15 Signs a Pisces Man is Done With You

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A Pisces man is known to be romantic, emotional, and compassionate. Once he’s obsessed with you, he’ll do anything to keep you around.

But if he’s done with you – and the relationship – you can expect him to show 15 signs.

(Worry not, for I also have some tips on how to draw him back!)

1) He doesn’t spend that much time with you anymore

Pisceans are generous souls. They will give a lot of effort (among many other things) without expecting anything in return.

This generosity, in fact, makes them very compatible with another giving sign – Cancer.

That said, Pisces men often express their generosity by spending quality time with people they love.

It’s one of their love languages, after all. 

Pisces men love spending so much time with their partners that it’s often borderline smothering.

So if your Pisces lover is not hanging out with you as often (or as much) as he did, it’s a sign that he’s done with you.

The sad part is he won’t be upfront about it. He’ll lie his way out by telling you he’s busy or that he needs a longer ‘alone’ time.

As an empath, he believes that lying is better than telling the truth and hurting you.

2) He’s not as romantic as he used to be

Pisces men are full-blown romantics. They always go above and beyond for their lovers.

They can’t seem to hide their admiration for their partners, which they often show by:

  • Complimenting your appearance
  • Asking a lot of things about you
  • Maintaining intense eye contact
  • Always getting in touch, be it by text or private message
  • Giving a lot of gifts, even if there’s no occasion
  • Being handsy and touchy-feely
  • Teasing you

Sadly, once a Pisces guy is done with you – he will stop being the romantic lover he used to be.

No more compliments, messages, and flirty physical contact. He’ll act as if he’s a mere acquaintance.

You may not notice it right away, for it’s a subtle sign that he wants to break up with you.

3) He’s become a doubting Thomas

Pisces is the most trusting of all the zodiac signs. They often find it hard to see the wrong in people.

It’s one of the biggest reasons some people abuse them or take advantage of them.

That said, if your Pisces man is done with you, he’ll transform into the total opposite: a doubting Thomas, if you will.

Also known as the relationship imposter phenomenon, it often occurs in a healthy relationship. Here, the Pisces man becomes fearful, doubtful, and uncertain.

They can’t help but think that everything’s too good to be true.

On the other hand, they can’t fight the feeling that something is missing. It’s as if there are problems he’s not seeing.

He won’t be shy to show that he’s having second thoughts about the relationship.

He’ll do so by:

  • Ignoring your texts or calls
  • Saying ‘maybe’ or ‘we’ll see’
  • Criticizing everything you do
  • Being there physically – but not really
  • Staying away from meaningful conversations
  • Picking fights here and there

4) He’s emotional – but not in a good way

Being a mutable water sign, Pisces is known to be kind but very emotional. They can quickly adapt to their environment – and reflect their feelings like a mirror.

Because of this, Pisces men often suffer from sudden emotional shifts.

To make things worse, they often end up bottling everything down.

They’re escapists who wish to avoid confrontation, right until they have no choice but to explode.

Sadly, an excessive display of emotions is one of the more outright signs that a Pisces man is done with you.

It’s often hallmarked by aggression, although they won’t physically hurt you.

It’s more of relational aggression, which experts describe as “a behavior intended to damage a relationship or hurt someone through manipulation or social exclusion.”

They may do it through love withdrawal, which means NOT doing what you should in a relationship. For example, instead of communicating with their partner, the Pisces man will opt to clam up.

There’s also social sabotage, wherein he tells things to others – instead of you, his partner. He will talk behind your back – which is another sign he’s done with you (more about this below.)

5) He’s become more distant

Pisces men like having ‘me time’ for themselves. But once their need for solitude has been fulfilled, they’ll come back to your arms – still romantic as ever.

However, if a Pisces man is done with you, he’ll remain distant – physically and emotionally.

Even if he’s done charging his social batteries, he won’t be as close to you as he once did.

This phenomenon is what experts call emotional drifting. It’s often a slow burn, only noticeable when it’s too late.

Your Pisces man’s attempts of being distant may include:

  • Refusing to give you straight answers as to why he’s pulling away
  • Changing or canceling plans you scheduled a long time ago
  • Declining to open up

Like most men, your Pisces beau may pull away because he wants to reflect on what’s happening.

He may view you to be too needy, which is why he wants to take a step back.

Consider it his way of withdrawing from the stresses of the relationship.

