25 unfortunate signs of an uncaring husband

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Sadly, some husbands don’t actually live up to the responsibilities of being a husband. 

If you’re trying to figure out whether your husband cares about the relationship he has with you then this article might help point you in the right direction. 

Here are 25 unfortunate signs that your husband doesn’t care about you or the marriage.

1) He doesn’t spend time with you

Quality time with someone we love is important in any relationship. 

If your husband isn’t spending time with you to build the trust and communication that is essential for a healthy relationship then there is no reason for him to care about the marriage. 

If it’s difficult for him to spend time with you, it just shows that he is not willing to put any effort into making the marriage work. 

The worst part is? He hardly has time for you and you don’t feel important because he doesn’t see you as a priority. 

2) He doesn’t give you compliments or appreciation

What’s the point of a marriage if you don’t feel loved or appreciated?

If your husband’s constantly saying things like, “Yeah, yeah,” or “I know,” this means that he has no respect for you or the relationship. 

This is a sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage at all. 

He also doesn’t give you compliments or appreciate how hard it must be for you to keep things going with him.

If ever you’ve done something great at work, or you put extra care about how you looked for the day or even done something around the house without his help, his appreciation is nowhere to be found. 

This is a sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage and thinks that he can get away with not showing gratitude for the sacrifices you’ve made for him because he’s been “satisfied” in his post-marriage life. 

3) He makes fun of or looks down on you in front of your friends

This is a sign of disrespect for you and for the relationship. Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. 

When he looks down on you in front of your friends or even when it’s just the two of you, this is just an obvious sign that he doesn’t care about you.

He might be trying to be funny or he might have forgotten that he’s married to you, but either way, this is a really bad situation and it needs to be addressed before it gets worse. 

There’s nothing worse than when you thought the person that you married was a great guy but he’s actually being disrespectful to you in front of your friends. 

4) He doesn’t care about your feelings or problems

Emotional support in a relationship is so important. 

When your husband doesn’t listen to you, or doesn’t acknowledge that you’re crying then it’s most likely that he doesn’t care about your feelings or problems. 

The way to solve these emotional problems is through communication and when communication breaks down, there won’t be any emotional support at all.

When you’re having a hard time and your husband doesn’t care, he is only putting you through the struggle to solve a problem that has nothing to do with him.

5) He doesn’t really listen to you

Here’s an unfortunate scenario: he often talks over you or doesn’t seem to care about what you have to say. He’s never there for advice and he doesn’t always want to listen. 

Communication is supposed to be a two-way street in any relationship.If you feel like your relationship is more of a one-way street, it clearly shows that he doesn’t care about the marriage. 

He has no interest in what you have to say and isn’t interested in developing your ideas or thoughts together to make the marriage stronger. 

His ears are tuned more to what other people have to say than what you have to say. 

6) He doesn’t respect your decisions or opinions

Whether it be about the marriage, family, work, or anything else important in your life – if he’s not asking for your opinion or input on any matters at hand, it just shows that he doesn’t care about what you have to say at all.

He isn’t asking for your opinion on any matters or choices in life.

This is when he acts like he knows better than you.

Sometimes the people that we thought loved us, treat us the worst.

When there’s something that needs to be decided in the household or in your marriage, he will just straight up make decisions for both people and doesn’t really care about what you think or feel about it. 

It’s important to have your own ideas of how things should be done in order for the marriage to be successful.

7) He only cares about his feelings

If your husband only cares about his feelings, wants, and needs, it is definitely a sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage. He only thinks about how he feels and what he wants out of the relationship. He doesn’t care about your feelings or even consider how his actions might affect you.

This is a sign that he’s not invested in this marriage because if he did, he would be considering both people instead of just himself.

8) He finds fault with you all of the time

Constantly pointing out mistakes and finding fault in your every move is another sign that your husband doesn’t care about you. It’s easy to find fault in someone when you’re not invested in the relationship

You don’t care about that person and are only looking for something to complain about to prove that you’re right. 

He cares more about himself than he cares about the marriage, so he will find faults. All of a sudden, your husband is looking at everything that you do like it’s wrong or bad. 

Even if it’s unintentional, he only expects you to be wrong and not do anything right.

If your husband is continually in a bad mood and always pointing out faults, this is a big sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage. He only cares about his selfish needs and wants, and disrespects you.

9) He’s distant or lazy

Here’s a brutal truth: distance and laziness are huge signs that your husband doesn’t care about you or the marriage. 

He isn’t putting in the effort to show that he cares. He doesn’t care about your feelings and only thinks about himself.

There’s nothing more obvious than a husband who isn’t putting in the effort to be a good husband, or to even help with the marriage. 

