35 signs of hidden male attraction (full list)

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You have a crush on a guy, and you have a strong feeling that he likes you, too.

But then you ground yourself and think that maybe he’s just naturally nice— and that you’re just overreading his actions.

Well then, it’s time to put him under a microscope and see if he exhibits these obvious signs of hidden male attraction.

1) You often catch him staring at you.

Perhaps you felt eyes drilling holes into your head, so you turn around and find him staring at you.

Or perhaps you decided to let your gaze wander and found yourself looking into his eyes.

A stare can mean so many different things after all. But one thing is for sure. It’s a sign that he’s interested in you for one reason or another.

Why would he keep staring at you otherwise?

2) He’s unusually quiet around you.

He’s well known for being a bit of a talker, but somehow he becomes a lot quieter when you’re around. It’s almost like a cat’s got his tongue.

And it’s not like he’s just in shock by your presence, because he continues to be very careful with his words even if you’ve been hanging out together for a while.

Even when you’re together for a long period of time, you can see that he’s very careful with his words.

And of course, why wouldn’t he be? If he isn’t careful with his words, he might piss you off or hurt you and that’s the last thing he wants.

3 He finds excuses to see you.

He keeps trying to find ways to be in the same space as you.

He might suddenly show up at a party that you’re pretty sure he wasn’t invited to, for example.

If he knows you’re involved in a local charity, he might try to get involved so that he could see you there.

It can be very obvious sometimes, especially if he consistently and reliably does things simply because it gives him opportunities to see you.

4) He replies to your messages at lightning speed.

A guy who’s into you won’t keep you waiting. Not only is he scared you’d feel bad, but connecting with you is the only thing he can think of!

He can’t not reply even if he’s doing something that requires all his attention.

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5) He does things to make you notice him.

You know he’s not really the kind to fish for attention. But when you’re around, it’s like he suddenly can’t get enough eyes on him.

He’d crack jokes and try to be the center of attention. He’d brag about his accomplishments to the people around you—loudly—so that you could hear him.

If he does this, it isn’t really that he wants praise and validation from all these other people. It’s you whose attention he’s craving.

6) He acts differently when you’re around.

Whatever he might be like as a person, your presence is almost like a switch that makes him flip a full 180 degrees.

If he’s normally the quiet, introspective type, he might suddenly act like a blabbermouth when he’s with you.

You’ve always known him to be a flirt, but all of a sudden he’s behaving and being completely mellow. He might even ignore girls who are trying to hit on him.

This is going to be especially obvious to you if you’ve known him for a while. But even if that wasn’t the case, then his friends and family would be able to tell the difference.

7) He suddenly cares about his looks.

When you’re talking to him, you notice him flip his hair, straighten his posture, and fix his pants. He might even check his breath when he thinks you’re not looking.

A guy who’s in love is pretty much like a girl who’s in love. He will want to impress you so much that he’ll get obsessed about his looks.

He might also wear a new brand of cologne all of a sudden, hoping that it’ll awaken your senses and notice him.

8) He remembers the things you tell him.

A man who’s madly in love will have a very sharp memory when it comes to the woman his heart beats for.

You might find yourself surprised because of how he would remember details you told him in passing. You might not even remember telling him about it!

It could be that you told him about your deep childhood fears so he steers conversations away from them to avoid hurting you. Or maybe you casually mentioned that you liked vanilla ice cream one day, so he bought you a tub.

It’s almost like the things you tell him about yourself are etched into his brain somehow. And in a way, that’s exactly what’s going on…because he likes you.

9) He’s difficult to read.

There’s an air of mystery about him. He would do something that might make you think “oh, he’s interested in me”, only for him to go cold the next moment.

This happens because he’s trying to balance his desire to want to be around you, and his own fears about being too obvious about his feelings.

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10) He deliberately ignores you.

Sometimes boys will just be boys. Even when he’s all grown up, with a job and a fancy car, he can still end up acting like a little boy in love.

Emotions are hard to deal with, and he might be trying hard to make sure you won’t notice the fact that he likes you, so he does the exact opposite of how you might expect of a man in love.

He’ll ignore you.

He might even go the extra mile and walk away just to make it abundantly clear that he’s not into you. But of course, he is.

