15 big signs he will leave his girlfriend for you

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You’re falling head over heels with a guy and he seems so into you, too. But the tricky part is that he’s already committed to someone else.

If you’re constantly wondering if you’re just his side chick or there’s a possibility that you two could be together, then it’s time to find out for sure with these 15 big signs he’s going to leave his girlfriend for you:

1) He goes out of his way to make time for you

Despite being in a romantic relationship with another girl, he makes time for you more than he does with his girlfriend.

Time is one of the most important love languages in a relationship.

This means that he’s not just flirting with you but rather getting serious in getting to know you better.

When he reserves time for you, it’s a concrete sign that he values and prioritizes you. When he goes out of his way or cancels plans just to be with you, you are definitely important to him.

He will never make you feel like he’s just there when it’s convenient or when he has some free time.

You are never just a breather or a pastime.

He will make time work for the both of you despite busy schedules and heavy workloads. If he makes this kind of effort just to be with you, then he might actually be thinking about leaving his girlfriend for you.

2) He doesn’t bombard you with complaints about his girlfriend

It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

Perhaps, you get a sense of satisfaction when he complains about his current relationship. He may even compare his girlfriend with you — her being full of negativities and you being so much better than her.

But if he doesn’t complain about his girlfriend, it’s a good sign that he’s thinking of ending it with her.

First, it’s because he thinks that their problems are too trivial to even bring up with you.

He doesn’t want to burden you with negative vibes when you’re together. He just wants to focus on you and not on his relationship problems when you’re together.

Second, he thinks there’s no longer a solution to their problems so it’s futile to even talk about them.

He’s already past the confusion and second-guessing.

He just wants to have a great time when you’re together, so he doesn’t even think about his girlfriend and their problems when he’s with you.

So, if he doesn’t flood you with complaints or heartaches, there’s a good chance that he’s no longer interested in making it up with her.

You’re one step closer to being his official partner.

3) He always makes plans with you

If he can’t get enough of you and makes solid plans to meet up with you as soon as you part ways, then there’s a huge possibility that he’s going to dump his girl for you.

Planning your dates and vacations is a sign that he’s willing to go the extra mile with you.

It’s no longer just a casual meet-up or a hurried dinner. He doesn’t just meet you when a meeting gets cancelled or when a conference ends sooner than expected.

Rather, he frees up his time for you.

He also doesn’t expect you to be available whenever he’s free. He genuinely works things out with you so that you both have time for each other without compromising your own schedules.

He also shares his calendar with you and is pretty open about what goes on in his everyday life. He doesn’t hide anything from you when it comes to his time.

You are the first thing that comes to his mind whenever he’s planning his weekend or vacation.

And if he takes you to places that he hasn’t even brought his girlfriend to, then it’s a positive sign that he’s going to leave her for you sooner or later.

4) He doesn’t habitually ignore you

Ghosting is one of the biggest red flags in a budding relationship.

If he ignores you for days or weeks at a time and then suddenly shows up when the coast is clear, then he’s most probably not that into you.

If he habitually loses contact with you, whether through text or on social media, then he’s possibly with his girlfriend and is afraid of getting caught.

But if he constantly communicates with you, even when he’s with his girlfriend, he’s totally head over heels with you and can’t keep you out of his mind.

A guy who’s willing to leave his girlfriend and take the next step with you doesn’t leave confusing signs.

He will never ignore you and make you feel like a spare tire.

He always finds a way to text you or leave you voice messages even during his busiest days. He will keep the conversation going despite life’s inconveniences.

5) His eyes say it all

The eyes can never keep a secret.

When you look into his eyes, you will automatically know whether his thoughts are completely about you or he’s still thinking about something else — his girlfriend perhaps.

If he avoids eye contact with you, you can trust your instincts that there’s something going on between him and his girlfriend that you don’t know about.

But when a guy is tremendously and irrevocably in love with you, you can see it in his eyes. The adoring gaze he throws at you, together with those soft smiles and little laughs, is a sign that he’s totally into you.

There’s a certain spark and intimacy that can only be felt when you look at each other.

If he looks at you like he’s looking at his whole world right in front of him, that’s an undeniable sign that he’s considering you, and not his current partner, as someone he’d like to spend his future with.

6) He no longer keeps you a secret

It’s only natural that he hides you from the public eye when you’re just starting out.

