24 signs he is secretly attracted to you at work (complete list)

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Is there a guy at work that you like and you think he may like you too?

Because you have to be discreet at work, you’re not sure if he’s flirting with you or just being friendly.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a very thorough list of 24 signs he’s secretly attracted to you.

Let’s jump right in:

1) He talks about things that have nothing to do with work

If constantly talks to you about things that have nothing to do with work and keeps asking you about your personal life, it’s because he likes you.

He wants to get to know you on a personal level so he’ll ask you things like:

  • Where did you grow up?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What kind of music are you into?

And that’s not all.

He may try to sneak in a question about your relationship status.

Of course, he’ll be discreet about it and casually drop it into the conversation. He may ask, “What are you and your boyfriend planning for Christmas?”

This is a surefire sign that he’s interested in you as more than a friend.

Now, he can’t just come out and ask you straight out if you have a boyfriend, it would be weird. And anyway, you’re co-workers, he wants to avoid making things awkward.

It’s obvious that this guy has more than just work on his mind.

2) He follows you on social media

If your colleague starts to follow you on social media it’s a sign that he has an interest in you.

But it’s not just about following your social media.

He will actually go out of his way to like your posts: he’ll retweet, comment, and of course, heart all of your pictures.

It’s obvious that this guy likes you and wants to find out all he can about you.

You see, he’s gathering all the information he can about you to make sure that when he asks you out, you say “yes”.

3) He makes excuses to be with you

Have you noticed that he’s always around?

Somehow, you always arrive at work at exactly the same time and get to chat on the elevator (hmm, it’s as if he was waiting for you in front of the building).

And that’s not all!

He’ll make sure to take his lunch break at the same time as you and he’ll try to finish work at the same time too, giving him the chance to ride the elevator with you once again!

And when it comes to teaming people up for projects, he’ll always suggest that you are on the same team. He’ll come up with some clever reason why it’s the best thing for the company…

In short: If this is a colleague you see more than any other, who goes out of his way to be around you, it’s because he’s secretly attracted to you.

4) He likes to make you smile

Your co-worker will make sure that you’re always smiling by joking around with you.

He’ll say things like, “I was just thinking of ways to make you smile!”

He’ll crack a few jokes about the boss and even dance around the office when nobody is looking if that’s what it takes to cheer you up.

But wait, there’s more!

He might even pull a prank on you or tease you about something – just enough to make you laugh and make your day a little brighter.

Of course, he doesn’t do this for no reason. He wants to show you that he likes you. He’s trying to find a place in your heart.

What does this mean?

Your co-worker is interested in you romantically and he’s doing everything to make you smile.

He likes to see you happy.

5) He makes eye contact

When it comes to reading body language, eye contact is one of the most important things to consider.

On the one hand, if someone looks away every time your eyes meet, it could mean that they are uncomfortable; that they have something to hide; or that they are shy.

On the other hand, when someone holds your gaze, it shows courage and determination. It’s also a sign that they’re trying to tell you something.

If he is constantly looking at you and not making the slightest effort to look elsewhere, it means that he has feelings for you – and he wants you to know it.

Now, if he makes your heart skip a beat every time he stares into your eyes, there’s definitely something worth pursuing there.

6) He remembers everything you’ve ever said to him

A surefire sign that a guy is secretly attracted to you is if he pays close attention to everything you say.

If you notice that every time you have a conversation, he remembers what you spoke about before – if he remembers everything you’ve ever said to him – it’s a sign that you’re very important to him.

Think about it:

Why would a guy remember that his co-worker’s dog is allergic to peanuts? He wouldn’t, not unless he thought that everything that she said and did was magic.

In other words: He’s spellbound.

Now, not only does he think that everything about you is special, but the fact that he remembers everything you’ve ever said means that he’s gathering information about you that will help him flirt and impress you.

What further proof do you need that he’s into you?

7) He’s not shy of physical contact

He doesn’t shy away when it comes to physical contact.

You see, he’ll touch you any chance he gets – innocently of course (you’re at work after all).

