe they’ll say that “it would be nice if we all hung out together sometime.” And while these statements may seem harmless, they’re not. 

In fact, this is a way that people try to break up relationships because once their friends get a chance to meet their partners and talk with them, they might realize that there’s nothing wrong with the person in question.

But why do they do this?

Because they want to get close to your partner so they can find out more about them and try to convince them that you’re not good enough for them or that they should leave you.

But you shouldn’t let this person meet with your partner or spend time with them without you around.  Because if they do, there’s a chance that they’ll try to convince your partner to leave you!

So, if someone ever asks you if they could spend time with your partner, just say no.  And let them know that it isn’t going to happen unless you’re there too!

And if this person continues asking, don’t be afraid to tell them how suspicious their behavior is and how uncomfortable it makes you feel!

7) Unleash your personal power

Even though someone is trying so hard to break up your relationship, you can still fight back.

Here’s how:

You need to get ready to unleash your personal power.

Let me explain:

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8) They try to convince you not to trust your partner

Ever noticed how hard this one person tries to convince you that your partner isn’t as trustworthy as you think?

If this sounds familiar, chances are that you’re dealing with a manipulator.

Needless to say, this person will try anything to make you doubt your partner. They’ll tell you that they’re lying to you, that they don’t love you, or even that they’re cheating on you!

And that’s why they try to convince us not to trust our partner.

The thing is that they want to cause distrust in your relationship and break your bond by making you doubt your partner.

They may even try to make you think that your partner is the reason why they’re not happy in their own relationship.

And when you experience this kind of behavior, it’s only natural to start doubting your partner and their intentions.

But if this happens, don’t worry – there’s a way out of it. Just follow the advice below:

Don’t let other people convince you not to trust your partner. If anything happens and your partner doesn’t come through for whatever reason, take it as a learning experience; but don’t let other people convince you not to trust your partner in the future.

Instead of focusing on what might happen if something goes wrong in the future (e.g., your partner might cheat on you), focus on what is happening now (e.g., how much attention and love they show towards you?). 

If someone tries to convince you that something is wrong with your relationship, ask yourself why?

Is it because they want something from you? And if so, what?

Remember that when someone tries to undermine the relationship between two people who are truly in love with each other, there must be a reason behind it!

And don’t ignore the fact that this person wants something from either one or both of you! 

Be aware of the tactics used by these kinds of people who want nothing more than to break you up, and keep your relationship strong!

9) They try to break up your communication style

Another clear sign that you’re dealing with a manipulator is when your partner tries to break up the way you communicate.

For example, if you’re a person who likes to have regular conversations with your partner, and they try to nag you all the time, it’s a clear sign that they want to break up the way you communicate.

Or maybe they always try to criticize the way you talk or express yourself? If so, it’s another sign of manipulation.

And if this happens often enough, it will make you feel like your communication style is wrong and that your partner is right. But that’s not true!

You know what I’m talking about!

When someone tries to change how we communicate with other people very often, it makes us feel like something is wrong with us.

And as a result of constant criticism and nagging, we start doubting ourselves and our communication style.

And guess what?

This doesn’t only happen in romantic relationships – it can happen anywhere where we communicate with other people on a regular basis!  

So what should you do if this happens?  

Here are some tips: Think about why your partner might be doing this (e.g., are they trying to control what comes out of your mouth?). 

Remember that nobody has the right to criticize how we speak – no matter how much someone loves us!

Remember that if someone criticizes our communication style regularly, there must be another reason behind their behavior.

10) They constantly point out your relationship problems

And let’s reveal the final sign that someone is intentionally trying to manipulate you.

It’s when your partner constantly points out all the problems in your relationship.

In other words, if you have a fight with your partner and this person comes up to you and says something like, “You two are really having a lot of problems,” that’s a sign that they want to break up the relationship.

And if they do it after every single fight (or even more often than that), then it’s clear that they’re intentionally trying to break up the relationship.

The main reason why this person tries to do this is that they want to create a negative relationship pattern.

They do this because they hope that you will start fighting more often, and will eventually end up breaking up.

So what should you do if someone does this to you

Ask yourself this question:

Do you really experience relationship problems with your partner? Or does this person tries to make you think that you have relationship problems?

If the answer to the second question is “yes,” then you should immediately cut contact with this person and never speak to them again.

Because if they’re manipulating you into thinking that there are relationship problems when there aren’t, then it’s very likely that they’re manipulating you in other ways as well.

How you should respond

As you can see, there are many different signs that someone is trying to destroy your relationship. And sometimes it might be hard to find one particular way to respond.

But in either case, you should do your best to protect your relationship.

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