It’s not just because he doesn’t want to be known as a two-timing jerk, but also because he doesn’t want you to be branded as a relationship wrecker.

Keeping you a secret in the first few months of going out with him may actually mean that he genuinely cares about you and your reputation, and not because he feels embarrassed to be seen with you.

So, if he’s already taking you to public places and holding your hand in the crowd, then he’s already at the point of giving up on his current relationship.

If he no longer minds being seen with you in public, he doesn’t care anymore whether or not his girlfriend knows about you.

It’s also a huge plus if he posts photos of the two of you in his social media profiles or if he introduces you to his friends and family.

If he’s already vocal about his feelings for you and he’s ready to show the world that you’re his girl, then odds are in your favor, girl!

7) He talks about the future with you

Being with a guy in a relationship is sometimes confusing.

He goes out with you, but he is committed to another woman. He says he loves you, but he still isn’t leaving the other girl.

This setup is totally complicated and may sometimes make you overthink stuff.

But if you are looking for a sign to still keep holding on to a potential relationship with him, then observe whether or not he talks about his future with you.

Does he talk about his dreams and goals? Are you included in his short-term and long-term plans? When you ask about his future with you, are his answers certain and not vague?

If the answer to all these questions is a solid yes, then you can breathe a little easier because he’s already picturing his future with you.

He will also ask you deep questions about your future — your plans, goals, and aspirations in life. He will envision a life where the two of you are together, and this won’t be just a half-baked promise but a firm and confident plan.

If he’s becoming more and more certain about you and his future with you, then you’ve already found one of the most important signs that he’s going to leave his girlfriend for you.

8) He is always excited to see you

Another sign that a guy is willing to leave his girlfriend for you is when he feels like 24 hours a day is not enough to be with you.

Even though there are times that you’ve spent almost the whole day together, he still feels like he can’t let you go or he can’t wait to see you again — even when you just got out of his car.

He texts you something like, “When will I see you again?” as soon as you part ways. He always tells you how much he misses you.

He goes out of his way to introduce you to new shops and restaurants, and that shows how much he’s always looking forward to seeing you.

What’s more, this excitement doesn’t just wear off after a few days or weeks. It just grows more each day.

If he shows you this kind of excitement every time you see each other, you’ve found someone who won’t easily get bored or tired of you.

9) He calls and messages you all the time

Do you remember the first few weeks of getting to know him? You can’t get enough of each other and you talk to each other all the time, sometimes even sneaking a quick chat in the middle of a meeting just to know how you both are doing.

He still does it up to now. And it goes way beyond just flirting.

Here’s the thing: if he only contacts you when he’s bored and alone, run away as fast as you can. He isn’t serious about you.

But if he keeps constant communication with you and shows you that you’re important, then he’s a keeper.

He really wants you and is already looking for a way to get out of his current relationship.

It doesn’t matter if he’s busy or his day is extra hectic; he’ll send a cute little text or leave a short message just to let you know he’s thinking of you.

So, if he talks to you all the time and lets you in on what goes on in his day, then he wants you in his life and is probably already contemplating about leaving his girlfriend for you.

10) He makes you feel like your relationship goes beyond just sex

Do you sometimes wonder if your only role in his life is to satisfy his sexual cravings?

Are you thinking that sex is your only hold on him and your relationship won’t go deeper than physical attraction?

Maybe you’re right or maybe you’re just overthinking.  

If you want to know whether he only likes having sex with you or he’s serious about having a relationship with you, you have to observe your emotional and mental connection with each other.

Does he go beyond superficial physical attraction and connect with you on a deeper emotional level?

Is he someone you feel at home with — someone who gives comfort and warmth to your soul?

If you feel like your relationship is going stronger by the day, and not just because of the things you do inside the bedroom, then he’s serious about you.

If you are able to both satisfy each other’s physical and emotional needs, then you two might really be destined to be together.

11) He talks to you about personal things

He won’t let you in his personal life if he has no plans of having a serious and long-term commitment with you.

Men who just want flings and hook-ups won’t let you unravel their innermost personality and see into their soul.

So, if a guy lets you know his deeper self — his weaknesses, his childhood, his secrets, for example — then this is a sign that what you have is meaningful and special to him.

He’s slowly baring himself to you.

Your conversations are no longer just about the mundane things.

This means that he’s letting his guard down and he wants you to see the real him.

