20 Surprising signs an arrogant guy likes you

Don’t you wish that guys would just straight up tell you if they actually like you?

Decoding signs if a guy is into you is already complicated enough. Nobody wants to keep playing these dating mind games.

But what about an arrogant guy who you suspect might like you? He talks about himself a lot and says things that are a bit off-putting. Does he or does he not? How can you tell there’s something more beyond his cockiness?

You wouldn’t want to completely miss out if there was a possibility of him liking you — that is if you’re also into him.

On the other hand, if you’re just not into it, you wouldn’t want to reciprocate unconsciously.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the 20 surprising signs an arrogant guy likes you.

1) He initiates conversation

Does he try to start a conversation out of nowhere?

An arrogant guy likes you if he takes the opportunity to talk whenever he sees you. Initiating conversation is his way of showing interest, even if there’s nothing to talk about.

If he tries to keep the conversation going by bringing up new things, take it as a sign that he wants to know you better beyond your physical appearance.

2) He brags to you

An arrogant guy who tries to brag isn’t out to make you feel bad about yourself.

On the contrary! He’s actually trying to sell himself to you. He wants to impress you with what he can offer to get you to like him more.

Unfortunately, this might backfire and push you away further.

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3) He insults you by accident

Some guys are still their awkward 12-year-old selves, no matter how old or successful they are.

He tries to banter as a way to catch your attention and show affection, a way of flirting that he’s confident with.

In his head, he’s trying to tease in a fun, playful way, not realizing he might not come off well.

This is yet another reason to talk to you, his way to create a romantic spark.

4) He ignores you

This is a tricky one. One minute he’s making conversation; the next minute, he ignores you. What gives?

There are two reasons why an arrogant guy who likes you might resort to ignoring you. He’s starting to feel nervous and self-conscious around you, or he’s still trying to look for signs if you like him too.

5) He acts manly

If an arrogant man stands taller, pulls his stomach in, his shoulders back, and walks with confidence, he’s trying to show you that he’s an alpha male, the leader of the pack who can take good care of you.

According to Carole Lieberman, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets, a guy who presents himself as bigger by puffing himself up is trying to impress you.

She also says that the same principle applies when he orders a big, juicy steak or a glass of scotch on the rocks. He’s trying to make a statement that he’s masculine and confident — “a man.”

6) He spends money for you

Sure we’re in the 20th century, living in the day and age where guys and girls are viewed as equals.

But for an arrogant guy — or most guys, in fact  — when he pays for dinner every time the two of you are out, it’s another way for him to show you that he has the means and money to provide.

He wants to let you know that he can take good care of you and keep you happy when it comes to material things.

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7) He acts very calculatedly

When an arrogant guy calculates what he does or how he says things to you, like calling only after exactly three days or not replying right after you text him, it may be because he’s worried he might make the wrong move. So he tries to take it slow and even downplay how he feels instead.

On the other hand, because he doesn’t want to seem needy or overeager, he may go off the complete opposite side of the spectrum and act hyper-masculine and macho. Guys go into the traditional gender role when they’re not sure how to act.

8) He finds ways to be near you

According to Siggy Flicker, relationship expert and author of Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Terms, a guy who touches you while talking to you is attracted physically.

He’s not being sleazy or making assumptions about you; it’s his way of communicating that he’s drawn to you and wants to be near. Maybe it’s a touch on the arm, hand on the shoulder, a hug, standing close to you while you speak, or staring straight into your eyes.

Watch his body language; it will tell you everything you need to know when he won’t come right out and say how he feels.

9) He compliments you

Because you think of him as an arrogant guy, he might come off as full of himself or trying to take control of you when he tries to compliment you by calling you names like “babe,” “sexy,” or “gorgeous.”

This is his way of telling you that he finds you attractive without actually saying so. In his head, he thinks he’s paying you a compliment.

10) He asks who you’re dating

He may seem full of himself and super confident (to put it lightly), but an arrogant guy who asks you who you’re dating wants to know if he has competition, who the competition is, and how the other guy compares to him.

He’s ready to get down to business and he thinks he’s got this, but there’s no harm in finding out who he’s up against for your attention.