He’s pushing you away and pushing marriage responsibilities onto you because he is lazy enough to even bother.

10) He’s always right

You’ve got yourself an uncaring husband when he thinks that he’s the only one who can be right since he made the decision and the marriage is his way or no way at all.

You’re never going to be able to talk to him about anything in the future if he doesn’t admit that he’s wrong or apologize for any mistakes he did. 

Simply put, he won’t hear you because he is always right.

11) He doesn’t trust you

Trust is a huge part of any relationship. Without trust, there is no relationship. 

When your husband doesn’t trust you, it’s a huge sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage. 

He thinks that you’re going to cheat on him or be unfaithful and avoids giving you the benefit of the doubt in any situation, even if it’s impossible for you to do something wrong. 

He is looking for something to bring you down when you’re innocent since he doesn’t trust you and doesn’t care about your relationship.

12) He’s drinking or gambling more than normal

Another huge sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage is when he’s gambling or drinking more than normal. 

When a person is losing interest in their partner, they will lose interest in the activities they used to do as a couple as well. 

Gambling, drinking, or skipping family activities is a sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage.

Once he starts doing all these unhealthy vices, it will be very hard to get him to stop and he’ll simply say, “I’m just having fun.”

13) He’s physically abusing you

This is such a huge red flag of a toxic relationship

Physical abuse is never okay and is a tremendous sign that he’s not your best friend, and never will be.

If your husband is physically abusing you, it’s a terrible situation to be in. Get out of it as soon as possible for the sake of yourself and, if you have, for the sake of your children.

The one person who should protect you shouldn’t be hurting you at all, let alone physically hurting you.

He isn’t putting in any effort to make sure that you’re okay and that the relationship stays healthy. He sees you as his tool or means to get what he wants in life and will be disrespectful towards you.

14) He has no patience or tolerance for your needs

A husband doesn’t care about the marriage when he has no patience for his wife’s needs, matters, or ideas. 

He doesn’t listen to her and won’t wait for her to finish. He’s only going to give her 1 inch of space and then if she stands there, he’ll get impatient and push her away. 

You see, if he doesn’t care about the marriage or you, then he thinks that you’re going to take up his time for no reason. He’s ignorant and thinks that he’s entitled to all of your time and won’t let you take up space.

A husband without patience or tolerance for his wife means that he doesn’t care about her needs, her rights, or even her as a person

15) He doesn’t show any interest in your well-being or safety

Your husband should sincerely care about your well-being and safety, regardless of whether or not you are directly around him. 

If he is concerned about you then he shouldn’t ignore it when you get into trouble or when something bad happens to you.

This is a huge sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage because he’s not concerned about you at all and only thinks about himself. 

He doesn’t put in any effort to save or rescue you, and he doesn’t try to make sure that you’re safe and sound. He never cares about your well-being, which means that he will never care about the marriage.

16) He has a wandering eye

If your husband is always looking at other women, it’s a massive sign that he doesn’t really care about the marriage. 

He clearly has no interest in you and sees you as replaceable. 

Once he starts looking at other women and gossiping behind your back again, you know that the marriage is going down in flames. He will turn into a different person who is ready to leave the marriage and cheat on you at any moment.

What’s worse is he compares you to others.

He isn’t insecure about his own appearance or performance in the relationship, but he is insecure about your appearance, performance, and everything else.

He thinks that he’s above you or that he deserves someone better than what he already has.

17) He’s cheating on you

Cheating is a huge sign that your husband doesn’t care about the marriage. He only cares about himself. He has no respect for you or the marriage, so he will go out and cheat behind your back.

If your husband is cheating on you, it’s time to end the relationship immediately because it’s unhealthy. 

No relationship should be built around someone who isn’t monogamous with their partner. 

It’s unfair to yourself, to your relationship, and to your family. 

18) He says it’s your fault for him acting the way that he does

Your husband is saying that it’s your fault that he has no respect or consideration for you or the marriage. 

This is a typical way of gaslighting someone – to make someone else feel as though they are in the wrong. 

If he is blaming you for his bad behavior, he doesn’t care about the marriage at all. He’s looking for excuses to leave the relationship or make it easier for him to be a terrible person without any consequences.

This is a tactic used by bullies, and it’s never okay.

19) He’s poorly communicating with you

When someone is communicating with their partner in a negative way or poorly, they simply don’t care about the relationship. They only care about themselves and they don’t care if you want to hear what they have to say. It’s always about them, and not about your marriage or relationship. 

When a husband doesn’t communicate with his wife well, he doesn’t care what she has to say because he thinks he knows everything already. He thinks she has nothing important to say, so he won’t listen to or communicate with her. 

20) He doesn’t accept his mistakes 

Here’s someone who doesn’t own up to his mistakes. 

