18 undeniable signs from the universe that he’s the one

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Are you still wondering if “the right one” is out there for you? 

With more than 7 billion people out there, it seems daunting to find the one you’re destined to be with.

And it’s easy to feel like the world is conspiring against you after being with the “wrong ones,” all those broken hearts, and failed relationships.

The truth is, the Universe wants to send you “The One” – and most probably, they’re just around the corner.  

You just have to open your eyes and trust the signs to see that.

Is this person the one? 18 signs to know for sure

The Universe is working with you and wants to send the right one.

Let’s go over these signs so you’ll know what to look out for and whether your relationship is meant to be.

1) You’re completely done with the wrong ones

Sometimes being with the “wrong” ones can lead you to find the “right one.” 

All those red flags in your past relationships don’t work for you anymore. You no longer entertain people who will only bring unwanted drama and negativity into your life. 

You’re more honest about yourself – about what you want from a partner and in a relationship. 

When you stop chasing the wrong people, that’s the time when you’re ready to meet your soulmate.

The Universe will sense the shift inside of you – and will work to unite you with the person you’re meant to be with.

2) You realize that all your past relationships weren’t meant to be

You’re able to let go of something you thought was real love or your idea of what love is. 

You’ve opened your eyes to the reasons why you didn’t end up with your exes. And you’ve seen why your past relationships didn’t work out. 

And it’s because the Universe is saving you for “The One.” 

Instead of seeing them as failures, you look through them from different perspectives. 

You’ve also let go of those heartaches and the guilt that comes with breaking the other person’s heart.

You’ve come to discover the valuable lessons from your past relationships – and what it teaches you about yourself, about life, and love.

3) A real gifted advisory confirms it

While the signs in this article should give you some indication that he’s “the one”, it’s hard to know for sure.

You may wonder, is he the man I’ll spend the rest of my life with?

So could getting some outside guidance help?

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4) You keep crossing paths with the same person repeatedly

Nothing happens by accident as the universe is working to bring people together. 

You might haven’t noticed it before, but there could be a particular person you see everywhere – at the cafe, walking with his dog, or waiting at the bus stop. 

If you keep running into the same person over and over, it’s a clear soulmate sign from the universe. 

Or maybe, your family or friends keep bringing someone up in conversation.

Or if you see their name in random places, hear a song that reminds you of them, or see someone in places you frequently go to, then don’t ignore the signs.

Davida Rappaport, psychic and spiritual counselor says, “People don’t just show up in a lot of places you do by mere accident, there is a reason!”

Chances are you’re meant to meet this person.

5) This person keeps popping in your dreams

Dreams have a powerful impact as it’s another way that the universe conveys messages.

Pay attention to symbols that appear in your dreams as the universe is trying to tell you something. 

If you dream of a person from your past relationship, this person may have qualities that the universe wants you to look out for.

Or when you keep dreaming of the same person – a stranger or someone you already know, your subconscious is telling you something. 

Perhaps, your soulmate is dreaming and thinking of you too.

Even if you can’t remember those dreams vividly, you woke up in a much better mood. Take it as a sign that your dream features “The One.” 

6) You see a lot of random repetitions

When the universe wants you to be with “the one,” there’ll be random synchronicity and energetic flow. 

You might shrug off these signs and see them as coincidences:

  • Bumping into someone again and again
  • Coming across couples getting engaged
  • Seeing the same images or numbers
  • Hearing the same love song repeatedly

The truth is, everything in the universe happens for a reason – and there’s no such thing as coincidences. 

The universe is trying to tell you something. 

You simply have to be aware of and know the reasons behind these recurrences. 

7) Your gut feeling tells you 

Listen to what your instinct is telling you. 

If you can sense that something good is about to happen or come your way, trust it. 

Even if you have no idea about it, you get excited and anticipate what this could be.

And you also feel an incredibly profound sense of calmness, comfort, and peace.

Deep within, you didn’t worry about finding the right person anymore. And you know early on that this person is your soulmate

Instead of rushing or forcing a relationship that will go nowhere, you choose to get on with your life.

8) You recognize him

You’ve probably met before, it’s just that you don’t realize it yet. There’s a familiar feeling like you’ve known or seen him before.

For instance, couples who unearth their old childhood photos saw that they’re in the same soccer club as kids. They never realized that they already met when they were children.

Want to know for certain whether you’ve met your soulmate?

Let’s face it:

We can waste a lot of time and energy with people who ultimately we’re not compatible with. Finding your soulmate isn’t exactly easy.

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9) You feel your soulmate’s energy

It’s tough to understand the complexity of the universe. 

But some people prove the strong power of energy. 

The energy that comes inside our thoughts and souls, and gives off from ourselves affects those around us.

According to Davida Rappaport, psychic and spiritual counselor, when you meet the one, your energies fit well together – “it’ll feel like all the puzzle pieces will fit together.”

You seem to have similar interests. You’re comfortable listening and communicating your needs with each other.

