25 undeniable signs he desires you

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They say men are simple, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes trying to read a man’s true feelings is like breaking into a locked high-security bank vault — it can seem impossible if he doesn’t want you to know (and if you don’t know how to do it). Sometimes the problem is he doesn’t actually know what he feels for you in the first place.

But there are certain signs and tells you can watch out for, which will prove that he not only wants to be with you, but he desires you.

Here are 25 signs that a man desires you as more than just a friend, even if he isn’t really sure about it:

1) He’s Always Available For You

One downside to not having a boyfriend is not having a man to help you with all the “physical” chores you have to do every now and then.

If you need to rearrange your furniture, move to a new apartment, or even just carry a dozen overstuffed grocery bags, having a big guy with big arms makes life a million times easier.

But a guy who desires you will always be available for you, even with the smallest things.

He wants to fill in that “boyfriend void” in your life, until it gets to the point that you naturally see him as your man.

2) He’s Forgotten the Meaning of Personal Space

While it might be irritating at first, a man who wants you will forget the meaning of personal space.

You know how we all have that invisible bubble around us?

We know we’re supposed to stay a few inches (or feet) away from another person, depending on the place and situation.

But this guy doesn’t see you as “just another person”.

He sees you as his next girlfriend (and potential wife!), meaning the mental barriers of personal space have gone down in his head.

You’ll have to remind him from time to time to step back, and he’ll catch himself and apologize.

3) You Know Most Of His Friends

You know Brad and Ruben and Jake and Chris and Weston and so on, but why do you know them?

Because they’re all his friends, and through your interactions with him, you’ve slowly been introduced to them — either one by one or all at once.

Believe us: this wasn’t just a random event. If you met his friends it’s because he wanted you to meet them.

His friends are his crew, his boys, and if someone is important to him, he wants them to be aware of that special someone.

4) He Looks and Smells Great

Think about how the other men in your life dress (and smell) most of the time.

They might let themselves go from time to time, and maybe you’ve smelled their body odor because they forgot to shower or use deodorant, and they didn’t care at all.

But with this man, you’ve never seen him have a bad day (not yet, at least). He always dresses to impress and makes sure he looks and smells his best.

Men know that their general hygiene is a huge thing for women, and when he’s in the stage of trying to win you over, he wants you to only associate him with pleasant senses.

5) He Deeply Listens To You

It’s so hard to get people to really listen to you these days.

Everyone seems to be trapped in their own world, and conversations are less about true backs-and-forths and more about two people just waiting for their turn to talk again.

Not with this man.

If he really desires you, then he shows you by listening to even the most minor details in your story.

He wants to get to know you, to figure you out, and to read between the lines and hear the things that you didn’t say.

6) He’s Told You That He Wants You

Some men don’t play games the way some women do. You might be used to hearing one thing but seeing another, but when a man seriously wants you, he’ll let you know — and that’s all there is to it.

So ask yourself — has he said “I want you” or something along those lines? Then listen to it and believe it. Unless he’s given you reason to doubt him, then he’s telling you the truth. Why listen to anything else?

7) He Gets Jealous Easily

It’s normal to have other men in your life. Friends, co-workers, old acquaintances, and even guys who obviously want to take you out on a date.

And there’s nothing wrong with having them in your life, especially if you’re still technically single.

But a man who truly desires you will hate it whenever those guys show up.

Since he’s not “officially” with you, he knows it’s not in his place to say anything about it.

But that won’t stop him from quietly disliking every moment that you spend with another eligible bachelor.

No one knows more about how men think than other men, and he’ll be wondering what their intentions are with you.

8) He Followed You On Social Media Right Away

Did you just have your first date with him? Or maybe you literally just met him at a party, class, or anywhere else?

Check your phone — if he followed you on social media within the day, then he’s totally attracted to you.

Here’s what he’s thinking: he just met this amazing woman and he wants to know if you’re taken or free before he spends the next several days (or weeks) dreaming about you.

He also doesn’t want you to forget about him; he needs to remind you immediately about the fact that he exists.

9) He’s Cute Around You

Men always have some kind of demeanor — they like being “manly men” and coming off like they’re James Bond, smooth and suave.

