20 signs a Pisces man is playing you (and what you can do about it!)

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Knowing a potential boyfriend’s zodiac sign can really help understand his behavior and help decide whether going there is a good idea. 

Astrology helps us break down character traits, personal preferences, and even dating patterns. It can be fun and helpful to look up a potential love interest star sign to determine the type of dynamic you’ll have.

If you’re currently dating, interested in, or just daydreaming about a Pisces man, this article contains everything you need to know and all the signs that indicate whether he’s a player or not.

So if your guy is born under the Pisces star sign, you’re in for a thrill, but as it goes with any sign, there are some things you may want to keep an eye out for.

Pisces men can be players, so read on to find out everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about a Pisces man

It’s super important to understand his makeup before we get into the signs that reveal he’s playing you.

It is almost impossible not to fall head over heels for Pisces. Besides being flirtatious, charming, and romantic, he is also emotionally introverted. Out of all the signs, Pieces is the most emotional.

It is also believed that his sign is also regarded as versatile, meaning he is adaptable and can change his viewpoint. 

However, the most noticeable sign of his ever-changing moods is that he is constantly experiencing emotions and has an astounding amount of imagination as a result. 

It can be challenging to be around him when his mood is down because he is usually an optimist and highly affectionate. However, when his mood stabilizes and he is back to his “normal” self, you’ll feel like you’re walking on sunshine whenever you’re around him again!

Modern astrology links his personality to Neptune, the planet of illusion, dreams, and deep emotional connections, with traditional astrology attributing  Jupiter to the planet of growth and expansion. 

As well as his intuitive powers and imaginative ability, Neptune is also associated with his tendency towards romance and compassion. Whether he wants to or not, he feels others’ emotions just as strongly as he does his own, which makes him an empath. 

You can count on him to be there whenever you’re having a bad day because he usually always knows how to put a smile on your dial.

As he is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, generosity, and first love, it explains how he develops such a wide range of emotions, along with his natural ability to care for others. 

Most of the time, if you’re happy, he’s happy, so he naturally wants to make sure that you are always in a positive mood.

This type of behavior is influenced mainly by his sign, which is named after a constellation called the fish.

He often acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world, but sometimes he’s caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. Usually, though, he navigates life with ease.

Whenever a  Pisces man feels threatened or overwhelmed, he will immediately swim upstream and make an effort to clear the waters quickly. An excellent quality to have when dealing with conflict and disagreements.

Rather than letting an argument cause a rift between you, he’ll try to resolve the conflict peacefully.

So now you know how a Pisces man acts when he truly loves you and is willing to commit. What about the signs that he’s a player?

Here are 20 telltale signs that a Pisces man is playing you

1) He’s moody

There are two sides to him. On the one hand, he is overly moody. But, on the other hand, he is highly excited. Your days with him never seem to be ordinary. 

On some days, he will ignore you and quickly get angry over little things, and on other days, he will just want to stick around you all day long, desperately needing your attention.

2) He only calls when he needs something

Does this guy only contact you when he needs you, and when he does get what he wants you don’t hear from him? If that is the case, that person is simply playing with your emotions.

There is no way a real man would do this to his only true love. A real man will treat you like a queen to avoid hurting your feelings and will call you to find out how you are, not just when he needs something.

3) It’s his way of the highway

Is he only willing to spend a little time with you? Is he always canceling plans with you?

 Then, because he is perpetually preoccupied with something else, he never remembers that you had plans.

He clearly doesn’t see you as a priority, and he clearly has more important activities to attend to.

4) Standard Grade Conversations are typical

He does not seem to talk about future plans with you, preferring to just have fun with you for now. 

Instead of an in-depth conversation, he likes small talk and flirting, and you never seem to connect on a deeper level.

When you try to delve deeper, chances are you might get a nonchalant response like, “Let’s just enjoy the evening?:

Because of this, everything you had planned either gets shelved or canceled.

If a pisces man isn’t having deep conversations with you, it’s a massive sign that you’re being played.

5) He doesn’t give a hoot about your life

On your first date, he might have asked you basic questions like where you work, how many brothers and sisters you have, etc., but he doesn’t seem to remember anything you’ve told him. Why? Because he just doesn’t care.

He avoids spending time with the people you are close to, and he has no idea what your favorite Netflix show is, what your favorite type of food is or what you like to drink.

If a Pisces man is interested in you, believe me, he will know everything there is to know about you (and will remember) down to the last detail. He will also make a concerted effort to get to know and spend time with those who know you well.

It’s just a game he plays with you; there is no commitment.

6) He’s hiding you

He has not introduced you to his friends even though you’ve been dating for quite some time. 

Despite saying he will, he doesn’t follow through. For example, he doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend when bumping into people in public. 

What’s more, if this person happens to be female, there’s a massive chance that he’s dating her too! A huge red flag right here!

7) He doesn’t answer your questions 

An honest man will always be delighted at the chance to open up to the lady he cares about. So If your guy is reluctant to answer your questions, there is a problem.

When you find you’ve been dating for quite some time and you still have no idea about some of the more granular details about it, it’s a red flag letting you know that he’s keeping this information from you.

This usually indicates that he’s got others lined up and is simply stringing you along until something better turns up.

8) You never meet his friends

.Chances are, if his friends know nothing about you, it’s because he wants it like that.

If a man is genuinely interested, he will have no problem introducing you to his friends and will treat you like a princess.

