16 undeniable signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you (and what to do next)

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Are you just starting off a relationship with a Scorpio man and you’re not entirely sure about his feelings? 

Or have you been crushing on an enigmatic Scorpio for a while, but you are not sure if he’s equally interested in you? 

Scorpio men are indeed mysterious and their actions can be hard to understand, but with this blog post, you won’t have such a hard time trying to figure them out. 

We’ll reveal exactly how a Scorpio man behaves when he’s developing feelings for someone. 

These are particular actions or words, and in knowing them you’ll be able to identify his feelings for you. 

16 signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you

1) He cares a lot about you

Scorpio is a water sign. In astrology, water signs are considered the more emotional and sensitive signs, and of course, when there are feelings involved, these qualities intensify. 

Pay attention, because when a Scorpio man is crushing on you, he’ll become protective over you. When he cares about you, you will now. 

Be careful, though, because Scorpios tend to come off aloof or even standoffish at first. These are all ways of protecting themselves in case things don’t go well. 

They don’t like feeling vulnerable in the beginning, and this is mostly what gives them their mysterious and cold reputation, which many people find sexy. 

2) He wants to hold your attention a lot more than anyone else 

Men, in general, tend to be competitive, and this is especially true for Scorpio men. They’re protective of their friends and family, and sometimes they have trouble with their tendencies to jealousy. 

Scorpio men can go out of their way to discourage other men from entering your life, especially if they want to date you. 

It can be difficult to manage this at first since you both have to find a balance of boundaries and the things you’ll negotiate. Their protectiveness can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. 

He will want your attention at all times, going out of his way to get it. 

As an example: if you’re in a group, he will try and charm you into staying with him, even a bit apart from the group. He will strive to be the first to talk to you, to compliment you, or even to ask you out. 

Even if you don’t have other possible dates aligned, he will feel as if he has to be the first, and as such he will act quickly. 

This is a very evident sign that he has feelings for you, so if you see him act as if going out with you is a race and he has to win… you’ll know what it means. 

3) He constantly gives you the mind-reading gaze

Let’s face it – Scorpio men are a tough catch. Although they can be mysterious and hard to please, they can also be an amazing life partner. 

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4) He behaves differently with you than with other people

This is one of the most important parts of the article. None of what we said before has meaning if your Scorpio man acts like that with everyone else. 

If you want to be certain about his feelings for you, you should check if the behaviors we described above are targeted at you only (or maybe you and someone else he might be attracted to) – but not everyone else. 

If you’re still confused, here are a few examples of what their actions to get your attention might be: 

  • His attention is more on you than on the other people around you. 
  • He can seem nervous or even awkward when you’re around, but it doesn’t happen with other people. 
  • He reacts to you more than to other women. For example, if you tell a joke, he’s the first to laugh, but he doesn’t o it with everyone else. 
  • He teases you and subtly flirts with you, and you don’t see him behaving the same way with other people. 
  • A telltale sign is how protective he is over you. If you notice him showing a bit of jealousy or even possessiveness with you and not others, you can be certain his feelings for you are special. 

5) He uses his powerful stare to get your attention

Scorpios in general have a very powerful gaze, and this applies especially to men, since they tend to be less shy when showing their interest. You will feel his gaze on you a lot of the time, even if you turn around and he looks away. 

If he always seems to be looking at you, it’s another sign of his feelings. 

The Scorpio stare is intense and it has gained fame in the astrology community. The mystery and darkness surrounding him might even be intimidating. 

If you’re brave enough to stare back, you’ll feel as if he knows all your secrets just by looking at you.  

6) He makes you reveal all your secrets and gets vulnerable with you

Scorpios might as well be the Sherlock Holmes of the Zodiac signs.   When it comes to romance, their detective skills are something to admire. 

When a Scorpio man wants to get to know you, he will look for and take advantage of every opportunity he has. 

He will ask tons of questions about your life, your thoughts, your opinions. These conversations will most likely end up with you revealing more about yourself than you thought you would. That’s the Scorpio power. 

Scorpios can quickly know more about you than you ever thought possible, and they do this because to them, having a deep bond with their partner is essential for the relationship to progress. 

Getting to know them as deeply as they know you can be difficult since they tend to keep things to themselves, but if he’s really into you, he will be vulnerable as well. 

7) He shows his feelings publicly 

In general, Scorpio men are not very demonstrative. 

Except when feelings are involved. Then, they go all out. It’s more to do with how they want to take care of their partner, than showing off money or fancy stuff. 

With their impeccable taste on point, they will take you out to great places, and they will give you incredible gifts.  

If they have artistic skills, they will write a song about you, paint a portrait, or dedicate a poem or a story to you. Their creativity knows no bounds. You will have a great time enjoying their attention and love. 