11) He’s in tune with you.

He just seems to know how you’re feeling. When you’re feeling a little blue, he’ll immediately reach out to comfort you.

If you’re in a group chat with friends, he just knows when your mood is dipping and just what is making you upset, so he tries to steer the subject away from it.

This happens because he’s been paying extra close attention to the way you think and how you react. He goes through the effort to understand you on a level most people won’t even bother to achieve.

12) He befriends your friends.

A guy who’s into you would try to get closer to your friends. Not only will it gain him extra points for “winning” the approval of your friends, it will offer him a few handy perks.

He could ask them about you, for example. What things does he need to do to get your attention? Are you still single? What kinds of things do you like?

If your friends know how to keep their mouths shut or if he is especially subtle about it, you probably won’t even realize he’s doing this. Of course, it’s more likely that you will hear about it at one point or another.

13) He gives you stuff.

If a guy is into you, especially if his love language is gifts, he can’t stop himself from giving you gifts.

Of course, since he’s trying to hide his feelings for you, the gifts won’t be obvious ones. No roses or chocolates or teddy bears, for sure.

Instead, he’d try to give you a lot of little stuff—from candies to iced coffee to cute ballpens.

If he’s worried you might suspect that he likes you, he might give those same things to others, too, hoping you’d think he’s just being generous to everyone.

14) He notices details about you.

You know someone is in love when they start to notice little details about a person.

This guy pays close attention to you and how you wiggle your hands when you’re stressed, or how you cross and uncross your legs three times when you’re impatient.

You will know that he notices because he tells you he finds those quirks cute, and would often look at you fondly every time you do them.

15) He’s always ready to help you.

It’s almost like he just can’t resist rushing to your aid whenever you’re in trouble.

He even goes the extra mile just to help! It’s almost like he’s your personal superhero.

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16) He keeps your conversations going.

Conversations just naturally slow down at some point and someone who isn’t particularly interested in you won’t put much effort into giving life to a conversation that has stalled.

But not him. When he notices that your interest in the topic has waned, he tries to change the subject to something he thinks you’ll appreciate more.

He does this because he likes chatting with you. Every moment shared between the two of you is precious.

17) He gets moody when you talk to other men.

And that’s because he’s jealous, of course.

Hiding one’s feelings is easy when there’s no threat, but once there’s a chance that someone would “win” your heart, he can’t help but be in agony.

He wouldn’t know what to do. At first, he’d be extremely uncomfortable. Then he’d start to think of crazy ways to get your attention back to him.

18) He likes to get updated about your life.

How did your test go? What were you up to last weekend? Have you been feeling better now?

Questions such as these will haunt him. He’ll perhaps try to skim your social media profile for hints on how things have been going for you, and then try to ask you in person about the rest.

But of course, he’ll try to be polite with his questions. He wants to know more about you, but he knows that if he asks too much you might get creeped out so he holds himself back.

19) He worries about you.

He may act all normal, but then when you get in trouble or he knows you’re not doing well, he’d be worried sick.

He’d do anything and bother anyone just to ensure you’re okay.

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’s more likely to rush to your side even if he’s been trying to hide his feelings. And eventually he’ll slip up and admit to his feelings anyways.

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20) His friends have definitely noticed it.

Amusing enough, it can be easier to see your friends being obviously in love with someone than it is to sense someone being in love with you.

Chances are that your friend circles intersect to some degree. You’re friends with some of his friends, and he knows some of yours.

If your friends begin teasing either of you about him having a crush on you, or even just hinting about it… it’s probably because they have noticed his attraction to you.

In fact, it’s likely that everyone has already noticed it but you.

21) He laughs at your jokes.

And that includes the corny ones.

In fact, the more you think about it the more you want to hide away and forget you even tried to say a joke at all.

And yet still he laughed when nobody else did. You might find yourself wondering if it was because he was laughing at you, or if he was laughing with you.

But after some more thought, you just can’t find any malice in his laughter. He simply enjoys your jokes, no matter how simple, plain or overused it may be.

22) He keeps on “accidentally” touching you.

His hand brushes against yours when he walks by. He might even reach for the same book on the shelf as you at the exact same time!

