14 signs of telepathic communication

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Have you ever felt or anticipated another person’s thoughts? Perhaps you suddenly said a common phrase simultaneously or started humming the same song.

The same thing happens when a person often thinks of you. You can feel that person’s thoughts, but we mostly ignore them. 

If you are willing to look a little wider and indulge your own intuition, perhaps you’ll notice some of the signs of telepathic communication

14 signs of telepathic communications

Do you sometimes feel like you can talk to someone even when they are not around, without uttering a single word?

Such situations often seem like real miracles. But the truth is that there is this invisible, immaterial, and inaudible connection between people, called telepathy. 

The 14 signs below can all be attributed to telepathic communication.

1) You can interpret thoughts and emotions

Have you ever felt like someone is telling you one thing but sending you a different telepathic message?

Telepathy is the transmission of thoughts from one living being to another. You don’t need someone to explain to you in detail how your favorite person is feeling, because you can already sense it on your own. 

It is the subconscious that helps us feel other people’s emotions. It also allows us to instinctively interpret whatever they are thinking and feeling, whether it’s good or bad.

You might get instant vibrations when you talk to someone. That person doesn’t have to express their positive or negative sentiments through words to reveal how they feel about you. You just know what they’re thinking, even if they don’t say it openly.

Similarly, when someone close to you tells a lie, you simply know it. Even if they persistently try to hide the truth, their thoughts will betray them and finally reveal their insincerity.

If you are spiritually bonded with someone you truly love, you can most likely enter that person’s mind and send them healing energy without them even knowing it.

2) You experience instinctive telepathy

If we had to place different types of telepathic communication in a hierarchy, instinctive telepathy would lie at the bottom. Not because it’s less relevant, but because it’s simpler to achieve. 

This type of telepathy is widely used in the animal kingdom and is still considered a normal way of communication among some indigenous cultures. 

Instinctive telepathy is usually experienced when an individual recognizes the feelings or needs of another person even though they are not near physically. 

It mostly happens between people who share a strong emotional bond, such as parents and children, partners, and best friends.

3) What would a gifted advisor say?

The signs in this article will give you an insight into telepathic communication.

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4) You can sense their love and support even in silence

Even when you are in uncomfortable situations, you might feel the presence of someone who protects and supports you. 

Other times, you can feel their hugs and kisses even in silence. You feel safe with someone close to you. Even if you are stuck in an awkward or dangerous situation where neither of you can speak, you can feel truly protected next to your partner. If your souls are connected, simply nothing can scare you.

And this inexplicable phenomenon can be attributed to telepathy. The telepathic communication between two people is nothing short of a miracle. It embraces you with the love of their aura and protects you from imminent dangers and troubles.

If the human brain can do that, imagine what else it could do if people understood how to use it in its entirety. A wave of love and compassion would surround the entire planet! 

5) A strange feeling in the eye area

If you don’t have health problems with your eyes and don’t suffer from allergies, but you suddenly feel an unusual reaction in your eye, it’s highly possible that someone is thinking of you.

The need to rub the lid or, say, the tingles in the eye area that suddenly appear and pass quickly, can be a sign that your subconscious is receiving certain energy vibrations.

According to old beliefs, a sudden twitch in your right eye may indicate that somebody is jealous of you. If, on the other hand, the feeling appears in the left eye, it’s believed that someone is in love with you.

“When your mind is clear and your third eye is open, you can see and know things that are taking place thousands of miles away from you.” – Frederick Lenz

6) You suddenly feel tense for no apparent reason

When someone speaks badly of you or thinks of you intensely, it’s possible that unpleasant symptoms in the form of tension may occur. 

Even when you are not aware of it, someone else’s bad energy acts on you, and the subconscious tries to interpret it for you through subtle physical manifestations.

This is because we perceive the world with our senses, through physical interaction. But life also likes to remind us that there is something spiritual and subconscious in all of us. 

Intuition often shows us what we should do for our own good, it warns us or gives small signals for the future. It’s a mistake to ignore cautionary messages because most often our subconscious knows more than we can imagine. 

Instincts are a gift of nature and that is why it is important to listen to what this precious feeling tells us, or as Benjamin Spock would say: “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.’’

7) You feel loved and wanted even when your partner is away 

Just as it can sense negative energy, our mind can also pick up positive energy vibrations. When a beautiful relationship between two people exists, their mental and spiritual bond can be strong even when they are physically apart.