However, if the relationship ends on bad terms, you will be subject to their revenge in the form of sassy songs about you, or stories where you are the villain. Scorpios get inspired when it comes to their love life. 

8) He’s quick to text back and makes conversation

Scorpios have no trouble leaving you on seen or ghosting when they’re not interested in you. If you dated Scorpio men before, you know. 

If there isn’t chemistry between you, Scorpio men will show it by not responding quickly. Yes, even the politest Scorpio will do it. You will probably have to make an extra effort to get them to respond. 

Scorpio men look for someone that will spark deep feelings in them, so if there’s chemistry, he will make the effort to keep in touch. Sometimes their messages might be a bit of a challenge to decipher, so pay attention! 

If a Scorpio is texting you back quickly, calling you, and making conversation, the most logical explanation is that he’s falling for you and he wants to get to know you better. 

9) He asks you out a lot 

Scorpios are very private people. Contrary to Leos, they like to spend time alone and don’t feel lonely as easily. They only enjoy spending time with the people they already know and trust. So, if he’s asking you out, he’s not trying to be polite. 

If he wants to spend time with you, it’s a big sign that he likes you

This goes beyond just a date. Anything he asks you to do with him is a good sign. For example, if exams are about to start and he asks you to study together, he’s likely into you. 

When Scorpios feel at ease with someone, it’s because they like them. If a Scorpio man asks you out, he’s comfortable and it means he can be catching feelings. 

10) He will invite you to adrenaline-inducing activities

Over time, Scorpios have built a reputation for liking occult, dark stuff. 

With that in mind, him asking you out to watch a horror movie or a suspense thriller isn’t a surprise

If a Scorpio man wants to share his darker side with you, it’s a surefire sign that he’s developing serious feelings and he wants to know how you will react to it. 

Yes, this can be super specific, but there’s a reason why they have the fame of liking or researching taboo stuff. They like to uncover the secrets of the world. 

If you haven’t seen him in a while and he’s your friend, he will probably want to catch up this way, but if it’s ongoing, it’s their way to show you they trust you. 

Scorpios don’t waste their time with people they don’t like, so if you’re not on his good side, he won’t ask you out at all. 

11) He will make an effort to connect with you emotionally

Scorpios in general prioritize an emotional connection over a physical one. Their need for intimacy is deeper than all the other zodiac signs. 

What Scorpios want is the love of their life, their soulmate, not a one-night stand. Thus, they will not push to have sex in the first date. 

They prefer to get to know each other better, to gauge if there’s a chance to develop the relationship before anything else. 

Their attention to detail is unparalleled, especially if they really like you. They will remember everything about you, and even bring up stuff you forgot you said weeks ago. 

For example, if you’re nervous about an upcoming exam, or a possible promotion at work, they will casually find you and ask you how it went. That’s a good way to tell their feelings for you: if they remember the smallest details, they like you. 

12) He loves physical contact 

Even though Scorpios prioritize an emotional connection, they’re one of the most sensual signs in the Zodiac. They will be physically attracted to someone first, and it applies in your case as well. 

In general, their passions run deep and they enjoy physical contact. 

They will make it look like an accident too: if they grab your waist, they were just trying to get around. They will laugh at a joke and touch your arm like they don’t even realize what they’re doing. 

But these “coincidences” will be very repetitive and they will happen very often. It should be enough to make you doubt: how much of it is a coincidence? Their body language betrays them, so pay attention to it and use it to your advantage! 

They can’t control what their body expresses. They might not even notice what they’re doing, especially because they normally try to hide the fact that they like you.

13) He shows off his leadership skills

If you’re not sure of the nature of a Scorpio’s feelings, pay attention to how much initiative he takes. They’re leaders by nature, so they will tend to dominate the scene. 

He kind of expects you to follow his initiative, but the moment he sees he is being too dominant, he will cool off a bit. 

Submissive women are not his thing, so although he will come off as dominant, don’t be afraid to be assertive and challenge them. 

It might sound tricky, but you must not give up parts of yourself or try to change to please him. It’s a balance you must find together: his dominant side and how much you let him take the lead. 

14) His body language betrays his intentions

Scorpios are enigmatic because they don’t like to be perceived as vulnerable. They will keep their feelings to themselves most of the time, for fear of being rejected. This might make it difficult when trying to discern if they like you or not. 

However, don’t forget we’re talking about Scorpio men here, and men share more than one characteristic: their body language is an indicator of who they like. Most of the time, it’s n unconscious behavior. 

How do you know when a Scorpio man is into you by their body language? 

