15 unfortunate signs she is thinking about another man (and what to do about it)

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A woman’s thoughts about another man may not seem like a big deal, but it is an indication that she could be looking for a new relationship. 

If your girlfriend thinks about other guys, these are 15 unfortunate signs you should watch for:

1) She has been less affectionate than usual

If your girlfriend is normally very affectionate, but becomes distant and cold, you have to start getting wary.

For example, she usually initiates physical contact and cuddling, or at least gives you frequent hugs and kisses, but then she stops cuddling or being affectionate with you. She may even start backing away from you and not want to sit next to you in public. 

This could mean that she’s now more focused on other guys and isn’t as committed to your relationship as before.

And you know the worse part is? She has been less interested in making love with you. Instead, she might be fantasizing about having sex with her other guy. 

And if her thoughts about other men include sex, her interest in sex may decrease. She might initiate sexual encounters less often, and might not be as interested in sex when you do try to initiate it.

Showing affection is an important part of a relationship, and should be reciprocated regularly. If your girlfriend suddenly stops showing you affection, it’s a definite sign she is thinking about another man.

2) She’s suddenly been more secretive on the phone or on social media

This is such a big giveaway – if a woman is thinking about another man and then becomes more secretive about what she’s doing on the phone or on social media, it’s time to worry.

Most of the time, people get more secretive when they’re hiding something, and if your girlfriend has been acting secretive and you’ve noticed other signs she is thinking about another man, this could be the reason. 

Get this, if ever you try to check her phone, she gets furious and doesn’t want you to know what she’s been doing. That’s definitely a sign that a man is in her mind, but unfortunately not you.

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4) She has developed an interest in someone else

A woman who is thinking about another man might start paying attention to him or flirt with him on social media. 

She may have started looking at his profile, liking the photos he posts, or commenting on them in the hopes that he will notice her back. 

The worse part? She may even ask some people about him. You might here from someone else that your girlfriend has been asking around about this particular guy, or she may do it in subtle ways such as adding or following the guy’s friends on social media.

These are all signs that she could be developing feelings for him.

5) She has suddenly stopped hanging out with you as much

This one is self-explanatory, if your girlfriend doesn’t want to see you or spends less time with you, another guy is staying rent-free in her mind. 

This is especially true if you two used to hang out together all the time, but now she seems to have less interest in spending time with you. 

Remember when she used to plan things to do together or she knows your schedule so she can sync her free time with you? That’s not the case anymore – now, she does things last-minute or doesn’t show up at all. 

Another possible sign she is thinking about another man is if she starts cancelling plans with you at the last minute – like if you’re meeting for lunch and then your phone rings or you get a late-night text message saying she can’t make it. 

Sorry to tell you but this could mean she’s thinking about another guy.

6) She becomes quieter and more reserved

If your girlfriend becomes quieter and more reserved, she may be thinking about another man.

Think of this: she was all over you before but now she just walks beside you like a zombie. Or she gets quiet when watching a movie that involves relationships.

A woman who is thinking about another man will usually avoid activities that remind her of your relationship. It’s like she feels more comfortable watching a movie that doesn’t involve relationships or talking about dating.

She might even start inserting jokes about you and your relationship into conversations with other people.

She used to want to be close with you, but now she’s starting to get distant and not interested in getting close anymore because she is thinking about another guy.

7) She stops complimenting you

If your girlfriend normally compliments you, but then seems to stop, it’s time to check in to see if she’s thinking about another man.

Women tend to give compliments when they like a guy, but when they are romantically interested in another guy, they may just stop complimenting you.

Here’s an example: she usually tells you that you look nice in your clothes or that she likes your tie, but then she stops commenting on your appearance and seems uninterested in your fashion choices. 

Or, she used to tell you how cute you look wearing a certain outfit, but now she doesn’t say anything about your looks or acknowledge your effort that you did your hair.

If she stops complimenting you, it’s usually a sign that she is thinking about another man.

8) She asks you less questions and is more distracted

A woman with divided attention will usually ask you less questions, and become more distracted by other things in her life.

You remember right how she used to ask what was for dinner, or how your day went, but now she doesn’t even seem to hear the question. She might even seem more distracted than usual. 

Your girlfriend used to ask you so many questions and now she seems to want to avoid talking about things that remind her of your relationship. If this is the case, she might be thinking about another man.

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9) She has been dressing differently

A woman who is thinking about another man typically likes to dress up or wear sexy clothes so other men will notice her.

It’s like she gives off the vibe that she is trying to change herself for you, but it is more about her wanting to impress other guys than wanting to impress you

When a woman’s sense of fashion suddenly changes, it is highly possible that she is thinking about another guy.

It’s like she just doesn’t care about looking good for you anymore because she’s already thinking about someone else.

10) She engages in meaningless text messages with other guys

It’s certainly normal that your girlfriend has guy friends, but if she is texting them more often and becoming quieter when they come up in conversation, it could mean that she is thinking about another guy.

Picture this: she might ignore a phone call from her best friend to text another guy back. Or, she might become silent when you ask who just called because she doesn’t want to confess that it was a guy. 

If she is texting other guys more often and becoming more vague or quiet when you ask who she was speaking with, her heart could be divided between you and another man.

