18 signs of a spiritual connection between a man and a woman

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In a world that is full of flings and hookups, a deep spiritual connection with someone can be hard to come by.

Oftentimes, physical attraction is what drives you to get to know someone better, spend more time with them, and take a shot at a relationship with them.

However, when the spark of first attraction turns into dying embers, it is the spiritual connection that keeps the warmth alive.

How do you know when you have a spiritual connection with someone?

How can you tell if the attraction is skin-deep or if it goes deeper?

Read on and dive into the 18 telltale signs of a spiritual connection between two people and see if it applies to you.

What is a spiritual connection?

A spiritual connection is a strong, invisible force that attracts and magnetizes you toward another human being.

It is a strong feeling of connection — sometimes a sense of deja vu which makes you turn and ask, “Hey, haven’t I met you before?”

It is a magical feeling of being at home with someone you just met, of knowing deep in your gut that you’ve known that person for years even if you’ve just been spending a few months together.

Like you’re looking at a mirror of your own soul whenever you look at that person. And most significantly, they also feel the same way.

A spiritual connection with someone may be likened to finding your soulmate or twin flame, but they are not entirely the same.

While the deep, visceral connection with a soulmate is almost always triggered the first time you laid eyes on each other, a spiritual connection may not develop until months or years into the relationship.

In some cases, it may be felt the instant you cross paths with each other, but there are times when you have to nurture a spiritual connection into full bloom.

Being spiritually connected with a person makes the relationship more grounded, more harmonious, and more anchored on strong foundations than a relationship solely built on physical attraction only.

So, if you want to know if you have a spiritual connection with someone, here are 17 signs to help you figure things out.

18 signs of a spiritual connection with someone

1) You respect each other mutually

Respect is a non-negotiable part of any relationship, but more so with spiritually connected couples.

Without it, your relationship will crumble to dust the instant you lose the physical attraction you have for each other.

When you are spiritually connected to a person, you know you are being valued as an equal — not someone to be worshipped beyond anything nor someone to be looked down upon like you’re disposable.

You respect each other’s decisions, thoughts, and opinions even if sometimes they’re different.

You know when to talk, when to listen, and when to just be there for them.

You always understand how each other’s mind works and you are not quick to judge or confront. You always put a premium into understanding what the other person thinks or feels.

Respect also means being considerate of each other’s boundaries and limitations. When you feel like having some alone time, they will not push you to spend time with them.

Instead, they will respect your personal space and understand that being in a relationship doesn’t mean stripping you of all those boundaries you have for self-care and self-love.

If you’re wondering how else you could make a man feel valued, here’s a great article to learn more about it.

2) You have aligned values, perspectives, and morals in life

Differences in opinions and habits are often present in a relationship.

There are times when you’ll fight with each other over petty things — scolding each other on how to do the dishes properly, discussing which pizza flavor is the best, or having a row over missing socks.

But if you have similar values and perspectives about the bigger things in life, all these small fights will be resolved quickly.

If you see your relationship with the same goals and principles in mind, you will always choose to keep each other rather than let the small differences get in the way.

When you’re spiritually connected with each other, you will be unwavering in your love despite the small fights. You will both be forward-looking in your relationship and not just caught up in the present.

You both agree on where you want to take your relationship in terms of family planning, child-rearing, and career-building. These are the important values and decisions that you have to be similar in or at least compromise on if you are truly spiritually connected with each other.

Seeing things, especially long-term plans, in the same lens means that you have a deep spiritual connection with your person.

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4) You have deep and meaningful conversations with them

Of course, first conversations are almost always small talk. But a spiritual connection between a man and a woman goes beyond that and quickly transforms into deep conversations — no holds barred.

When you are with someone that you connect to on a spiritual level, you know deep down that you can talk to them about anything without reservation, embarrassment, or fear of judgment.

You allow them to dive deep into your soul and explore the hidden parts of you that you don’t usually show to other people, even your friends.

You can engage them in meaningful conversations without having to hold yourself back because you trust them completely.

You can talk to them about life, your beliefs and worldview, and your dreams and aspirations. There is a two-way flow of ideas and you both want to know each other better.

This does not necessarily mean that shallow and superficial conversations do not come along your way, but you both feel that you can talk beyond trivialities and there is a deep craving for ideas, desires, and thoughts on meaningful topics.

5) You can breathe easily in your relationship

Your relationship is the epitome of freedom.

When you are spiritually connected with someone, you will never feel trapped or confined. You will never have to feel like you are walking on eggshells or that there is a constant need to worry about what’s going to happen next.

