15 signs from the universe that someone is coming back into your life

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People come into our lives for different things and in different stages for destined reasons.

Sometimes, this person has a purpose in our lives, sometimes they’re just passing through, or sometimes we bring people into our lives out of the blue.

But whether someone’s purpose for being in your life is a couple of days, weeks, or years; it’s reassuring to know there are signs from the universe that let you know when they’re coming back into your life. 

Here are 15 of them.

1) They pop into your head for no reason

When a person is just on their way back to your life – they may be an ex-lover, a former friend or an unforgettable stranger from the past and you get a random thought about them, like a balloon popping out of nowhere; this is usually the universe telling you that they’re coming back.

They may have left, but they’re on their way, or at least that’s what the universe is trying to signal to you. 

Notice how you feel when you recall the thought, and decide whether it’s positive or negative. If you feel happier and relaxed when you think about them, there’s a good chance they’re coming back.

2) You’ll be seeing certain numbers

Numbers are symbols from the universe, they can send secret messages to you that only your subconscious can hear. 

When you see certain numbers over and over again, this is usually a sign that something important is about to happen; in this case, a significant person from the past is on their way back into your life. 

Numbers can appear on or around you several times a day, and if you pay attention to them, they can give you valuable information.

How do you know that this is not a coincidence? Is “seeing” certain numbers just a happy accident or is it the universe trying to send you a message? 

So when that old phone number suddenly pops up everywhere; on billboards, receipts and such; be sure to follow the numbers’ messages.

Seeing specific numbers tell who’s coming back into your life:

  • 333, 111 and 1111 – an ex-lover
  • 212 and 911 – a former business partner
  • 000 and 222 – a used to be friend or best friend
  • 1313, 808 and 606 – a childhood friend
  • 1212 and 5555 – your soul mate
  • 33, 999 and 0000 – at least three people are coming back into your life 

These numbers will feel like keep on appearing to you everywhere, day after day.

3) You start having dreams about them

Dreams are another sign from the universe that lets you know when someone’s coming back into your life.

Dreams of someone you haven’t seen or thought about in a while is your subconscious telling you that the person is on their way back; also, the dream can give you a clue as to what stage of life they’re coming in to.

Try to find clues in the dream as to when they’re coming back; this will help you figure out what stage in your life they will reappear. 

The patterns and symbols in your dream will be telling you what’s coming up next in your life, so make sure to keep that in mind.

4) A gifted advisor confirms to this

When a certain someone is on their way back into your life, your intuition and the universe will start alerting you about it in subtle ways; random thoughts will surface, you might notice their face more frequently, and so on.

But if you need more proof and you have a gifted advisor, ask them to confirm whether this person is coming back into your life. 

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5) You get a strong feeling of déjà vu

Déjà vu is a feeling that something already happened, but it’s not. It’s like a flashback to a memory of someone or something meaningful in your life.

This is another sign from the universe letting you know that someone is returning; and more time around you.

Dr. Naveed Saleh described deja vu as, “the feeling that you have already experienced your present situation. It is remarkably common, with two out of three people—both men and women—experiencing the phenomenon at some point in their lives.”

With this, you may think that something has already happened in your life, but you have yet to experience it.

If you get a strong feeling of déjà vu, then this could be a sign that an important person is on their way back. And the déjà vu feeling will give you the sensation of their presence; it’s as if you have already seen and felt them in your space before.

When someone you haven’t seen or heard from in years; suddenly pops back into your life with no explanation as to why; this could sometimes be déjà vu.

6) They make you phone them

As this person took a step out of your life, it can be a little unsettling. 

But then they completely randomly pop into your mind; there’s that funny feeling again and suddenly you feel compelled to call them. This is the universe wanting to remind you that this person is on their way. 

It’s like the thought of them makes you want to reach the phone and call them, even if you don’t know what to say.

This sudden urge to call someone who’s been out of your life means that they’re on their way to wanting to reconnect.