If your husband isn’t accepting his mistakes, he doesn’t care about the marriage because he has no desire to be with you or fix what is broken.

If he isn’t accepting his own mistakes and sees your flaws, why would he accept yours? 

He doesn’t even have the basic respect to do this for himself, so how can you expect him to respect you as a human being? 

It’s a sign that he doesn’t care about the marriage because he has no intent on making the relationship any better. He’s not even willing to try to fix what’s wrong with him or the relationship.

21) He’s not willing to compromise for you or the marriage

A man who isn’t willing to compromise or work with you or the relationship, is only doing things his way. If he’s not making any moves to help fix the problems at hand and wants to keep everything the same, believe me, he doesn’t care about you or the relationship. 

If he won’t compromise for you, then why should you compromise for him? 

He doesn’t see the point in it because he’s going to do what he wants anyway. He doesn’t care about your needs or what you want, so why should he care about you at all? 

If he won’t compromise for you in any way, what’s the point of the marriage?

22) He treats you like an inconvenience

A man who treats his wife like an inconvenience is only thinking about himself and what he wants in life. He doesn’t care about the marriage or his partner, so he will make it seem like you’re in the way or a burden to him.

As if that’s enough, he thinks that you’re just getting in the way of what he wants and that you’re just a nuisance to him. 

If he doesn’t want to deal with you, then he definitely doesn’t care about the marriage. He only cares about what he wants and will leave you out in the cold without any intention of helping you at all.

23) He’s neglectful of your needs

A husband who is neglectful is usually not concerned about the marriage or his partner at all. When he’s neglecting your needs, it means that he doesn’t care about you and has no desire to be with you or take care of you.

He will neglect to take care of any needs that you have, so this is a huge sign that he won’t be there for you if a need arises in the future.

He’s not changing or making any steps to change his negative behaviors, so why should he change anything else? He’s not willing to work with you to improve the marriage, so why would he do anything else? 

This tells you that he doesn’t care about you and has no desire at all to make it better.

24) He’s the only one satisfied in bed

When you’re the only one satisfied in bed, you’re the only one taking everything from your partner – and that’s your husband.

If a man is satisfying himself, but it isn’t enough for his wife and she keeps complaining about it, this just shows how selfish he is and is only thinking about himself. 

It’s a sign that he doesn’t care about the relationship and only wants to be happy on his own, so he’s just going to keep treating you like a waste of space.

25) He doesn’t stand up for you

A man who is unwilling to stand up for you, your relationship or what you both want out of life, is only thinking about himself. He doesn’t care about the relationship or anything that’ll come in the way of him and himself. 

All he wants to do is be happy on his own and make his own decisions, so he will just leave you out to dry. 

He won’t stand up for you or what you want at all, and that’s a big indicator that he doesn’t care about you or the relationship.

There are always problems in any relationship, and yet he’s not up for it trying to fix the issues with you.

Figure out how to mend your marriage 

If your husband isn’t making any positive changes to the relationship or is building up resentment towards you, then it’s time to figure out a way to get things back on track again. 

You need to see if you can clean up the problems that you’re having in the relationship and make him want you, his wife, again.

If nothing you’ve tried has improved the situation with your husband, you may need some external guidance to help get things back on track.

Mend the Marriage, created by relationship expert Brad Browning, is a course that has helped thousands of married couples reconcile their differences. 

In this free video, you’ll learn some of the biggest marriage mistakes people make without realizing it. 

And crucially – you’ll pick up some excellent tips on how to rectify things with your partner. 

So rather than let things run their course and potentially lead to divorce, take back control and decide the outcome of your love life. 

The great thing about Brad’s advice is that you can use it even if your spouse isn’t as enthusiastic about repairing your marriage as you are. 

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It could be the difference between growing old together or calling it quits ahead of time. 

Final words

The most important factors to look for in a man, especially for a husband is his character, his ability to make decisions, and if he’s willing to take any initiative and make positive changes.

It can’t get better than this if he’s not willing to change his uncaring side.

Remember, no matter how bad things are or how bad he is, if he isn’t willing to put in any effort at all for anyone besides himself, then he’s not worth it. 

If he’s not putting in any effort for you or the marriage, he won’t be putting in any effort for himself either.

The truth is, marriage is hard. 

There are plenty of reasons to call it quits and give up, but only you know for sure if your marriage is worth fighting for. 

And if it is, if you want to get back the love and commitment you once shared with your spouse, don’t give up just yet. 

I mentioned Brad Browning earlier. His Mend the Marriage course offers practical, real-life advice that could help you revive your marriage. 

Here’s a link to his video once again

Before writing your marriage off, it’s well worth watching the video and learning where you went wrong, and how to rectify it. 

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