15 signs from the universe about your marriage that you need to pay attention to

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You should be fully aware of how things are going in your marriage. But what if you are missing something?

What if the universe is sending you signs that you need to pay attention to?

Before you start worrying about your relationship, I must tell you that the universe sends signs of confirmation, appreciation, and support too.

Not every message that you receive is a warning sign, although it could be. 

Don’t know how to tell the difference? No problem, I can help you!

Read further to find out how the universe communicates, the signs to look out for, and their meaning for your marriage.

1) You hear the same love song in different places

Whether or not you like love songs, lately, you hear a particular one more and more often. It’s not even a popular song and yet, you hear it in very different places.

The recurrence of this song in your life is a sign from the universe. I know it’s not a coincidence because you’ve heard it too many times. 

“If this sign comes to you over and over again, it becomes increasingly less likely that this is due to chance,” says Esther, the author of the Breakthrough Manifestation Workbook.

To find out what the sign is about, carefully listen to the song’s lyrics. Does the song talk about eternal love or is it about infidelity?

Maybe the universe is trying to warn you about something your partner does. Or, maybe it just sends you confirmation that your love is strong and that your marriage will last.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a song stuck in my head, only to realize that that particular song had the exact message I needed to hear at that moment in time”, says Jack Canfield, transformational speaker, and trainer.

2) You notice a repeated number or sequence of numbers

The universe can send you signs about your marriage as numbers. Thanks to angelic numerology, you can find the meanings of these numbers.

So, try to remember if a certain number has appeared to you frequently. Think about invoices, prices, weights.

According to Your Higher Journey, some of the angel numbers that are directly connected to marriage are 211, 666, 999, and 1212.

Not all of them bring good news, so make sure to look for their meanings. 

For example, number 1 could mean your marriage needs a fresh start. At the same time, it could mean it’s time to move on and start over.

The interpretations vary depending on your situation.

3) You find an object that reminds you of something

To catch your attention, the universe might help you find an object that is somehow connected to your marriage.

In case this object brings back pleasant memories about the two of you, it’s a good sign. 

If you associate it with a negative event in your relationship, then maybe you have to reevaluate your marriage.

The universe could be sending you a clue that certain aspects of your marriage are still unresolved and this could be a good time to try to fix them.

The same goes for breaking things. Think about what the object you break (if you break one) means for your marriage.

4) You lose an object that means something to your marriage

Another sign from the universe that you need to pay attention to is if you lose an object such as your wedding ring, or a very precious gift from your special someone.

This could be a warning sign that you need to pay attention to your marriage. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you that you’ve neglected your partner.

It could also be because you two aren’t as close as you used to be and you can change that.

If you are the one getting these messages, the universe relies on you to take action. But, if you think that you love each other, but you can’t be together, here is what you need to know.

5) Surprising things are happening in your favor

Let’s assume that you and your partner often go on dates, organize dinner parties, go on city breaks. 

All these activities are meant to enrich your experience as people and enhance the connection between you two.

Whenever you do these pleasant things, nothing unexpected happens. Everything goes according to plan, and sometimes even better.

When you are together with your match, nothing bad or unpleasant happens to you. You may lose a bus or two, but that’s not conclusive.

This is the universe’s way to encourage your relationship. Things don’t usually go this smoothly without intervention.

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6) Unexpected things happen to your detriment

If negative things happen that stand in the way of accomplishing something together with your partner, they might be a sign from the universe that you are on the wrong path.

According to this source, whatever you are pursuing isn’t right for you. This is the only reason the universe would send back luck your way.

The same goes if you constantly run into problems when you’re on the way to meet your partner. Maybe the universe is trying to warn you about something concerning your marriage.

Even if this happens to you, you shouldn’t be alarmed. This is only a sign that your marriage needs attention. 

7) You have romantic or erotic dreams with your partner

Psychic Source says that dreams are messages from the universe. The way you and your partner are pictured in your dreams has meaning.

When you dream about your partner, you two are close and connected spiritually. You are surrounded by symbols of love and romance.

Furthermore, in your dreams, you feel intense lust for your partner and they behave the same as you. You can feel their passion and that they share a similar desire as yours.

When you wake up, your feelings stay strong and you spoil your partner with romantic and enticing gestures.

