15 definite signs she finds you irresistible (complete list)

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Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how a woman feels about you. 

If it’s too hard for you to figure out how your date feels about you without pushing for answers, then this article is for you.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 ways to know if she truly finds you irresistible. Read on to find out more!

1) She makes an effort with her appearance

This is especially true when she knows she’ll be meeting you, but it also goes without saying that she should look presentable when simply going about her day.

If she makes sure to always look her best on your dates or meet-ups, there’s a good chance that she really wants to make a good impression.

Women are more concerned about how they look and present themselves well (especially when meeting a new man), so she’s going to take more pride in what she wears than most women, of course, she’ll want to show you off. 

She may not be the most attractive amongst the rest of the women you’ve dated, but she’ll put in a little effort to make herself pleasing to you, so take this as a good sign she finds you irresistible!

2) She makes an effort to impress you

This is more than just showing up on time. 

It means she’s gone the extra mile to make sure that all of her efforts in the dating process are focused on you and making you happy

She might not realize it, but this can be an easy way for you to tell how she feels about you. 

If you see this as a sign your date finds you irresistible, trust me… she’ll want you, even more, when you’re alone together.

You see, this woman wants to impress you, and she’s all about improving herself to make sure that she could come irresistible to you too. 

The next time she’s trying something new for one of your dates, know that it’s because she thinks it’d make your day better.

3) She wants to spend more time with you

She might have to work late, or have other commitments, but she’ll find a way to make it work so she can spend more time with you. 

Even if this means taking a day off of work and even giving up social plans with her friends, she wants to be spending time with you. If she finds you to be irresistible, she’ll make time for you even if it’s just sending you a message on the days you’re not seeing each other.

This is actually a big deal because most women don’t want to sacrifice their time or energy to spend it with someone they aren’t sure about.

It’s not easy getting a girl out of her comfort zone, but if she’s doing it for you, it clearly indicates that she thinks you’re worth the effort. 

If she’s willing to make sacrifices for you out of her time, or at least big sacrifices that are important to her, this is a clear indicator that she’s interested and finds you irresistible. 

4) She can’t get enough of listening to you

She might not understand a lot of the things you say, but she really enjoys listening when you do the talking.

If you notice that she always has questions for you or just likes having long conversations, there’s a big chance that she finds you irresistible.

Women are more interested in a man’s thoughts and opinions than men tend to be about women, so if she’s interested in listening to what you have to say, then she probably thinks that this is something worth her time.

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5) She laughs at your jokes

If she laughs at your jokes, especially when they’re not exactly funny, this is a good sign that she finds you irresistible. 

Women are far more likely to laugh at the things they find to be cute and charming, instead of those things they consider to be witty or even clever. She may not consider you to be witty or clever, but she’ll think you’re adorable.

It’s like she’s really interested in your sense of humor.

If women are really interested in your sense of humor and find the way you speak to be a lot more entertaining than they expected, then they’re likely to feel attracted to you

Take notice how this is similar to making an effort with her appearance. She wants to have a good time with you, and the best way to make that happen is by laughing at your jokes. 

If she thinks you’re cute and charming, there’s a good chance that she’s looking for things that appeal to her. She’ll be more interested in hanging out with you than most women would be so take this as a sign someone finds you irresistible.

6) She initiates physical contact

We’re not talking about a hug here, but more likely a kiss on the cheek or even laying her head against your shoulder. You notice that she initiates physical contact with you, especially when you’re not expecting it. 

This could even indicate that she wants to cuddle with you, especially if she’s put her head against your shoulder. 

Let me remind you that women are more comfortable with physical contact than men are (this is just a fact of life), so the fact that she’s initiating this is going to tell you that she’s willing to show you affection because she finds you to be irresistible.

When a woman is confident, she’s just going to be more comfortable initiating physical contact than most men are.

7) She compliments your appearance

This is a safe bet to say she finds you irresistible, simply because women are more comfortable with telling men they’re good-looking.

If she’s complimenting your hair, your clothes or anything else that’s part of your style, take note that she’s doing this because she thinks it makes you look even better. 

She clearly thinks you’re the man and this is something that’s worth her time. If she’s liking the way you look, this is another sign that she thinks you’re extremely attractive. 

