13 undeniable signs of a selfish woman (complete guide)

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Being selfish is a toxic yet common personality trait amongst people.

A selfish woman might harm your mental well-being while also endangering the relationship’s stability.

Knowing when your woman is being selfish will enable you to correct the situation and keep your relationship intact.

So what are the undeniable signs of a selfish woman that you can look out for?

While every woman can have varying degrees of selfishness, here are 14 common signs that she is a selfish woman:

1) She Is Always Her Top Priority

While having a sense of self-importance is not wrong, if she is solely focused on herself and always considers her needs to be a top priority then she might be selfish to a certain extent.

Another classic sign of a selfish woman is when she spends a great deal of time talking about her interests, passions, ambitions, and hobbies without caring about anything that pertains to you.

A person who is just concerned with oneself is unlikely to be concerned with others. If she never stops talking about herself, you might have a selfish partner.

If your girlfriend is selfish, she is just concerned with herself and is unconcerned about other people’s sentiments.

2) It Is Easy for Her to Say Hurtful Stuff to You

If your girlfriend is only concerned with herself and doesn’t give a damn about how you feel, she may say something cruel without hesitation.

If she’s always saying hurtful things to you, it’s probably because she doesn’t care about your feelings.

She may even bring up the possibility of splitting up with you when you least expect it.

This is because she wants to take control of your emotions, and bringing up such a heavy subject will throw you off guard and leave you unsure of what to say.

She is unconcerned about your emotions. She solely cares about taking control of the relationship and possessing the power.

3) She Dictates Every Aspect of Your Life

Control and narcissistic tendencies are common signs of a selfish woman.

A selfish person is primarily concerned with ensuring that her life has the best outcome for her.

With minimal care for other people, they attempt to take control and dictate terms of the lives of the people around her.

Your girlfriend will want to control everything you do if she is truly selfish.

She could not want you to get out with your pals or even on a trip you’re looking forward to.

According to her, she has a need to have the final word on everything in her life and will not care to do anything that does not benefit her.

She may even start disputes with you over little matters as a means of obtaining control.

4) She Doesn’t Value Your Opinions or Advice

It’s not a good indicator if your girlfriend is always making plans and never asks you what you want to do.

She may not be interested in what you want to accomplish, which is why she makes arrangements without consulting you first.

You might think she doesn’t care about your interests because she wouldn’t have asked you what you wanted to do in the first place if she did.

This does not usually end with just making plans.

Selfish women may believe that their own conscience is the only opinion that matters when it comes to important decisions.

If you notice a consistent pattern of her taking a lot of important decisions without coming to you for any form of opinion or advice, then it may be a sign that she is selfish and does not value your presence in her life.

5) Compromise Is Not in Her Dictionary

Selfish women find it hard to look at situations from a perspective that is not their own.

They often only envision a path that was formulated inside their own heads and can never really find common ground with differing opinions.

As such, a selfish woman will rarely ever compromise and agree to do something purely for the sake of someone else.

This could manifest in her day-to-day interactions with people in her social circle.

If she never wants to do something that you want to do, never wants to meet or interact with your friends, or asks for your opinion on planning travel, then she may be a selfish woman.

6) She Always Has Something to Complain About

A selfish person is always looking out for oneself, so when things don’t go their way, they grumble.

They simply aren’t satisfied with whatever life throws at them if it does not benefit them. Selfish people enjoy whining because they believe that life revolves around them.

They don’t seem to mind whether their whining irritates others. They must have their concerns heard.

Another sign is if she complains about her life even when something amazing happens in your life.

A selfish woman will find it difficult to share in the happiness of others without complaining about their own life. If your girlfriend is consistently finding things to be upset about, she’s probably selfish.

7) She Is Rude to Other People

Selfish women can become self-absorbed and can find it challenging to consider how their words or actions can affect the feelings of others.

If she treats everyone like trash and has a rude attitude, then it means she is not concerned about how others feel. This can also be seen if her social circle is bleak without you.

They have few friends because they have no time for other people.

If your girlfriend doesn’t have many friends, it’s possible that she doesn’t make an effort with them because she doesn’t see the point.

If they want to be friends with her, others must put up an effort.

Because she doesn’t see the need in becoming friends with other people unless it improves her work or finances.

8) She Does Not Respect or Value Your Feelings

If your girlfriend rarely thinks about how you’re feeling, or at the very least tries to cheer you up when you’re upset, she could be selfish.

She may even portray a complete disregard for your emotions or feelings. She may also lack general respect or value for your feelings.

You should be concerned if your girlfriend doesn’t seem to care when you’re going through a difficult time.

After all, you’re supposed to support each other through thick and thin in a committed relationship.

9) She Comes Late Often but Offers No Explanation

Do you have to wait for your girlfriend when you go out with her? If she’s always late, it’s most likely because she doesn’t value your time.

When it comes to their relationship, a person who cares about others will be punctual.

It’s likely that you’re always waiting on her while you’re with your friends or family since she doesn’t respect you.

She may even make explanations for her tardiness, but you know they aren’t true.

This is a classic symptom of selfishness, and you should tell her that it’s not acceptable to keep you waiting all the time.

10) She Never Apologizes or Owns Up to Her Mistakes

One of the most common signs of a woman who is selfish is if she never apologizes when she makes a mistake.

They can be quite masterful at playing the blame game and rarely ever take an ounce of accountability.

In her world, she can never be wrong.

A selfish woman will always find excuses, reasons and justifications for her actions even if it hurts you quite a lot.

When your girlfriend insists on proving herself to be right all the time, it’s likely that she believes she is superior to everyone else.

11) She Has Zero Interest in You

Do you find yourself in a position where you almost feel like you have to beg for her to listen to your passions and hobbies?

If so, then it might mean that you are not a priority to her and she is only interested in things in her life.

In any healthy relationship, you should at the very least pay attention to your partner’s passions.

A selfish woman will not be able to take a genuine interest in your life.

12) She Constantly Tries to Become the Center of Attention

A selfish woman has a need to be the center of attention of every social gathering.

She enjoys the spotlight and will find ways to make any conversation about herself.

This might stem from a narcissistic belief that her problems and interests are more important than others.

A selfish woman does not hesitate to brag and can talk about herself even if it means taking attention away from you or other people.

13) She Has a Habit of Diminishing Others to Make Herself Look Better

Keep a watch on your partner if she disparages others to make herself feel better. A selfish individual would never wish for others to feel better than she does.

It’s why she’ll go to any length to make herself feel better, even if it involves putting someone else down.

She’ll assert that others aren’t as intelligent as she is, or even that she is more attractive than they are.

She may even claim that you aren’t as attractive as she is because it makes her feel wonderful.

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