Sadly, once he completely pulls away – it’s a definite sign that he’s done.

It’s over, for he’s lost that once-loving feeling he had for you.

6) He’s no longer connecting with you emotionally

Pisces men are highly emotional, which is why they strive to make an emotional connection with their partners.

So if they’re done with the relationship, they’ll no longer feel connected to you – and you, to them.

It’s a sign that he’s lost the emotional connection, which is the alignment and intimacy that goes beyond his physical attraction for you.

It’s vital for any relationship, as explained by psychologist Justine Grosso, Psy.D.:

“As humans, the need for emotional connection is wired into our survival. It helps us feel a greater sense of belonging, which facilitates general well-being.”

You know you’ve lost this emotional bond with your Pisces man if he:

  • Fails to open up and share stuff with you
  • Merely hears you – instead of listening
  • Doesn’t care about what you need or want anymore
  • Doesn’t show interest in the things you love doing

7) He’s become unpredictable

Pisceans are some of the more unpredictable signs in the zodiac. They’re dreamy and mystical fishes that tend to flop around emotionally.

They don’t like to go with the flow. They’ll live their life – and do things – the way they want.

“The zodiac sign is most likely to get caught up in a fantasy world of their own creation…This changeable quality makes them able to swim through their emotions to incredible depths,” explains astrologer Kyle Thomas.

Keeping up with an unpredictable Pisces is problematic already – more so if he’s over the relationship.

Even if you’ve managed to have a grasp of his unique routines, a Piscean who’s done will throw you in for another loop.

It’s as if you can’t seem to predict his activities, even if you’ve managed to do so before.

8) He’s moodier than ever

Pisces is a mutable sign, which explains the fish’s constant flip-flopping. They’re changeable and sensitive, which can be seen in their mood swings.

They’re hot, then they’re cold.

And yes, they’ll repeat the cycle over and over again, especially once they’re done with you.

Mutability aside, the Pisces man’s moodiness also has a strong psychological underpinning.

It could result from an “unwillingness to confront and work through deeper issues,” explained psychotherapist Amy Lewis Bear.

She adds:

“Brooding and blaming others is a way to avoid digging deeper into the inner source of anger and resentment. Moody people avoid facing and resolving their personal conflicts when others accept the blame and cater to them.”

9) He makes a lot of excuses

Even in all their compassionate and romantic glory, Pisceans also have bad traits. For one, they’re notorious for being one of the biggest liars of the zodiac.

Yes, they tend to lie – even if they prefer having an honest partner. Ironic, isn’t it?

They believe that  “an excuse shifts causality from a more threatening source that can impact one’s self-esteem to a less central one.”

In other words, they will use any other excuse because it’s less threatening to their self-esteem.

They don’t want to believe that they’re to blame, after all.

However, when Pisces men lie, it’s not because they’re covering up for something. As empaths, they don’t like hurting other people. They think that lying is better than making their lover feel bad.

Once a Pisces man is done with you, he’ll try to lie his way out of the relationship. Instead of hanging out with you, he’ll come up with one excuse after another.

Suddenly, he has a lot of projects to finish.

You hear about new friends – with whom he needs to help out.

He’ll cite his empathy as the reason, which isn’t true at all.

It’s his attempt to get away without upsetting you.

10) He’s transformed into an egomaniac

Pisces men are compassionate creatures who think of other people first – essentially forgetting themselves along the way.

So if he’s become self-absorbed lately, it’s a sign that he’s done with you.

According to a report, a self-centered man is known for:

“Putting themselves first, only caring about their needs and wants, being unable to see another’s perspective and being uncaring of others.”

Sad as it may seem, the spark is gone – so now, he’s only thinking of himself.

Signs of a growing ego include:

  • Arrogance
  • Narcissism and pride
  • ‘Victim’ mentality
  • The desire to be right 100% of the time
  • Uber-competitiveness
  • The belief that the partner is always running short of relationship standards
  • Excessive jealousy
  • Lack of initiative to communicate
  • Difficulty apologizing, even when wrong

11) He’s become judgmental

Pisces men, by nature, are non-judgmental creatures. They’re unlike Virgos, who set high standards for themselves – and their lovers.

They’re unlike Libras, either, who often dwell on their partner’s shortcomings.

That’s why if your Pisces man has become uncharacteristically judgmental, it’s a sign that he’s done with the relationship.

