15 signs she likes you even if she has a boyfriend

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What do you do if you find yourself trying to catch your crush’s eye in the library and they are already taken?

What can you do to find out if they have feelings for you?

We’ve compiled the top signs she likes you even if she has a boyfriend and see for yourself if you are in the same situation.

1) She gives you her number

She has a boyfriend, but she still gives you her number.

It may feel strange to get her phone number when she already has a guy, but if she gives it, then it’s also a sign that she likes you.

If you have to ask her for her number, it might be because she doesn’t want to be seen talking to you.

She can tell her boyfriend she was just giving out her number and he will never know the truth.

She might be hoping you would contact her, and have a conversation thru messaging or call.

If she likes you and gives you her number, call her and ask her to hang out.

Women tend to act on their emotions and affection more than men do, so you can use that to your advantage to get the girl.

If she does it, it might mean that she wants to go out with you.

However, it could also mean that she is open to connecting with you in a platonic way.

Whatever her reasons are, you can always tell she likes you by the way you exchange conversations.

If she is hinting at something more than a mere friendship, then the rest is up to you.

2) She sends you a sweet text

If she sends you a sweet text, it is likely that she likes you.

If you are getting to know a girl, then the next natural thing you would do would be to send her a text.

Do this even if there are no romantic intentions involved.

There are plenty of guys in the world who do not take the time to get to know girls before flirting, but that does not mean that girls don’t like them.

For girls with boyfriends, sending another man a message might not be as easy as it looks.

But if she has feelings for that man, she will ultimately send feelers through text messages one way or another.

Here’s a scenario.

She hasn’t texted you in a while, and then all of a sudden she texts you a sweet text.

You’re probably thinking that it’s just a coincidence that she texts you right after not texting you, but chances are it isn’t.

Her recent text could have been something simple like “Hey” or any other generic message.

If she sends you a sweet text, then the odds are high that she likes you.

It’s not to say that she is the only one who sends sweet text messages.

However, sending a sweet text message is a way that you let the other person know that they matter to you.

Perhaps she is trying to hide her feelings, but the truth is, she probably likes you. 

If you get a sweet text from your crush after not hearing from each other for some time, take it as a sign that they like you.

The best thing to do would be to send her another message back and see where things go from there.

When you send her a text, it is a message that you are interested in her, and she feels the same way about you.

The more texts you send and receive, the more of a connection there will be.

3) She looks for excuses to hang out with you

She doesn’t hesitate to hang out with you – even if she is involved with somebody else.

If she is not trying hard to hide it, then there’s a pretty good chance that she likes you.

If your crush invites you out to lunch or coffee, it is likely that she likes you.

It could also mean that she has taken interest in spending time with you.

Going out with her to social events will help build a friendship and possibly something more later on.

What if it’s the other way around? What if you ask her out?

If your crush likes you and says yes to an invitation, then it is likely that she wants to see what could come of her liking you.

If she is trying to find ways to hang out with you, then it’s a major sign that she likes you.

Most girls have their ways of asking a guy to hang out with them.

If she is looking for excuses from her boyfriend, then there are high chances that she likes you.

If she hangs out with you more than she hangs out with her man, then that is a sure-fire way of telling you she has feelings for you.

But here’s the catch.

Remember that she is currently in a relationship, so any get-together with her is not that easy.

Both of you will find yourselves in a complicated situation in the days to come.

But hey, now you know that she likes you.

Do what you want with that information.

4) She keeps up communications

It’s one thing to exchange greetings or a few text messages, but it’s another thing to be each other’s text mate regularly. 

With girls, it makes sense to communicate your feelings more than a guy does.

Women are talkers, whether they like to admit it or not.

They love to talk about their feelings and air out their issues.

She has a boyfriend, but she constantly communicates with you.

What does this tell you?

If she wants to keep up communications with you, then there are high chances that she likes you.

One of the best ways to get a girl’s attention is by sending her messages on a regular basis.

It is the simplest way to let her know that you are still interested in her and you want your conversations with her to grow.

If she keeps up with you, even if she’s in a relationship, then there is a 90% chance she has some feelings for you.

She won’t jeopardize her current relationship if she doesn’t like you.

5) She plays with her hair when she sees you

Picture this.

You are walking into a room and spotted her with her man.

Upon seeing you, her eyes lit up as she played with her hair and recognized you.

What’s up with that?

Girls fidget in many ways, and it could be a sign that they have feelings for you.

If she plays with her hair when she sees you, it is likely that she likes you.

What does playing with the hair mean?

Playing with the hair is often done subconsciously by people.

Some do it to look adorable, while others do it to try to get out of a situation they are not comfortable in.

If she sees you and plays with her hair, it’s a huge sign that she likes you.

It takes 11 minutes for a woman to have her romance radar going.

Nine of those minutes are spent thinking about what will happen if they like the man they see, and two minutes are spent playing with her hair.

When a woman is nervous, she will do things to distract herself from the situation.

She will play with her hair, bite her nails, or do any other number of things.

The way she plays with her hair is a big sign that she has feelings for you – and she’s probably not hiding about it, not even to her man.

6) She asks personal questions about you

Asking personal questions is often a sign that she has romantic feelings for you.

When you first meet her, she might ask some personal questions about your life.

At the same time, she might share some information about herself- sometimes leaving out her personal romantic relationship.

She will feel comfortable doing so if she likes you.

If she wants to get to know you more, she will ask some personal questions about you like where you live, what’s your favorite color, etc.

When she does this, think of it as a hint that she likes you.

She will only ask these questions if she has some sort of feelings for you.

Otherwise, she’ll just stick with her man and shrug you off.

So if she pries about your personal details, maybe she’s just gauging if you could be her next romantic relationship.

She might be considering breaking up with her current flame and is trying to evaluate you as her potential boyfriend.