These are the signs: 

  • Their body will be oriented to you. This can happen in one of two ways: either they’re showing you directly, facing you with their head, face, or torso. There’s also the possibility of them showing you indirectly, with their feet, their arms, or their legs. 
  • He will imitate your movements. Scorpios are intense, and if you’ve caught their attention you’ll see them picking up their glass at the same time, mimicking your posture, or the way you placed your hands on the table. 
  • He grooms himself. When you are having a conversation, or when you’re walking together, you’ll see him combing his hair with his fingers, or adjusting his shirt. This is a way of making you see him in a better light. 

15) He takes care of you

For all their mysterious fame, all Scorpios want is someone to take care of. They will want the best for you

One of their main characteristics is that they’re loyal, and so they will do stuff to make your life easier. He will intervene if someone is giving you a hard time, and he will be with you when you’re sick. 

If someone laughs at you, for example in class, they will step in and point out that anyone could’ve made that mistake. They might even tease the person that laughed at you for being insensitive. 

This means that you can count on him to vent if you’ve had a bad day. They’re amazing listeners and they will try and make you feel better when you need it. 

Furthermore, if you’re spending more time with a Scorpio man, his feelings are likely developing and becoming more intense. 

If you notice that at first you only spent a couple of hours a week with them and now it’s becoming a daily meetup, he surely likes you a lot more than you realize. 

16) He takes the initiative and pursues you

The main characteristic of Scorpios, besides their interest in their occult, is their intensity. If he likes you more than a friend he will do whatever it takes to pique your interest as well. 

If you run into him frequently, there’s a chance that he likes you a lot and he’s trying to get your attention without being creepy. 

Are you seeing him in places that he normally avoids? 

He’s there because he wants you to notice him. He might start coming to the café you work in with several excuses, even if he’s not a fan of coffee. 

Of course, always be aware of how you react to this type of behavior: showing interest in you and stalking you are two different things, so if you’re not comfortable with his attention, tell him right away. 

If he doesn’t take no for an answer, remember you can always get help from the authorities. 

How to act when you’re starting something with a Scorpio

If you’re sure he likes you, there are several ways to act with that information. 

Dating a Scorpio can be different from dating other men. 

Although they’re full of great qualities like honesty, loyalty, and protectiveness, they can also become jealous, resentful, and secretive. 

This can complicate a relationship, but there are several advantages when dating a Scorpio man. 

Here’s what you need to understand to be able to hold a relationship with them. 

The relationship is going to be very passionate

Scorpios are very passionate by nature. He will crave this passion not only in the bedroom but in every interaction. Women who are assertive and positive have their interest for sure, especially if they work to make their dreams come true. 

They are not only after sex, but they desire a spiritual connection, a soulmate, as we said before. So, cuddling, touching, and general sensuality in the bed is vital for him to enjoy the relationship. 

When Scorpio feels they’ve made the right connection, they will jump head-first in the relationship and hold nothing back. Be ready for it! 

Get ready to have all your secrets revealed 

Scorpios know that nothing is black and white in life, so they tend to overthink everything. 

Everything you do, from your facial expressions to the way you make your hair, will be something that they’ll notice and spend hours thinking about what it means. 

Make sure to help them relax when they become too obsessed with something. They are very demanding with themselves and hard on themselves if they don’t meet their alistic expectations. 

Explore new sexual depths with him

Sex with a Scorpio is not something to be taken lightly. They will strive to be the best you’ve ever had, and they will make the experience nothing short of life-changing. 

Since they’re interested in everything taboo, they’re probably going to explore kinks and sex toys with you. They’re probably into BDSM and power plays. 

What’s even better is that they will take their time to explore sex with you, so make sure to have plenty of time with your Scorpio man. 

They will enjoy sexy pictures a lot, especially if you make them anticipate meeting you. You could send them a pic of the lingerie you’ll be using under your dress before a date…and if you’re not wearing any, even better! 

Anything that will make sex better is surely going to be done. They enjoy oral sex, sex toys, you name it. Be ready to enjoy a lot. 

Overcome his tests 

Scorpios aren’t afraid to commit to the right person. 

But, since they’re private people, they will be afraid of others judging them. Their way of thinking isn’t common, so they are a bit insecure and don’t usually let people in. 

You’ll probably notice the subtle ways in which he will test you, but if you don’t, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. He’s probably being extra sneaky about it. 

However, once you pass these tests, they’re yours for however long you want them and probably more. He will commit to you only if he feels super safe with you and if you don’t judge him. 

The ruler of Scorpio is Mars, the Roman god of war. As such, he will metaphorically go to war for everything and everyone he cares about. 

Finding someone as caring and fiercely passionate as a Scorpio isn’t easy. 

To sum up…

Scorpio men are highly passionate, and also sensitive. As such, they’re extra cautious and come off as mysterious until they get to know you. 

This can make it difficult to decipher why they’re behaving in certain ways. 

If you see three or more of the signs we described above, he most likely has feelings for you. Start believing their actions!

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