11) He does things you like

Most people say he’s arrogant and aloof, but here he is, taking an interest in the things you like. Like a funny show you can’t get enough of, a book you can’t seem to put down, and even a chick flick you’ve been raving about.

If a guy takes an interest in something he clearly doesn’t like but you enjoy, then it’s a sign that he’s trying to flirt and make a connection.

“No man wants to be doing something that he does not enjoy.” According to Flicker.

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12) He shares your interest

On the other hand, when you do have something in common, you can bet he’s going to milk it for what it’s worth.

This shared interest is another chance for him to get to know you better. Just like with trying to initiate conversation or taking an interest in things you like, this time with something he likes.

This is his way of letting you know of your compatibility (“You like craft beer and Harry Potter? Me too! Who would have thought?!”) and how you two might have a promising future together.

13) He wants to be around you

Does he wait for you late at night when he can just go straight home?

Does he take his lunch at 2pm with you when you could have eaten lunch at 12nn like a normal person?

Is he having an extra cup of coffee so that he can keep you company in your favorite cafe?

If an arrogant guy is trying to come up with unlikely scenarios where you can hang out or is available when you need him to be, especially if it’s not convenient, then you know he wants to be near you.

He might seem pushy about it, but he’s just trying to come up with ways to spend time and hope to become a part of your life, according to Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure.

14) He focuses only on you

We humans are completely addicted to our phones: the familiar sound, the vibration, the glow of its screen when a message pops up. The reason we’re so addicted is because it represents human connection.

So if you notice that an arrogant guy completely ignores his phone and only focuses on you when you’re together, then you know he likes you.

He’s present, in the moment, and he’s made this time with you his priority. No text or email, or phone call can take away his attention from you.

The only human connection he needs right now is with you.

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15) He follows through with his plans

Did he make plans to meet up on a Friday night at 8pm and make sure to remind you the night before?

You know he’s into you when you go out and then he asks to make plans for your second date.

When an arrogant guy likes you, he’s going to make sure that any opportunity he has to be with you, he will.

16) He remembers what you said

Your birthday. How you like to take your coffee. Your go-to movie when you need a little pick-me-up. Your dog’s favorite treat. Your grade school best friend’s name.

If he’s attentive and remembers all the small details you’ve said to him that you don’t even remember telling him about, then you know he likes you.

Arrogant guys can get too caught up with themselves, but if he’s paying attention to you and never misses a thing you’ve said even in passing, then you know how much he’s interested in getting to know you.

Everything about you is important to him, so he remembers.

17) He texts you for no reason

If there’s no reason to text, then a guy won’t text, not even to his friends. But if an arrogant guy messages you unnecessarily, then he’s thinking of you and is trying to reach out.

He might even try to keep the text exchange going by sending longer messages or asking questions.

Watch out for emojis because guys don’t use emojis. If they end their texts with one that their friends could make fun of them for, you know they’re trying to flirt.

18) He adds you on social media

Guys don’t add friends on social media. If he sends you a friend request and you accept, what he does after could be a sign that he likes you.

Does he like your photos and comments? Does he send you a private message? It may be his own way of showing interest and getting to know you because he’s uncomfortable doing it in person.

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19) He mirrors your movements

He might not even realize that he’s doing it. But when an arrogant guy starts to copy the way you talk, how you sit, stand, or your hand gestures, don’t think he’s trying to make fun of you.

Take it as a sign that he’s in sync with you because he likes you and is influenced by your actions and body language.

It’s his way of forming an intimate bond and that you two are like-minded.

20) He thinks your funny

You’re not a stand-up comic like Ali Wong, but if he’s cracking up at your jokes, then he’s listening to what you have to say. He finds your conversations engaging and funny. And by laughing, he’s trying to encourage you to keep going and create a connection.

It’s confirmed — an arrogant guy likes you!

You might think arrogant guys are hard to read and are on a different playing field. But the thing is, they’re all still guys and wired the same way when they start to have feelings for you.

Give him a chance or be clear about how you feel about him.

But in the end, what you do next is entirely up to you.

You can try to look past your first impressions and dig deeper to see if there’s anything worth exploring.

Because who knows, maybe his arrogance is his way of protecting himself and he might actually turn out to be a really nice guy. You wouldn’t know it if you don’t give it a chance.

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