7) She giggles uncontrollably when talking about something funny

Most women love men with humor.

Think about this.

When you two were talking in the past, she might have laughed at something you said.

If you chuckled along, chances are that you gave her a good laugh that made her feel happy.

Now, if she is currently not romantically available but still giggles uncontrollably at your average jokes, then this might mean something.

And if this happened without any hesitation on her part, it’s a great sign that she has feelings for you.

If a girl likes you, she will laugh about jokes and stories or whatever the topic is.

She might even find you funnier than her current boo.

Way to go funny guy!

You just earned yourself an admirer.

8) She wants to spend more time with you, but doesn’t have time

Hear me out.

If she’s looking for ways to hang out with you even if she doesn’t have time, this means she likes you.

As much as she loves spending time with her man, she also wants to spend time with you, then it only means one thing.

It’s a sign that she’s got feelings for you.

She can always think of excuses to spend more time with you.

For example, she can say,

“I can’t meet up with you for lunch because I have prior plans, but how about we grab coffee after work?”

If she wants to see you even if she doesn’t have time for it, then she has feelings for you.

Spending time together is a big sign of a girl having feelings for you.

If she wants more time with you, but can’t fit it into her schedule -due to her boyfriend, then there’s a high chance that she has feelings for you.

She will get angry from time to time if her boyfriend is not approving or being supportive of her relationship with you.

She may not even be aware that she has feelings for you- only that she’s happy when she’s with you.

As for you, it’s up to you to decide.

9) She never denies your invitations

It’s a very simple matter to say yes or no.

But when you ask a girl to hang out with you,  and she always comes, then you might find yourself an admirer.

She wants to spend more time having conversations with you than going out and socializing with other people, or even her boyfriend.

She considers you just a friend but your company is what she always roots for.

This is because she wants your attention and wants more time with you.

So if a girl almost always says yes to your invitations-even if she has a boyfriend- then there is a high chance that she likes you.

10) She makes an effort to talk to you when you two see each other in a public place

This is another way women try to show their interest in a man.

If she is consistently paying attention to you, chances are that she has feelings for you.

She will make an effort to talk to you just by coming into your vicinity.

She does this because she wants to spend more time with you, not just for any superficial reason like the other girls do.

If you notice that she comes to you and wants to carry on a conversation with you in a public place, even if she’s with her boyfriend, then there’s a big chance that she likes you.

Read along for more signs.

11) She is nice to you

There are times when your crush seems friendlier towards you than her boyfriend.

It could be whether she’s going out of her way to be nice to you or even coming up to you after class and greeting your group.

It’s a sign that maybe there is something more than friendship between the two of you.

When she sees you, she will look at you with a smile on her face.

She will then pretend to be busy doing something else while shooting you a glance to see how your day is going.

She worries about you and she makes sure you know it by talking to you or texting you or calling you.

She only shows you goodness and she always acknowledges your presence.

So if she seems to be extra friendly and extra nice, then it is safe to assume that she likes you.

12) She shows interest in your life

This is another sign that she likes you. If she’s asking about your relationship status, then it may mean that she wants a relationship.

She asks this because she likes you and what you have to offer.

She may also be in a rebound-type relationship and is looking for something else.

She might just want a friend, but if she is interested in your life then it is a good sign that she has feelings for you.

Again, if she does anything to make you feel comfortable and happy, this means she has feelings for you.

Such as if she asks about your day or how it went.

If there are moments of silence when you’re both together and she still initiates conversation with you, then this could mean something else too.

13) She’s always supportive of your career goals

As a friend, she backs you up to follow your dreams. She wants to see you make them come true.

She appears to be supportive of your dream, but if she starts to support you more than her boyfriend, then she has feelings for you.

This goes on a deeper level.

She enjoys the time she spends with you because she wants to see how far you can go in life.

She will make you feel important and wanted by her.

She might even help support your decisions and help you move ahead with your plans.

She doesn’t just speculate about the career path that you’re on but will be there with all the support when you start it.

She might even defy her boyfriend’s feelings just to support you.

This is a clear sign that she likes you.

14) She makes sure that she’s not seen in public with her man when she sees you

This is another sign that she has a crush on you.

She doesn’t want people to make assumptions and jump to conclusions, so she will make sure that she‘s not seen with her man in any public place.

She also wants you to think that she’s single, so this also helps her in her impression of you.

She would go out of her way to make sure that you don’t get the wrong impression.

You can notice the change in her attitude when she sees your face.

When she sees you, you might be able to see the smile on her face and in her eyes.

This is a way for her to show you how much she cares about you.

She wants to spend time with you and she doesn’t want anything to get in the way except her man.

This is a sign that she is trying to hide from her man.

And last but not the least,

15) She gets jealous of other girls

When she sees another girl flirting with you or starts talking to you, she may be upset because she has feelings for you.

You may also notice that this is when the friendliness starts to decrease. She might even be jealous of other woman’s looks

If she is jealous of you and another girl, then it’s a highly likely chance that she likes you.

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity in many cases, so when she feels insecure, then she will try to make her relationship stronger through jealousy.

If she’s with her boyfriend, she might even get closer to him to make you jealous too.

She wants you to think that other girls are interested in you, although, in reality, she doesn’t want them near you.

However, the truth of the matter is,

No matter how jealous she gets, she can’t do anything because you are not her man and she is not your girl.

There you have it!

When a woman shows interest in you, or if she likes you, it doesn’t matter how many relationships she has been in or if she is currently not romantically available.

That means that she wants to make something work out with you.

That is why these signs are there to make sure that you notice her feelings for you and act accordingly.

So always be on the lookout.

Now that you know the signs, the next course of action is up to you.

However, know that whatever decision you make, there will be corresponding consequences.

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