But when he really starts to like you, that wannabe-sexy exterior will melt away, and the kid inside of him will slowly come out.

He might start telling you his dumbest jokes, or sending you cat videos and cute GIFs and emojis in the middle of the night.

His voice will change, becoming younger and less strained, and you’ll literally hear a new person speaking with you.

10) You Catch Him Looking All the Time

You know how you get that feeling when someone is looking at you?

Even if they’re far away or if they’re one person in a giant crowd, you always get that sensation that someone is keeping their eyes on you, like a sixth sense.

You always feel that when he’s around, because he’s always looking.

If you two are watching a movie together, he’ll watch you instead of the screen.

If you two are in class together, he’ll keep darting his eyes at you, thinking that you don’t realize it, just to keep checking you out.

It’s not because he’s a perv; it’s because he’s in love.

11) He Compliments You Constantly

All guys compliment, especially in this age in social media where comments and compliments are a dime a dozen.

They love talking about your eyes, your figure, your hair, and how hot and sexy and beautiful you are.

The point is: anyone can compliment, and it doesn’t really mean anything.

But a man who truly desires you will see the things that no one else sees. He compliments your style, your personality, your opinions, your heart.

He thinks deeply about you and reflects on the factors making him fall in love with you, meaning he can see you as more than just someone who’s “smart, hot, and funny”.

12) He Gets Nervous Sometimes

Maybe this guy is the type who is always loaded with confidence. He’s smart, successful, funny, and he can take on the world.

He’s the last guy in the room who would turn down a challenge, because he has all the confidence and self-esteem in the world.

But when he’s around you? He slips. He forgets what he was saying. He gets lost in your eyes and loses track of the conversation.

And when you enter the room for the first time unexpectedly, you see him lose his breath. You make him palpitate in a way no one else can, and that’s not something anyone can fake.

13) He Remembers Your Likes and Dislikes

When a guy thinks you’re the most amazing woman in the world, the first thing he’ll think is, “Why hasn’t anyone else put a ring on this finger yet?”, and the second thing will be, “Everyone else is trying to put a ring on this finger!” S

o he’ll do whatever he can to get that slight edge that will make him better than everyone else, even if it means remembering your favorite flavor of ice cream.

He remembers everything you say. Your movies, your shows, your favorite foods and drinks; the places you want to go to and the things you want to see.

And he’ll show you that he remembered those details every chance he gets, because he knows that women love men who listen.

14) He Plans Home Dates With You

You might think it’s a little boring or awkward to constantly do dates at home, so why in the world does he keep doing it?

Here’s why: because he can’t “take it to the next level” if he’s out at a fancy restaurant instead.

It’s so much easier to be chill and natural in your own environment, which is why it seems like he’s been insisting on evening movie dates on the couch rather than taking you out anywhere.

If you aren’t “giving him any”, he might be running out of ideas, and the only thing he knows how to do is just woo you from the comfort of his own home.

15) His Place Is Always Tidy When You Come Over

Speaking of inviting you over — think about how good his place looks whenever you visit. Does it seem like things are tidier than you would’ve thought?

While he might be the (rare) type of guy who always keeps his place clean and proper, there’s a much greater chance that he’s done it all just for your benefit.

How can you check? Look at his closets — did he throw everything into it at the last second? Does it smell like the floor’s just been mopped?

Is there a cent of air freshener in the air? If so, then he’s tidied up just for you, and there’s no way he doesn’t desire you after that.

16) He Sexually Treats You Like a Queen

Sex is always about a give and take, but that “give and take” isn’t always completely fair for both parties. In most cases, the women will please the man much more than the man pleases the woman.

But sex with him is on another level. He always makes sure you get what you want, no matter what that might be.

He goes the extra mile, pleasing you in ways you didn’t even ask for, but he knows that those are the best ways to make you satisfied.

Why? Because he always wants to be the best you’ve ever had, so you don’t let him go.

17) He Loves Sending You Music

The playlist is the gateway to the soul.

We’re not all expressive poets with masterful Shakespearean control over the English language, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings.

Which is why many of us choose to express our feelings through the music we choose to send to people we desire.

So has he been sending you songs?

They don’t have to be full playlists; even just a single song or two would speak volumes about how he truly feels about you.