There are many different ways it could happen, but one way or another he just somehow keeps on touching on you by accident. So much so that you swear that it’s on purpose half the time.

And chances are that they actually are on purpose.

He just goes to a lot of effort to hide it… and he would have gotten away with it too, were it not for the fact that he’s touching you a little too often.

23) He doesn’t talk about his girlfriend (if he’s in a relationship)

By some unfortunate stroke of luck, he just so happens to be in a relationship with someone at the moment.

Perhaps they were together when you met, or perhaps they got together while you were friends but before you realized your feelings.

If he had no feelings for you at all, he would find no issue in talking about his girlfriend. In fact, he’d even boast about it.

But instead he stays quiet about his girlfriend. He doesn’t bring her up, and when she does show up as a conversation topic, he quickly tries to change the subject.

The reason for this is because he feels like talking about his GF with you will only push you away, and deep down inside he simply wants you.

24) He gets flustered when you get close.

You get close to him for whatever reason and he suddenly acts nervous. You don’t even have to actually talk to him—your presence alone is enough to make him a fumbling, blushing mess.

This is a very sure sign that he’s interested in you for one reason or another. Maybe it’s because he finds you sexy, or maybe it’s because he has a crush on you.

If he isn’t interested in you at all, then he would have no problem standing right next to you for hours on end.

25) He asks if you’re dating someone.

He wants to know if you’re dating someone so that he can set his expectations.

The last thing he wants is to spend months thinking he has a chance on you, only to realize he never had the chance!

If you are indeed single and tell him somehow, then expect him to be absolutely relieved. It’s almost like you could see a weight disappear from his shoulders.

26) He always takes your side.

Any reasonable man would try to weigh both sides to an argument before jumping in. And maybe he will act as if he did exactly just that.

But anyone who cases to watch would see that he’s definitely in it to defend you. He comes in clearly biased to take your side and goes the extra mile just to help you win.

He most likely genuinely believes that you’re in the right. And even if he has doubts and thinks that he should be less obviously biased, he carries on anyway simply because he cares for you that much.

27) He tries to piss you off.

It might seem counterintuitive to piss off someone you like, but if you think about it, it’s not that surprising.

Men aren’t really taught how to show or process their emotions, so they end up expressing their interest differently from women.

Even if they have come to know that women think and act differently, it’s just so hard-wired into them that they’ll end up falling back to it on instinct.

So when a guy keeps trying to piss you off, especially if he otherwise likes to defend you, send you random gifts, and generally hang out with you, it’s most likely because he wants you to look at him.

28) He cares about your opinion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about something way out of his depth, or something he’s otherwise interested in.

He could be the most fashion-blind guy in the whole world, and still he’d happily listen to you tell him about your favorite brands and why certain colors work well together.

He finds you fascinating, and wants to understand the way your mind ticks… so he listens to you.

Your opinion is not just something he can disregard—it’s a window into your psyche.

29) He tries to have some alone time together with you.

He tries to come up with a way to be alone with you.

This might seem like it’d be obvious at first glance, but that’s not always the case.

Maybe he’d try to insist on walking with you to keep you safe instead of letting you walk alone.

These things aren’t usually things that would make you think “oh hey, he likes me”, and most of the time they don’t.

But when he seems to take every opportunity to have some alone time with you, then even interactions like these can’t be ignored.

30) He checks in often.

He’s busy, and yet he still finds the time to text you about your day and ask if you’ve been doing well. He barely has the time to spare, and yet he drops by to see how you’re doing.

And it’s not like he does it just once a month. No—he tries to check in as often as he can.

Whatever comfort you may need, be it his company, or something more substantial like food or his touch, he’s there to give it to you.

With him around, you don’t feel the least bit lonely or abandoned.

There’s no denying that he is attracted to you if he’s acting this way towards you.


There are many painfully obvious signs that a man is interested in you.

Oftentimes, he himself won’t realize he’s been giving himself away. And you—well, you’ll see it when it’s pointed out to you.

But then that begs the question. How do you make him act on it?

Well, I touched on the hero instinct earlier and it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.

The reason for that is because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, you’ll get him even more obsessed with you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before and he can no longer deny his feelings for you.

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