15 signs he doesn’t want anyone else to have you

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Often, it can be hard to get a man to open up about his feelings. 

If you start to ask him how he feels about you, he might not give you a direct answer. 

Relax. Don’t worry. Sometimes men speak more clearly with their actions than their words. 

Your partner might not tell you that he can not imagine his life without you, but he will certainly show you that he does not want anyone else to have you. 

Here are fifteen obvious signs that your man wants you all to himself. 

1) He Listens to Your Needs

“So much of the language of love was like that: you devoured someone with your eyes, you drank in the sight of him, you swallowed him whole. Love was substance, broken down and beating through your bloodstream.”

– Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes 

One clear sign that your man wants you all to himself is that he does his best to listen and make sure your needs are met. He tries to take care of you and respects what you ask of him. 

In casual relationships, we tend to focus more on our own needs and can ignore the wishes and desires of our partners. If the relationship ends, it’s not the end of the world for him because he may be dating other women or have them lined up waiting on the sidelines. 

If your man makes you a priority in his life, he will keep his promises, show up to help, and will take note of the things you like and make them happen. Sometimes he will even put some of your needs in front of his own.  

If you are feeling devastated after a hard day of work and craving some alone time, he will make sure to give you that. He will show you he cares. He will know your favorite things and make them happen; like running you a bath, bringing you your favorite dessert, taking you on your favorite hike, or helping you to relax. 

He won’t ask you to do things that you’re not up to because he wants to do them. 

Instead, he will do whatever it takes to see a smile light upon your face again.

If he doesn’t want to lose you, you’ll come first, and he’ll be there for you. 

He will make it obvious that you are the main woman in his life. 

2) He Reaches Out After a Fight

“When you are in a relationship with people, in a thousand and one ways you are provoked, challenged, seduced. Again and again, you come to know your pitfalls, your limitations, your anger, your lust, your possessiveness, your jealousy, your sadness, your happiness all moods come and go, you are constantly in turmoil. But this is the only way to know who you are.” 

– Rajneesh  

Every relationship will have conflicts and fights. 

You and your man will stumble upon many misunderstandings. But if he wants you in his life, he will go out of his way to reach out to you and find resolve. And he wont’ let much time pass before making things better. 

If your man wants you in his life, he won’t be able to be distant and silent for a long time. Even a few hours will feel too long. Maintaining healthy communication is crucial for the relationship. He won’t jeopardize losing you. 

After a fight, he will feel compelled to fix any issues that you both share. He will be the one to call you or text you to meet up and talk. He will apologize for any pain caused and will be open to smoothing things out. 

If he doesn’t want anyone else to have you, he will work towards understanding you more and making your relationship stronger.

When he does this, he is telling you indirectly that he’s afraid of losing you, and doesn’t want to let you go.

3) He Gets A Little Jealous

“Once I take you, you are mine. My woman. No other man can have you.” 

– Gena Showalter, Awaken Me Darkly

Maybe you want to test the waters and see where you stand with your man, and you might openly flirt with another man in his presence. A man who was thinking of breaking up with you won’t even bat an eyelid.

However, if your man wants you in his life, he will question and be slightly jealous. He won’t want to see you flirting in front of him and will ask questions about any of the other men in your life, especially ex-partners. 

He will want to know where he stands with you. He might even be a little embarrassed or awkward when he asks. 

So if you notice that your man has questions about any of your exes or male friends, and acts a little strangely afterward, it might be because he is comparing himself to them.  

If he shows signs of jealousy, he certainly doesn’t want to lose you. 

Try to remember to reassure him that he is desired and loved and that he has nothing to worry about. 

“Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.”

– Maya Angelou 

4) He Makes Time to Be With You

“I don’t own you, you just belong to me.”

– Pushpa Rana, Just the Way I Feel 

I once casually dated a man who was clear he didn’t want a serious relationship. We tended to date once a week, and he was always finding excuses if I asked for any of his time beyond that. We both dated other people. He would never go out of his way to change plans with his friends to be with me. His boundaries were set in stone and very clear. He never budged. 