Compared to before, they now operate on a belief that “they are better than someone, so they are apart from them. They are above them, not beside them. In other words, nobody is beside them.”

The judgment goes beyond just dismissing everything you do, though.

His judgmental ways can also manifest as:

  • Arrogance
  • Jealousy
  • Pessimism
  • Insecurity

12) He’s talking about the relationship behind your back

Several zodiac signs thrive on gossip, and Pisces is one of them. It’s their way of processing their inner world – a form of bouncing off ideas if you will.

While Pisces men love maintaining the privacy of their relationships, they may resort to gossiping once they’re done.

Also known as oversharing, which is “sharing sensitive information with your friends and family without your partner’s consent.”

They usually do this when they feel confused about a situation. They feel the need to understand things, which they believe they’ll get by ‘gossiping’ with other people.

Likewise, a hurt Pisces man – being sensitive and all – may gossip about how his partner has wronged him.

Sadly, there’s a lot of downsides to oversharing relationship details. By doing this, your Pisces partner may end up breaking your trust. Worse, it could make family and friends more biased towards him.  

13) He’ll walk away – but he won’t make a scene

Pisces is one of the zodiac signs that hate drama – though they don’t mind having a drama queen lover from time to time.

In their mind, the drama will end up affecting their life negatively.

They won’t resort to these behaviors that cause a lot of drama, such as passing the blame or holding a grudge.

For one, Pisceans are strong-spirited people who always see the good in others.

That’s why once a Pisces man is done, he’ll leave quietly. He’s flighty, so it’s not that hard for him to do a disappearing act.

14) He’ll break up with you quick

Pisces men are flighty. So if he’s done with you, he’s done. He doesn’t believe in prolonging the agony, so he’ll break up with you quickly.

Don’t be surprised if he quickly gets over the breakup too.

A report has shown that men can weather through rejection in 1.5 months, while it takes four months for ladies.

Pisces men – as with most men – can do this because they’re good at compartmentalizing.

According to clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.:

Men “can just put their old relationship in the past and look at new dating experiences for what they are—something new and different.”

15) He may leave the door open

Although a Pisces may be done with you, he’s not 100% done. As such, they may leave an emotional door open for a possible reconnection.

They know themselves to be flighty – moody even. They don’t know if they made the right decision, so they’re leaving the door open just in case.

As Philosophy professor Aaron Ben-Zeev, Ph.D., puts it: “People tend to regret actions in which they pursued other options.”

Add to that, Pisces men may see it as a way of maintaining an open heart.

For one, leaving the door open allows them to explore other options actively. At the same time, it could invite other possibilities – even if they’re not actively searching.

How to Get Your Pisces Man Back

Pisces men are flexible – which means you can always convince him to give things another try. Here are four foolproof ways that will make him miss you – and crawl back to your arms.

1) Let him make the first move

Pisces men are true-blue romantics. They believe in old-school chivalry, including letting men make the first move.

Don’t try too hard by playing mind games and whatnot. Once he’s ready, he’ll approach you – no questions asked.

2) Look your best

Pisces men are visual people who are suckers for confident beauty. Looking your best – and remaining self-assured – will make him miss you a lot.

Enhancing your look doesn’t always mean draining your bank account. A simple haircut or a new lipstick shade is enough to command his attention.

3) Have some ‘me time’ for yourself

Pisces men like having their alone time. As such, a partner who asks for the same thing will essentially draw them back.

Pisces tend to be very clingy. They will ask for more time – mainly if it’s restricted to them.

Not only will this ‘me time’ draw a Piscean back to you, but it can also help you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improvement in concentration
  • Enhanced productivity
  • ‘Deeper thinking’
  • Rest and reprieve for the brain

4) Let him take his time

Pisces men need a lot of time to think about things. That’s why they often leave the door open, even after walking out of a relationship.

Don’t beg or chase him if you want him to be interested in you again. It’ll only push him farther.

Remember: if you’re meant to be with each other, everything will fall into place.

Final Thoughts

When a Pisces man is done with you, you’ll know it. They become everything they’re not – unromantic, doubtful, unpredictable – egotistic even.

That said, they’ll make it a point to leave their doors open.

Because of this, there’s always a chance that you may save the relationship. It’s simply a matter of following the tips mentioned above on how to get your Pisces man back.

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