Remember, women are naturally more attracted to men who possess a certain kind of confidence and this could be just that. If she thinks you’re attractive, you’re probably irresistible.

8) She tries to please you

You’re used to being on your best behavior when it’s around a girl you like, but it could be the exact opposite way around with her. She may try to impress you by doing things she thinks you’d like. 

This can include things such as cooking for you or bringing up topics that she thinks would interest you. She’s going out of her way with these things and she wants to keep impressing you so she can spend more time with you. 

As long as you’re being nice and treating her right, you could have the opportunity to win her heart. Put yourself in her shoes and try to make her feel good whenever possible. 

Another way to get her to treat you well is to make her feel special by showing her you appreciate the things she does for you. It’s a win-win situation if she likes you.

You’ll notice how much happier she looks when she’s around you, which is a very clear sign that she finds you irresistible.

9) She feels safe with you

She’s not afraid of you and she feels safe in your presence. This doesn’t mean that she’s weak or meek; it just means that she knows that your intentions are good and there’s no reason for her to be worried.

When a woman feels safe with you, it’s hard to not feel attracted to you. 

If she likes to be around you, this is a huge hint that you’re irresistible to her. 

The obvious giveaway? See how easygoing and relaxed she is in your presence. She’ll probably like how you make her feel and she’ll want to spend more time with you in the future.

10) She asks for your help

If you’re making an effort to do something positive, taking notice of this is a good sign that she finds you irresistible. She’s not afraid to express her emotions around you because this means that she trusts you. 

It’s like she wants to show you that she’s depending on you on things that she can’t handle on her own. 

She might even feel the need to call on you when she’s feeling vulnerable and let you know how much she needs your care. She doesn’t have to use words, but she’ll express her feelings through actions.

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11) She has a lot of respect for you

This is one of the top signs that someone finds you irresistible since women are naturally drawn to men who have something going for them. 

There is a natural process when it comes to dating and we’re all looking for something that we can connect with because it makes us feel good. 

It’s all about respect – and she respects everything you do. She has a lot of respect for other people in general, which means that she knows how to get along with others positively. 

It’s true, you will find out if a woman really likes you because she has respect for the things that you stand for. 

12) She likes to try new things

You never want to be bored when you’re hanging out with someone that you like, but sometimes, we have bad days.

To alter this, she’s not afraid of trying a new thing so that the both of you can still have a great time. 

When she enjoys doing something new, it just goes to show that she has a positive outlook on life and you might even be able to learn something from her.

And the best part is? She’s confident in whatever she’ll do the first time since it is with you – making memories that you’ll never forget.

13) She’s always smiling

This one’s pretty obvious.

If she’s smiling around you, this is a huge sign that she’s having a great time and she enjoys being with you. A lot of women say that they like a man who can make them laugh, but it goes beyond that. 

She always wants to be around you as she appreciates your attitude and your positive energy. She’s never bored, and she likes the way that you make her feel. 

If she appreciates your energy, this is telling you that she’s attracted to you on a deeper level than most people have been able to achieve so far. 

Simply put, she’ll appreciate the fact that you get her and she likes the way that you convey yourself. She wants to share this experience with someone that knows how to enjoy everyday life. 

14) She never runs out of things to talk about

If she can already talk to you about her friends and family, know that she’s comfortable opening up to you. She feels that you will be understanding and she can trust you with this information. 

When it comes to dating, she feels like she’s able to express herself and tell you what’s going on in her life. This is the kind of person that everyone wants to be around because they’re so easygoing. 

And when you’re together, you’ll notice that she’s never really bored and she always has something to talk about. Even if she doesn’t know you well, she’ll make the effort to keep the conversation flowing. 

This is a boost of confidence for her and it shows that despite the fact that you don’t know each other well, you’ve already become closer.

15) She genuinely wants to be with you

This shows how much she cares about your feelings and this will make her want to see you again. When women know they’re wanted by someone, they respond better than most men do.

You have to be clear and open with her and tell her how your feeling. 

And guess what? She’s going to share all of these feelings with you when she feels comfortable enough to do so. 

It goes without saying that if she likes to be around you, there’s a chance that this will lead down a romantic path if you follow the right techniques.

Taking things to the next level

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