8) You dream that you are intimate with another person

Think about the last time you had a sexy dream. Were you able to see your partner’s face?

If not, then the universe could be sending you a warning sign about your marriage.

Maybe you’ve lost interest in your partner and you have to do something to put the spark back into your relationship.

Or, in the unfortunate case you’ve dreamt about your partner being intimate with someone else, it could be a sign of infidelity.

This is a sign you should definitely pay attention to. Start playing detective or have a heart-to-heart with your partner.

However, keep in mind that this dream has to be recurring. It doesn’t count if you have such a dream once. 

This is because it could be a release dream that helps you process the information gathered throughout your day.

9) You suddenly think of something involving your partner

Out of the blue, you might be thinking that your partner is cheating on you. 

If you are not the overthinking type and you fully trust your partner, then you should find your thoughts about them cheating at least a little weird.

You could be unaware of where things stand with your partner and that’s why the universe is trying to give you a clue.

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Or, suddenly, you might feel a strong desire to have a baby with him/her.

This could be a sign from the universe that you are ready to take your marriage to the next level and conceive a baby. 

Even so, these are not matters you’ve thought of before. They suddenly appear in your mind and keep reappearing without a particular reason.

10) You keep remembering a lost love

Your mind is not in the right place lately. You are a married person, but for no apparent reason, you keep remembering things about someone you used to love.

It’s not important how much time has passed since you and this person broke things off. What matters is that they are on your mind.

Before you jump to conclusions and think they could be your soulmate, or that you’re nostalgic, think again.

Your memories could be a sign from the universe about your marriage. 

Maybe there’s something you really enjoyed doing with your former lover and you don’t know how to include it in your married life.

Or, these memories could indicate unsatisfactory behavior from your husband/wife. In case you remember how affectionate your ex used to be, it could mean that you currently lack affection.

11) You are no longer sure about your future together

Until recently, you’ve never had doubts about your future together. You two have clear goals and a solid plan to achieve them together.

While everything seems to flow naturally, it doesn’t feel right anymore. 

You’re unsure whether you want the same things or you think that one of you isn’t putting in the effort.

Regardless of where your doubts are coming from, they could be signs from the universe that you need to reconsider the things between you and your partner.

Even if you are getting a negative message, this doesn’t mean your marriage is bound to fail. 

12) You have achieved your goals faster than expected

The success of your marriage doesn’t go unnoticed. The universe goes out of its way to let you know that you are on the right path too.

When things go better than expected in your marriage, it’s not only a sign that you two make a great team and love each other.

It’s also a sign that the universe approves and supports your union. 

When you two experience nothing but success in your endeavors, nothing should keep you away from achieving even the most pretentious goals.

Take this as a sign of encouragement, even if you don’t fully understand how the universe works.

13) Novelty and adventure doesn’t scare you

“Sometimes the universe sends hints, messages, and signs that the person you’re with isn’t – The One – for you,”  says Cindy Mckean, a well-known astrologer and psychic.

However, if you accept novelty and welcome adventure in your marriage, things are likely to go in the right direction.

When two people experience new things together, they grow together. This makes their bond even stronger.

None of you like to stagnate. Both of you are up for new challenges. You work as a team and you are not afraid of trying new things or making changes.

If you relate, then you might have married “the one”.

14) The way you feel can confirm the signs

Pay attention to your body. Do you feel any chronic pain that has inexplicable causes?

Jack Canfield thinks that your pain “might be the physical manifestation of stress, anxiety, or an unhealed emotional wound.”

In other words, it can be a sign related to your marriage. 

If there are some emotions that you are not dealing with regarding your partner, they could alter your health. 

If there is a situation that you need to address, but you’ve been avoiding it, you have to gather the needed courage to finally get to the bottom of it.

These interior struggles can manifest as physical pain, and they don’t disappear as miraculously as they appear.

15) You hear the same phrase from different people

The universe can’t talk to you directly, but it can talk to you through other people. 

The trick to differentiate the messages that come from the universe and normal people’s conversations is to pay attention to repetition.

The conversations you hear don’t have to make sense to you. You only need to identify those words or phrases that are repeated by more than one person.

If you hear phrases like “better luck next time” or “keep trying”, which are often used in common language, when you think about your partner, then maybe you should listen to them. 

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