15 definite signs she likes you but is holding back (the only list you’ll need!)

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There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure someone out. 

Are they interested or not? What are the signs she likes you but is holding back? 

The idea of being with someone is exciting, but also nerve-wracking. There are so many reasons why a girl might hesitate before jumping into anything serious with a guy. 

She might like him as well, but for some reason still has reservations about taking things further. It can be difficult for men to read women and see if they’ll put out or not. 

But there’s hope! 

Here are 15 definite signs that will help you figure out whether she likes you but is holding back:

1) She avoids making eye contact with you

The first definite sign she likes you but is holding back is that she avoids making eye contact with you.

It’s true that she might have many things on her mind, like school, home, and friends, and that’s why she might not look at you.

But it’s also possible that she avoids making eye contact with you as a way of keeping you at an arm’s length because she likes you. 

Perhaps she’s afraid of looking at you too much because she feels some attraction that she doesn’t want to acknowledge. 

If so, it might be a sign that she likes you but is trying to be aloof.

2) You notice she gets nervous around you

Another sign that she likes you but is holding back is that she gets nervous around you.

Signs a woman is nervous around a guy she likes are:

  • She keeps fidgeting.
  • She touches her hair a lot.
  • She constantly looks away.
  • She looks at her feet and avoids eye contact.
  • She starts smiling and laughing too easily, or even laughing when there’s nothing to be amused about.
  • She’s very distracted and can’t focus on what you’re saying.
  • Her voice gets a little high pitch and she seems to stutter around you. 
  • She gets flushed and her cheeks turn red.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably because she’s nervous around you because of the attraction she feels.

3) She finds ways to show off when you’re around

Next, you might notice that she is trying to show off when you’re around.

To be more precise, she might use this opportunity to show you her best qualities, as a way of trying to impress you so you’ll be interested in her.

For example, she might show off her intelligence or her skills in a particular area. She could even try to show you her sense of humor or her funnier side.

All this is just an attempt to get your attention and make you notice how great she is. 

But, of course, she knows that you’re the one she should be impressing and not the other way around. 

If you notice a girl doing this, it’s a sure sign that she likes you but is holding back. 

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5) She reacts to most of your posts on social media

Want to know another definite sign that she likes you but is holding back? If she reacts to most of your status updates and posts on social media.

If there’s something you posted to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, she’ll probably react to it. That means she’s reading what you write online and paying attention to what you post, including your photos. 

It shows she’s interested in what you have to say and likes the way you look, too.

So, if you notice that she reacts to most of your posts, there’s a good chance that she likes you but is trying to keep her feelings to herself.

6) This girl finds excuses to talk to you

Here is another sign that she likes you but is holding back. It’s when a girl finds excuses to talk to you.

Let me explain:

She could ask you to help her with something. Or she could ask you for your advice about something. 

Anything that gives her an opportunity to start a conversation with you is good. Want to know why?

It’s because she’s trying to make things more comfortable, which is a sign that she likes you. 

But this could also be a sign that she’s hesitant about her feelings for you, and is afraid of taking it further. 

So, it’s up to you to see if other signs apply.

7) She talks about being single a lot

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever had a conversation with a girl who is always talking about her relationship status (single)? If yes, then that’s another definite sign that she likes you but is holding back.

Why would she talk about being single so much if she wasn’t interested in anyone? Maybe it’s because she wants to know what you think of her revealing this information. 

If so – and you like her too – then give her what she wants. React to it. You’re guaranteed to make a great impression on her with your reaction.

Of course, make sure your reaction is positive and not negative.

8) She can’t get enough of listening to you

Another definite sign that this girl likes you but is holding back is that she can’t get enough of listening to you.

She’d love to hear from you every day and she’d love to talk about stuff with you every day. 

This means she really likes what you have to say and wants more of it. She wants to know more about who you are – both your good points and your bad ones.

If so, you might not know what to say to her. 

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9) You notice signs of jealousy in her behavior

Want to know more?

If she likes you but is holding back, her behavior might change when another woman shows some interest in you.

You see, if she’s interested in you and sees that another woman likes you, she might get jealous.

It could show itself in a number of ways:

  • She might be more critical or even rude to the other woman.
  • She might be more protective over you and try to keep you to herself. 
  • She might try to make you jealous by flirting with other guys. 

For most girls, this is something they can’t help doing. It’s just in their nature.

10) She asks you a lot of “what if” questions

If she likes you but is holding back, she might ask you a lot of “what if” questions.

One of the things we do when we like someone is to ask ourselves “what if” questions to see what would happen if things were different. 