Being in a spiritual connection with someone means giving each other the leeway to be yourselves.

You don’t have to sacrifice and give up the things that you’ve been doing before just because you’re together. You don’t have to mold yourself into a wholly different person when you find that spiritual connection with a person.

You both feel like you’re a team but you also acknowledge that there are things that you have to do and want to do outside your relationship.

It is accepting that you may have different hobbies, interests, and career choices, and you have the freedom to choose and create your path in life.

6) You know what each other is thinking without even talking

Finishing each other’s sentences doesn’t only happen in the movies.

When you find someone that you’re spiritually connected to, it feels like there’s a mental and emotional string that binds you together — like some sort of telepathic connection that makes you more aware of each other.

There are times that you’ll do something for your special someone without them even asking. Other times, they will speak what’s on your mind before you even say it.

A strong spiritual connection also manifests in the language that only the two of you can understand. You will notice that you communicate even in the gestures, signs, glimpses, and laughter that you share together.

There is a powerful spark whenever you look at each other.

Your friends and family might even tell the both of you to let them in one of your inside jokes, but you’ll have a hard time explaining them to others because you’ve already developed a micro-language between the two of you.

That kind of spiritual connection is rare and you are one lucky couple if you develop that special connection between the two of you.

7) You give each other room for growth

When two people enter a relationship, it is often a sign of downfall when they develop skewed thinking of melding into one person.

It is toxic and unhealthy to remove that individuality and personal space from your special someone.

When you are spiritually connected with a person, you recognize that you are still two different individuals who have varying moods, tastes, and interests. All of these differences don’t get in the way of your healthy relationship.

A deep spiritual connection helps you understand that you need a wiggle room for growth and for realizing your truest potential. They don’t block your progress, get jealous of your accomplishments, nor pull you down to their level.

Instead, they push you to grow and change and mature because they know that you can always achieve better things than what you have right now. They also believe that your success is their success, too.

8) You recognize them 

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9) You are emotionally and physically secure with them

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, the sheer fact that they are with you or somewhere within reach already gives you a sense of peace and calm.

When your anxiety gets the better of you, you just think about that person and all the cobwebs in your mind disappear. The feeling of security also works its way into how you look at yourself.

With a deep spiritual connection with your partner, you are certain of your place in their life. There is no second-guessing how high or low you are on their priority list. You just know that you prioritize each other, even though there are things that appear as important, too.

They will also make you feel beautiful, in their words and actions, and you will believe them wholeheartedly.

There is no room for jealousy or comparison because you know what your special someone feels about you.

10) You communicate even in silence

For couples who haven’t gone into that level of spiritual connectedness, silence is often uncomfortable and heavy.

Cold shoulders and passive-aggressive treatment are often the band-aid solution to their problems, which obviously don’t resolve anything. But with a spiritual connection, you can speak volumes with each other even in silence.

There are times when words aren’t needed — just being together, hand in hand, will already mean a lot to dissipate the tension you’re both feelings.

While other couples escalate their problems with harsh and hurtful words, spiritually connected couples get into contemplative silence first before talking to each other. It is in that silence that a lot of decisions, plans, and solutions are finalized, and they both know it.

When you are spiritually connected with someone, silence is always comfortable and never awkward. You can just huddle together in silence and be satisfied with it.

Finally, with a strong spiritual connection, silence is always a bridge rather than a gaping hole in your relationship.

11) You do not keep secrets from one another

When you find someone that you vibe with on a spiritual level, you will no longer be afraid to bare your entire self to them, flaws and all.

Those stretch marks that you’re hiding and that mole that you think is hideous will now seem like battle scars that you’ll be proud of showing to your spiritual half.

Those childhood trauma and secret past will naturally surface and crave for understanding.

That is how you relate with someone spiritually — in knowing that you won’t be judged or laughed at and in believing that your secrets are safe with your person.

When you’re in a relationship with someone you spiritually vibe with, you no longer have the need to keep secrets. It is easy to break down the walls you previously built to protect yourself because you know that your special someone will protect you, too.

You become more and more transparent with each other, may it be in personal decisions, feelings or emotions, and differences in opinion.

You put your trust in each other and you don’t hide anything between the two of you. You both know that secrets can potentially ruin your spiritual connection and your relationship, so you avoid keeping secrets at all costs.

12) You’re both progressing in your spiritual journeys

Another sign of a spiritual connection between a man and a woman is when they are both progressing in their spiritual journeys. When two people are spiritually connected, they can help each other evolve and focus on their spiritual paths.