This case is most often manifested in couples who are miles away and are in a long-distance relationship. They can often feel if they are spiritually connected, how their partner thinks of them.

Most often, there is a feeling of warmth and comfort, as well as a sensation of security and tenderness. These are the situations in which we feel happy, that is as if our hearts are melting and pouring into a million mesmerizing shades.

This is because our mind, body, and subconscious are closely connected. The presence of a person with whom we have a telepathic relationship can be felt anywhere and anytime. 

Telepathy transcends the concepts of time and space and enables communication without contact and without verbal communication. It is truly a great masterpiece of nature.

8) Greater compassion is present

When a person close to you is in danger or troubled, you just feel it. Telepathy seems to work best between people who are close or emotionally attached. 

Perhaps a close friend is in a bad mood, feeling sad, nervous, or disappointed about something. You may suddenly experience abdominal pain, chest discomfort, or a feeling of anxiety – these may be signs that the person you are telepathically connected to is at risk or feeling unwell.

This is a clear sign of telepathic communication. Even when they are far away from us, we subconsciously perceive the vibrations of their souls and the manifestation of the feelings that they emit.

This is how people who are telepathically connected go through the most difficult moments of life together. Therefore, no matter what obstacles they have, they remain next to each other. 

If your partner is in danger, you can immediately get a frightening feeling that comes from your mind. We can feel the suffering and pain of our loved ones, even if we can’t see it with our own eyes.

I recently heard a chilling story from a man who revealed that he had a close friend when he was ten years old. After he moved away, his friend was unfortunately run over by a truck. ‘I woke up with a terrible headache from which I couldn’t sleep. I later discovered that it happened at the exact moment when my friend was killed ‘- he said.

There are too many similar cases to be attributed to mere coincidence.

9) You communicate through dreams

When kindred spirits connect on a deeper level, they can share dreams and communicate through them.

Dreaming about someone’s actions and emotions suggests that that person is spending a lot of time thinking about you. Yours or their thoughts are so penetrating that they can reach the realm of your inner desires, longings, and fears. This can be either intimidating or beguiling depending on how you look at that person.

Dreams are a rich source of psychic experiences. During sleep, the noise from the outside world is significantly reduced, which gives more working space to the subtle psychic senses. 

This could explain not only the telepathic communication received in a dream but also the many cases of prediction in people who don’t have psychic powers. 

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10) Dream telepathy is not a new concept

This topic was also dealt with by the original psychoanalysts. Freud, for example, found telepathy through psychoanalytic thought. He also believed that telepathy exists at all levels of human existence, including dreams. 

Carl Jung was also one of those who firmly believed in dream telepathy. He developed an entire theoretical system to explain “paranormal” phenomena in this domain.

Many of the most recognized minds in history have been engaged in the research of the otherworldly and the metaphysical. Nikola Tesla stated in an interview: 

“On the day when science begins to investigate metaphysical and otherworldly anomalies and phenomena, there will be progress in a decade that has not been seen in all previous centuries together.” 

The results obtained in the 60s and 70s of the last century were significant by all standards. Most of this research, which was done at the Mammoth Medical Center in New York, focused on the ability to guess ‘target’ images in a dream. 

The experiment went like this: a dreamer has mentally suggested a picture, and then at a certain favorable stage of sleep they would wake them up and ask whether they were particularly obsessed with a picture during sleep. 

What was happening was very instructive. One of the participants in the experiments – the sender of the information was focusing on a photo of women dancing before falling asleep. The recipient dreamed that he was in a dance class with 6 girls, and one wanted to dance with him. 

This was one of the most successful experiments of this kind. The results achieved by certain individuals have provided irrefutable proof that telepathy through dreams exists.

11) Out of the blue, you feel like smiling

Have you ever had a smile suddenly appear on your face, for no reason at all?

It’s that warm echo that warms your heart, and you aren’t fully aware of why it occurs. Even if you try to ignore it, you probably won’t succeed.

This smile is a physical manifestation of the signals that your mind and your subconscious receive. It can be a sign that someone is thinking about you in the most beautiful way at that moment and this causes a slight mood swing. 

Through drastic mood swings, the subconscious tries to inform you that you are in someone’s thoughts. Your soul felt the attention of another person and its energy affected yours. This sign indicates that you are deeply telepathically connected to someone.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” –  Thich Nhat Hanh

12) You keep noticing odd coincidences 

Did you come up with the same solution in your minds and suddenly said it simultaneously?

