21 undeniable signs he is trying to forget you (but still really loves you)

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If you’ve ever had a hard time knowing whether your man has just been busy with work or if he is trying to forget you, this blog post is for you.

Men don’t often express their emotions directly, but they will make sure to show it in their subtle behavior.

When you know the signs, you’ll be able to tell whether he still loves you or if he just wants to cut off the relationship.

Take a look at the list below for some tips and tell me, how many of these signs did your man exhibit?

So, let’s dive in.

1) He goes from being affectionate to cold and distant

When he is trying to forget you, your man will try to avoid being affectionate or intimate with you, even if it feels like he misses you terribly.

I know the feeling.

But it doesn’t mean that his love for you has died forever — it just means that he’s confused about what to do next.

2) He avoids touching you

You can tell a lot about a guy by how much he touches you. When he doesn’t touch you, it means he wants to forget about you.

What does this mean?

He has been too busy trying to convince himself that he still loves you, and will be happy enough to be just friends.

You can break this cycle by encouraging him to touch you more and flirt with him again—just make sure it’s in private.

3) He has been distancing himself from you

If your guy has made a big effort to maintain distance between himself and you, he may be trying to forget about you.

Men put a lot of effort into staying away from the women they have feelings for because this way, they are able to avoid getting tangled up in any emotions.

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4) You are always talking to him but you don’t feel like he is listening to you

A big sign that your man is trying to forget you is that he doesn’t really listen to what you have to say and cares way more about what his friends have to say than what you have on your mind.

As much as he might love you, it’s a sign that he’s trying hard not to feel any kind of affection towards you.

5) He is acting like a jerk to your friends

If he is being extremely rude, unsupportive, or distant from you and your friends despite the fact you’ve been together for a very long time, he is trying to forget about you.

If he doesn’t want to see your friends any more than he wants to see you, it’s because he feels that his feelings might get stronger if anyone found out how much he loves you and is trying to avoid that happening.

6) He started to neglect you

If you were one of his priorities and now he no longer spends as much time with you or seems to be busy a lot, it is because he’s trying to forget about you and is keeping himself busy so that his mind doesn’t have time to think of anything romantic.

When he looks at your picture it will only remind him that the relationship didn’t work out. If he starts avoiding the places or people related to you, it’s because they remind him of you.

7) He is flirting with everyone

If he’s been acting very friendly and even flirty with other women, it’s a sign that he is trying to forget about you.

Men who are over a woman want to be with her all the time and get heated at the sight of any other woman approaching her.

However, when they really want to forget about a woman they act like they don’t care at all, but their actions say something else.

8) He is no longer sending flirty messages

If your man stops sending flirty messages, it means he’s trying to forget about you.

The reason why he’s doing that is he wants to move on with his life, but the emotional attachment he feels towards you is holding him back.

He doesn’t want his friends or family to know that he has feelings for you because it will make him feel weak and vulnerable.

9) You feel the vibe from him

The best way to find out when your man is trying to forget you is by feeling it.

If you can sense that he’s pulling away from you or wants out of the relationship, then he’s trying to forget about you.

He’s tried to end things with you, but since he cares about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt you, he decided against it.

10) He is suddenly unavailable

If your man is trying to forget about you, he might suddenly become very busy. You might even ask what’s going on and he will say that he’s just so busy with work or with school.

This is a very common tactic that guys use to avoid dealing with the problems that he’s running from so that they won’t have to face the truth about their feelings.

11) He is not jealous

If your guy is acting like it doesn’t bother him that you might be interested in other guys or are flirting it will be a sign that he’s trying to forget you.

He won’t have any interest in keeping tabs on you because he doesn’t care enough to do so.

This will allow him to convince himself that he can just go out and start dating another girl who will put up with less drama.

12) He starts hanging out with his friends more often

If he’s always calling his friends to see if they want to hang out, then he’s trying hard not to love you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a long time, he’ll find a way to forget you and start taking a break from the relationship.

13) He tells your friends that he still loves you

He may be trying to tell his friends how much he misses their friendship with you and how much he loved being with you.

He’ll always try to find ways to see you, even if he is avoiding you at the same time.

He may also ask your friends if they have seen you lately and if they have any news about you.

14) He calls you a second time

When he is trying to forget about, you but still loves you, he will call after a while and then hang up the phone.

He does not want to talk to you, so he calls once, and then a second time.

It’s not that he is trying to be mean, but because he is trying to see you or hang out with you. It’s a good sign that he still loves you!

15) You notice a change in his appearance or behavior

As soon as you spend some time with your man, you’ll notice whether something’s changed in him.

Maybe he’s not taking care of himself as well anymore, or maybe there are dark circles under his eyes and he looks sad about something.

These signs may be caused by the fact that he avoids being with you but still loves you, and the only way for him to deal with it is by trying to forget you.

16) He can’t leave you alone

This is a good sign that he still loves you. He will try all his tricks to avoid you, but somehow he cannot.

It’s not that he cannot leave you alone, but because he really wants to be with you more often than not.

17) He starts ignoring you on purpose

If he’s actually in pain and wants to forget about you, he doesn’t ignore you by accident.

He’ll be really good at it too — it’s not because he can’t talk to you on the phone, it’s because he knows that if he talks to you, he’ll have those feelings again.

18) He’s friend-zoned you

Men want to be your friend when they can no longer be your lover because it enables them to hold on to you emotionally.

If he’s gone from flirting with you and making out with you, to treating you like a sister, he’s trying to forget about you.

Don’t get yourself into a situation where he can reject the idea of dating you, because it will hurt more than if he just rejects dating altogether.

19) He brings up the past on purpose

When your man mentions the things that happened back in the day, it means that he wants to bring up past mistakes and bad memories.

Instead of trying to talk about them and move forward, he keeps on doing this on purpose because it helps him forget you.

20) He starts breaking more of his promises to you

Just like men dislike talking about their feelings, they also don’t like being responsible for them.

When your man starts breaking more of his promises to you and the relationship — on purpose — he’s trying to forget you.

He keeps on doing things that make him get rid of you because he tries to escape those feelings about still loving you.

21) He completely forgets about you

Don’t be surprised if your man suddenly goes out of his way to forget you, like leaving gifts on your doorstep and spending time with someone else instead of hanging out with you.

He might try to get over you by talking to a lot of girls online, or he might meet a new girl at the bar.

Even though he probably doesn’t realize it, this is how he deals with the pain of being apart from you.

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Final words

When your man tries to forget you but still loves you, he won’t be that affectionate with you.

He might avoid talking about the future, and even being romantic for a change.

But this doesn’t mean that he never loved you or will never love you again — it just means that he needs time to think or sort some things out before eventually coming back to your arms.

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