He will want his friends to get to know you and want you all to get along because you’re important to him. 

It’s evident that this guy is only playing games with your feelings and does not care about you.

9) He disregards your feelings

Once you give in to his demands and he lands you in bed, he’s all too sweet. But, as soon as you refuse, he starts treating you like you’re yesterday’s lunch.

Perhaps it’s the case that he says something today and then something different the following day.

This ping-pong up and down is a telltale sign that he’s playing with you and only has one thing on his mind. 

10) Empty promises

If a Pisces man is playing you, he will tell you precisely what you want to hear to get what he wants.

He’ll promise you the moon and stars, might even offer to take care of you and your family, and will say the most awe-inspiring things….until he gets what he wants.

Once he’s had his way, he’ll backtrack and say that he’s not ready to commit or that he’s not in the suitable space to be in a relationship. You’ve just been played!

Also, he’s unreliable, he’s either late or doesn’t show up at all. Remember, actions speak louder than words, so take his tardiness or absences as your answer.

You are being played.

11) He overemphasizes sex

When you are not ready to do something, he pressures you into it. 

Essentially, it’s just another way to make you think that other girls will if you don’t do something you aren’t ready for. 

If you don’t do something you aren’t prepared for, he will tell you that you are no fun and that he will “find another girl who will” 

A guy like him would rather have many women than a solid woman that he can treat well. You can bet your bottom dollar that he doesn’t give a damn about how you feel.

12) Harasses other girls

He’s likely treating you the same way he treats other girls. 

No woman should rank below you. But, even though he’s likely just a douche in general, it’s only a matter of time before you get treated like just a piece of ass.

The way he treats other women is a significant indicator of how your future will play out, so pay attention.

Sure, he’s hot; he’s a Pisces after all, but he’s not worth your good name. Goodbye.

13) He bodyshames you and makes you feel insecure

He plays a game of emotions with you to make you feel vulnerable and insecure.

Often he will say things that make you wonder if you’re good enough for him. 

For example, he’ll throw some subtle shade about your weight, the way you’ve done your makeup, etc. 

In his world, the sun revolves around him, and in times where he feels you might outshine him, he’ll come up with a quip to try and take you down a notch.

Please don’t stick around if this is happening to you. Any man who makes you feel less should be in your past and not your future.

14) He does not care about you at all

You’re always running yourself ragged to make things work, and he does absolutely nothing. It all takes and very little give, and it’s exhausting.

 A relationship can only work if two people are involved, so if he doesn’t give his all toward helping you, then there is no point in staying.

He’s with you because he sees you as a part-time hobby. Not an equal, long-term prospect. Perhaps he’s after your money, your body, How, or something else, but that something else is not a long-term girlfriend.

It’s all about him, and you break your back to make him happy with little in return.

15) You Feel It In Your Gut

Trust your instincts.  If you don’t feel right about something, it probably isn’t right! So trust your inner narrative when something feels off and leave immediately!

We can avoid so many heartaches by simply listening to our intuition. After all, it’s never wrong.

16) He acts shady

Does he hide his phone or sit in a position where you’re unable to see what he’s busy with. This is a massive sign that he’s chatting to other girls and is playing you like a fiddle.

Also, does he go into another room when he answers his phone? Yup, he’s busy being shady, and this is a clear indicator that he has no respect for you and is playing you.

17) He doesn’t interact with you on social media

A man that’s in love will want to shout it from the rooftops and will wish to everyone in his life to know that you are part of his life.

If he ignores your friend requests or doesn’t bother liking any of your content, he’s showing signs of being a serious player. 

Why? Because he doesn’t want the one hand knowing what the other hand is doing.

18) He goes offline when you’re online

When you’re browsing around social media and notice he’s there too, he quickly disappears.

 Also, if he’s online and blatantly ignores you, this is a massive indicator that he’s playing.

19) He belittles you

On the odd occasion that you manage to spend time with him, he always finds a way to make you the butt of his jokes. 

But, unfortunately, his constant little jabs are not funny; instead, they’re nasty.

This is a typical Pisces man trait. Teasing is usual, but when things start becoming ugly and personal, it’s a massive indicator that he’s playing you.

20) You’re always first to initiate contact

If you didn’t message or call him, you wonder if he would actually bother at all. Also, when he does respond, it’s usually hours or even days later.

This is the telltale sign of a player. Clearly, he’s got options, and you are, unfortunately, just one of many So if. If you’re dealing with this, get out now while you still can.

Key Take-Aways

Sometimes it’s just not written in the stars. Understandably, it’s easy to fall head over heels for a Pisces man; understanding that you are just another conquest to him can be a tough pill to swallow.

The thing is, when a guy has an affinity for you, he is attracted to everything about you. So if you find that you’re never enough or keep changing yourself to suit his liking, this is not a Pisces, healthy place to be.

You will not have any second thoughts about getting intimate with a guy who likes you. He won’t keep you in the dark about the state of your relationship.

There will not be any emotional ties if a guy is playing you.

Therefore, it is likely that he will remain uncommunicative and indifferent in behavior instead of showing his emotions. And He’ll play around with you when he has no feelings for you.

So if all he wants is an occasional booty call, what more do you need? A billboard?

If you sit around waiting for him to make up his mind and hoping that he’ll commit, you’ve got another thing coming. Pieces men show their love very clearly, so when you’re not feeling it, it’s not there.

See it for what it is, take the hint, and move on. You deserve better than a guy who plays with your feelings like that.

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