If your man has no problem adapting his plans now and then to be with you, it means he probably wants more with you and is willing to commit to you. 

A man who wants you all to himself will book up your weekends and make sure no other prospects are trying to hit on you or spend time with you. He will more actively initiate dates and show you that he wants to spend time with you

Also, you will never feel that you smother him or intrude on his personal space because he will let you know that he enjoys your time together. 

These won’t be questions you ask yourself. 

5) He Invests In Your Family and Friends

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”

– Rajneesh  

When a man casually dates you, he has no real reason to get to know your family and friends. He is attracted to your appearance and personality and wants to enjoy you on a limited and specific level. 

But if you notice that he is going out of his way to get to know who your best friends are, attend group outings with your friends, and he wants to meet your family, it’s a clear sign that he wants to be in your life and know you more deeply. 

If he is willing to put in extra effort to get to know the people closest to you and be on friendly terms with them, he is trying to love all parts of your life and form a strong, long-lasting bond with you. 

He wants you to know that the people who mean something to you mean something to him as well. 

6) He Makes Plans With You

“For the possession of what we love is an even greater joy than love itself.” 

– Marcel Proust, The Captive & The Fugitive 

A man who wants you all to himself will make plans to see you again and again. He will set up your next date and make sure he is present and in your life. 

When a man is thinking long-term, he will make plans with you, as a team. He will encourage dreaming up date nights, weekend getaways, travel plans and will enjoy discussing plans a few months into the future. 

If he wants you in his life, he will see you in his future. There won’t be hesitancy or any room for doubt. 

7) You Still Have Mind-Blowing Sex

“The happiest person: he enjoys everything without wanting to possess anything.”

– Marty Rubin 

Great sex is one of the main ways we express the depth of our love for one another. When we first hook up with someone, the passion is strong. If this is long-lasting, take special notice. 

If your boyfriend wants to break up with you and isn’t afraid to lose you, he starts by withdrawing sex and intimacy little by little until it is almost non-existent. He will start thinking of other women and lose interest. 

However, if your sex life is still healthy and vibrant, and strong, it shows he is still invested and interested in you. Even after any fights or quarrels, if you guys still have great makeup sex that makes you almost secretly wish you have another fight just for the added spice, then it means he’s in it with you and not going anywhere. 

8) He Opens Up Emotionally With You

“It is an irony that the more possessive you are, the more love you demand, the less you receive, while the more freedom you give, the less you demand, the more love you will receive.” 

– Harold H Bloomfield 

Men aren’t the most forthcoming with their feelings. They can be very elusive. 

It can take a lot of effort for them to open up. 

If your man is showing his vulnerable side, expressing difficult emotions, and letting you see him as he is, you can be sure he wants to be close with you. 

You can usually tell how open he is with you when he isn’t afraid to answer any of your questions. He won’t try to hide anything from you. If anything, he will want to be seen and understood. 

If a man is feeling close with you, and good around you, he will feel like he’s won at the game of love. He won’t want anyone else to have you. 

9) He Feels Appreciated By You

When your boyfriend feels wanted, respected, and appreciated by you, he will want to be closer to you. This is usually the difference between him feeling “like” and “love” for his partner. 

If you trigger his deeply innate hero instinct, he will feel like a superhero. He will be uplifted, and feel inspired, important, and needed. Any interaction he has with that builds up his sense of meaning, and of being a successful provider and lover will make him want you all for himself. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to play the role of the “damsel in distress”. You can still be a strong and independent woman. But he can understand that you like when he steps up and fills a need that only he can do. It gives him a great sense of satisfaction. 

Instincts are powerful drivers of human behavior and this is especially true for how men approach their relationships. So, when the hero instinct is triggered, men are more likely to bond and commit to that woman

10) He’s Not Afraid To Be Himself Around You

If a man can feel relaxed and authentic around you, then you can know that he enjoys having you in his life. There is nothing for him to pretend to be. No pressure for him to act a certain way. 

