16 signs he is wooing you (and he really likes you!)

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When a guy likes you he will try his best to win your heart. 

However, every man will go about this in a different way. 

And sometimes the signs can be a little tricky to notice. 

That’s why I’ve made this guide!

16 signs he is wooing you (and he really likes you!) 

1) He wants to fit you in his life

One of the top signs he is wooing you (and he really likes you!) is that he makes room for you in his life

This means that he adjusts his schedule and his lifestyle so that you’ll have a place in it. 

Don’t expect a guy to switch up everything he loves to do and all his priorities even if he’s serious about you. 

But do expect him to make time for you and adjust his priority list so you’re at the top. 

This includes practical things like giving you a nice place to come visit him. 

He’ll also keep his place as clean as possible when you come over. 

“Men generally keep their living quarters dirtier than women (generally),” writes Katie Wang.

“But rest assured if there’s a woman coming over and he’s into her, he’ll pull out all the stops to clean up his act – at least temporarily. 

“If you show up to a dirty and messy space, it means he didn’t care enough to clean up for you.”

2) You’re his #1

When a guy is interested in you then he doesn’t treat you as an option, he treats you as his first choice.

This means that you’re his #1 in every way possible.

He will make you a priority and bend over backwards to accommodate your needs.

This is one of the most important signs he is wooing you (and he really likes you!)

So pay attention to it.

You don’t want a man who treats you as one of many girls he’s dating, you want one who can’t sleep at night because of thinking about you.

As Sonya Schwartz writes:

“If a man makes you a priority in his life, he will treat you right, making you important as much as he can. 

“He would make time for you from his busy schedule to have a moment or spend time with you. 

“This is one of the signs a guy is serious about courting you.”

3) He protects you from bad things

There’s a term coined by relationship psychologist James Bauer which helps explain a lot about male attraction and commitment.

It’s called the hero’s instinct and learning how to trigger the hero instinct can be a real game-changer in your relationship.

A big part of the hero’s instinct is the desire to protect the woman he loves.

This won’t be in a patronizing or scary way, it will be in a loving and respectful way.

An example would be a man who goes out of his way to make sure a mechanic doesn’t try to scam you out of money or get you to do work on your car that doesn’t actually need doing.

As Andrew Lawrence notes:

“Misogynistic tendencies are red flags you should not ignore—let those red flags guide you far, far away from Mr. Chauvinism. 

“But if he is gently protective of you, he’ll try to make sure you’re safe. He’ll check for bad guys, but will also teach you how to use a baseball bat to knock out spiders or whatever.”

4) He keeps making more time for you

Part of a man making room for you in his busy life is that he steadily increases the amount of time he spends with you.

He will re-prioritize and reschedule other things in order to spend more time with you.

This includes things like weekend trips, special getaways, spontaneous dinner invitations and thoughtful outings to concerts, events and more.

When a guy starts spending less time with you it’s a sign that his interest is fading or he’s losing interest.

When he starts spending more time with you it’s the opposite: it means his interest in you is growing and he wants something serious.

Dating coach Justine Mfulama puts this really well:

“A major sign that a man wants to be with you is that he will be intentional about the relationship. 

“He will gradually increase the amount of time he spends with you and look for opportunities to increase his involvement in your life. 

“Instead of just going on evening dates once a week he will want to see you more frequently and for longer periods of time.”

5) He dresses sharply for you

Every man courts differently, but one of the common factors, when he’s wooing you, is dressing well.

Style may vary, but the effort is always visible.

You’ll notice that he shows up to dates dressed well and has paid a little extra attention to his appearance and style.

This is his way of hoping for making a good impression on you and winning your heart.

Clearly, it’s going to take more than clothes and a spiffy haircut, but you can’t blame him for trying.

And if you’re looking for signs he is wooing you (and he really likes you!) then this one is right up there.

One disclaimer is that sometimes a guy will dress well with the hope of scoring sexually and nothing more.

Warning signs of this include a really gaudy style or overly tacky and attention-getting brands and appearance, which pickup artists call “peacocking.”

6) He gives you wonderful gifts

No guy ever bought his way into a woman’s heart, but tasteful gifts have certainly smoothed the path to romance for quite a few fellows.

And really there’s nothing wrong with that.

Whether it’s a pair of artisanal earrings or a cute little shawl he picked up at the farmer’s market, he’s showing you that you’re on his mind.

“Speaking of wearing something nice—if he gives you jewelry on a whim, he probably sees you as more than just some pretty girl he hangs out with,” writes Andrea Lawrence.

“Guys don’t usually splurge or take time to look at pretty or interesting jewelry for someone they’re not interested in.”

This is exactly right.

Look for obvious signs that he’s put thought and heartfelt emotion into choosing his gift.

That’s a hard thing for any guy to fake.

If he just wants sex or to tease you, he may buy gifts for you, but they’ll seem random and poorly chosen even if they’re expensive.

7) He wants to know everything about you

If there’s one generalization you can make about a man who’s in love it’s that he’s endlessly curious about the object of his affection.

This means he’ll be asking all sorts of questions about your life, upbringing, what matters to you and your future goals.

This goes even for things which you may consider trivial or uninteresting.

He’s interested, because he’s interested in you.

“Intense curiosity fires up when a man is into you and he’ll be eager to listen to what you have to say. 

“Not only that, but he’ll ask questions and express his willingness to learn about what you think, feel, like, don’t like and generally do in the world,” writes relationship expert Mark Rosenfeld.

“He wants to see beyond the attraction, to the woman beneath. You’ll know the extent of his interest because he’ll remember things you tell him.”

8) He wants to be exclusive

This may seem self-explanatory, but particularly in these days of casual dating, it’s very much worth mentioning.