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13) You have a strong, unmistakable bond between each other

Your instincts are on overdrive with them.

There’s a magical connection between you, like you can find each other in a sea of strangers.

Ever watched a movie scene where the girl is looking at her other half across the room, only to find out he’s already looking at her?

Yes, it happens in real life, too!

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, you develop an invisible radar that is attuned only to them. You know when they’re not feeling well even before they tell you. They know something’s bothering you even before you speak.

This bond only grows stronger over time when you are with someone you are spiritually connected with.

You will develop a unique way of communication no matter how far you are from each other.

14) Time flies when you are together

You might surprise yourself when you get to meet the person you are spiritually connected with.

During your first conversations, you will not run out of topics even when you’ve already been talking until the wee hours of the morning. This is one of the mysterious and magical aspects of spiritual connection.

You can literally talk to the person or be with them the whole day, and the moment they hang up or leave, you immediately miss them and wish you had more time with them.

Time is just an illusion when you’re with this person and you lose track of it. You feel like the time you spend together will never be enough for the both of you to seize. 

15) You support each other’s dreams and goals in life

You don’t have to build the same dreams and goals in life.

In most cases, couples who are spiritually connected with each other have totally different goals and aspirations.

The key is in paving the same path toward those goals, however different they may seem. This means you have each other’s back and you support one another in making those dreams come true.

Sometimes, your dreams may lead you in opposite directions, but you’re still the biggest cheerleader and support that the two of you have.

In relationships built on spiritual connection, distance and time are only arbitrary numbers. The important thing is that you still stay together and give each other moral support to keep going and keep grinding.

16) There is laughter in every conversation

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a serious discussion with your special someone, and then you just both crack in laughter?

If you do, keep them.

Laughter is one of the simplest but most overlooked aspects of a relationship.

Adult couples often feel like they should be serious all the time or else they will be taken as a joke. But what else can be a measure of true happiness in a relationship, if not laughter?

The next time you’re talking to your other half, observe yourself. Do you break into a smile all of a sudden? Do they make you laugh? Is there an urge to smile just because? Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

The laughter that you share together is a reflection that your souls are intertwined into a spiritual connection.

Laughing together makes you both feel at ease with each other and lets you realize that a home isn’t really a place but a person.

17) You enjoy having sex beyond physical intimacy

When you become intimate with the person you are spiritually connected with, you tend to view sex as something more than just a primal urge.

Sex then transforms into the art of lovemaking and the selfish act of having sex just to relieve yourself turns into a selfless act of pleasuring the other.

When you’re spiritually connected with a person, having sex triggers not just your physical craving but also your emotional and mental states. It isn’t just exploring the body, but working your way deeper into each other’s mind and emotions as well.

Intimate sex is where you can be both vulnerable and feel safe at the same time. This is when you feel like your souls become one. Sex, therefore, isn’t just lust but rather a genuine affection for each other.

If you’re looking for more clues that he’s into you when you’re lovemaking, here are 22 no-bullshit signs he loves you during sex.

18) You are grateful for one another

When you meet the person you share spiritual connection with, you will be eternally thankful that that universe conspired to show you the way to each other.

Every day, you will feel grateful that you met your special someone and you will show this gratitude in every way possible.

One or both of you may not say it in too many words, but your actions will never lie.

Even preparing a cup of coffee in the morning or turning the heater on before they take a shower speaks of gratitude.

You show your appreciation for each other in many ways, even in the smallest and most trivial day-to-day things.

Looking for more ways to keep your special someone happy? Here’s an amazing guide for you.

Finding a Spiritual Connection

Sometimes, a spiritual connection is not immediately felt or seen.

There are times when you have to start from scratch and build it from the ground up.

Even if there’s an immediate spiritual connection when you first meet someone, you still have to nurture it or else it will not develop into its full potential.

Some people also mistake physical attraction for spiritual connection, so this is something you should keep an eye on.

Although there is a magical and inexplicable feeling when you get to meet someone you are spiritually connected with, you still need to exert effort in making the relationship work and maintaining the spiritual connection between the two of you.

The best thing to do in order to find the person you have a spiritual connection with is to just be yourself.

The more you are honest with yourself and the people you meet, the more you will attract people who are just like you. It will give you the chance to build balanced relationships and find that one person your spirit and soul is craving for.

Ready to know more about higher spiritual connection? This article is an in-depth guide about twin flames.

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