15 brutal signs she never loved you

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You were in a relationship with this girl and now you’re not so sure if she ever loved you. 

You are overwhelmed with thoughts like, “Was it all an act?” 

I’ve been there and in an effort to help you out – and to avoid the embarrassment of asking her outright – I’ve made a list of 15 brutal signs she may never have loved you.

Let’s jump right in!

15 brutal signs she never loved you

1) She has never acknowledged any of your efforts.

You’ve done everything you could to salvage your relationship. 

You’ve apologized for any wrong-doings. You’ve made yourself available to her at all hours of the day, and you’ve even purchased gifts for her every now and then.

You’ve tried to be a good boyfriend, but nothing changed her mind. She didn’t appreciate anything you did for her, not even your efforts to keep the relationship alive.

If you think about it, things were one-sided between you two. You were the one who did everything, while she did nothing but criticize you.

Unfortunately, this is a sign that she has never really loved you. 

2) You were not the best conversationalist.

You can get to women using the right words. But, if you don’t know what to say, it’s hard to make them love you.

So, think back and ask yourself these questions:

  • Was she listening to you talk for hours?
  • Were your conversations engaging?

If they weren’t, this could be the reason you two started off on the wrong foot and she never ended up loving you.

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3) She has acted mysteriously and often lied to you.

Unfortunately, this was the case with your ex-girlfriend. You saw her as a mystery woman and she kept acting like that on a daily basis. 

You never knew what her plans were, or why she was always doing this and that.

Maybe she appeared mysterious to you, but the confusing thing about this mystery is the fact that she never told you the truth. 

She’d always lie to you without giving an honest explanation for her actions.

The only clues you had to what she was thinking or doing were lies or half-truths. 

In fact, she told you things that didn’t make sense, and she seemed to have a different story every time you talked to her.

4) She has never considered your needs.

Your needs weren’t important to her. When you told her about something you wanted, she didn’t give it much thought. 

On the contrary, she always seemed to find a way to lecture you instead.

She didn’t care about your feelings, let alone the things you needed in order to feel happy. 

The main idea is that it doesn’t matter if you’re jealous or not; if you have trust issues or not; if your values are different or not… If a woman truly loves you, she’ll do everything she can to meet your needs.

So, I hate to break it to you; but if she only thought about herself, there’s no way she has ever loved you.

5) She has never tried to resolve any disagreements before they became serious.

This is a huge red flag for a relationship. Personally, I think this is one of the most common signs she never loved you.

If there was ever an issue between you two, and if she never tried to resolve it to avoid more problems, chances are that she never loved you. 

She didn’t care about your feelings or whether you were hurt or not; all because she was too concerned about herself and her needs!

If this was the case, then you shouldn’t blame yourself for the breakup.

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6) She has never given you a good reason for dumping you.

Another sign this girl never loved you is her inability to give you a good reason for dumping you.

If she gave you an excuse, there’s a good chance she loved you. However, if she couldn’t give a valid explanation, then it’s possible that she never loved you.

Superficial reasons women use to break up with guys they don’t care about are common and they may include :

  • I met someone else.
  • We’re not on the same page.
  • You have too many problems.

On the other hand, if she gave you a good reason, such as “we’re not compatible,” or “we want different things from life,” it may be harder to heal. 

At least with the common excuses, you can move on with your life and leave her in your past.

7) She has never talked about your future together.

Your ex never talked about your future together. She didn’t bring up the topic or discuss any plans for your future.

When you tried to talk about your future together, she’d find a reason to change the subject or avoid it at all costs.

Why? It could be because she never took you seriously. It’s possible she never cared about your relationship or your future together. 

So, read between the lines, and you’ll realize this is a clear sign she never loved you. 

Not wanting to talk about the future points to a lack of commitment in the relationship. 

She wasn’t ready to build a future with you and make plans for the months ahead, but she made you believe she was interested in doing so for as long as it served her needs.

8) She has never appreciated you for who you are.

Your ex never appreciated who you were as a person. She didn’t seem to understand your skills and talents, or even encourage you to use them.

I think what we all need as people is acceptance and love for who we are, but if your ex-partner never seemed to care about your character, then that’s another sign that she never loved you. 

There are many signs that show a woman’s appreciation of your uniqueness, including:

  • She accepts and loves your differences. 
  • She doesn’t make you feel inferior to her. 
  • She keeps negative thoughts about your personality to herself. 
  • She doesn’t make fun of your flaws or limit the expression of your uniqueness.

Was this your case?

9) She has moved on already.

What does it mean if your ex has already moved on?

  • You were never that important to her. 
  • She always had one or more men waiting for her to be single again.
  • She probably had a secret relationship with another guy for longer than you think.
  • You were just a stepping stone in her life, and she wanted to get over you quickly.

So, if she has moved on, it’s more likely you were second on her list. If this was the case, then chances are that she never truly loved you.

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10) She wasn’t jealous at all.

Jealousy is definitely not good, especially if it’s not based on real reasons. However, it can be a sign of love

If your ex didn’t even blink when you were talking to other women, then there was no love in her heart. 

The fact that she was so comfortable with other women around you, even when she was with you, is a clear sign that she didn’t have deep feelings for you. 

Or, maybe she was just being over-confident and you should disregard this point.

11) She was never there for you in your bad moments.

Another aspect to consider when trying to determine whether she loved you or not is if she was there for you when you were going through a difficult moment. 

If she wasn’t, then it’s definitely a clear sign she didn’t care about your feelings

In other words, if she wasn’t there for you when you needed her, her actions pointed to self-centeredness and selfishness, which have nothing to do with love.

12) She was more interested in being with other people than with you.

If she didn’t want to spend time with you, but she was always ready to meet up with her friends, then it’s possible that she had little to no interest in being with you. 

For her, your relationship was nothing more than a temporary situation. 

Being with you wasn’t that important to her, and she wanted to end it for good.

13) She hasn’t texted you since you broke up.

In case she hasn’t texted you since breaking up with you, it’s more likely she didn’t care about the two of you being together. 

If she was into the relationship and really cared about who you are as a person, then why would she act like this? 

The truth is: she wouldn’t!

14) You never felt truly loved by her.

Feeling loved is an important part of being in a relationship. If you don’t feel loved, then there’s no point in being together. 

If she cared about your feelings and cared about your well-being, then she would do everything she could to make you feel loved by her.

The fact that you never felt truly loved points to a lack of love in the relationship.

15) She was only into the physical aspect of your relationship.

If you were in a sexual relationship with your ex, but she never asked you how you are, or if something is wrong with you, then it’s possible that she didn’t care about you and what was happening in your life. 

If she was more interested in the physical part of the relationship than the emotional part, then it’s likely that there wasn’t love involved.

She never loved you, what next?

The signs above point to the brutal truth that she has never loved you. 

In this case, the best thing you could do is move on and find a woman who sees you for who you truly are and who will love you unconditionally.

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