17 surprising signs a Sagittarius man wants to marry you

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If you’re in a happy relationship with a Sagittarius man and everything is going great, congratulations! 

Probably, you’re at the stage where you want to take things to the next level. But you’re also wondering “Will he propose soon?” or “Will he marry me”

You’re a lucky woman if your partner seems to entertain the idea of getting married. And if you can sense it from his actions, there’s a huge chance he’s showing signs to clue you in.

Time to find out.

Does a Sagittarius Man Wants To Marry You? 17 Signs to Know

These signs indicate that your partner is “The One” for you and is moving towards a proposal and settling down.

1)He won’t stop thinking about it

Sagittarius loves their freedom but never take relationships lightly. When they want you and you’re his bride-to-be, he’ll be looking forward to it.

He’ll get too excited to marry once he convinces himself it’s the best way to go. 

He’ll think and won’t stop talking about the marriage idea. And he’ll probably share his thoughts with you too.

As Sagittarius is spontaneous and predictable, he could also be thinking of how to surprise you and how he can get ready for the proposal.

2) He becomes more affectionate

While a Sagittarius man doesn’t usually display their emotions, they’re happy to let someone they love in.

If he’s certain about you and the love you share, he’ll feel safe and show you a very different side of himself. 

You’ll notice that he often reaches for your hand and hugs you when you’re together. 

If this happens, take it as a sign that he’s being more expressive than before and is ready to share a lot more.

With this, certainly, he’s truly The One meant for you. 

3) You’re in his future 

It’s definite he’s serious about you when a Sagittarius man discusses the future with you.

Instead of thinking about his future, he puts you into his and starts making preparations as a couple.

When a man wants to marry you, he’ll become comfortable and excited about the life you’ll share.

It could be from trips you’ll take together to career plans and other far-future scenarios.

Even if he may not talk about weddings, family, or kids directly, but as long as you play a major part in it, then it’s clear that he’s getting ready to settle down with you.

When he sees a future with you, one thing is certain: he’s ready to commit and marry you.

4) He supports you all the way

Your success and interests are important for a Sagittarius man. He wants you to achieve your dreams and get what you want out of life.

He’s your biggest fan and supporter, and it’s important for him that you pursue your interests. 

Aside from that, he gets you into his interests. 

For instance, if he loves to paint, he’ll ask you to be his muse. Or if he’s into cycling, he’ll suggest destinations for the two of you to bike.

He’s doing this to strengthen your connection with each other and keep your bond more special.

5) He frequently uses “we” instead of “me”

Aside from talking about the future with “you” in it, he’s becoming more focused on the relationship you have.

You can be certain he wants to marry you when he thinks about the two of you as “one.”

Yous Sagittarius man is getting closer to tying the knot with you as he’s viewing the two of you as a unified team. 

According to relationship researchers John Gottman, Ph.D., and Julie Schwartz Gottman Ph.D., one clear sign that a marriage will succeed is when,

“Couple emphasizes their ability to communicate well with each other and their mutual unity and togetherness.”

This means that they refer to each other fondly (use “we” more than “I’) when speaking about their relationship. 

And he’s likely pursuing this.

6) He has your back through thick and thin

As no relationship is perfect, your Sagittarius man is there for you no matter what. 

While other men would run away and leave when faced with too many difficulties and problems, your guy won’t.

He even puts you first and makes sacrifices for you frequently.

There are also instances wherein guys pull away before they commit – but not your man.

Being able to make sacrifices and knowing how to compromise tells a great deal that he’s ready to be a spouse and shows that he has the makings of a great husband too. 

7) You’re his priority

It’s a sign that your significant other wants to marry you when he prioritizes you most of the time.

No matter how busy or stressed he is with other things, you still have his time and attention. He makes himself available to meet your spoken and unspoken needs.

He’s selfless and makes an effort so you’ll feel loved and cherished. 

He does this for he cares so much about you and sees you as his soon-to-be wife.

8) You’ve met everyone in his circle

A man who introduces you to every important person in his life wants you to know how important you are to him. He’s proud and wants everyone to know that he loves you. 

More than being introduced to his family (and closest friends), you’re always included in their family holidays, events, and special occasions.

This means that you play a huge role in his life and wants you to remain part of it forever.

The sign is clear: a Sagittarius man wants to marry you. 

9) He becomes mysterious

You’re sensing that there’s something he’s hiding from you. You’re wondering what he’s up to, who he’s talking to, and what keeps him so busy lately. 

And you can even feel that he’s planning something in secret.

Don’t worry as there’s a chance that he wants to surprise you (and you don’t want to spoil this, right?)

He’ll also start surprising you – and this is his way of getting ready for the proposal.

Maybe he’s also looking for an engagement ring or preparing the proposal site. This sounds so exciting!

10) He shows responsibility for you

Sagittarians are caring and loyal, but they don’t like getting tied down by responsibilities and burdens.

But when your Sagittarius man is willing and is already taking responsibility for you, then it’s a strong indicator that he’s moving from his basic instincts for you.

He deeply cares for you that he’s willing to compromise and meet your needs. 

And you know he’s genuinely concerned about your welfare and happiness. 

