20 surprising signs he is slowly falling for you through text (complete list)

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Some women like the way the guy they like texts them, others are more cautious and realize that things may be a little bit more challenging than they seem.

But either way, if you want to know whether or not he is slowly falling for you through text, there are some things to look out for.

20 signs he is slowly falling for you through text

1) He makes time in his day just for texting with you

This is the first sign he likes you. He doesn’t text with anyone else, and he only does it with you.

The question is whether he’s making time in his day because he likes you or it’s because it’s just a habit.

The only way to find out is to ask him. Show him that you enjoy exchanging texts with him and that you enjoy getting to know him.

If you notice that he follows your lead in the conversation and doesn’t try to make the conversation about him, it is a sign that he is not selfish or self-centered.

Instead, he wants to know what you’re interested in or curious about.

2) He likes to keep in touch with you

The second sign he likes you is if he likes to keep in touch with you.

If you go through all his messages and see that he texts you the most, then it’s a clear indication that he needs to be in touch with you more than anyone else.

Besides, if you spend so much time together and he lets you use his stuff, it is a clear sign of trust.

It all boils down to this – if he is not able to stay away from you for a long time and is constantly texting you, there is a huge chance that he is falling for you and wants to keep you all for himself.

3) He can be jealous

Here’s the deal – if he shows jealousy when you talk with other guys, even if they are your friends, he is clearly in love.

This is another sign he likes you. If there is no one in his life that he wants to spend a single minute with, other than you, then it means that he might be falling in love with you.

And no matter how much he denies it, the truth will always show through.

If you feel the same way, make sure you show him slowly that you like him too.

4) He likes to text you first

Some guys like to text a lot, regardless of whether they’re in a relationship or not, but if he enjoys texting you right back and all the time, then it’s a good sign that he’s falling for you.

If you notice that every time you pick up the phone, there is a cute text from him, it means that he is thinking about you a lot.  

If he writes long texts about what he likes about you and how great you are, then that means that he wants to get to know as much as possible about you and your interests.

5) He makes flirting attempts at you through texting

In essence, texting is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the person you like.

If he uses every chance he gets to send you the texts that make you feel happy and make the butterflies in your stomach fly non-stop, then you can be sure that his feelings for you are getting stronger.

If he starts using a lot of loving words like “I love when we hang out” or “I miss you”, then that’s a good sign he’s trying his best to show how much he cares about you.

He has probably seen something in you that makes him feel good, so he wants to enjoy this feeling even more.

6) He’s trying to be creative

The content of his messages can tell you clearly about his feelings.

If he sends you the same messages all the time, that can mean that he wants to keep in touch but doesn’t want to put an extra effort into it.

On the other hand, if he is constantly doing everything he can to capture your attention and sends something new every time, it means that he is making an additional effort to show his affection.

Pay attention to the questions he asks.

If he really wants to know how your day went, it’s a sign of caring and interest.

The same applies to other topics – if he is asking you about where you come from or about your work, it means that he is genuinely interested in what’s going on in your life.

Such kind of attention always makes a girl feel loved and wanted.

7) He compliments you all the time

Women like compliments, it is a simple truth. If he’s constantly telling you how beautiful you are or how great you look, that means that he wants to hear it more and more often.

If he is the one who usually says things first and compliments you, that’s a clear sign that he is falling in love with you.

He does it because he wants to see you happy. He wants you to know that you make a difference in his life.

And he appreciates all the good things about you that he finds so charming.

Besides, if he shows off your pictures, it means that he doesn’t mind if everyone knows that he likes you.

If you notice that every single time someone picks up his phone, they see your pictures, it means that he is proud of you and enjoys showing off how great time he has with you.

8) He’s asking personal questions

In general, once people start communicating and there is obvious chemistry between the two, there is this initial period when the partner usually spends time learning about each other’s personalities.

If he is constantly asking you questions like where you are from, what do you do, etc. it means that he is trying to establish a connection.

And if he likes what he finds in the first place, there will be no turning back.

People don’t often realize this, but once they start talking to someone and building a strong connection over text messages, that’s when the real bonding process begins.

9) He seems really happy when it comes to your relationship

If he’s being really happy with your relationship, then it means that you are making him feel good.

For the obvious reason, he would get really happy and smile a lot if he thought that you liked him. If he tries to hide his feelings, you might want to ask him about it.

If he is happy and smiling, it means that he thinks that you like him and that’s a big thing.

Paying attention to these little things will surely help you figure out what kind of feelings does this guy has for you.

Seeing his happy face and feeling his warm, positive energy every time he contacts you is a clear sign that he cannot wait to see you next time.

10) He makes plans to see you

Basically, the more he tries to involve you in his plans means that he wants you in his life.

Pay attention to the way he communicates with you and how much effort he is putting into it.

If he goes out of his way so that you two can meet up, it’s a clear sign that he is into you.

The fact that he is making room for you in his life is a clear indicator of his interest in you.

Make no mistake about it, if he is making an enormous effort to be there for you every chance he gets, the chances are that he has strong feelings for you that will only grow stronger.

He thinks of you as a priority, and making your way into his world is something he is proud of.