For example, if he’s passing you some papers, his fingers will brush against yours.

Or, if he makes a joke while you’re on the elevator, he’ll nudge you with his shoulder and smile.

These are small but meaningful gestures. Something is going on.

If he’s constantly touching you, it means that he’s completely comfortable around you.

And there’s more – the fact that his body craves yours and is looking for any little excuse to make contact is a sign that he’s secretly attracted to you.

When a guy likes you, his body can’t hide it.

8) He tells you where he’s going out with friends in case you want to join them

If your co-worker wants to see you outside of work, it’s because he wants to be more than just your co-worker.

If he goes out of his way to tell you where he’s going out after work, and even lets you know he’ll be glad if you dropped by, it’s almost as good as asking you out.

Of course, the fact that you work together complicates things a bit which is why he wants to make sure that you like him before he asks you out.

In short: He wants to see you outside of work and inviting you to hang out at a club with his friends is a way to test the waters.

9) He compliments you

Another thing to watch out for is a guy who compliments you a lot.


  • He’ll compliment the way you’re dressed or the way you’ve done your hair.
  • He’ll tell you how clever you are and how well you managed a certain project.
  • He’ll tell you how all the clients ask for you and how he thinks you’re the boss’s favorite.

In other words, if he thinks there’s something great about you, he’s not afraid to tell you.

His constant compliments are a sign that you’re more than just a colleague to him.

10) His body language is a dead give-away

Did you know that we don’t have to speak in order to communicate?

I’m talking about body language.

Now, if you’re not sure whether he’s attracted to you, then just pay attention to his body language.

For example, when he approaches you, he’ll straighten his back and walk to you in an erect manner, head held high. This means that he is confident and proud.

It also shows that he knows what he wants and is determined to get it.

When he smiles, look at his eyes to see if they’re smiling too. That way you’ll know the smile is genuine.

Look at his arms and hands – are they crossed or relaxed and open?

Crossed arms and clasped hands indicate that someone is closed off, whereas open chest and open hands with palms turned upright indicate that the person is open to you.

Finally, if he turns his torso to face you when speaking to you, it’s because he’s being pulled towards you – it means that he’s attracted to you.

11) He sits near you in meetings

The most obvious signs that a guy likes you are his proximity and his participation in meetings.

He tries to sit next to you whenever possible and makes it clear that he’s there for you. He’ll also ask you questions or start-up conversations from time to time, even if he’s not the one who is supposed to ask them.

In other words:

If your co-worker makes an effort to sit near you in meetings, it means that he wants your attention.

12) He always makes sure to look great

Your co-worker always makes an effort to look great because he never knows when he might run into you.

If he makes it a point to always look great, it’s probably because he wants you to notice him and think, “Wow, what a great looking guy.”

He’ll make sure to trim his beard, gel his hair, and always wear something trendy.

So, If he always looks (and smells) his very best, it’s because he wants you to find him attractive.

13) His voices changes when he speaks to you

Have you noticed how his voice suddenly changes when he speaks to you?

He’ll be talking to another co-worker and then turn to you.

Suddenly, his voice will drop an octave.

Now, he probably doesn’t even notice what he’s doing.

You see, it’s all part of his subconscious attempt to win you over.

By lowering his voice he’s tapping into his primal “manly” side.

He’s trying to appeal to your gentle feminine nature with his deep manly voice.

Biology, go figure!

14) There’s sexual tension between you

Can you feel the sexual tension between you every time that you are near?

Does your heart skip a beat when he enters the room?

Do his eyes call to you?

Do you feel like you are the only two people in the room sometimes?

And my point is?

He’s attracted to you and you can tell because you feel the same way.

15) Your co-workers have noticed

So, you’re not sure that he likes you?

Well, your colleagues will tell you that he does.

Now, it seems that everyone in the office apart from you has read the signs. But don’t worry, they’ll be sure to tell you.

His secret attraction is not so secret after all.

Listen to your colleagues.

16) He’s nervous around you

Does your co-worker ever get nervous around you?