And the presence of this person has a positive aura that makes everything seem brighter and lighter. 

10) You believe that you’ll meet this person

You never doubt as your heart tells you that this person is “the one” for you. 

And you never seek out there – for you have trust that the universe is bringing this person closer to you.

Experts say that when you meet and have this feeling of “knowing” that this person is the one, it could be your soulmate.

Most of the time, there are undeniable reasons why you can’t stop thinking about this person.

There’s a mutual feeling as this person will also feel that you’re destined to be with them.

You might not realize this, but in time, you both will.

11) You’ve found connection and comfort in them

When you’ve met “the one,” it feels like home. There’s a sense of comfort and peace that you’ve never felt with anyone else before.

You may not initially see this person as your soulmate. Maybe you can’t feel too much spark. 

But your gut feeling says that this is the person you’re destined to be with. So when you trust your intuition, they probably are.

Every day seems to be a wonderful adventure with this person – even when there are bumpy things ahead. 

You can laugh at the silliest things and enjoy moments of silence at the same time. 

When you feel this sense of being “home,” take it as a clear sign that you’re with the right one

12) There’s intense attraction and chemistry 

It’s like a “love at first sight” kind of thing

When you meet your soulmate, there’s a strong physical connection that you can’t deny.

With this person, you share this undeniable emotional and spiritual attraction telling you that he’s “The One.” 

And with this person, you know that it’s something real.


It’s because you’re magnetically drawn to each other as you share that karmic connection to them. 

13) You’re happy with yourself

Loving yourself is the most important key in being with “The One.” It’s the way to true love.

For when you feel great and happy with yourself, you’re attracting people who feel the same about themselves too.

The truth is:

People and your relationships will mirror who you are and what you feel. And what you bring into the relationship is what you take from it too.

It’s vital that you embrace, know, and care for who you are. 

When you’ve reached self-love, that’s the best time to be with the person you’re meant to be with. And this will make him fall in love with you even more. 

So love yourself more and generate that love from within. 

For when you do, love will come to you in ways you’ve never realized before.

14) You are your ideal partner

You know your goals and your dreams in life. You live by your purpose and beliefs. 

You have the qualities that make you a great partner such as:

  • You’re capable of giving unconditional love
  • You know how to understand, listen, and forgive
  • You’re respectful and sensitive to the needs of your partner
  • You have a good sense of humor
  • You’re physically affectionate and sexually responsive

When you’re happy with who you are and know what you desire in life, it will help lead you to the right person.

It’s because you won’t waste your time on someone whose goals aren’t aligned with your goals or don’t fulfill your needs. 

And you won’t get stuck in wrong relationships where you need to change yourself or the other person. 

15) When you meet the right one, you just know it

When you see this person, it feels divine. For sure, there’ll be no doubts.

So don’t ignore this and don’t let go.

This is the most perfect and romantic sign that tells you this person is “The One.”

Even if you won’t get to be with each other instantly, you’ll experience a special connection that you haven’t felt with anyone else before.

And even if he won’t admit it right away, you know that he’s falling in love with you. 

This one ignites excitement and love within you. It soothes your soul – and you know that they feel the same way too.

16) You know you’re ready

You’re ready to take risks and accept what comes your way.

To be with “the one,” you have to be prepared to leave your comfort zone. 

Life and love can both be chaotic and a beautiful mess. But you have to embrace this to know where the universe will lead you. 

The important thing is not to let fear stop you. For when you do, you won’t experience the amazing things that come with loving someone.

Once you stop doubting and resisting what the universe wants to bring you, everything becomes a lot easier. 

You’ll learn a lot about life and yourself, and you’ll start to see things changing for the better.

Know that the universe got your back and is pushing you for this more than ever.

17) You’re finally at your best self

When you’re the best version of yourself, you’re in a place where you can welcome “The One” in your heart.

This means being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready. And this is where your heart, mind, and soul are at their happiest place.

And with this person, you can be vulnerable as you feel safe being you. 

Karen Rontowksi psychic and tarot card reader shares, “If your partner makes you feel safe enough to express yourself and be who you are, that may be an early sign they’re ‘The One’.”

It’s a relationship where you can be you don’t have to wear a mask and still be loved unconditionally.

18) You’re not pressured to be in a relationship

Love finds its way when you’re not looking for it.

Even if people around you seem to pressure you to be in a relationship and when friends keep setting you up on blind dates, you don’t give in.

The sense of urgency and longing has gone.


It’s because you know that the person you’re meant to be will come when the time is right.

You have placed your trust in the universe and have faith that “The One” for you is just around. 

And you know deep inside that you’re already on the right track.

Know that he’s “The One”

By now you should have a good idea of the signs from the universe that he’s “the one”. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy love advisor. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re legit, kind, and helpful.

So instead of leaving things up to chance, take control of this situation and clarify what’s in store for your future.

Speaking to one of their experienced advisors was a turning point for me, and I think it could be for you too — especially if you want to find out if he’s really “the one.”

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