Even if they’re not hopeless romantic love songs, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t “want” you; it just means he wants you to understand him.

18) He Always Replies Immediately

When he sees a text from you, he drops everything else so he can reply.

Why? Because he loves that you thought about him and he wants to keep your attention before it drifts away to something (or someone) else.

Check how he behaves around his phone when you’re around.

When someone texts or messages him, does he reply right away all the time, or does he “seen” it sometimes and leave it for later?

If it’s the latter, then realize that you’re obviously special to him since you’re the only one getting that lightning fast reply speed.

19) He’s Unnecessarily Touch

We talked about how he probably stopped respecting your personal space earlier; now let’s talk about touching.

He touches you more than normal friends are supposed to, but never enough that you can actually call him out on it.

Whenever he passes by you in a room, he has to grab your waist or your shoulders to slightly nudge you aside.

Whenever you guys see each other for the first time, he comes in for a hug and lingers a second too long. He loves touching you — the question is, do you love touching him?

20) He Watches Himself When He’s Around You

If you’re still early on in your pre-relationship relationship, then he might still be doing his best to keep up a certain image of himself around you.

He always “holds” himself around you — back straight, proper and formal, and always the perfect gentleman.

But you know there’s a rascal inside of him that he’s hiding from you; you’ve heard about it from your mutual friends, or maybe his friends tease him for “trying too hard” when he’s around you.

Either way — you like what you see, and you wonder how long he can keep it up.

21) …But He Also Can’t Help Losing Himself

But behind all that effort to try to stay proper and formal, he just can’t help it whenever you’re around. You fill his heart with a certain kind of glee, and it manifests in fun and surprising ways.

He giggles, laughs, makes stupid jokes, says something ridiculous — and you see these few moments of childish happiness come from him before he catches himself and bottles it up again.

There may come a day when he does these things openly to you, but right now he still wants to be suave and cool.

22) He Admires Your Mind and Personality

It’s easy to see that someone is smoking hot. But to truly see the value in another person — to the point that you actually admire them — requires thoroughly understanding them and wanting to be with them.

He respects you. He sees you as a potential partner, a mother to his kids, someone he can build and spend his life with.

When he looks at you, he doesn’t just see your surface beauty — he sees everything else, too, because he’s taken the time to really understand you.

23) He Really Thinks About the Things He Says

For some guys, they know that every word they say counts. Just as they remember every single conversation they have with you, they feel that you might do the same — so they never want to say the wrong thing.

When a man really likes you, he might have moments where he says the first thing that comes to mind, but most of the time, he’ll really take into consideration his every word before he spells them out.

The last thing he wants to do is put a foot wrong right at the beginning of what could be an amazing relationship.

24) He Talks About How Great of a Boyfriend He Could Be

The pre-dating “friendship” part of a relationship is all about psychology — with him trying to convince you that he’s the man you should end up with (or at least try it out for a while!).

And one-way men do that is by asking you to envision him as a boyfriend; what he would do, how he would do it, and simply put, how great he would be.

Maybe he says things like, “If I was your boyfriend, you’d never have to worry about that again”, or, “I’d love to have a girlfriend so I could take her out of town on the weekends!”

He constantly plays up scenarios in which he’d be the perfect boyfriend, slowly convincing you to just give him a shot.

25) He’s Always Doing The Little Things To Make Your Life Easier

A guy who wants you doesn’t just do things when you know about them. He does things even without getting the credit just because he knows it improves your quality of life, and that alone is enough for him.

And this is a true sign that he really has fallen for you. He’s no longer helping you for his own self-interest (trying to earn brownie points with you to become your boyfriend); he’s helping you because it makes him feel good in his heart knowing that you’re happy.

And what more could you want from a man than someone who just wants to know that you’re having a good day, even if he can’t always see you smile?

So He Desires You. Now What?

You’ve seen the signs, you’ve confirmed them with the people around you, and you have zero doubt in your heart over the truth: he wants you, bad. But now what do you do about it?

The question is — do you want him back? If so, you need to show him that the feeling is mutual. Nudge him in the right direction and make things easier for him.

The last thing he wants to do is dive in and embarrass himself, so let him know that all he has to do is ask.

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