One of the most important signs he is wooing you and genuinely into you is that he actually wants to be exclusive.

Generally, this means he will actually bring this up before you or at least be happy when you bring it up.

Being exclusive can sometimes seem a bit like overly fixating on labels, but it’s a worthwhile thing to discuss if you want to move up the commitment ladder.

As Lisa Redfield explains:

“If he brings up not wanting to date anyone else, it’s one of the best signs that you are the only one on his mind, and in his heart.”

9) He’s curious about your hobbies and friends

In addition to being very curious about your background, values and life, a man who really wants to woo you will be fascinated by your interests and your friends.

If you love Zumba, maybe he’ll even give it a try – although he’d be a rare breed of guy if he were to do that.

I’m actually joking: a fitness instructor recently told me that outside of North America, Zumba is a male-dominated fitness activity.

In any case, the man who wants to win your heart will also want to win the heart of your friends.

He’ll care a lot about the impression he makes on them and their lives as well.

Your hobbies will be things that he at least wants to know about even if he doesn’t want to try them in person.

This is all part of his journey to becoming your one and only.

10) He’s after more than a hookup

There have been real relationships and even marriages that started as hookups.

Let’s not lie to ourselves and pretend every happy couple emerged straight out of a pop-up Hallmark card.

Nonetheless, the guy who is after a hookup is unlikely to see you as more than that down the road.

One of the main signs that a man isn’t just looking for a hookup is that he doesn’t pressure you to get physical and – even if you do sleep together – he communicates regularly.

We’ve all heard of the type of guy who gets laid and suddenly can’t text or call anymore.

Well, this guy who really wants to woo you is the exact opposite.

As dating expert Nick Bastion says:

“He will want to always be talking to you, even if it’s just silly stuff or asking how you are.

“Maybe you don’t talk every single day and he doesn’t text you every 15 minutes like a lovesick teenager, but if he checks in a few times a week just to hear your voice or to see how you’re doing, that is not the behavior of a man who wants to hook up.”

11) He expresses the desire for a serious relationship

Not all guys will be confident or clear enough in their intentions to do this.

However, if he expresses the desire for a serious relationship then there are only two real options.

One: he means it and he wants to check if you potentially feel the same way.

Two: he’s pretending in order to keep hooking up with you or meet expectations that he believes you have.

The best way to tell if he is really wooing you and genuine or faking it and being a player is to look for consistency.

Does he say he might want to get serious one week and then go into hard-to-get player mode the next?

That’s a bad sign.

On the other hand, if he’s consistently saying he wants something serious then you could well have a keeper on your hands.

12) He always sees the best in you

A man who wants to win your heart is a man who sees the best in you.

Where others may only see a rock, he sees a potential diamond.

For the record, I am not implying you are a rock of any kind, although if you’re reading this article, I want to sincerely tell you that you rock!

The point is that a man who is wooing you will be ready with thoughtful and genuine compliments at almost any time of the day.

You’ll share a sense of humor and find him funny, and he’ll charm your socks off by pointing out all the great things about you that he appreciates.

This often goes deeper than just surface, trivial compliments.

As Shanaya Agarwal writes:

“The compliments don’t stay limited to your clothes and looks, it could extend to an achievement, your intelligence and quirks, a kind gesture or just about anything. 

“One way to know if a guy finds you beautiful is if he points out little things about you and makes you feel special.”

13) He opens up about his life and guiding principles

When a man is wooing you, he’s in a certain sense giving you an extended pitch about who he is and what he offers.

He will open up to you about his life including how he was raised and the guiding principles that motivate him in life.

If you have a man worth keeping then you’ll notice that these statements line up with what you’ve always been looking for.

He’ll be driven by a core purpose and motivation that rings true to you and also inspires you.

Furthermore, the fact that he opens up to you in such a vulnerable way will be a huge turn-on and deepen your emotional intimacy.

14) He cares deeply about your problems and issues

When he likes you then he cares deeply about your problems and issues.

If this goes too far it can become codependency where he tries to “fix” you and you fulfill a victim or dependent role.

That’s bad news.

But just him caring about what’s going on in your life and the challenges you are facing mean he sees you as a woman he could be serious about.

This guy will also not be afraid to engage in tough love.

If you’re being a little silly he will let you know in a nice but firm way.

But you’ll never be unsure about where he stands because he’ll make it clear he’s there for you and cares about your life.

15) He wants to meet the parents

When a guy is wooing you he’ll be open to meeting your parents.

He will probably still be fairly nervous about it, because it’s really important to him what impression he makes.

But he’ll be willing to make that sacrifice and go for it.

Because he’s ready to do whatever it takes to win your heart.

As Angelo Caerlang writes:

“He asks about your parents once in a while. He’s curious to know if they have standards about the man that they want you to date. 

“He’s interested in knowing how much you value them, care for them, and love them.”

A guy who says he wants to meet your parents one day is someone who’s interested in staying in your life for a long period of time.

16) He’s fully honest about his dating history

A guy who is wooing you will be honest about his dating history.

Even if it’s a bit rough, he’ll open up to you and let you know.

He may take a few months to feel ready for this, but eventually, he will.

That’s because he’d rather you fall in love with the real version of him than a fake picture that will eventually fall apart.

This foundation of honesty and transparency is always the best policy. 

What’s next?

If you’re interested in this guy then obviously you can respond to one of his approaches. 

If he’s not your cup of tea, however, you’ll have to turn him down nicely. 

Men don’t always take that so well, so do your best to be both firm and kind at the same time. 

If you are potentially interested, make sure not to be over-eager. Give him a chance and get to know him. 

Maybe he’ll turn out to be the man of your dreams, maybe he won’t. 

At least you now know if he’s really interested or not!

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