16 surprising signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings

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It’s not always easy to tell if a Libra man is interested in you or trying to keep his distance. 

Figuring that out could take a lot of time, and patience, and quite frankly, it could become really frustrating too!

So, to save you all that trouble, we’re going to take a look at 16 signs a Libra man may be keeping his feelings to himself.

Let’s begin.

1) He acts shy when he is around you.

A sign of a libra man trying to hide his feelings is that he acts shy when around you. 

Look: This is a very typical attitude for a Libra man. They’re not really comfortable with people they don’t know, so they are usually pretty shy at first.

That’s right, it’s normal for him to be a bit afraid of rejection, so he generally acts reserved when he is with someone he likes. 

However, don’t forget to look for a potential blush on his cheeks to get absolute confirmation.

2) He wants you to read his mind.

Let’s face it – Libra men are a tough catch. Although they can be mysterious and hard to please, they can also be an amazing life partner. 

How can you tell that he has feelings for you?

If your Libra man won’t tell you honestly how he truly feels, then you’re going to have to dig deeper and discover it for yourself.


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3) He remembers many details about you.

A Libra man is not necessarily good at remembering things, but his intuition and memory get pretty good when he likes someone.

In other words, if a Libra man likes you, he will remember plenty of small details about you – facts like what kind of food you like, what your favorite color is, the exact way you pronounce your name, and how to spell it. 

In any case, even if he’s trying to hide his feelings, you’ll know what he truly feels about you if he gives himself away with these small details.

4) His body language gives him away.

A Libra man may be able to hide his feelings for you in an effective way, but even so, there are certain body language aspects that could give him away.

These are little body language clues that are fairly easy to notice and sometimes impossible to hide.

For example, if he has a habit of covering his mouth when he speaks, it’s possible he might be keeping something from you. 

Similarly, his leg may be crossed in a strange way over his knee, which could mean that he’s hiding something.

5) He asks many personal questions.

Libra men are not always curious. However, when they like someone, their curiosity and intuition can be very strong.

So, if he’s asking you lots of questions about your personal life, your friends, or your family, it could be a sign that he’s interested in getting to know you better. 

This is a sign he’s hiding his feelings because a Libra man doesn’t ask people questions for the sake of it. When he does this, he does it as he is interested and curious.

6) A gifted advisor confirms it.

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7) He is very protective of you.

A man who acts protective of a woman has deeper feelings for her. 

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8) He tries to entertain you.

A Libra man will often try to entertain his potential love interest, especially if he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. He might do this in many forms. 

For starters, he could try to be funny by showing you tricks he learned, playing an instrument, or just trying anything for the sake of making you laugh.

If a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings for you, he may have trouble expressing himself. In such a case, he may do the exact opposite and try to entertain you just so that he can get closer to you.

9) He makes you a priority.

A Libra man is not always good at it when it comes to prioritizing. For example, he might make you a priority because he likes you, but forgets to take care of himself at the same time. 

So, if he hides his feelings, but at the same time he’s always available to you, it could be a sign that he has some confessing to do. 

I tell you what, though, he might be waiting for the right moment to tell you how he feels.

10) He’s not sending you the right signals.

Libra men are good at being charming, giving compliments, and showing off their best skills to attract a partner. They are usually able to do this in an effective way and make any woman they’re interested in fall for them. 

However, if he’s trying to keep his feelings hidden (for example, if one of you is dating someone else), he might not be willing to send you these signals so clearly. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this could mean that he is struggling with his feelings, so he’s not trying to make you feel the same way about him.

11) You recognize him.

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12) He changes his behavior when you talk to other guys.

A Libra man will usually try to put up a strong facade around other guys. 

However, if he changes his behavior when you talk to other guys – especially if he loses his confidence – it could be a sign that he’s keeping something from you.

For example, if he sees you talking to another guy, he doesn’t leave you alone. He interrupts your conversation and tries to take over it. 

13) He behaves differently with you as well.

In case you notice that he behaves differently with and around you as well,  it’s possible that he may be trying to hide his feelings for you. 

For example, if he runs cold without reason and stops trying to make you laugh or ask you questions, it could be because he’s overwhelmed by his feelings and he’s trying to take a step back.

Simply put, if he tries to keep his feelings hidden, then he probably won’t keep up his usual behavior around you.

14) You make him very uncomfortable.

A man born under the sign of Libra is not the type to feel very comfortable around women. He thinks that they’re emotional creatures, and he sees himself as a bit of a cold-hearted person. 

However, if you make him extremely uncomfortable, it’s possible he might have some hidden feelings for you. 

Don’t forget to look for signs such as him avoiding you or getting nervous or awkward when spending time with you. This could mean that something isn’t the way it should be.

15) You’re an exception for him.

Most Libra men don’t like to make exceptions because they feel like they could lead them down a path of chaos. 

But if he really has feelings for you, then he will make an exception for you because he also thinks that you’re exceptional. This is because a Libra man appreciates what’s great and valuable. 

In short, if he makes exceptions for you, it could be a sign that he is, in fact, hiding his true feelings for you.

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16) He doesn’t spend time flirting with other women. 

Actually, if you notice that he spends time flirting with other women, it’s possible that he has no feelings to hide from you. 

A Libra man doesn’t spend his time trying to make a woman he likes jealous. On the contrary, he tries to show her that he is not interested in other women.

So if you notice him flirting with women constantly, this could be a sign that he has no mysterious feelings to hide from you. 

Why do Libra men hide their feelings?

In the same way that you need to learn about his hidden feelings, you must also learn about the reasons why he wants to hide them. 

Remember that a Libra is a sign that values relationships and doesn’t like to go for casual flings. 

Thus, if he’s hiding his feelings from you, it could be because of personal or emotional problems.

How do you know if a Libra man is playing you?

Let me guess, do you think this man is a player?

I mean, he’s charming, funny, and attractive, but you don’t know how serious he is about you. 

Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants or if you’re the one he wants. So you’re a bit confused. 

What if all of this was just a game for him? 

As I’ve said earlier in this article, Libras are very cautious people. They don’t like to get into new relationships without being sure of what they want.

So, if he doesn’t show any signs of hiding his feelings, it could also be that he’s playing you.

A Libra man is hiding his feelings. What next?

By now you should have a good idea of whether a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

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