15 definite signs he’s talking to another girl through text (complete list)

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Text messaging is a great way to communicate with someone you like, but it can also be used to flirt, make plans, or share information. 

So, has your man displayed some dodgy texting behavior lately?

If your suspicions have been raised, but you’re not quite sure that he is, here’s a list of 15 definite signs he’s talking to another girl via text.

Let’s jump right in!

1) His phone never leaves his sight!

Big red flag here!

If your man has been texting someone else a lot more than usual, his phone is never far from his sight.

This is a big red flag!  Why?  Because it means he is cheating on you.  It also means that he does not trust you enough to leave his phone at home. 

He’s probably worried about it falling into your hands, so he keeps it with him at all times.

Warning bells!

2) You can’t visit him unannounced.

Don’t even think about dropping in to say hi without an invite!

If your man insists that you call him or message him before you come to visit, know that he’s not being well mannered he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s busy with other things (or other girls) and doesn’t want to be interrupted.

If he wants you to call or message him before you visit, that’s a bad sign.  He’s trying to hide from you something important. 

3) He doesn’t give you direct answers.

Does he bob and weave and um and ahh when you ask him a question?

If yes, he’s doing this because he’s trying to remember a lie. Remember, the truth is never difficult to remember so if he’s stammering and giving you unclear information, know that he’s up to no good! He is probably thinking about other girls

This is a very clear-cut sign that he’s busy texting another girl because he’s watching his words because he’s not sure what he’s told to whom!

4) He’s in a rush to get somewhere.

Is your man always rushing off? And when you ask him where he’s usually vague about his location?

If the answer is yes, that’s a sure sign that he’s been talking to someone else!  He’s in a hurry because he knows that you’re going to have a lot to say about him leaving so quickly (probably to meet the chick he’s been texting)

 This is a clear indication of cheating!

5) He’s always on the phone.

I’m going to be talking about his phone a lot in this article and with good reason!

His phone behavior is a good indication of whether or not he’s texting another girl.

If he’s constantly on his phone, it could mean that he has something to hide. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon, or night, his fingers are going a mile a minute and when you ask him who’s he’s talking to he comes up with an excuse every time.

So, if he’s more into his phone than you, know that he’s entertaining another girl either via text or social media.

This leads me to my next point…

6) He doesn’t want you on his social media

This is a huge one!

If your man is on social media and he doesn’t want you to follow him, it’s a tell-tale sign that he’s too busy chatting to other girls and is trying to hide the fact by not letting you into his sick little social media world.

When you’re dating someone, it’s only obvious that you’d want to play an active role in each other’s social personas so if this is not happening, it’s because he’s busy with other things and possibly loads of other girls too.

He’s playing you like a fiddle.

If you suspect that your man is cheating on you, don’t be afraid to voice your suspicions!  He may not be able to deny the evidence against him if you’re honest and direct with him.  Do not back down from your suspicions, either!

7) He won’t let you post pictures together

Following on from my point above, if he’s anti-picture, as in, he doesn’t want anything of the two of you on social media, he’s got some explaining to do! 

It could also mean that he doesn’t want anyone to see him with someone else. Especially, not that girl he’s been texting all the time.

If this scenario resonates, know that it is a clear indication of cheating!

8) He’s only interested in you when it suits him

If your man doesn’t want to be with you or is only interested in casual sex, then it’s very likely that he’s cheating on you.  

You can also tell when this is the case because he will not want to talk about a future together or make any long-term plans.  

He may also avoid being around you when other girls are around too.

But as soon as they’re out of the picture and he’s had one too many, you become the flavor of the week.

9) He’s always changing his Facebook account

If you’ve been with a man long enough, you may have noticed that he changes his Facebook account just to hide what he’s up to.  

If this is the case, it’s a clear indication of cheating, and no, it’s not because his account has been hacked (again!)

He’s busy with some shady things and he’s trying to cover his tracks by “getting rid of” the evidence.

Also, if he removes himself from Facebook, only to reappear a couple of weeks later, it’s a bad sign.

Sorry to say it but you’re wasting your precious time.

10) He won’t let you see his phone

This is kinda obvious!

People are going to be possessive over their phones, I mean, our entire lives are on there but the point is if he has nothing to hide then it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you suspect he’s cheating and ask him if you can check his phone, pay attention to his reaction.

If he’s all defensive and starts becoming fidgety and anxious, not letting you see it. You have your answer.

If he’s open and honest and hands it to you, well, then you have nothing to worry about because clearly, he’s not hiding anything.

If your man is not letting you have access to his phone, it’s a clear sign that he’s cheating.  He doesn’t want you to look at his texts or call records.  

Is it ok to check his phone?

If you’re supposed to be in a committed, long-time relationship then, he should have no reason to hide anything from you and he shouldn’t have a problem if you ask him.

Pro tip – The most important thing about checking his phone is that you should be proactive about it and not wait for him to give it to you.  

