10 signs that someone is in a relationship

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In the dating world, there’s always this question: “What are we?”

They could be spending almost every day together or even have the courage to say those three words to each other, and yet despite everything, they’re still clueless!

So what’s the deal?

Here are the 10 signs you need to know if someone is in a relationship!

1) They communicate often and openly

Of course, if someone’s dating another person, they would talk nonstop! 

A budding romance beats the phone calls ringing at Grand Central Station.

I remember the early months of dating my boyfriend. We didn’t know what we were then, but we knew we wanted to spend as much time as possible, even virtually!

We added each other on every social media platform, and we would have different conversations going on each of them.

We would laugh at memes on Instagram, talk about our day on Telegram, share videos on YouTube, and send silly selfies on Snapchat.

This is one of the first signs you must watch out for if you’re confused about someone’s status.

If they’re each other’s “good morning” text and “good night” call, then it’s definitely not just casual.

2) They are more affectionate with each other

When someone is about to be attached, not only would they be talking often, but the tone would be sweet and affectionate!

The conversations would be so sweet that their single friends would probably cringe if they ever read it.

This is also the part where they call each other pet names or nicknames that only they would understand because it’s from their inside jokes.

I have a friend who was dating someone, and they called each other “moo.”

At the time, she said they hadn’t clarified the details of their relationship yet, but when I decided to pry more, as all friends do, she said their pet name for each other was actually an acronym for “My Only One.”

That was when I told her to stop messing around and put a label on it!

3) They make plans together

Aside from calling each other babe, baby, boo, bear, sugar, honey, sweetie, love, moo, or any other conceivable, an obvious sign that someone is in a relationship would be making plans with the other person.

It takes a certain level of commitment to merge schedules.

Planning and figuring out logistics and time management together means they’re thinking long-term!

If somebody is planning for a trip that’s months away, then that means there’s a sense of permanence in the relationship, or at least it’s not ending anytime soon!

4) They are involved in each other’s lives

To be in a relationship means to really know each other. That means more than just knowing what their day looks like and where they go or whatever surface-level information they can publicly post on the internet.

It’s discovering every other thing that not many people have the privilege to find out about them: their insecurities, their childhood, their hopes and fears.

Another sign would be knowing the important people in each other’s lives, like the people who influenced them the most or the ones they’re grateful to have.

When my boyfriend and I started dating, we were both very protective of our inner circles because we didn’t want anybody to be involved if there was no chance that it would last.

But when we saw that our relationship had potential, we slowly introduced who they were and what they meant to us.

So if they’re doing that too, it’s certainly someone special.

5) They prioritize each other

And with that kind of intimacy, they also match it with the time they devote to each other.

People spend time with different people all the time. Humans are social creatures who are capable of a range of relationships. Our attention is split into a lot of roles and responsibilities.

But when someone is in a relationship, they make time for the other person, no matter what!

They could have the busiest day of their life and still find a minute to pay attention to the other person.

Whenever my boyfriend and I would have hectic schedules at the same time, we would tell each other in advance, and we schedule our phone calls around it.

Even if it’s just talking for half an hour, it doesn’t feel like it because we make the most out of every second!

It’s all about cherishing the quality time spent together.

6) They are more supportive of each other

And when two people are in each other’s priorities, they’re essentially committing to nurturing a strong bond with respect and thoughtfulness.

That is also shown through supporting each other through everything.

When someone is willing to go above and beyond to ensure another person’s happiness, then that’s not just for show.

Support can take many forms. It could be something as direct as offering a shoulder to cry on during hard times or something more practical like helping out on a project or a task.

It’s not just done once too. It needs to be consistent and reliable!

If someone cares about a person’s well-being and mental health, it’s a definite indication that they’re in a relationship because whatever happens, they got each other’s backs.

7) They have a sense of security in the relationship

When support is ever present between these two people, then it means they are both willing to put up the effort necessary to maintain that connection.

So if someone keeps showing up not just in times of joy but also during hard times, the other person would develop a sense of security, which makes a strong foundation.

Knowing that someone will always be there for you and will support you through whatever life throws at you can be a huge comfort.

Knowing that you can trust this person and there won’t be any reckless surprises lets the other person relax and be zen!

They would feel more comfortable taking risks because they feel valued and safe.

And most importantly, someone who’s in a relationship would be less anxious and paranoid when their partner is out with other people because they’ve already established trust and transparency.

8) They have more than just a physical connection

If someone is truly serious about another person, then intimacy would go beyond their physical connection.

Being in each other’s bedroom doesn’t mean they’re together, and it’s not a guarantee that it would eventually lead to a relationship either!

If they nurture other aspects of the relationship, like trust, communication, and mutual respect, they’re building something that would endure. Sex is only a part of the equation but not their focus.

A committed couple has meaningful conversations, does activities together, talks about the future, and spends more time outside the bedroom than a typical fling.

9) They are vulnerable with each other

And when they explore each other’s depths beyond sex, then they’re exposing their vulnerabilities to each other, which is one of the best gifts in any relationship.

Being vulnerable with each other helps create an emotionally healthy connection where both people take risks to open up and expose their true thoughts and feelings.

This can be extremely difficult if someone is used to dealing with and processing things on their own.

How can they be honest with their partner if they can’t be honest with themselves?

But with time and maturity, they would start opening up and talking about the experiences that haunt them or the things that keep them up at night.

Being vulnerable also includes admitting when one is wrong or has made a mistake, swallowing your pride after an argument and remembering that the relationship is bigger than your ego.

It was hard for my boyfriend and me to break each other’s hard shells, but let me tell you, it’s worth it! Now, we trust each other more than ever.

10) They forgive each other’s mistakes

Casual dating has made it so easy to cut ties when it becomes inconvenient.

But if two people have exposed each other’s vulnerabilities, that means they’ve gotten to know each other for who they truly are – no more pretensions!

And when someone knows who their partner is, they can understand where they’re coming from. Their habits, their attitudes, both positive and negative!

So when they make a mistake or fall short, they can forgive each other to make the relationship last.

When someone accepts another person’s shortcomings and is willing to move on, then they’re thinking long-term.

This means letting go of past hurts and arguments, being open to compromise and sympathy, and not harboring resentment.

My boyfriend and I always reassure each other that it’s us against the problem and never him against me.  

I know it’s a hard concept to embrace at first, but when two people acknowledge that they’re flawed and willing to evolve together, they can face anything.

So what’s the big deal about ‘labels’ anyway?

In the age of hook-ups and instant dating, there’s no denying that commitment is very hard to come by – at least regarding relationships.

Before, two individuals were either together or not. Now, there is this thing we call “situationship,” where two people talk and act like they’re together, but they’re not a couple.

A situationship has its perks.

Going out with different people is fun and even thrilling. But when you finally meet someone you like, or at least you think you like and enjoy spending time with, should you play it cool and just let whatever happen?

Or do you define whether or not you’re in a relationship? The answer? DTR.

DTR – Define The Relationship. For some, the confusion about whether you’re together or not is what makes it exciting. Surely, the thrill can be addictive.

It’s all “fun and games” until you realize it’s frustrating and mentally damaging.

According to psychiatrist Dr. Preeti Parakh, a relationship that lacks commitment “cannot be good for mental health” because “a lot of uncertainties are involved.”

“When one has invested a long time in a relationship which still is short of a fully committed relationship, it feels like a lot of time and effort has been wasted on something that is pointless,” Parakh said.

For some, dating is a process of getting to know someone you see as a potential partner. For others, it’s just a game.

But ultimately, to prevent hurting yourself and damaging another, always make sure that you’re on the same page.

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