11) He’s paying attention to your hobbies and interests

If he shows genuine interest in what you do and who you are, then it is a good sign that he likes to see you happy because he wants to make you happy.

He may be texting you to find out what he could organize next, so you can spend more time together.

Obviously, if you feel comfortable when you are together, the guy you like will always want to know what makes you happy and will try to make it happen.

Perhaps you can spend some time together doing the things you both enjoy.

Spending time like this can help you bond beyond the texts.

12) He’s not pretending

The simple truth is that people try to portray themselves in a better light when they want to start a relationship.

However, if he is honest about his life and the problems he is facing, it means that he wants you to get to know his true colors and make you a part of his life.

He might even just be a nice guy who wants to make sure that his time with you is really special and meaningful.

It is already a great start because there will be no unpleasant surprises for you along the way.

13) He sends funny texts

Guys like to use humor to get the attention of the girl they like.

It is something that makes them stand out.

If the texts that he sends are funny and weird, then it means that something about you is getting into his head.

Maybe it’s your sense of humor, or maybe it’s something else.

If you notice that the texts that he sends are funny, it means that he has a good sense of humor and he is trying to make your day.

If he is being funny in every message, it means that he likes you and he is trying to make you laugh.

14) He seems very interested in your day

One way of showing love and affection that guys use is to show interest in the way you spend your day.

If he wants to know what you did and how your day was, then it’s a good sign that he likes to see you happy and doing well.

He might do things for you, just to make sure that you’re happy and satisfied.

He may be doing this, so he can organize a surprise for you and see you again.

If he is making an effort to know what you like and do, it’s a clear sign that he wants to be close to you.

This might seem like a strange one, but if he cares about what you’re doing, it means that he knows that there could be something more between the two of you than just texting.

Perhaps he wants to see if you share the same interests and ideas about the ways to spend free time together.

15) He’s asking for your opinion

This may be another sign that he likes you and wants your approval.

If he is asking you all kinds of questions, it means that he wants to know what you think about things.

He is probably trying to find something out because if you both agree on something, it makes the relationship stronger and can help you bond even more.

The fact that he confides in you means that he appreciates having you in his life and that you are someone he can trust.

16) He tries to be on his best behavior

This is another cue that he’s interested in you.

If he tries to be on his best behavior around you, it means that he wants to take care of you.

When a guy is very careful about the things he will say and the texts he will send, it is a clear sign that he wants to leave the best impression on you.

Spending time with someone and putting effort into paying attention to their interests demonstrates that the guy likes you and wants to be close to you.

A guy who makes an effort to become as close to you as possible is one who likes you very much.

He will try his best to find ways for both of you to spend time together and make it a fun experience for both.

17) He’s just plain nice

If he’s just plain nice, without any hidden agenda in mind, then it means that he’s trying to make sure that you have a good time with him.

If he really likes you, then he wouldn’t be interested in anyone else.

He is probably trying to establish a strong connection with you and wants to see if you feel the same way.

When you find a pure soul who is making an effort to share wonderful energy with you, it’s a good sign that there is something special going on between you two, and try to make the most of it.

Just the fact that he cares about the things you do and is making an effort to stay in touch all the time means that he has you on his mind constantly.

18) He likes it when you stay in touch with him

This is another one of the signs that he’s interested in you.

If he likes the effort you make to stay in touch with him all the time, then it means that he wants to keep the relationship going.

He may ask you to be in touch with him because he wants to secure his position in your life and make sure that you may consider being with him.

He probably recognized some qualities that you have that make him feel good.

He probably feels happy when he is around you, so he wants to spend as much time as possible with you.

19) He’s genuinely interested in his life

Usually, people ask questions just to keep the conversation going, not because they want to truly know what you are thinking about.

But if he genuinely asks you about your life, it means that he has a lot of respect for you and for what you do.

If he is so interested in what you do, then it means that he wants to make sure that you are always happy and doing well.

He might even be trying to find out how to make your life better because when we care about someone, we want to see them flourish.

It all comes down to this – if he wants to make you happy and make your life better by being your support, make sure you show just how much you appreciate your connection the best way you can.

20) He says that he misses you

This is the best sign of all the signs.

If he says he misses you and can’t stop thinking about you, then we can say for sure that he is totally into you.

If a guy feels that there is something special about you, then he will miss you a lot.

You should know that this is only the beginning because if things go well, you can be sure that your texting will develop into a nice relationship.

Look at it this way, if he manages to find the courage to expose himself and tell you in plain words what he feels, it means that he has given it a lot of thought and doesn’t want to wait anymore to take the next step towards a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Final thoughts

If you like a guy, it is important to understand that the more he tries to be with you, the more likely he has feelings for you.

If you notice that some of these signs are applicable in your case, then it might be worth considering giving him a chance.

Of course, if he talks to you with respect and treats your feelings with care, then this is already a good start.

Texting can be used in many ways that help relationships. It is usually a great way of communicating with the person you are attracted to.

All in all, if you suddenly notice that you have your phone with you all the time and that it is buzzing all the time, it is time for you to consider speeding things up and getting the guy you like.

Making him feel good and showing him that you care is a piece of essential advice for a happy start.

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