15 subtle signs your girlfriend wants you to break up with her

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Your girlfriend isn’t giving you the most loving signals lately. 

Something has changed in her behavior and you can’t help but wonder if it’s possible she is reluctant to continue dating you. 

When your girlfriend wants you to break up with her, it can be tough. Not to mention that your ego may force you to keep trying a bit longer.

Fear not though! These 15 subtle signs will help you identify her intentions and decide what to do about your relationship.

1) She isn’t initiating contact with you as often anymore

A sure sign that your girlfriend wants you to break up with her is when she stops initiating contact. 

She doesn’t send you cute texts anymore and she doesn’t call you as often as before. In fact, you’re the only one showing interest in talking lately.

So, what does this mean? If she has lost interest in staying in close contact with you, then chances are she is trying to let you go. Or, she could be focusing on something else entirely.

This kind of behavior is usually how it begins. 

And the worst part? Things are probably not going to get better unless you do something about this.

2) Your girlfriend doesn’t laugh at your jokes anymore

Do you remember when she used to laugh at all your jokes? 

Well, those days are behind you. It’s clear that her feelings have changed and she isn’t laughing at your silly jokes anymore.

So, why is this important? Well, it’s because laughing is a way for us to show that we like and enjoy the person we’re with. 

So if she isn’t laughing at your goofy jokes anymore, then chances are her feelings for you have changed.

3) She doesn’t react to your body language anymore

Not long ago, this girl would always react to your body language. 

She used to pick up on the most subtle signals and would always react accordingly to what you were trying to imply.

But these days, she just isn’t responding as well. 

Why? Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet – the fact that she isn’t reacting means that things are different in your relationship.

However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. In fact, there is something you could do.

You see, women are highly tuned into the signals a man’s body is giving off…

They get an “overall impression” of a guy’s attractiveness and think of him as either “hot” or “not” based on these body language signals.

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4) Lately, your girlfriend goes out more often and without you

Is your girlfriend more socially active lately? 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about her going out with her friends and socializing.

However, if she is suddenly spending more time with her friends, this could mean that she has become less interested in spending time with you.

In addition, let me ask you this: Is she asking you to go out with her or not? 

If not, there’s a high possibility that your girlfriend wants you to break up with her.

5) She makes promises that she doesn’t keep

Unless your girlfriend is the type of person who makes promises that she doesn’t keep, then you can disregard this point.

If not and she has just recently started to do this, then you have to start wondering why.

It could be because she wants to get you off her back, or it could be because she is telling you a lie.

But regardless, it’s clear that she isn’t being completely honest with you anymore. And this could be a subtle sign that she wants you to break up with her.

6) Your girlfriend refuses to make plans with you

Want to know what it means if your girlfriend is suddenly avoiding making plans with you? 

Well, one way or another, this type of behavior can be a sign that she wants you to end things. 

Maybe she’s starting to become comfortable without you and her desire for a relationship with you is waning.

Or, maybe she is trying to keep you at a distance. Because if she doesn’t spend too much time with you, chances are that she won’t miss you as much when she breaks things off (or you do).

Either way, it’s clear that something is wrong with your relationship. 

And if there is one thing I want you to remember, it’s this: Don’t sit back and do nothing while someone else decides how your love life will end up!

7) She stopped obsessing over every little thing you do

By the looks of it, the honeymoon phase of your relationship is over. 

How do I know? A while ago, when you two fell in love, she used to obsess over absolutely everything you did.

But, these days, she doesn’t seem impressed at all. It’s like she lost interest in making sure that she knows every little thing you do.

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8) Your girlfriend stopped being jealous altogether

Do you know what happens when your girlfriend stops being jealous? 

No, it doesn’t mean that she is more confident.  It doesn’t mean that she trusts you either.

Unsurprisingly enough, this type of behavior can indicate that she wants you to break up with her.

Granted, it’s a highly unlikely occurrence that she will just stop being jealous in the middle of everything. In fact, it’s even less likely that she will simply stop being jealous overnight. 

But it’s worth noting that if she is becoming less and less jealous about what you do whenever you’re out of her sight, then chances are that she wants you two to break up.

9) She no longer talks about herself and her life

It’s said that women love to talk about themselves, right? Well, if you notice that your girlfriend isn’t talking about herself anymore, then it’s safe to assume that something is wrong.

What could be happening here? Well, one thing you could consider is that she doesn’t want to share the things that happen in her life anymore. 

The reason? She either doesn’t feel as close to you as she did before, or she is trying to hide something from you. Maybe she doesn’t want to get into details because these details could hurt you one way or the other.

10) Your girlfriend has a neverending bad mood

Some girls tend to have bad moods all the time, and it doesn’t take much to make them even worse.

But if your girlfriend seems like she is in a bad mood for the past few weeks, then chances are she doesn’t want to be around you anymore.

And what about if she is being negative all the time? This could very well be the trademark sign of a woman who doesn’t want you in her life.

After all, this type of behavior can be indicative of someone who wants you to break up with them. 

11) Your sex life has changed during the past weeks

Sparks were flying between the two of you at the beginning of your relationship. But lately, things have changed.

Your girlfriend doesn’t express her desire for you physically. Also, when you two have sex, it feels different. It feels like something is missing. 

Now, does this mean that you should break up with her? No. 

But, it could mean that’s what she wants you to do.

Now, sex isn’t always great. However, if you noticed a change in the chemistry between the two of you, then this could be the sign you’re looking for.

But wait, is there something you can do about this? Yes, it is!

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12) She picks up fights about the smallest things

Look, if your girlfriend gets in a fight with you over the smallest of things, then chances are that she desires to break up with you.

This is because fights can be indicative of someone who wants to get away from you. 

What do you fight about? 

Well, if it paints her in a good light, then she will probably defend her actions. But if it paints her in a bad light, then she will most likely get upset with you and fight with you.

Either way, she is clearly being purposefully disagreeable. And this could be because she wants you to end things with her.

13) Your girlfriend stopped asking for your opinion

If your girlfriend no longer asks you for your opinion on certain things that happen in her life, then this could be a sign that she no longer cares about what you think.

Why? Well, this action could mean that she is slowly trying to distance herself away from you.

And if that doesn’t sound bad enough, remember that when a girl pulls away from you, there is a high chance that she wants to break up with you.

In case she pulls away from you a lot lately, then the chances are even higher.

14) She does things you don’t like and she knows it

Let’s face it, everyone likes to be around people who understand and unconditionally love them. 

But what happens when those people do things that they know will make you upset? 

To be honest, they are probably trying to end things with you

If your girlfriend is doing things that you don’t like on purpose, then you might want to think twice about staying with her.

Because if she is willing to do these things, then she doesn’t care how you feel. And if she doesn’t care how you feel, then your relationship is definitely on the rocks.

15) Your girlfriend has other priorities in her life

Everyone has different priorities. Some people have their jobs, and others have their families. Some people have their love lives, and others have their career goals.

But what if your girlfriend has a lot of these different things in her life? 

Maybe when you two met she didn’t have so many things going on in her life. But now she has so many different things going on, that it could be irritating to you.

What could be happening here? 

Well, if your girlfriend claims to have no time for you and she’s always busy with different projects without even bothering to check in with you, then there is a chance that she wants you to break up with her.

You know what you need to do next…

No matter how strange these signs are, all of them seem to give you a clear message: she wants you to break up with her. 

But, is there something that you can do to change her mind?

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