11) She starts complaining about you or your relationship more often

When she doesn’t seem to be interested in the conversation and just sends short replies or questions that don’t go anywhere and the conversation seems pointless. You may want to ask yourself what’s going on. 

In some cases, she might get upset with you. She may suddenly start complaining when you don’t treat her right like you did before. She might even talk to others about your relationship and how it’s not working anymore. This means that she is thinking about another man.

You’re noticing that she has more bad things to say than the good things about your relationship.

This could mean that she is repressing her feelings for another man and it’s coming out in a negative way towards you because she feels like there is no outlet for her repressed emotions. 

12) She flirts with other men

You will know if she’s only being friendly or if she’s flirting with another guy.

You will usually be able to tell if your girlfriend is flirting with other guys by her body language and her tone of voice. It can be as simple as watching how she looks at them, or how much attention she pays to them while they’re talking. 

Or you may notice that she tells a lot of jokes and gives a lot of compliments to guys who aren’t even your friends.

Watch out! This may mean that she is not really committed to you and your relationship. She may also do things like actually talk to other guys, or approach them to ask questions. 

If you see her doing this, she might be thinking about a different guy than yours.

13) She seems distant and disconnected from you emotionally

A woman who is thinking about someone else will withdraw emotionally from you. She might not touch you, she does not seem interested in closeness with you, and she may act like she is unaware of your presence. 

Sometimes, it can happen that she completely withdraws from you and goes right back to ignoring you.

This could be because a woman is thinking about another man.

It’s like she wants to distance herself from you or forget about the past, but when one of these two things happens, this is usually the sign that her heart has been engaging with another man and not staying connected to yours.

14) She starts hanging out with her girlfriends more often

If your girlfriend is spending more time with her girlfriends than with you, she might be interested in getting close to them for help getting over her current relationship so that she can jump into something new.

I know, this sounds a little crazy and you might disregard it as her just acting silly, but it’s true. 

She does not want to talk about your relationship or how things went. She does not want to text you, and she does not want to spend time with you. She wants to be friends with them and talk about their relationships and what’s happening in their lives. 

If you want to know if she is thinking about another man, it’s best to listen to her and read her body language. It might be more obvious than you think. 

15) She asks you less questions about your future together

 It’s not uncommon to hear these lines from her:

  • “I’m bored with you” 
  • “I’m not feeling this relationship.” 
  • “This relationship is just getting boring.”

Those good old days about you and her talking about her dreams and ideas for the future are gone. It’s like she just wants to forget about you and the future plans you both started.

If your girlfriend is thinking about another man, she may stop asking questions that relate to your future together. 

It’s like she doesn’t care what’s going to happen with the two of you in the future anymore because she has her mind on something else. She won’t look you in the eyes anymore and seems kind of disinterested in talking about your relationship. 

This really sounds unfortunate – but it is a sign that she is interested in someone else and may want to end your relationship.

What to do about it

If you can do it right, you can still save your relationship with this woman by using these tips:

1) A relationship coach can give you real clarity

Believe me when I say this, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about your situation.

With a professional relationship coach, you can get advice tailored to your unique situation.

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2) Make her feel wanted

If you don’t want to lose her, you need to make her feel wanted. She needs to know that you’re still interested in a future with her, so try to keep things fresh by creating new experiences for both of you. 

You can do this by trying to make her laugh, being romantic in secluded places, or just keeping the spark alive. 

You need to show her that you have feelings for her, and that this relationship is meaningful to you. You need to show her in a fun way how much you appreciate what she does. 

3) Be honest about your feelings

If she’s been thinking about someone else for a while, it’s hard to be hopeful that she could get over those feelings by keeping things the way they are. You need to open up and be honest with her if her feelings have changed. 

Tell her your problems, how you feel and how you can’t see a future with the relationship like you used to. 

Allow yourself to cry if you want to because you don’t want to bottle up your feelings anymore – it will just lead to an unhealthy relationship. Be honest about your struggles and let her know how difficult it is for you. 

4) Be both romantic and spontaneous

One of the worst things you can do when she is feeling this way is to be too serious. 

She needs to know that you still have feelings for her and that you want to keep your relationship strong. 

She needs constant reminders that she is special to you, so try to make her feel like a queen with every gesture and every compliment she receives from you. 

Let her know how much you love her with every single word. 

5) Do not see her or talk to her for a few days

This will allow you to calm down and think clearly about what you want to do with the relationship. If you have been totally ignoring her, this will give you enough time to think about what she really wants from you and if the two of you can even be together anymore. 

Also, you will be able to see the situation from her point of view and assess whether this is worth investing your time in. 

Giving each other ample space and distance is probably the most difficult thing you can do in a relationship, but it’s something that needs to be done, especially when your girlfriend is thinking about another man. 

Final words

When you stay aware of these common signs that she’s thinking of another man, it will help you keep her engaged in the relationship instead of losing her altogether. 

Although you will feel frustrated and sad, when you try to go about things rationally, it becomes easier to see if there is any hope of a future together. 

You may be able to talk her into an open relationship or even break up on your own – but if you want to save your relationship, these tips need to be followed. 

More importantly, your own happiness and peace of mind are worth the effort.

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So instead of leaving things up to chance, take control of this situation and clarify what’s in store for your future.

Speaking to one of their advisors was a turning point for me, and I think it could be for you too. Especially if you want to find out what things you should do if your girlfriend is thinking of another man.

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