What happens next, is that it all turns out as the universe has planned it; you get in contact and reconnect with them, or they reach out to you. Whatever happens with them after that, it’s all part of the universe’s plan. 

So don’t fight what’s coming next; let go of your fears and enjoy the ride.

7) Your friends ask you about them

Picture this out: you hang out with them, share about your life at the moment, have a good and usual time and out of nowhere, they’ll be asking about this person from your past.

And when you’re talking to your friends about this and you start to get a little bit emotional, they’ll usually ask if everything’s okay. They certainly know though what happened in the past that made this person disappear from your life.

It’s almost as if they know that this person is coming back into your life and they want to know how it all happened, why you were broken up or had a drift apart, and so on; so they’ll be curious. 

Your friends will want to know everything that happened in the past since you can finally talk about this freely – how it all went down with this person, but you might break down and cry as you relive the painful memories.

The universe will use your friends to bring the topic of this person up as if it’s one giant reminder for you. And it can also serve as a reminder that you’re moving forward in your life and into a better place.

Now when you’re talking about them and seeing how your friends feel about them, remember that their opinion is not the most important one, yours is. And if they have anything to tell you about this person, listen carefully and take notes if necessary.

8) You feel a strong urge to go see them again

If you’re the type of person who tries to stay away from past loves, then don’t be surprised when you suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to drive out to see them again.

It’s almost as if some part of your mind knows that this person is coming back into your life because an instinctive part of your brain is telling you that this person is on their way back into your life

The person from your past will be calling you and reaching out to you, so as soon as you feel that urge, make that phone call or go see them now. There’s a huge yet unexplainable reason why you’re feeling this (Hint: the Universe is poking you).

Once it does happen, don’t fight it; let the truth come back into your life; let go of your fears and enjoy the ride. 

To welcome someone back into your life, you might want to understand that guilt will be gone and you’ll feel as if you never lost this person in the first place; it will be just like old times when they left.

9) You start seeing their face everywhere

When a certain person is on their way back into your life, they’ll appear in places they haven’t been before, or they’ll start popping up in places that have a connection to them. 

For example, if they were an ex-lover and you never see them or hear anything about them ever again; they’ll pop up randomly in a coffee shop or supermarket. Or when you’re watching TV, you will see a familiar face with that someone from your past. 

This is usually the Universe’s way of letting you know they’re coming back.

You think you may have forgotten about them, but the Universe hasn’t. It’s popping them back into your life to remind you that they’re on their way. 

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10) You see them in a new way

People come into our lives in different stages of life, and the stage they come in to is often the reason their presence feels different to us.

Sometimes they come into our lives in the role of a teacher and they help us grow, sometimes they come in as a friend and give us a shoulder to lean on when we need it, and then sometimes they come in as something more important.

And it’s usually the case that this person will remind you of something that you need to learn, help you through something or remind you of someone important. When you see them in a new way, it means that you’re beginning to understand where this person came from, why they left, and what their role was in your life. 

That’s why it’s important to learn from this person, why they taught you what you needed to learn and how much of a positive influence they had on your life. 

Once you understand this, all your questions will be answered and you’ll feel as if you never lost them in the first place.

11) You feel a cold wind touching you

There’s a secret way to tell if someone you know is in your area. This is a very powerful way to tell if an ex-lover or ex-friend is close to you right now.

It’s easy, all you need to do is wait for a cold wind blow over you and when it does, don’t be surprised if you suddenly catch the scent of their perfume or aftershave. It’s as if someone’s walking over your head and it’s their way of letting you know that they’re coming back into your life. 

Many people have reported experiencing this and they were absolutely shocked to see this going on in front of them.

When this happens, you’ll suddenly feel a strong pull to go towards the direction of that smell. Just follow your instincts and you’ll find them. 

You might only see the back of this person or even the side part but listen to your heart if you’re feeling an undeniable desire to get closer to that person because when you do, you’ll be seeing someone from the past that you thought you have forgotten forever. 

