20 signs she is afraid of losing you (complete list)

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We’re all afraid to lose our significant other. No one likes breaking up! 

Your girlfriend (or wife) loves you very much, although it might not feel like it at times. So before you think otherwise, here are 20 clear signs that she is afraid of losing you. 

Let’s begin! 

1) You’re her top priority

A girl who’s afraid to lose you will make you her priority. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll put her family, friends, and work at the backside. 

According to therapist Robert Taibbi, LCSW, prioritizing you can be as simple as:

  • Checking in with you
  • Scheduling couple time
  • Treating you with courtesy and respect
  • Establishing intimate conversations
  • Solving problems with you

You’re important to her, and as such, you’re a top priority in her life. 

2) She’s always there for you

When you’re down, up, or sideways perhaps, a girl who’s afraid to lose you will always be there for you. 

She’ll be by your side through the good times – more so during the bad times. It’s better or for worse (even though you’re not yet married), innit? 

She’ll cancel her plans, or try to go home earlier to be by your side whenever you need her to. And you don’t even need to tell her that, for she’ll know it right deep in her heart.  

So if your girl is like this, I dare say she’s a keeper!

3) She consults with a relationship coach

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4) She’s very affectionate

Affection can wane as time progresses. This is why some long-term couples aren’t as ‘sweet’ as they used to be before.

A woman who’s afraid to lose you, however, will stay as affectionate as she was when you first got together. 

As therapist Sean Horan, Ph.D. explains it: “The amount of affection you express to your partner best predicts your commitment. Conversely, the amount of affection you receive from your partner best predicts your satisfaction.”

You see, she’s committed to not losing you – and showering you with affection is one of her ways of showing it. 

Likewise, the affections she shows can make you more satisfied with the relationship. Of course, this will make you think twice about abandoning her.

Why would you leave a perfect relationship, anyway? 

5) She never fails to communicate with you

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with your girl, there’s a huge possibility that you’ve run out of things to talk about.

And although this might be the case, a woman who’s afraid to lose you will always strive to communicate with you. 

She’ll ask you this or that, even though she knows the answer remains the same. 

She’ll always ask for your opinion, even if it provides measly input. 

Although some things in her life don’t require your point of view, she’ll ask for it nonetheless. She loves you and she’ll always consider what you have to say. It’s time you did the same, too! 

6) She’s not afraid to be vulnerable

No one likes to feel vulnerable. For some, it’s a sign of being hurt, frightened, or weak.

A woman who’s terrified to lose you, however, isn’t afraid to feel vulnerable. 

She knows that “It is only (by being) vulnerable that we can understand, feel empathy, forgive each other, and know that we are worthy of love and belonging.”

And while society dictates that men should be strong – and invulnerable – I dare say that being vulnerable with your girl will do wonders for your relationship. 

7) She just can’t stop listening to you

Let’s face it: conversations with your girlfriend/wife can be tough – especially if you’ve been together for so long.

It’s as if there’s nothing left to talk about anymore.

That said, you have the power to turn a potentially awkward moment into a moment of pure connection simply by finding common ground with them (if you haven’t still.)

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8) She cares about your feelings

A woman who’s afraid to lose you will always care about your feelings. She’ll do everything she can so you won’t end up sad or upset. 

For example, she knows you’ll get bummed when you wait for her in the mall for too long. So even though it takes her a few hours to shop IRL, she’ll try to trim down her shopping time to keep you happy. 

Perhaps she’ll even treat you to your favorite ice cream after to boost your mood.

She wants you to be happy, and she’ll do what she can to keep a smile on your face! 

9) She accepts your flaws wholeheartedly

Say you tend to be sloppy around the house. Your dirty clothes are all over the place, except for the hamper that’s just a few inches away from your smelly socks.

Your girlfriend/wife, in the meantime, is always trying to keep the house obsessively clean. 

And while you may hear something about your sloppiness from time to time, that’s it. While she wants you to be cleaner, she’s also accepted this flaw wholeheartedly (among many other shortcomings.)

She loves you and she’s afraid to lose you over this trivial matter. But of course, it wouldn’t hurt to heed her pleas about keeping the house clean. 

10) She’s selfless

Love entails a lot of sacrifices. So if a woman who’s afraid to lose you, she’ll give and give without expecting anything in return. 

I suggest you return the favor, though!

As psychologist Daniel Lobel, Ph.D. puts it:

“Selflessness is considered to be a virtue. Such individuals are seen as generous, spiritual, and loving. Individuals who sport these qualities are thought to be desirable and capable of great intimacy and love.”

In other words, she’ll wake up early to drive you to the airport – even though she only got 3 hours of sleep the night prior because of her work deadlines. 

She’ll nurse you back to health – even though she’s probably gonna catch your bug right after.

And, if you ask me, this makes her a diamond in the rough – so you should hold onto her as tight as you can! 

11) She includes you in her future

When she talks about the future – does she always use the pronoun ‘we’ or ‘us’? 

It may not look like it, but this is one of the subtler signs that she’s afraid to lose you. 

Even though what she’s talking about is a little far ahead, she includes you in the picture because she sees you right there with her. 

She just can’t entertain the thought that you won’t be there with her until the very end. 

12) She’ll try to do everything you say

Most women are independent nowadays. They do what they want – and it’s safe to say that you should let them. 