Mental telepathy occurs between two fully conscious people. It’s a situation in which we are silent, and we understand each other – without words. 

When our minds are connected and think in the same direction, mental telepathy occurs. It usually happens between people who have similar attitudes and know each other well.

A telepathic connection is a link of the conscious minds. Soulmates develop similar tastes and ideas over time, which helps them stay happy together.

If you have such a connection with your soulmate, just know that you are immensely lucky. 

13) You experience spiritual telepathy

Telepathy is a wonderful connection between souls that flows like a river.

Spiritual telepathy or soul-to-soul telepathy is the highest form of telepathy. It occurs in people whose minds, brains, and souls are in absolute balance. 

It is practiced through creative meditation and serves to renew and transfer good energy from oneself to the soul of another person. You can feel that someone has transmitted good energy to you because it will suddenly feel like a warm, peaceful hug from the universe. 

“When you match the frequency, you can connect or influence the object or person. Telepathy works when two people are on the same frequency.” ― Drasen

14) What are you better at – sending or receiving telepathic messages?

They say that the best time for strong telepathy is a state of stress. The hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which speed up the work of the heart and raise the level of sugar in the blood, are secreted by the body in large quantities in times of crisis. 

The results of several experiments tell us that under these conditions, known as adrenergy, telepathic signals are most vividly transmitted. Some of us are stronger senders of information and some receive messages more powerfully than others. 

How to know which one you lean towards naturally? Below are some good indicators. 

You are a natural recipient if: 

  • You happen to pick up bread, or some other thing that someone needs at home, but they might not be able to call you and ask. 
  • You get in touch with a friend or family member just when they are thinking about you.
  • Solutions to your dilemmas naturally pop into your head without any effort.
  • People often tell you that you took the words right out of their mouth!

You are a natural sender (agent) if: 

  • You think about how nice it would be if someone brought you coffee and, look, someone stopped by with a cup of coffee.
  • People easily fall under the influence of you and your mood.
  • Pets follow your commands without you having to say a single word.

“You need eyes that tell the dog what you are feeling toward it, even though the message may be hidden from the outside world. Above all, you need telepathy so that the dog thinks with you. These things are not always born in people. They can be developed as any sense or gift can be developed. That is, providing the person wishes to develop them is honest in mind, because with animals you cannot cheat.” – Barbara Woodhouse

Bonus: 7 great tips to further develop your telepathic abilities

We all telepathically communicated with our friends, family, co-workers, and even animals without us even being aware of it. Learning how to develop our telepathic abilities requires some practice, patience, and an open mind.

  • Train with your partner – Practicing with your partner is one of the best ways to develop your telepathic abilities. Decide who the sender is when to send, and then switch roles. 

Isolation is important, so the person sending the messages must be physically separated from the person receiving them, preferably as far away as possible, but certainly in another room. 

  • Start slow and easy – Start by sending simple messages such as one color per day or one shape per day at an agreed time. You may want to submit a color form next week. After another week, try to send a person wearing a distinctive uniform.
  • Believe in yourself – Believe that you can develop your telepathic gift and that you are very good at it. When we doubt ourselves, we block the whole process. Using positive affirmations such as: “Telepathy is easy for me to develop and I do it with confidence and ease” will increase your inner strength. 
  • Relax – When your mind is calm, messages, images and impressions will flow from and to you much more effortlessly. Clear your mind of other thoughts that have nothing to do with the message you want to send. 

Any unnecessary vibration in your mind will prevent good concentration and will not help you achieve your goal.

  • Reinforce the thought – When you practice sending a form of thought, empower it with light and energy, send it and then release it without thinking about that thought anymore.  

By not clinging to that thought you make a clear path, and it is easier for the recipient to receive your thought clearly and purely without confusion.

  • Visualization – Practicing meditation will help you develop your visualization skills. To become an effective sender, you must be able to see the objects and colors to send the image. Meditation will help you sharpen your clairvoyance skills.
  • Believe – don’t guess – When you’re in recipient mode, stick to the first impression you receive, don’t analyze it. Omit your mind’s ego and believe that what you are receiving is accurate information.

Final thoughts

By now you should have a good idea of your telepathic abilities. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

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