If he’s giving you a frontrow seat in his life, then he’s sincere about starting a relationship with you and ending things with his current girlfriend.

12) He initiates fun and playful dates

Just like affection and romance, fun is a non-negotiable ingredient in a strong and lasting relationship.

Let’s be honest — if he’s satisfied with the combination of fun and romance that he’s experiencing with his girlfriend, he might not even have initiated a conversation with you in the first place.

Relationships get monotonous and boring after months or years of being together. When relationships fall into a rut, guys most likely search for novelty while girls often endure it all.

Knowing this, you might think that you’re just a novelty to him and he’s going to get bored with you sooner or later, too.

But if he thinks of ways to spice up your dates or have fun when you’re together, then maybe he has found a different kind of fun and happiness with you — something more and much better than what his girlfriend could ever give.

When his definition of fun has evolved from bar hopping and casual hookups to wholesome dates and new adventures, then he’s getting more and more into you for sure.

When he’s having fun with you, you can see it radiating from within him, even when it’s just a simple coffee date or a walk in the park.

He will most likely leave his girlfriend for you if you can bring out the child in him once again, ease his burdens, and make him feel genuinely happy with you.

13) He is always there for you

He isn’t just there for fun and games. He isn’t only available during the good times.

You can tell that he’s sincere about having a relationship with you when he makes sure to be there for you when you need him.

He doesn’t go hiding when you have problems to talk about, whether they’re personal or  about your relationship.

He gives you comfort and takes away your stress when you’re troubled. He listens when you have to vent out or rant about something that’s bothering you.

He is part of the solution rather than adding to your problems. If you can count on him when things get rough, then he’s in it for the long haul.

You’ll realize that he’s ready to leave his girlfriend for you if he’s willing to give you a helping hand when you need it the most.

14) He says he loves you and means it

The words “I love you” can be uttered recklessly, stripped of meaning and feeling.

A man can say he loves you out of the blue, and you might wonder if it’s just to satisfy you and let you hear what you want to hear.

But you can tell he truly loves you if his actions match his words — if he makes you feel loved not just in statements but in behavior, too.

He shows you his love even in the smallest, most trivial things.

He doesn’t have to give you surprises all the time or take you to vacations every once in a while. He just has to give you time and attention, maintain communication, and show you he genuinely cares about you.

He loves you when he doesn’t treat you like you’re replaceable or disposable.

He loves you when he remembers how you want your coffee or what your favorite movie is.

He loves you when he asks for your advice on personal decisions that he has to make.

Most importantly, you believe him when he says he loves you.

When you don’t get confused, jaded, or torn about his intentions even if he still has a girlfriend, then you can trust your instincts. It’s only a matter of time before he calls it quits with his current girlfriend.

15) He gave you a key to his place

Perhaps the biggest sign that he’s leaving his girlfriend for you is when you already have a key to his place.

It’s either his girlfriend no longer has a key or it has gotten to a point where she doesn’t want to go to his place anymore.

Either way, it’s definitely a good sign for you.

Men who are just fooling around will definitely not reach this level. They will never give you a key to their place because they’re going to get worried that you’d come barging in while he has his girlfriend or friends over.

But when he gives you a key to his place, it means that he doesn’t mind that friends or family might see you coming over.

Having a key to his place also means he’s letting you in on his personal space.

You’re going to see his quirks, the kinds of food that he eats, the way he organizes his wardrobe. His private life is now an open book that is up to your judgment.

He trusts you and wants you to trust him more.

So, if he gives you a key to his place, it’s a huge neon sign that he’s going to dump his girlfriend for you.

Should you ask him directly if he’s going to leave his girlfriend for you?

It looks like the easiest way to know the real score between the two of you, doesn’t it?

Asking him directly can save you from overthinking and second-guessing. It can also give clarity to what he’s feeling about you.

However, it can also backfire and make things worse.

If you ask him this question too soon, it can put a lot of pressure on him and make him take a step backward from you. He might think that you’re nagging him and demanding more than what he can currently give.

That’s why you have to assess the situation that you’re in and observe the level of comfortability he has with you.

If you’re just starting with your relationship, then the both of you might still be testing the waters and seeing if you’re compatible with each other.

But if you think you’ve waited long enough and if it’s already been months since you’ve been together, then maybe you can subtly bring up the issue of exclusivity in your relationship.

Get to know him first. Read into the signs that he’s giving off.

And then make your move based on those.

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