For example, she might ask things like:

“What would you do if you won the lottery?”

“What would you do if you found out your presumable girlfriend is pregnant?”

She asks you these questions because she wants to know what you’d do in this situation. And, of course, she’s imagining that it’s her instead of some other person.

If she asks you these “what if” questions, it’s a big show of her feelings for you. It’s because she wants to know what might happen. She wants to be with you but is still unsure of how that would work out.

11) Her body language gives her away

Want to know how to tell if she likes you but is holding back? She’s probably giving you signs through her body language too.

For example, she might stand a little closer to you or touch your arm when talking to you. 

If she does this, it means she’s physically aware of being around you and could get uncomfortable when there is a little distance between the two of you.

Another indication that she likes you but might be holding back is her body position. She might be facing you, leaning towards you, or even standing with her hip touching yours in some way.

12) She isn’t ready to go in-depth with your conversations

Another sign that she likes you but is holding back is that she doesn’t want to go in-depth with your conversations.

For example, she’s not interested in talking about her job, or the specific details of what she does. She wants to make it more general so that you don’t get too close to her and learn things about her you shouldn’t know.

Or, she might take the opportunity to tell you more about her favorite topics, such as politics or science. 

Again, this is to keep the conversation light and general. These are things that you should be aware of when trying to get to know her.

13) This girl looks flawless all the time

Want to know what else to look for?

If a girl likes you, she might go to great lengths to keep her looks flawless.

This is something that’s pretty normal for women – especially when the guy she likes is really good-looking. 

She could spend crazy amounts of time, money, and resources to look perfect for you all the time. For example:

  • She might fix her hair all the time.
  • She might spend hours in front of a mirror doing her make-up every day. 
  • She could dye her hair or even get a temporary tattoo to be sure she always looks cool.

All these things are definitely signs that she likes you and might be holding back. But it’s up to you to see if there are more signs on this list too, or not.

14) Your friends told you she asked about you

Want to know if this girl likes you but is holding back? 

One way to know for sure is if she asked your friends about you. If she did, this shows she is interested in you but doesn’t want to take things to the next level yet.

She wants to keep it casual and casual all the way. This is totally understandable. She doesn’t want to deal with the drama of moving too quickly in her feelings for you.

Still, if she did ask your friends about you, then this indicates she’s definitely into you and might try something more serious soon.

15) She often goes hot and cold 

One way to see if this girl likes you but is holding back is by her “hot and cold” behavior.

For example, one minute she could be really warm to you and then the next she’s as distant as possible. 

Then, a few minutes later, she might be intensely interested in what you have to say and paying full attention. 

She acts like this because she’s trying to find a way to balance her emotions around you – between being nice to you and not wanting anything serious yet.

Is it true the longer you hide your feelings the harder you fall? 

So, what’s the answer? Does she like you? And if she does, is it true that the longer she hides her feelings, the harder she will fall for you?

This is where it gets tricky. There are some experts who believe that will happen, but there are others who disagree.

Depending on how strong her feelings for you already are, she might fall harder for you if nothing happens to scare her off. Or, she might want to stay in the casual zone without feeling too invested.

So one question you need to ask is “how strong are her feelings towards me?”

If she really likes you and wants you, she’ll be open to a relationship with you even if it means risking getting hurt emotionally. 

But if she’s not that into you, it might be best to wait for the right time, or someone else who’s more available for a relationship with you now.

How does a girl act around her crush?

Except for the signs that I’ve already mentioned, there are other aspects you can look out for that sometimes give away the girl’s feelings for you.

These are the types of things you can see when you first start talking to a new person or get to know someone better.

One way a girl shows she likes you is by how she acts around you. 

She might be very affectionate with you, and this is something that’s pretty normal for people who like each other.

If she really loves you and wants a relationship, she’ll be relaxed and open with you.

But if she’s not sure about the relationship yet, she might be a little closed off around you. This can mean a few different things.

For example, she might be more reserved when she talks to you. She might also not make a lot of eye contact or she could act really subtle around you. 

If she does show any interest in you, it could be as subtle as leaning towards you when talking to make sure you get her point or including some kind of romantic gesture with her touch.

Does this sound familiar? 

If it does, then maybe this girl is definitely interested in you but is still not sure if she wants a relationship.

Final thoughts

By now you should know whether she likes you but is holding back or not. 

This article is just an overview of the signs that can give you insight into the girl’s emotional state toward you. 

Every relationship develops at different speeds, and there are many factors that can sway a relationship in one direction or another. 

The important thing is to not push a girl too fast, even if she seems to like you a lot and seems to be interested in you.

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