He might even go as far as to delete the evidence because he knows that you’ll check so do it when he least expects it.

I want to check his phone without him knowing.

Ok, this is going to be tough. Most mobile phones have more security features than your local bank so either you’re going to have to wait for him to sleep and open his phone using facial recognition, or, you’re going to have to cut his finger off! (just kidding). 

Further on in this article, I’ve got some useful advice that will help you gain entry to his phone without him knowing!

Read on to find out how!

11) He’s always away on business trips

Business trips are fine, but if your man is always going away on business trips, it’s a sign that he’s up to something.

Are these business trips really for work? Or are they just excuses for him to cheat?

When I say “business trip” I mean that a man has been working hard and has been traveling a lot for his job. Something like this:

Monday – Work in office all day Tuesday – Travel to Amsterdam for a meeting Wednesday – Meetings all day Thursday – Travel back to office Friday – Meetings all-day

Is that really a business trip? Or is it just an excuse for him to spend time with that girl whom you suspect he’s been texting.

12) He’s always working late or working from home

A man who works from home or late at night is obviously trying to hide something. 

Ok, so the pandemic has forced many of us to stay home but if it’s his choice to do so and loved the office previously, he might have an ulterior motive- especially if you’re office-bound.

If your man is constantly working late, it’s a sign that he’s up to something. 

Why does he feel the need to stay behind and work when everyone else has left? Is he up to something? What is he hiding? Is it work-related or is it personal? Or is it both?

The most likely answer is that the girl he’s been texting is one of his co-workers. And no, he’s not texting her to find out what’s happening with that project he’s busy with. 

He’s texting her because he’s interested in her.

13) He asks you who you’re texting

A man with a guilty conscience will often try to accuse you of messing around. He will do this to shift the attention away from himself.

If your man is constantly asking you who you’re texting, then he’s probably trying to catch you in the act of cheating. He might even start accusing you of cheating, even if you’re not.

He might be trying to get a reaction out of you by accusing you of having an affair with some random guy that he doesn’t like. Although it’s unlikely that he’ll accuse you of having an affair with his best friend or colleague, it’s still possible.

He asks a lot of questions – If your man is constantly asking questions related to your phone and social media usage, then there must be something wrong. It’s only natural for him to be curious about your phone and social media usage, but you can’t expect him to ask questions every time you use your phone.

If he’s asking a lot of questions related to your phone usage in general, then there must be something wrong.

He asks who you’re texting – If he’s constantly asking who you’re texting then there must be something wrong. He might just want to know who he has to beat up for talking to you, but it’s also possible that he’s trying to find out if you’re cheating on him.

14) He has a lot of female friends on social media (and he doesn’t delete them)

If your man has a lot of female friends on social media and he doesn’t delete them for you then there’s something wrong.

Does he have a female friend that he just can’t seem to delete? 

If you’re in a committed relationship then it’s only natural for you to become jealous when you see your man being friendly with other girls. 

However, if your guy is being friendly with other women and he still doesn’t delete them, then there must be something wrong.

If he has women who are very close friends on his social media accounts and they are not family members or ex-girlfriends, then it’s probably because they’re more than just friends.

If his female friends are constantly commenting on his photos and videos, then it’s probably because they’re trying to get his attention or flirt with him.

15) He calls you the wrong name

If your man is regularly calling you by the wrong name, sorry to say but you’re in trouble!

Clearly, the girl he’s been texting has had a huge impact on his brainwaves and he’s thinking so much about her, that he’s calling you her name!

If it were me. I would just leave and never come back. The fact that he’s using her name should confirm what you already know.

How can I confirm 100% that my boyfriend is texting other girls and cheating on me?

This is a tricky situation. You can either confront him and ask him why he’s hiding it, or, you can be sneaky and try to find out on your own.

Here are a few ideas for how to get access to his phone without him knowing:

  • Ask him nicely – This is the safest way of doing it but also the most challenging one. If you’re in a committed relationship then there shouldn’t be any reason not to share your phone with your partner but if he refuses, you can always ask why.
  • Involve his friends – If you don’t want to confront him about it directly then you can always ask one of his friends to help you out. If he’s hiding something then they’ll tell you what it is and if they say that there’s nothing wrong, then they’ll be the first ones to tell him that you know.
  • Hire a private detective – Private detectives are not cheap but they are good at what they do. They can easily find out what your man is hiding on his phone and social media. The downside is that if your man finds out that you hired a P.I., he might be more likely to delete the evidence to protect himself.
  • Use a phone spy app – There are various apps available online which can help you get access to his phone without him knowing. These apps are easy-to-use and they are also pretty cheap.

If you’re concerned about what your guy is hiding from you then I highly recommend that you use a phone spy app to find out for yourself. 

It’s the safest and most effective way of confirming that he’s cheating on you.


Cheating is a serious offense and it’s something that you should never brush aside.

If you suspect that your man is texting other girls, then the sooner you get to the bottom of it, the better.

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