12) You start wanting things from them again

Once you acknowledge that this person is coming back into your life, your subconscious mind will quickly start filling up with all the good times you had together. 

So when you see this person again, your brain will automatically start thinking about good memories of them and you’ll suddenly start to want those things from them again.

For example, if you had a great time spending time with them but they never fulfilled your needs, then the first thing you’ll want is something more fulfilling.

They may be a great friend and an awesome lover, but if they didn’t give you what you needed then this will be the thing that you truly need. It’s all part of life’s re-balancing process; everything we do needs to have a positive and negative side to it. 

So with that being said, the fact that you’re being pulled toward this person once again is a positive sign, but it’s also a warning sign and it means that you’ll have no choice but to confront your own feelings. 

Now, you’re going to ask yourself if this person really wants to get back together with you or catch up with you, or if they just miss what they had and are using their feelings as an excuse to get back into your life.

13) You’re feeling different

There are usually two ways in which you’ll feel when you start to notice these signs, and they’ll lead to two different feelings. 

If you’ve been feeling great, this is definitely a positive sign and all the good things in your life will become better once you welcome them back into your life. However, if you’re feeling down and have been for quite some time, then this is a warning sign that something needs to change.

If this is the case, focus your attention on what’s bothering you, but then be ready for a few other feelings as well. You’ll notice that in your mind you have multiple thoughts running through you and these thoughts will be about both positive and negative things.

This will be tough to ignore and it may hurt at first, but it’s only natural.

The reason you feel this way is because your mind is focusing on all the times you lost, and all the times you wished that things had been different. 

But the truth is that you have to change your life for the better, and this person may be one of those factors that need to be in your life to celebrate who you really are.

14) You have new goals

This is a big one because it means that you’re going to be ready for anything.

If an old friend of yours hasn’t been in your life for a long time and then suddenly starts showing up in your life again, this means he or she misses you and wants to get closer to you again.

It’s as if they had something important to tell you about your life and the timing just wasn’t right the first time. You’ll be ready for whatever it is that they need to talk about, so don’t be afraid to just go with the flow. 

You know that you need to take care of yourself, and that’s why you might have missed them in the first place.

They are coming back to your life and make you want to listen and learn from them, but at the same time stay focused on becoming a better person and doing what makes you happy.

And one of the biggest things that this person can teach you is about the way in which you choose to live your life. It’s very important for you to know that your happiness is not determined by whatever happens in life, but it’s based on how you choose to focus on it. 

So don’t let what they say to change the way you live your life, but take all their advice and use it as motivation to pay attention to how they want their lives to be. If you do, you’ll quickly realize that there’s nothing in your life that you need to change.

15) Your gut tells you they’re on their way

There are times that we find ourselves questioning whether someone is coming back into our lives; so we start letting the universe know this by looking for signs.

But when we do this, there’s a high chance that they’ll never come back and we’ll be left feeling sad and empty at the end of the process. 

But what you need to know is that you have to listen to your gut, because it’s your gut that will tell you whether or not they’re coming back into your life. 

And if you want to be as precise as possible, you’ll want to focus on a good quality gut and ignore your other inner voices. Listen to your intuition and let it tell you when they’re coming back into your life. 

You just sense it, and you can’t put into words what exactly that thing is, but you can say that it’s something you have been doing for a long time and it’s something that you might have gotten used to. 

But when the time comes, your gut will tell you whether or not you’ve been missing this person in your life and that they’ll be knocking to your life once again.

You may have to wait a few weeks, but if you trust that they’re coming back then there’s no need to worry. 

Final words

When you start to notice these signs, it’s time for you to get ready for something exciting.

You’ll be going through a re-balancing process and it means that there are going to be some great changes in your life. 

If this person is bringing you good energy, it means that your life will be better in all aspects, so don’t hesitate and make sure that you trust the universe and everything else will fall into place.

The question is, are you going to welcome them back into your life?

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