If you find he is different around his friends and family than how he acts around you, this could be a red flag. He might be trying to hide something from you or act in a certain way to get something from you. 

However, if he trusts you and feels comfortable around you, and you get to see the real him, then he is more likely to want to keep you close. 

If he is prepared to tell you about any aspect of his life, even the difficult moments, then it’s likely that he is genuine about his feelings for you.

According to Rob Pascale in Psychology Today, “Trust is one of the keystones of any relationship – without it, two people cannot be comfortable with each other and the relationship lacks stability.”

11) He’ll Be There When You Need Him Most

When your man knows that you need him, he’ll drop everything when you need him the most. He won’t make sorry excuses. It won’t be a question. 

If you need him, he’ll be there.

He won’t complain or make you feel bad about it later. 

It will be obvious that he wants to step into this special role in your life. That he wants to be his best for you. 

He’ll be able to pick up on when something is bothering you and ask you what is wrong. He will want to help to make you feel better and won’t be afraid to show you. He will show you he sees you and is there for you. 

12) He’ll Give You Consistent Attention

If a man is frequently initiating conversation with you, and he is consistent, he definitely wants you in his life. 

Consistency equals interest. 

Think about anything that you value. You are going to take time to take part in those activities or people, no matter what, compared to others that are less important.

If someone is important to us, we are going to stay in contact with them regularly so we know what is going on in their lives. 

If your man is texting and calling and meeting up with you often, it shows that you are important to him. 

He doesn’t have times where he is hot and cold, distant, or disappears for a few days on end. 

He shows that he is curious about you and enjoys being a part of your life and doesn’t want anyone else stepping in to fill that role. 

If you’re important to him, then he must be into you!

13) He Is Thoughtful and Engaged

If you are in a conversation with a man and his responses are short, vague, and unimaginative, he is probably not all that interested in you. 

When a man wants to be close with you, he will take care of how he interacts with you. He will carefully think about his answers and what he tells you. 

The quality of his conversations and texts spells volumes about how he feels towards you. 

If he isn’t very interested in you, his responses will be: 

  • Short, one-word answers
  • Sarcastic 
  • Dismissive
  • General, vague or unclear
  • Full of cliches 

If he is into you, he will be:

  • Thoughtful and express himself in depth
  • Clear
  • Full of examples and details 
  • Witty and share lots of humor
  • Willing to answer most if not all questions you ask him
  • Curious about you and also ask questions to get to know you

14) He Promotes Himself To You

One clear sign that your man is into you and wants you to feel the same, is that he’ll boast about what a great, loyal and caring partner he will make.

He will talk about how he will treat a woman well and do it. 

He will talk about his best qualities, and show them to you. 

He will point out how other men act like jerks, liars, cheaters, douchebags, and narcissists, and act better. 

When he tries to show you how he is different and separates himself from “those men”, he’s showing you he wants you. 

15) He is Generous With You

Does your man insist on paying for everything? 

If you offer to pay for dinner, treat him to a movie, take him for coffee, will he politely refuse? 

When he is generous with not just his financial resources, but especially with his time and his affection, and his care, it’s a clear sign that he is serious about you and doesn’t want anyone else stepping in. 

He will go out of his way to continually impress you and indulge you. He will show you special places and experiences and moments. It will be a joy for him to share what he can

Ok, His Intentions Seem Clear, Now What? 

“To be mature is, we’re told, to move beyond possessiveness. Jealousy is for babies. The mature person knows that no one owns anyone.” 

– Alain de Botton, The Course of Love 

When a man goes out of his way to let you know that he is serious about you, it can feel like a great relief. 

There is not much that you have to do on your part. 

He will let you know exactly how he feels. 

It’s important to be patient and watch him over the long-term to make sure that he’s not just trying to impress you with a facade to get something and then be on his way. 

In Conclusion

So, what does he want?

By now you should have a better idea about whether he doesn’t want anyone else to have you. But, if you’re still unsure, you shouldn’t leave things up to chance.

Especially if you have feelings for him, it would be great to know what his real intentions are and what the future holds for you.


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