11) He considers your thoughts and feelings

When a man doesn’t just focus on his wants and needs, it means that he’s leaving his bachelor mentality and moving towards marriage life.

Trust and respect are essential in marriage as they serve as the key to a healthy relationship. 

Pay attention to how your partner consults you when making big decisions.

If he treats you two as “one,” puts your wellbeing and needs a priority, and values your opinions, then it’s clear that you have a vital role in his life.

It means that he’s thinking of everything that would be best for you and the future you will share.

12) He’s wildly romantic, affectionate, and generous

Sagittarians are known for their honesty and don’t hide their true feelings. So when they tell you that they deeply love you, believe that it’s the truth. 

As he wants to make you feel special, he’ll be showering you with compliments and gifts with personal touches.

Everything he does is a symbol of his love and affection for you.  It could be a surprise dinner date, a piece of jewelry, a weekend at a secluded beach, or anything else. 

As you know that he truly loves you, it’s only a matter of time before he asks for your hand in marriage. 

13) Most areas of his life look complete

And the only missing piece is “you.”

One great sign that the Sagittarius man is ready to get engaged is when he seems to be doing well in most aspects of his life. He’s emotionally, mentally, and financially secure.

He doesn’t have too many issues in his personal and professional life for he has already gotten his life together.

Aside from that, takes a broader view of things and is mature enough to handle the cycle of life. 

When he seems to be at this point in life, it shows that he’s ready (and maybe preparing) for marriage life already. 

14) He’s showing you hints

Your man becomes too engaged in wanting to know about your dream wedding. 

He loves to talk about wedding venues, food, and honeymoon locations too. He asks about your dress preferences or what you think is the best month to get married.

Even if he casually asks about your ring size, know for a fact that the marriage thing is already on his mind.

Sometimes, he’ll talk about his friends’ or your friends’ weddings.

When he drops hints and questions about weddings, and he starts looking at everything with excitement – pretty soon, he’ll get down on his knees to propose and marry you.

You can go over this article to find out what makes a man want to marry you and signs he’s looking forward to marrying you.

15) He values loyalty and commitment

He’s faithful. He’s loyal, commits fully, and is comfortable with it.

He lives with his words, fulfills his promises, and sticks to them. He’s a high-value man who lives a balanced personal and professional life. 

And his commitment isn’t vague for he commits his whole being. He doesn’t just feel your pain, but he lends you his strength. He seeks to understand you and find beauty in your chaos.

The Good Men Project shares, 

“Commitment is not the act of losing your freedom; but exercising it to choose who you want to give your most valuable gifts to Your time, your emotions, and your heart.”

16) He brings up the topic of marriage

You can always figure out if your partner is into you and desires to settle down.

Your partner wants to marry you when he initiates conversations and doesn’t shy away from marriage talks.

You even notice how his eyes gleam and the excitement in his voice when he brings this topic up. 

A Sagittarius man who talks to you about weddings and family life is on the way towards bringing you a wedding ring and being your husband.

17) He has said he wants to live with you

Even if he’ll initially joke about marrying you, it means that he’s comfortable about having this conversation with you.

When it comes to marriage, most men aren’t keen on saying what they want. And they want to know your reaction and see how you feel about it first. 

So if he can open up this topic with you, you have that level of closeness and security that’s leading down the path to marriage. 

And when he said that he wants to marry you and start a family you, believe him. 

Trust that a Sagittarius man wants to marry you as his intentions are pure. 

Are Sagittarius great husbands?

Fierce archers have a multi-faceted personality that’s often masked with his gentle, positive, and easy-going attitude.

He’ll share positive emotions but tend to hide his negative feelings. As he desires a true soulmate, he’s eager to share ideas with the woman he loves.

And when it comes to love and romance, he’s an idealist. He’s loyal and into the sensual side of romantic love – and wants his partner to return his passion with equal fervor. 

He seeks a smart and tactful wife – someone who doesn’t control his freedom. 

When he decides to settle down, she seeks a wife who radiates confidence, stimulates his mind, and can truly understand him. He’s thoughtful and makes everyday life romantic. 

And when he gets married, he’ll be a reliable, optimistic, loving, and caring husband one can ever have! 

The Best Way to Know if He Wants to Marry You 

It’s all about honesty and communication.

When you’ve been a couple for quite a long time, and you’re in a committed relationship, you can openly share your feelings, thoughts, plans, dreams, and everything else with each other.

And there’s a huge chance that you’re talking about your future together. That is unless there’s something that’s holding your partner back (hopefully, there isn’t).

Zola’s research shares that a thousand couples have marriage conversations ahead of their engagement, and around 94% discuss getting engaged six months before doing so.

Since you respect and trust each other, it’s okay to talk about your relationship dreams and ask your partner, “Where are you headed?” Let him know that you’ve been thinking about your future with him and want to get married.

If your partner wants to marry you but isn’t quite there yet, respect that.

Sometimes, Sagittarians have to discover themselves first before settling down. 

You’ve already won this archer’s heart, so be patient and subtle about marriage.

If you want, you can even try to step things up and use the tips here: “How to get a man to marry you within 12 months.”

And continue to express your love. 

Remember that the desire to get married boils down to the fact that you want to spend your life with him – and no one else.

In time, he’ll get down on one knee and ask you to marry him. 

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