  • Does he stutter?
  • Do his hands get clammy?
  • Does he spill his coffee when you come over to his desk?

You might think that he’s afraid of you, but it’s probably something else.

He just likes you too much.

He’s nervous because you make his heart race every time you come near.

17) He switches shifts to work with you

Do you sometimes have to work the “graveyard shift”?

Trust me, I know how much it sucks to have to work at night. That’s why most people try to get out of it.

But not your guy.

If you’re working a night shift, he’ll be there by your side.

And it’s not because he was assigned the same shift, oh no. He actually switched on purpose to work at the same time as you.

So if your colleague is willing to work the night shift just so he can spend time with you, it means he really likes you.

18) If you’re sick he’ll bring chicken soup to your place

Think about it:

How many colleagues will go out of their way to bring you chicken soup when you’re sick?

Most people will wait for you to come back to work to ask you if you’re feeling better.

Some might send you an email or text to ask how you are.

Face it: No co-worker brings you chicken soup to your place.

This is something that a friend would do. A family member. Basically, a loved one.

This guy loves you and he wants you to get well ASAP.

19) He gives you a nickname

Does your co-worker have a nickname for you?

Like if your name is Jennifer he calls you “The Jenster” or if you kicked ass in a meeting he starts calling you “Rocky”?

Now, the fact that he’s got a nickname for you means that he feels comfortable with you.

It also shows that he wants to cross the line from colleague to friend to maybe more…

20) He defends you in front of colleagues

Conflict, resentment, and bitterness are a normal part of life, and work is no exception

Do you ever feel like your co-workers are talking about you behind your back?

Trust me:

I know how awful it feels to know that some people consider you as a joke or a bother.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to go through it alone.

He’s always going to be on your side and is ready to defend you!

He has your back because he really likes you.

21) He praises you in front of colleagues

Just like he’ll stand up for you and defend you in front of everyone, he’ll also praise you in front of everyone.

He’ll make sure to mention how great you are at your job on every occasion.

He won’t just praise you when you are around, he’ll also do it behind your back.


The reason he says nice things about you is that he actually means them.

You see, the boy is smitten with you.

22) He’s always stealing glances when he thinks you’re not looking

Picture this:

You’re sitting at your desk and working on your computer.

You feel strange, like you’re being watched.

Suddenly you look up and notice him looking at you in that adoring way of his, making your heart melt.

It’s a little unnerving, but that feeling is your body’s way of alerting your brain that he finds you attractive.

23) He freaks out if you mention changing jobs

If your male co-worker freaks out completely when you mention that you’re thinking of changing jobs, it means that he’s afraid to lose you.

Now, you’re the reason that going to work is something to look forward to. His menial tasks don’t seem so bad with you around. The idea of losing that is just too much for him to think about.

All in all, seeing you at work every day gives him pleasure and joy. He doesn’t want you to go.

24) He’s always goofing around

Another sign that he likes you is if he starts to act like a love-struck schoolboy, in other words, he tries to get your attention by goofing off.

He’s easygoing and likes to laugh with you. You have a lot of fun together at work.

It feels good to be together. Your day flies by when he’s around.

He likes you and you like him and there’s no denying it.

How to make sure he finds you attractive

You should now have a pretty good idea about what signs to look for to know that he’s secretly attracted to you.

But if you still have doubts, or you think that maybe he’s just being friendly and you want more than that, then read on:

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The theory is called the Hero Instinct, and it was coined by relationship expert James Bauer. It explains how men really feel and think in relationships. And it’s something most women have never even heard of.

It’s a real eye-opener, too. Because the theory reveals what men need in order to be happy in relationships and attracted to the woman they love, too.

Basically, they all want to feel wanted and needed, and most men believe their women need to provide those feelings they are missing.

It’s this new concept that explains why men act the way they do; it explains what makes them commit or withdraw from you: it’s very deep.

So if you want to be that special woman that makes undoubtedly attracted to you, you need to watch the free video by James Bauer. In it, he reveals the exact phrases and texts to use. And he’ll teach you how to trigger his hero instinct.

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