Equality, y’all! 

But even with this liberty, a woman who’s afraid to lose you will try to do everything you say. She may make changes along the way, but it won’t be that obvious!

She loves you, and it’s one of her ways to keep you happy and satisfied. 

13) She *always* looks good for you

Notice how great her makeup, hair, and clothes are every single time? Well, it doesn’t happen at a drop of a hat. It takes a lot of time, which is why she takes hours preparing whenever you go out.

While she’s doing it for her (it’s a major confidence boost), she’s doing it for you too. 

Not to sound shallow here, but there’s no denying that looks matter – especially to men.

“Research has shown that men tend to rate physical attractiveness as more critical in a potential mate than women do, on average,” explains a PsychCentral report.

And because she’s afraid to lose you to other women, she’s upping her look game every time she can.

Of course, don’t forget to compliment this! 

14) She makes a conscious effort to improve herself

Perhaps you’ve talked about how she tends to be a nag. Or how she spends more time at work than with you. 

If a woman is afraid to lose you, she’ll consider your comments and ‘improve’ herself.

Although it may be hard for her not to nag you (take note: most of the time it’s your fault), she’ll try to scale back.

She loves you and she wants to be your ideal girl. As such, she’ll try to make herself better – even though she’s already fine as she is! 

15) She gets jealous at times

Jealousy is quite common in relationships. 

As an NBC Today report puts it: “Jealousy is the emotion we feel when we feel fearful of losing someone or a relationship that is very important to us.”  

So if she gets vigilant about your female friends/workmates from time to time, it’s only because she’s afraid to lose you. 

She’s fearful that you replace her with someone prettier, sexier – or someone who has the same likes as you. 

Furthermore, she’s terrified that someone will take you off her hands – you’re a catch, after all! 

Of course, you need to show her that this won’t happen. You wouldn’t want her to be paranoid and become an ultra-jealous partner. 

16) She tries to keep fights to a minimum

Fights between couples – even married ones – are often unavoidable. 

As psychologist Seth Gillihan, Ph.D. puts it: 

“Fighting doesn’t mean you’re with the wrong person, or that your relationship is doomed. Conflict is an inevitable part of any long-standing human relationship, especially ones that involve the most intimate parts of our lives.”

That being said, if a woman is afraid to lose you, she’ll try to keep these fights to a minimum.

She won’t badger you about the small, inconsequential matters (such as you keeping the cabinet doors open.) 

She knows it’s not worth a screaming match. 

If she does engage in a fight with you, it’s because it’s something worth a discussion. 

17) She won’t hesitate to say sorry

Sorry seems to be the hardest word – especially for ladies – for a variety of reasons.

As a Today article puts it:

“Apologizing can make some people feel vulnerable, or feel like they are in danger of losing their power and status. 

Others simply equate saying “I’m sorry” with admitting they’re inadequate or incompetent, which makes admitting mistakes so much harder to do. 

Some people find saying they’re sorry humiliating.

Some people prefer to stay in denial… If there is no admission of fault, then there is no need to take responsibility.” 

Despite these issues, a woman who’s afraid to lose you will not hesitate to say sorry – especially if she’s in the wrong. She knows you’re more important than her pride. 

This goes on to show that you shouldn’t be afraid to say sorry, especially if you know it’s your fault. 

“Apologizing helps repair relationships by getting people talking again, and makes them feel comfortable with each other again,” reminds author Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D. 

18) She’s not afraid to cry in front of you

Although they say that big girls don’t cry, a woman who’s terrified to lose you won’t hesitate to bawl her eyes in front of you.

Again, this shows her vulnerability – which is another telling sign in this list. 

“Tears trigger social bonding and human connection,” according to a Time article.

At the end of the day, this crying could prove beneficial to your relationship.

“Why you cry and who sees you do it appears to make a difference in whether crying helps or hurts your emotional state,” explains experts from the American Psychological Association

After all, research shows “that crying was more likely to make people feel better when they had emotional support.”

And of course, that emotional support is you.  

19) She’s 100% faithful

“Infidelity is rampant in nature. Birds, mammals, amphibians, and even fish all cheat if the conditions are right, forcing mates to remain perpetually vigilant.

People are no different. 

Although cheats are publicly condemned…infidelity is common,” explains an article from the Economist. 

Despite this uncomfortable truth, a woman who’s afraid to lose you will remain loyal to you 100%. 

You’re the only one for her, and even though she has many other options, her heart remains tied to you. 

Of course, she hopes (and expects) that her faithfulness would be reciprocated. Although she’s afraid to lose you, she won’t hesitate to drop you should you decide to cheat on her. 

20) She’s vocal about her fear of losing you

In some cases, your girlfriend/wife will say it straight to your face: “I’m afraid to lose you!”  

See, this shows communication and vulnerability, which, as I’ve mentioned, are signs that she’s terrified to see you go. 

She knows that you can’t always read her mind – that’s why she’s communicating this fact directly to you.

And while she knows that this puts her in a precarious position, she doesn’t care. You deserve to know that you’re her world, and you should treat her the same (if not better!)  


If you notice these signs, then it’s obvious that your girl is afraid to lose you. 

And, if you want to take things further up a notch, there’s no need to play games or act like someone you aren’t. 

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